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    This is a list of some of the well known publishers who use Brightcom.

    • CNN
    • MSN
    • ESPN
    • Motley Fool
    • CBS News
    • CBS Sports
    • Politico
    • Boston Globe
    • Gfycat
    • Fodors
    • Quizlet
    • Groupon
    • Washington Times
    • Imgur
    • Wordpress
    • Greatist

    The actual list is huge which is more than 30,000 publishers, I have mentioned only a few of the famous publishers here. I got this information from BuiltWith and Adauth. In Builtwith they give only a small list of publishers for free.I’ll share that list with everyone later.

    Many people are saying it’s a shell company and their accounts are fake etc. My question to them is why these top reputed publishers in the world would want to work with Brightcom if they think Brightcom is a fake company?

    These naysayers don’t have any evidence for their argument. They see only price and decide whether it’s a good company or not but that is not how businesses work. Though stock price is an important metric, it doesn’t affect much in the operations of the company.

    Amazon’s IPO (April 1997) price was $18 and during the dot com bubble it went above $100 and after the dot com crash it fell below $10. Now the price is above $2400. Does that mean Amazon was a good company when it’s price went up and was a fake company when it fell below $10? No, right?

    Amazon’s revenue in 2001 was $ 3.12 billion, in 2019 it was $280 billion, and Amazon till this day hasn’t paid a single penny of dividend. So going by the naysayers logic does not paying a dividend mean that it’s a fake company? (I’ll cover a topic on dividends later)

    Amazon has good profits but they are reinvesting all their profits to grow further.Even Brightcom is doing the same.

    Actually BCG’s list of publishers and total accounts is growing,last year this time the number of publishers on Adauth was less than 12,000 but now it is 21,899. Imagine if BCG gets that LOC how much more they can grow.(I’ll cover the benefits of LOC in a separate post)

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all the businesses are going digital,Online learning websites like Quizlet (see the above list) are gaining more business.
    More people will read/watch news on websites like CNN,MSN,CBS etc that’ll increase their traffic which will benefit Brightcom.
    Sporting events will be played behind closed doors (people won’t be allowed inside the stadium to watch) so people will watch them online increasing traffic and subscriptions for sports channels like ESPN.Same with the movies.

    Everyone can check the list on BuiltWith, Adauth and adstxt. To get the full list of publishers you’ve to pay them a certain amount. In Adauth it is $100 and in BuiltWith it is more than $200.

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    Thank you very much for your research and providing information.


    Thanks Saul for sharing your research works with all of us.

    This will also help in big way down the line for information seeker’s – especially for analysts looking for content.


    Thanks Saul for sharing the list of publishers which you got from BuiltWith.

    Have uploaded in the shared drive for others to view –

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    Hi Saul Goodman – couple of questions

    it’s good that publishers count has increased from 12,000 to 21,899. But the same is not reflected in sales figures. Is this a good sign?

    From these sites can we also get total number of impressions bcg in total is serving and their market share overall

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    Hi hw_tw.

    I too was wondering about the increase in publishers count. My guess is that may be adauth didn’t track those publishers earlier. You can ask Mr Reddy about this on the conference call.

    And regarding the number of impressions, I really don’t know whether adauth or BuiltWith provide that information, all I know is you have to pay them $100 – $200 dollars to get the complete list of publishers.

    The main intention of my post was to show everyone that reputed publishers are doing business with Brightcom. These publishers won’t do business if they knew Brightcom was doing some scam as some people say.I don’t know what their intentions are but they are spreading too much negativity about Brightcom and the CEO.

    They don’t know anything about the business. So,whenever they tell us it’s a fake company we can show the list of publishers to them and see how they react.

    All I can say is we are very lucky to get such a wonderful company at a wonderful price.

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