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    Hi All,

    I voted yes for all the options. I believe the management will be aware of all possible outcomes and the impact of this decision . Apart from that when a man is in the process of resurrecting a company be it chanakya strategy or something else .. as a passive parter in business (share holder) it’s important to support the revival . Ultimately his intensions will also be to see his company as No 1 in adsense technology. I still feel he wasn’t left with any other option to sort out the current problem (large holding with public and operators group) .. it’s a double cross situation he is left with probably 🙂 .. just my opinion on this 🙂

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    nclt order update, more time asked by management.

    1. 48_10.pdf
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    Anyone joining the AGM?

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    I am attending AGM through WebEx, but I do not see any attendees..

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    Where should I get the link to attend AGM online ?

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    AGM updates (few I noted)

    1. On 3 digit share price;
    Mr. Suresh Reddy said we do what we must to uplift the name of the company in all possible means. Share market will be reflection of that.

    2. Bonus and Dividend:
    0.05 this year is a token advance; further bonus and/or dividend are in line subject to discussion and approval in General body meeting.

    3. DAUM /AXIS issue:
    made a huge progress this year w.r.t open issues/ court issues and confident for closing those in the next year.

    4. Voting Results:
    Results of the casting will be displayed in 48hrs of BSE/NSE board.

    1. When coordinator asked to raise hand if any questions from investors – I had no means to raise and ask in the webex meeting. Did they know it or not! I wonder.

    2. BTW I joined late also – not sure – any specific pointers on Why these huge number of warrants and what’s its special use and purpose – was discussed or not. let know


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    in youtube we can find agm video

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    No question/explanation on warrants.. Interesting .. AGM concluded within 30 min. 🙂

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    Hi All,

    My best attempt as a quick transcript notes of 21st AGM 28/DEC/2020. Please bear with me on places needs an improvement. I suggest to go through the video link ( ) as well once apart from below points – to nullify the human transcript errors.


    1. 21st AGM Start and Welcome Note from Mr.Manohar
    – Decorum of the forum and few rules and guidlines

    2. Mr.Vijay welcome on-boarding Mr.Peshwa
    – About Mr.Peshwa
    – Vast Experience in Consumer, Retail Marketing and Technology, e-commerce which are very important for BCG
    – Alumni of IIT-K and IIT-Calcutta
    – Chief Sales Marketing Officer – Ampersand group
    PNG, Darbur, pepsi, Reliance Retail, Global Com Africa, Sterling Holidays
    – launched and relaunched –> Reliance Digital, Hutch, Ariel, Detol, Harpic, babool,
    (my own addon – for more details –> please check and

    3. Mr.Peshwa on welcome note
    – Extremely Grateful to be on board
    – Extreme opportunity of BCG as a company practicing Ciesto and CMO (I did not get this point at all – surely it is incorrectly spelled by me)
    – all about digital and our company really posed for cast of growth
    – all shareholders it is an excellent opportunity

    4. Mr.Suresh authorize to proceed the meeting on points

    5. Mr.Suresh – key points
    – crossed 60,000 shareholders – – last AGM to now – doubled
    Thanks to the confidence in us and invite new share holders
    – recalls company starting age – along with Mr.Vijay
    and compares to present day 3 billion online users and potential
    – AI (Artificial Intelligence) based applications today is as exciting as Internet in back those days
    across all industry
    – BCG started AI based learning algorithms in few areas
    lot more to come in future. this is a initial phase.
    – BCG is up to date on industry and mgmt. is watching closely;
    on AI and market transformation.
    – Numbers on this year
    – progress-overall performance has been good
    – consolidated revenue of 2706.47 C against 2577.72C previous year
    – net profit 440Cr similar to last
    – more on Annual Report
    – Mobile First to AI First world – in a matter of time in future
    – Advertisement online is bread and butter of BCG
    Paid Services to Free Services debut – is won

    6. Mr.Manohar reads on resolutions

    7. Share holder questions

    8. Mr.Suresh Reply on share holder questions
    – Share price on 3 figure number
    BCG focus on what company should do and fix problems and has to be done
    perception of the company improves by that and numbers are consequence of that
    – bonus and dividend
    – very small token dividend to start the progress
    – Bonus and dividend discuss among board and come back with proposal to the general body

    – COVID and Opportunity
    – Connecting Advertiser and End User
    – venture at times – publisher side
    – make solution complete
    – plus AI – start looking at potential merger
    – Until we finish – outstanding Indian Debt, Outstanding court issues- then we will look at merge
    – we confident and relive this issue – huge progress made on this year and guarantee log of actions upcoming
    – We grow through acquisitions from 2006/07 to 2010 and further

    9. Results will be displayed in the website of the company, CSDL Website and Forwarded to BSE/NSE.

    10. 21st AGM concluded.

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    Nothing special and very short AGM.
    Let’s see which type of announcements coming in near future.

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    I wanted to ask it but was not able to raise hands, I am sure there was no option on webx

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    Voting results : 21st AGM 28/DEC/2020

    1.Adoption of the Audited Financial Statements (Standalone & Consolidated) together with the reports of the Board of Directors and Auditors thereon.

    96.794 (YES)

    2. To declare the final dividend on equity shares of the company for the FY ended March 31, 2020

    98.882 (YES)

    3.To re-appoint Mr. Vijay Kancharla (DIN: 02744217), who retires by rotation, and being eligible offers himself for the appointment.

    95.195 (YES)

    4.To appoint Mr. Peshwa Acharya (DIN: 06558712) as an Independent Director of the Company


    5.To re-appoint Dr. K. Jayalakshmi Kumari (DIN: 03423518) as an Independent Director

    91.711 (YES)

    6.Issuance of Warrants convertible into Equity Shares on Preferential basis

    83.144 (YES)

    All resolutions passed with majority.

    1. Only 34% of shares owners voted (roughtly 50Cr total share and only 17Cr shared registered as vote) the 375 ballout means 375 entities / instutiins/ people who are voted ? If then what about rest of the 60K-375. If we leave even 50K out of 60K , even less.

    3. 143 people attended the AGM. Excluding 10 board people , 133 Public only.

    4. People are not interested to vote and attend AGM and get their views answered by horses mouth but very much concerned about the outcome of meeting and voting results.

    5. ~17% against preferrial warrents is the max against and that may mostly account the general public share holders who voted are against it.

    6. The 7 day UC run may stop tomorrow and adding my board members including Mr.SRK and others may happen tomorrow . Last time his buy was at 7.4 FYI. In their view, it is lesser than preferrial warrents price and may tomorrow or tomorrow onwards !!! But before AXIS (18th Jan 2021 ???) and DAUM (LOC Jan -Feb 2021) will acquire those good amount of share in less than preferrial warrents price.

    Above just my piece of thoughts and Please take it like a pinch of salt.


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    Our of 50 crore equity shares..only around 17crore shares shareholders used their voting..only 17 crore equity shares are used for passing of issuing preferential warrants with didn’t used their full voting rights..this clearly showing our(retail investors) position in impacting the resolution

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    I was wrong about 7th day UC may not happen and yet happy about it 🙂

    Experts and legends any guidlines for new folks ? Much appreciated.

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    I really appreciate the creation of this forum. i have been reading all the developments over the last two years. i am disappointed over agm as skr has not given clarification regarding the warrants and dilution thereof. we are all part owners of this company. i feel honesty is important in such crucial times. we cant just speculate that since mr acharya is on board , it means everything is rosy.

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    Balajihands if Operators wish they can do 70 UCs also

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    A very interesting development- in the December 2020 rebalance of the EMQQ
    ( Emerging Markets Internet + E-commerce ETF) , Route Mobile from India has gone into the index.
    I suspect that Affle ( and IndiaMart) might make it in the next rebalancing.
    How does that bode for BCG potentially, going forward, if it does manage to get in the public eye ?

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