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    Logan, this was the exact sentence – “in process hai sir… ek ya do din me credit ho jayega” But I would suggest to apply an IST transformation to it… i.e. as Indians when we say we’ll be there in 5 mins, we really mean 30 mins…

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    Today heard from few investors that, now aarthi consultant is saying that they had not received fund from management to distribute for dividend . is this true?

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    I called them again just now and was told that they have not received any information from the company!!! When I reminded them that I was told that the dividend will be credited in a day or two, they said “yes sir, our mistake.. but they have not informed us about this”
    Oh this has gone beyond depressing now!

    Anybody else got any response for their emails?

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    Thanks @sandyc316 for the reply.

    I also called them now and they are saying that they haven’t received any communication from the company. The person who I spoke to told me it’s the company’s responsibility and Aarthi Consultants can’t do anything about it.

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    Day by day things are getting dirtier. Hats off to SKR. You are truly a wonder. All CEOs should get classes/taining from mr. Suresh Reddy on how to make mess out of nothing.

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    I hold stocks of a company that issued dividends, how and when will I get the dividends?

    In this article they’ve mention:

    “The dividend payment date is generally 30-45 days after the record date.”

    The record date was 21st December. If we take 45 days then it should be paid before 4th February.

    But in the annual report it is mentioned that the dividends will be paid on or before 25th January.

    Really confusing, I didn’t have problems with dividend payment from other companies. Always these type of dramas happen only with BCG. It’s not like they don’t have the money, they paid 5.5crs to Axis in the last 3-6 months.

    Diana Horton
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    Hi all BCGians

    Not Paying Dividends is Dirty and Poor Corporate Governance, By any standards.

    There is a Lot of discussions going on in the forum regarding a set of investors meeting the CEO.

    I defienitly has got Significant concerns around this. For Two Reasons

    1. All those who are Registered in the forum, are not in real names and There is No way to confirm the identity as to Who is Who.Knowing all the Dirty games that are played by the Management, Its a Big worry that, planted and Poised Information can be seeded in the community Via the forum, for Individual benefits for the needed parties.

    2. Ofcourse- Questions can be prepared and be placed here and the Investor group may go and Visit the Office. Upto this part, everything is true. As it is a Collective information that is garnered. I have known in another company where a Similar kind of forum was created, for garnering the Vested interest of the Management. However, What Response was given, What has been altered and amended or What has been allowed to be posted in the forum can be or Manipulated by the Management. Its a Possibility that, the Management might request the people who are meeting them to selectively post, what the management wants to post.There is asignificant BIAS that I see here.

    3. Once again, This is a PUBLIC limited company. Not a Semi Pvt Limited company. The Management cannot be taking a Bias and agree to meet up with a selective Group of people.This is equivalent to leaking Insider Information. If the Managment is so Open to meet up with the management, its good. But, The Outcome should be made available in Public about the meet up of the management with the investors.

    4. AS I have already stated about all the IDS in the group are masked, It leaves me with a LOt of questions, regarding Validity of any information that comes Out of the meeting.

    5. Few Months ago, the Investors met up with the management and every one was Hunky dory following the meet up. But, alas. Nothing turned out to be True as to waht was stated by the management. Sour Grapes.

    6. No Risrespect to the Local investor group. But, Unless, ALL the Real IDs of the investor group is not revealed and the meet up is Video Recorded- There is NO point of beleiving or Validating any Kind of information that may come out of the meet up. Besides, Its an Unofficial meeting. Even Official statement stated by the Management has been 100% Null and Void so far. Ie.. The CEO hasnt stood Up to his words. If thats the state of affairs, How would One beleive as to what comes out of the meet up that is tead up.THere will be NO VALIDITY for such meetings, But for, PSeudo pleasing oneselves or becoming VICTIMS of Manipulation of planted Information


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    I completely agree with @diana horton. It is so unfair for the nonlocal investors that the management discloses certain information to them. If that can be disclosed to them, why not release that to the exchange the next day? What makes the local investors special? And how do we know that the information from the management is not manipulated before it is passed to the forum?

    Diana Horton
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    @J Bedi….

    The management hasnt so far posted all the Conference calls that has hapened so far in the website. IN the the past, The Management stated- This is because of the so called, Legal issues with Daum that they were not able to post anything publically.

    For the past One yaer, The Management themselves have stated- Daum is Nothing but a Dead Fish and there is NO Juice in that.

    If thats the case, All the Conference call details can be Uploaded in the website and unfortunatly, The Management hasnt done this and this is Beneath shady Corporate Governance.

    Now, If we look into- All the wasted Conference calls that has happened- Regarding all the statements Issued by the management in the conference calls( ALL sweet talk and False Promises),If we analyse and dissect as to what was stated by the Management and Whart really hapenned at the Ground level- There is Mammoth and Stark Contrast- Thats the Unfortunate and Honest Truth.

    The Management themselves are Shy of posing all the details.The reason is the Managmennt has stated 99.9% work is done for the past 5 years. But, But, But- On the Ground Level- The reality is- Pathetic.

    I challenge the Management.Lets take – 5 Conference call details and analyse one from each year of say, 2016, 2017, 2018 2019 and 2020. Lets analyse what the Management stated in the Conference call and what turned out Positively on the GROUND level regarding the Stock Price…. Zilch….

    Its might be true statement- of what the Company in itselves is doing and progressing in thier field. Thats a Diffrent issue. WE as share Holders- are Mostly interested in the share price movt keenly (Ofcourse interested in the actual growth of the company- But share price comes first for a Retail investor).

    If the so called Conference calls (Organised and Official) turned out to be FARSE- whats the Value of the Unofficial and Masked IDs meeting up with the management. In my honest opinion- Its an absolute waste of time( Just to please oneselves) and become a Victim of another trick , played by the management.

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    Dear Diana Horton what you are saying is perfectly fine and understandable. I wish we could come out of our anonymity and be straight forward about our meeting. But you also know that in an open forum that leaves our privacy in jeopardy. From our meetings, there was only one thing that we couldn’t grasp and did not see coming, which were the warrants issue. It was a big decision on his part to have taken that and push it through. Frankly I’m pissed about it and we as a group here in hyd have made our views on it clear before. The truth is our identities are concealed here and you are free to speculate about our intentions, I am in no way going to stop you from that. But know this too that only time will tell whether the Hyderabad ground are paid manipulators or genuine people. I’m cool say what you want, all I know is I’m invested here and I’m going to make a big gunny bags full of money here in future. As far as our next meeting goes, like we have said before we would be planning for one in mid or end of this month. Our communication with him a few days ago still did not evoke any reply. Just so I want you to also consider the fact that I don’t know you, but I have respect for you because your words in this forum have also in many ways motivated me to stay invested and also take steps to directly contact the CEO of the company for communication. Thanks I know my intentions and I hope someday our earnings here will be answer to your questions.

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    Dear @explorer nothing makes us special other than the fact that we did something about rumours and speculations by directly contacting the management of the company. As far as “confidential” information goes it isn’t really confidential if you go to the office and talk to them. Audit reports, previous financial statements of subsidies, settlement letters everything are on his table for you to go look and assuage your concerns. We at Hyderabad are calm right now because we know this storm will pass and we will have good days ahead. If you want to be as calm as we are the address you have to go is holiday inn 5th floor at nanakramguda. BTW you are to park your vehicle only at b2 and if you are lucky you will find a gorgeous beautiful restored black mustang parked there.

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    Logially, DH and explorer are right. But sometimes we have to believe what our heart says. So I’ve never doubted that Rathi_b is a part of the management and its associated manipulators. I admire what he and his Hyd friends did for the fellow investors.

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    Dear @Rathi_b, thank you very much for you and the entire Hyderabad Team for your continued follow-up and tireless efforts in meeting the CEO. However, I agree with DH’s views and being a public limited company, it’s mandatory to publish all information which are related to the company including retail investor meeting. The appropriate way is to prepare a Minutes of Meeting with the identity of members present and publish at the BSE site like other firms do for Investor meet. I don’t think the CEO has discussed / disclosed any confidential information with the retail investors (closed group of members) and also its better to maintain transparency to avoid any conflict of interest among other investors. Hence, do not take it anything “personal” and let’s continue to fight against the unethical behavior of the culprits who have involved with BCG. Again, my / all our sincere thanks & respect for all your previous / forthcoming initiatives. Let’s all be unite and continue to focus on our objective to showcase BCG’s real value and potential on the share price. Thank you

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    I am just reiterating what I have posted last week. If BCG cannot keep up it’s commitment of paying 5 paise per share holder, then there is no reason to believe what they say or said about the current state of the company or forward looking statements. Their credibility is down in dumpsters, if they cannot even pay 2.5 crore overall which should have been provisioned and kept aside ONLY for this purpose all along since May 2020 when they announced dividend.

    As far as this forum and it’s members are concerned, we are all invested in this stock and all of us have vested interest in seeing this company succeed. I have been invested in BCG only from late 2018, whereas some of the investors in this group have been invested in this stock for 6-7 years now and hence I could understand the pent up feeling that you might have about the management seeing the commitments not being honored time and again. My belief is that the company and the underlying business is good. But the corporate governance is worst and if it requires individual to stand up and ask question to the management,one should do in order to hold them accountable and that should resolve the problem of corporate governance. I know this sounds like shareholder activism, but ultimately it is our money that is invested in this business and we are part owners. To that extent, if we remain off handed and trust that management would do everything right, my fear is that we would end up seeing more such moves where retail investors would be at the receiving end.

    There is no point in blaming individuals for not revealing their identity or doubting individual’s intent when they post a message in this forum. I am sure all of us have made our investment decision not based on what others said/did, but based on our own convictions and the choice of staying with the stock is also purely ours and ours alone and hence let us not try to blame any body. If we remain invested in BCG, then it is our OWN decision and if we decide to sell out and move on, again it is our OWN decision.

    We must use the forum to share knowledge, insights,etc. But to take the bit of info as insight, knowledge or something to ignore is for the individuals to decide. Personally, I take any viewpoint with a pinch of salt. Some of them I might take and some I chose to ignore…

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    I had personally verified the contacts of Hyderabad members and helped each of them connect together. Until now I had only heard people questioning this forum and now the desperations is making even doubt the forum members as well. I would sincerely like to thank @rathi & team for all your contributions so far. As it happens in life, even when you do something with good intentions you recieve flak. Nobody can stop you to from visiting the company, as it is every investor’s right, however I would request you guys not to share the outcome here.

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    When I mentioned about my telephonic interaction with SKR on 6th Jan, I did not mention about my question to him about the dividend since that was not the focus of the conversation and moreover there was nothing to share as an update. However, I feel it is apt to mention it now and hence posting this. Once SKR completed his discussion about my scores portal complaint, I had asked him about the dividend and said that it has been almost 1.5 weeks since the dividend is approved and I haven’t received the same. He said that it would come and there is some 30 days time limit for the process and it should happen within that time frame,etc,. This is an instance of hearing first hand from CEO that dividend would be paid within 30 days following due process and I took it on face value and now after 37 days, still no update. I feel I could not judge him/his words when he talked about a simple event like dividend. I am sure people who have met him or heard from him first hand would relate to how it feels…

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    @admin & @rathi_b,

    Please do share outcomes of SKR meet to this forum whenever it would happen. Its upto individuals to believe it or not. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can ignore it. But let’s not deprive the believers from any important information.

    As retailers, I think we should learn to trust eachother. I truly believe @rathi_b & team have done fantastic job by reaching out to SKR directly. It has helped many like me to calm our nerves. Hopefully last of these dark clouds would bring soothing rain & reward every1 handsomely.

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    Dear admin, @rathi_b and team , It is very disgusting to know how people perceive even the good deeds of a person with good intentions , doing a thing for common interest without expecting anything in return. Please throw those comments to dust bins and do not change your swadharma of helping others like a sage who while taking bath in river saved a biting scorpion 🦂 several times even after getting bites several times. Just IGNORE SUSPECTING AND DOUBTING people. I sincerely appreciate and thank admin ji and @ rathi_b n team for all your sincere endeavours 👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Once again the euphoria has gone and our sentiments are at bottomed out..But i share all concerns which are true and real in front of us.. We already had some long pending problems which were not seeing dawn, the management added two more additional problems..PW and Dividend which none of the investors anticipated or expected…the only good thing is stock is in sideways and taking support at 7 rs.. If result is not good, nobody can save the stock…Nobody wanted dividend ,the management announced a miniscule dividend and couldn’t distribute is too bad

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    Dear all fellow investors.

    Let us not doubt each other at this moment. Why does a company CEO meet investors when he has no obligation to do it because it is his plan to distribute non material jnformation.

    So we need to look into the motive.

    Now the company does not want to reply investors email, that shows they don’t want to give any information.

    My perspective is since for one complaint on scores in preferential warrants, ceo himself called why not somebody from knvestor relations. Looks to me very odd and shows how PW are important for company.

    So my take is unless PW are approved by exchanges news will be controlled. I don’t expect them to even meet our fellow investors before PW approval.

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