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    Hi All,
    I am an investor like you and a big fan of @Rathi and @logan for thier efforts to keep the momentum and hopes alive in investors. From my point of view it’s a mammoth task you people are doing. Kudos to you. The way @sobha and @diana are sharing their thoughts, it’s totally commendable, when situation isn’t our (retailers) favour. I am a long term investor ( by mistake/ bcz of greed) and I am the one who didn’t receive the dividend. Though I have good amount of shares, but I am less interested in dividend and more in share value. I am regular visitor of this forum and well aware with each and every post. But today I am assuming myself an artist/spectator of a drama or you can say circus. Someone ( either operator/ promoter) is playing with me everyday and enjoying with my emotions, but I am feeling that they are here to see my act. Now, loosing money everyday, but keeping the hopes alive and hoping one day I’ll recover and make huge money from this company. Mr. Reddy, look at us, we have lost lakhs and few of us crores, but we all are looking at you to resolve all the pending issues, stand on your foot and grow. The way you have your people, family, same way we have. That’s it…

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    still manipulation going on to keep price below warrant price i.e 7.7. This might go on till PW approved.

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    Stock price will not go up even after warrant is issued.

    In my belief Promoter has issued warrant to avoid take over. In mean while he will try to keep the price around 7.7₹ for next 18 months after warrant is issued, so that it will not be released in open market.

    So according to my understanding the stock price will be controlled for next 18 months around 7.7₹ after PW is issued.

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    Received my dividend today . Hope to see everyone getting it at the earliest and some dividend in the upcoming quarter to keep us all going long on this . It’s almost eternity for some people here as they have waited min 7 yrs which is impractical for me probably . All the best guys

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    @JRS if that will the case, i dnt think many retailers will wait(and suffering) for that long . If his clear price suppression(which many believe ) keep on continuing ever after PW allotment, that will be final nail in coffin. I hope management should take a note and improve its corporate governance and star thinking about long term investors at least from now on(else ready to face many more complain this time as now no one is ready to wait indefinite for improvement ).

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    I have received the dividend today.

    : If the price would remain as it is then what is the whole point of raising PW? Those 59 folks would have done due diligence before onboarding. Otherwise, why would they invest their money if they are not getting anything out of it?

    First of all – we all must realize, 59 entities are just proxies of promoters to grab shares @ cheaper price. The price suppression was meant to augment the PW issuance & approval. After that, there is no need to hold the bull. They will get what they want.

    After PW approval SKR will have 90% control of the company. Eventually, the majority of PW shares will end up with promoters.

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    PW is issued at 7.7₹.

    whether the Proxi will give the shares to Promoter if the price goes double or triple.He would prefer to sell it high.

    Whether the Promoter buys those shares at double or triple price after 18 months.I think so no.

    I don’t know whether Promoters have planned a middle way, like proxy will not buy the shares after 6 months and lose their initial amount which Promoter may have arranged them for time being.if I look at these proxi it looks SKR have selected them who meets his middle way plan.

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    Dividend credited just now in my ICICI account linked to ICICIDirect…As others mentioned it is a NEFT transfer from DCB bank

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    Dear friends, just now i received my dividend in HDFC bank.. Broker HDFC sec.. Same transfer from DCB bank.. Hope the last tranche of pending dividend is distributed.. #drjaysee and others please post if you received..Thanks for the response friends..

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    Thanks # Adi for sharing the same feelings of mine..daily seeing the money eroded while the market is peaking and i sold many counters and invested in BCG, ALL have already doubled.. Destiny and greed ..what else to blame??

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    you are not alone sirji. Many like me are struggling for the last 7-8 years. Still no end to suffering. Being BCG shareholders, we are the owner of a great business but in the wrong hands who doesn’t care about anything else other than his personal gains.

    We are just watching market rally from the sidelines. It’s so frustrating. Not sure when it will end. Every time end seems near, Mr. Reddy throws another googly. Tired of all this non-sense.

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    @rathi_b & team:

    Can you please let us know if you have received any communication from BCG IR w.r.t. meeting with SKR.

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    I got dividend today in one of my accounts and did not receive in other. Not sure if anyone noticed they rounded off the dividend instead of crediting the exact amount.

    The amount doesn’t matter as of now only the credibility of the management if they are going to credit everyone.

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    Nope buffet we still haven’t received any reply. Looks like the management has chosen to be silent for now.

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    @rathi_b strange behaviour by mgt, no concall too has been announced yet.

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    HDFC sec linked to HDFC Bank, I have not received dividend yet.

    Diana Horton
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    The Houdini Dissapperance Act of the Goenkas

    Even the great Houdini might be Bamboozled by this Act!!!!

    Now Lets go to the History of Lycos from 2016 to 2020.

    Every year the Stock fell down on a step by step basis from the alltime high of Lycos from 68 Odd range to 2.25 Odd.

    Everytime, the Management attributed the cause of the fall as Some Major PE investor was exiting and stock got hammered. Those PE players had say 6 to 8% stock each. But, when it came to the Biggest holder of the stock , who held say approximatly 12 to 15% of Lycos, suddenly disapperaed and vanished into thin air, when the stock was in an Air tight compartment between 4.9 to 5.5 to get the PW allotted.

    The Big players who were playing in the markets vanished and sold it just like that without any big or major buyers???????? That is almost 6.5 Cr to 7.5 Crore shares, without causing the stock price to fall at all??!!! Magic!

    And that too they vanished and allegedly sold it Off in the markets especially when the promoter says Good times are ahead and the so called Inflection point.

    So, Where did all the Stock Go?? Who was capable of so called absorbing that Big Quantity!!

    If the so called Markets absorb the Big quantity, Why are the markets so partial and indiffrent when absorbing the meagre amount of stock that has been listed at the peanuts price, Currently ?

    Impartial and Selective Markets!!! Markets dosent undertand Lycos. …. Poor Markets… Bechaara Market!!!

    Markets Undertood Lycos at 4.7 to 5.5 price

    But Unfortunatly the same Markets , Dosent seem to Understand Lycos when the price is at 7.4 and not able to buy the peanut quantity which has been placed on the right hand side.

    As I said, The Markets are Infact Partial and Discriminative, especially when it comes to the Mechanism of Understanding the secto and gets confused so much that, It clearly understood and Bought a hell lot of quantity at Rs 5 price and couldnt undertand the sector at Rs 7.4 price….

    Even the Great Mr Houdini, wont be able to Untangle the Biggest Puzzle!!!

    Lets wait for the PW approval date and Results and the Movement of the stock. If the stock is still controlled, The DIRTY Game of the Management ought to be be exposed next. What do you all think , my dear retailers?

    Who the Goenkas were, What was thier role, How the Management cheated on the PUBLIC SHP data etc.

    All statistics will be revealed with evidence in this Group to begin with so that the retailers understand what they have been played with so far, in the name of the big players.

    Meanwhile, we have made further enquiries on the Testimonials and The Can of Worms are opening up regarding LOC.

    Waiting and giving time for the management to act accordingly untill the end of this week, for them to try and wrap up their Long Drawn games which they have orchestrated for the past 5 to 6 years.


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    @Diana Horton, i agree completely with you. If they even think of playing any dirty game(like to ditch all these 59 entities too by keeping price around 7 or below for next 18 months etc) further to keep price suppressed , we need to expose their dirty game in public.

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    I completely agree with Diana here, let’s see what the situated in the next 2 months would be, if things don’t move in a positive direction we shall and should expose the share price manipulations. Like I have said before we expect atleast a few issues to be resolved by April. If it doesn’t then we should change our approach with the company and its management. As far as the deal about keeping the price subdued for the next 18 months written by one of the forum members, if it happens then in it self is an evidence of connivance of the management with manipulators if they stoop to it.

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    @DH, I think better to expose them partially (precaution is ALWAYS better than cure) so that they didn’t take retailers for granted this time and rewards retailers which they deserve.

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