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    The trust deficit just got bigger!

    Diana Horton
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    The FOXY Mind……

    1. The Share price shouldnt Go Up untill Target is met

    2. For which Hyped Up Axis Bank issue has been played catalyst since Aug 2019

    3. Warrants approval Not in Hand, yet- Hence dosent want to PAY Axis bank in Full

    4. Need to play Bikaari Drama in front of the Judge to prolong the event untill warrants are done.

    5. Need to soothen the Irritated retailers by playing with the Words in the public Announcement

    6. Have Got the Full Capability of paying funds- When Compelled and hammered hard by the Honourable Judge. The issue is – Voluntary Procrastination attitude which Costed the company to shell 20 Crores more and Augment share holders misery

    7. RIGGED the share price,ever since 2016, in a carefully planned Methodical 5 year saga- Just to get the End Point of Increasing the stake – at the cost of SCREWING OWN COMPANY shares and its Retailers.

    Diana Horton
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    @vgsatwork #10845

    Many Thanks for bringing these topics.

    CREATE an ILLUSION of OPTICAL ARTIFICIAL HURDLE- PEG those events to the Rigged and Muted Share price and Blames it on the So called Markets

    “1. Consolidation of subsidiaries into one company (Informed about an year back in Feb 2020). No follow through updates
    2. BDO audit – Last update in June 2020 said that Audit is on going. No follow through updates
    3. Daum – Discussion on Lycos settlement – Last update was in June 2020. No follow through updates”

    As we discussed , the Cunning Fox , in the 35 Minute slot with the retailers in the form of Conference call- Comes with BoLD headings- To CREATE an ILLUSION of OPTICAL ARTIFICIAL HURDLE– Never to be Followed up

    He then PEGS those events to the Rigged and Muted Share price and Blames it on the So called Markets. This has been the STRATEGY

    If One Hurdle vanishes out in the Natural History then the Foxy Guy will make another MOUND out of a Molehill to make it as a Issue and PEG it to the share price and RIG the price – PLAY with Words in the announcement

    This has been the Foxes Strategy ever since 2016. Have you all wondered, How this Fox , Creates and Comes up with New Events and makes it a Hurdle and PEGS it and associates with share price and cleverly Blame it on the MARKETS!!!!

    May I Request the RETAILER COMMUNITY – Please- to Post all Such Artificial Events that this chap has Created and Associated with Share price and to BLAME Only on the Markets

    The Next topic , I need to Expose , is How this Foxy Mind, has utilised the MMB Board to his advantage- The Mechanisms through which this was done- FENCE Eating its OWN Crop


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    @sobha @radhetheoptimist

    Per the post #10848 – There is no settlement and yet the Media release from yesterday says that “The company has settled with Axis Bank on the closure of the loan. Bank is working on a formal approval of the same”. As long as they cannot be held accountable, they can keep doing this by throwing a carrot (a business update to stock exchange) which may or may not have any material basis.

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    Is there any understanding between BCG and Axis?

    Surely Axis will look at all the announcements by BCG right? They must’ve seen yesterday’s announcement. To block the PO money, they used one of the announcements for their arguments.

    People who attended the hearing – can you please share with us what was discussed in the court today.

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    #satyamite MMB posts –

    33 crores of cash which bcg got from the previous issue is with us, said the axis lawyer. they want it. So maybe axis will release it after taking whatever is settled amount.

    Just attended NCLT hearing online. The Axis bank lawyer informed that the due is 40 cr and they have received 5 cr. BCG advocate did not open his mouth. Nothing about agreement was informed. Next hearing 2 nd march.


    there was absolute no pressure from axis lawyer. infact he himself was saying a date till 1st march can be alloteed. this means there is some understanding that has happened between axis and company. my take.

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    @Logan, little bit time my sound was not working. The total time took was 3 minutes. Judge asked to BCG – what they have done? ans – paid 5crore- more time needed. Some settlement reached.. Judge become angry. … You have got enough time and opportunities. You are taking unnecessary time…. From axis – No information about settlement. Due is 40 cr. 5 cr received. May shifted to March beginning as per convenience of court. Judge said – One more time – March 2nd… over

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    Reply to #10855

    I am sure Axis must be looking at all the announcements from BCG including the dividend news. I suspect that the reason why(No update to stock exchange on dividend payment being made, including yesterday’s press release) dividend payment was hush hush even without Arthi consultants know anything about it and without having a payment remark indicating dividend payment was for BCG might have been to go under the radar and not be seen by Axis as making dividend payments even as they satisfy the shareholders with a token dividend. If Axis know of the payments being made, they would have stopped that as well just like how they had blocked the PI money.

    if you read the business updates to stock exchanges, there is always some word play in them and none of them were in definitive terms and hence they could be held accountable. So, they might have hood winked Axis with some of the developments like dividend payment (There is no official record for Axis to prove that BCG paid dividends since entire payment process was under the radar)

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    No body can ask any questions. They will ask if they get opportunity, but willhave no option to ask any question.

    The only option is Hyderabad team, or else we all should visit Hyderabad once which should become a national wide news covered in media and social network.

    We should set an example what a retail investors as a group can do.

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    I feel Axis is just a gimmick.

    I feel SKR has good nexus with the authorities of Axis bank, and they are dragging the issue with their consent.

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    I am yet to receive my dividend. Is it just me or there are others too in this forum who have not received dividend?

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    @m4max1979, even I haven’t received my dividends. I wrote to them several times but still no response from them.

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    It seems this time also he fooled every1 including exchanges. Informed exchanges something different than the press release. Hats off. Pure manipulation. IITian is making good use of the brain. But sadly he is making more fool of himself.

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    Feels frustrated, every issues are Mgmt is dragging to extent, and creating new issues like dividends not crediting on time,
    Corporate governance lows evry time

    1) SKR never stands by his words, it is difficult to believe him, i.e reason big investors are stayed
    2) not once or twice, every time broke timeline,seems like he is well aware of PW,n deliberately given miss info.
    3) To bring trust in bigger investors community, he should think of appointing new CEO and resolving issues ASAP.
    4) If he stys as CEO, my personal opinion is continue to fool retail investors and no big investors will enter easily seeing his past promises

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    The article’s headline is not correct. It says the profits went up 35% yoy which isn’t the case. I don’t think IIFL saw the results properly before sharing that. The profits are up qoq and not yoy, in fact there’s a decrease in profits yoy (3% or something).

    Telangana Today and equitybulls have also written about the results but they haven’t made any mistake.


    Dear BCGians,

    I am a frequent visitor to this forum though silent most of the times. After going through the comments from Logan, Diana and others senior boarders and seeing current sitution, what would be advised to do? i am holding significant quantity from past 5 years. How to handle the trust deficit which is currently so huge to have any concrete time frame about the future aspects. I trust the numbers and their business but not find myself comfortable with management commentary.

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    @Logan – regarding the article title, bse filing has this message “PAT for Q3 FY2020-21 was Rs. 138.60 Crores, an increase of
    34.56 % Y-o-Y and a decrease of 3.64 % Q-O-Q”

    I guess the same is shared with IIFL site.

    This information is corrected in their website…

    The interesting thing is that they haven’t removed the Axis loan settlement line item.

    Reading the messages posted on today’s hearing proceeds… I feel Axis lawyer is referring to the same old 5cr received before and this is not an additional 5cr

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    Dear friends we should all unite and revolt against SKR this forthcoming concall, with pungent words. Let us start preparing questions and whoever gets opportunity to get connected to the concall should fire SKR right and left for his callous attitude and utter disregard for retailers

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    @hw_tw, I have the file which I downloaded from BCG’s website and as you’ve mentioned, in that the details are correct.

    I haven’t seen the copy that’s shared in BSE. Don’t know why but these days I’m not able to download files from BSE website using my phone.

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