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    Let’s consolidate all queries to SKR & share it across before conf call.

    can you please help?

    Also, someone should ask tough questions to SKR. @Logan/@DH can you please help.

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    I just registered in this forum. Am a 75 year old retired B.E. Mechanical Engineer, who is passionate about investing in shares from 1985 onwards. Hobby authoring and publishing websites. I have invested a substantial amount in BCG/Lycos

    I have been following this thread for some time. If the management is trying to suppress the share price, is there no way that we as a group can counter it by collectively putting buy orders to raise the price. This will of course involve quite a bit of money (budget: average turnover x market price)

    May be just an old fools idea !!!

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    @buffet, also we should ask them to conduct the call for at least 75 minutes. CEO and the CFO can talk about business and numbers for 15 minutes and investors can ask their queries for 60 minutes. If we ask for 2 hours then they’ll not say yes.

    If it’s for only 30 minutes then some people will waste everyone’s time. They ask only about dividends, buyback etc.

    So, we should all send them mails asking them to extend the call by 30 minutes at least.

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    Sure @Logan!

    Let’s all send an email to IR requesting to increase the con-call to 60 min atleast. I am sending it right away. Others please do the needful.

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    Have you guys received the dividend? If no, please hit like.

    , can you create a poll please? Many like me would like to know what percentage of the investors have received the dividend.

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    Just an update..after couple of follow-ups, I got my dividend now. Sending email to with your DP ID and bank details might help.

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    I just received my dividend. I sent a mail to with my DP ID and client ID on Sunday.

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    @explorer and @m4max1979, did you get any response to your mails asking for the details or did you send the details directly?

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    I sent the details directly and asked them to look into it.

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    I also send mail to ir twice sunday and yest and got divident just now

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    I sent email to IR on Saturday and today I got the dividend

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    Extract from SEBI listing Obligations and Disclosures Regulation 2015. What the management discloses to the shareholders through exchanges are being regulated though this.

    Disclosure of events or information.
    30. (1) Every listed entity shall make disclosures of any events or information which, in the opinion of the board of directors of the listed company, is material.
    (2) Events specified in Para Aof Part A of Schedule III are deemed to be material
    events and listed entity shall make disclosure of such events.
    (3) The listed entity shall make disclosure of events specified in Para B of Part Aof Schedule III, based on application of the guidelines for materiality, as specified insub-regulation (4).
    (4) (i) The listed entity shall consider the following criteria for determination of materiality of events/ information:
    (a)the omission of an event or information, which is likely to result in
    discontinuity or alteration of event or information already available
    publicly; or
    (b)the omission of an event or information is likely to result in significant
    market reaction if the said omission came to light at a later date;
    (c)In case where the criteria specified in sub-clauses (a) and (b) are not
    applicable, an event/information may be treated as being material if in the
    opinion of the board of directors of listed entity, the event / information is
    considered material.
    (ii) The listed entity shall frame a policy for determination of materiality, based
    on criteria specified in this sub-regulation, duly approved by its board of
    directors, which shall be disclosed on its website.
    (5) The board of directors of the listed entity shall authorize one or more Key
    Managerial Personnel for the purpose of determining materiality of an event or
    information and for the purpose of making disclosures to stock exchange(s) under
    this regulation and the contact details of such personnel shall be also disclosed to the stock exchange(s) and as well as on the listed entity’s website.
    (6) The listed entity shall first disclose to stock exchange(s) of all events, as
    specified in Part A of Schedule III, or information as soon as reasonably possible
    and not later than twenty four hours from the occurrence of event or information:
    Provided that in case the disclosure is made after twenty four hours of occurrence
    of the event or information, the listed entity shall, along with such disclosures
    provide explanation for delay:Provided further that disclosure with respect to events specified in sub-para4 of Para A of Part A of Schedule III shall be made within thirty minutes of the conclusion of the board meeting.
    26 (7) The listed entity shall, with respect to disclosures referred to in this regulation, make disclosures updating material developments on a regular basis, till such time the event is resolved/closed, with relevant explanations.
    (8) The listed entity shall disclose on its website all such events or information
    which has been disclosed to stock exchange(s) under this regulation , and such
    disclosures shall be hosted on the website of the listed entity for a minimum period of five years and thereafter as per the archival policy of the listed entity, as disclosed on its website.
    (9) The listed entity shall disclose all events or information with respect to
    subsidiaries which are material for the listed entity.
    (10) The listed entity shall provide specific and adequate reply to all queries raised by stock exchange(s) with respect to any events or information:
    Provided that the stock exchange(s) shall disseminate information and clarification
    as soon as reasonably practicable.
    (11) The listed entity may on its own initiative also, confirm or deny any reported
    event or information to stock exchange(s).
    (12) In case where an event occurs or an information is available with the listed
    entity, which has not been indicated in Para A or B of Part A of Schedule III, but
    which may have material effect on it, the listed entity is required to make adequate disclosures in regard thereof.

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    Someone had asked this question couple of days back as to how long the exchanges would take to decide on the PW approval. Looking at this below, exchange must have asked for details/clarifications from BCG. If they have provided the same, the approval should come through within 30 days of BCG providing those clarification. Again, here is a lapse from BCG in terms of disclosure. They should have disclosed if the exchanges have asked for clarification and whether the company provided the requisite details,etc,..

    Below is the extract from LODR 2015 as far as obligation from exchanges are concerned

    Obligation of stock exchange(s).
    110. The stock exchange(s) shall grant in-principle approval/list the securities or
    reject the application for in-principle approval /listing by the issuer or issuing
    company, as the case maybe, within thirty days from the later of the following dates:
    (a) the date of receipt of application for in-principle approval/listing from issuer or the issuing company, as the case may be,;
    (b) the date of receipt of satisfactory reply from the issuer or the issuing
    company, as the case may be, in cases where the stock exchange(s) has sought
    any clarification from them.”

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    Sending mail to ir@br.. has helped me in getting my dividend

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    @jay69 – To be honest , i have stopped visiting the MMB , after this forum was created , wherein we have better conversation around the facts and sharing updates on the company. But novice visiting MMB will not have to suffer now. That would be one great thing

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    I sent email to the IR email ID on Sunday for not receiving dividends in two of my accounts. Received the dividend today in one of them (with higher # shares) from LIL Projects Pvt Ltd. Hope they credit in other account also without more follow ups. One of my relative has few shares in his account. we are planning to wait and see if the management credits the dividend for this account without any follow up.

    For almost all of us, this will be the first time in history that we are forced to follow-up with IR to get dividend. Stock is equally tempting on one side with their growing businesses and irritating on the other side with their corporate governance. Its our hope and patience for a bright future that we all are still hanging on here.

    BCG is giving us all a lot of new experiences on-the-go and indirectly helping us learn the most important attitude required in stock market – “patience”. I dont think anyone who are invested here for last 3-5 years will forget this stock in their life due to the range of experiences we are going through.

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    Logan sir
    I visit WeEndeavor web site i have questions why they web site mention that he brightcom managed company.

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    I sent email to
    With my DP id and client id.But not credited my dividend till now.

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    My thoughts on how the events would unfold in next few months/years in a logical order (maybe I am too optimistic and positive here)

    1) exchanges declare approval of PW
    2) Axis officials approve the payment plan and BCG closes the loan/follow payment plan
    3) 25% of PW money comes to BCG and they settle Daum case
    4) BCG declare that formation of US entity resumed and completed after few weeks
    5) BCG declare that LOC is approved for the US entity (who owns most of the receivables)
    6) Faster growth Q-on-Q with LOC money
    7) Balance PW money goes to strategic acquisitions to enhance capabilities (SKR is a proven expert here)
    7) With all above positive news, stock price goes up, PE crosses 5-10.
    8) Market starts noticing BCG; investor meets, presentations, etc. goes in full swing. MFs and FIIs start taking stake creating an option for 59 newly added investors to leave with huge profits.
    9) Buybacks, dividends, timely positive news, etc. keeps the stock price growth momentum
    9) Strategic investor onboards (like PE firms) absorbing a huge chunk of floating shares from the 59 new investors or from market. They will bring back all required authenticity and credibility that BCG lost in last few years. business growth continues.
    10) US entity grows stronger and poplar creating the ideal time for listing the entity in NYSE.

    Real growth starts from there… I believe all these can happen in next 2-3 years or even earlier.

    Lot of us complain about poor governance of management. Same was the case in Tanla also b/w 2104 and 2019… Udaykumar Reddy has been questioned and insulted left and right in MMB for starting Singapore Hub, having Vodafone as the single biggest customer, high depreciation shown in books, etc…. but look how its today… things changed when Tanla announced the acquisition of Karix Mobile and Blackstone came on board (Blackstone had 20%+ stake in Karix). Series of developments afterwards like Trubloq success, partnership with Microsoft, US investment firms taking stake, promotors increasing stake, etc. took Tanla to greater heights.

    I dont think SKR is fool enough to let BCG hang in low single digits and join hands with operators to make some personal money. He might be having larger plans/agenda which cannot be shared openly unless they are confident to make it happen. I believe SKR and team is doing a lot of these financial stuff under cover, keeping the business growth flat, not releasing positive news, etc. to show the external world (particulary Daum) that “you cant expect anything more from us”. imagine a situation where BCG is showing high growth, payment of dividends, US entity, LOC money, etc. what is the surety that Daum will not initiate another case to try getting more from BCG? SKR and team will loose another 5 years fighting the same in international courts. instead of that, its better to keep this things undercover and wait till settling Daum. I expect a lot of the above mentioned positive news to come out once Daum is settled. unfortunately, SKE cannot take funds from their regular operations to settle Daum as this will affect the business and leads to loss of market share, reduction in business, etc. which becomes fundamental issues that go out of control.

    Only issue now for all of us is that stock price is not where it has to be. but SKR will be confident that the price will come to its true value when all these issues settle even though that take few more months. SKR and team will be making many times more money through this long term growth than what they get by playing with operators. so i still dont believe he is part of the backend game by operators. Like how we experienced in Tanla, we might be entering a new phase of BCG in coming months which will last for the next decade and make all of us wiser and richer.

    NB: All are my personal views and happy to hear other’s thoughts.

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    @logan I sent an email with my DP ID asking about the status of the dividend for which they responded asking my bank details. I gave them the details and the money was credited yesterday.

    I have an NRO account.

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