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    @jay69 thanks. still they didn’t managed to secure their own website. http is working and https throwing error.

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    BCG dividend policy

    The Board of Directors of the Company shall consider the following financial
    parameters while declaring dividend or recommending dividend to shareholders:
    • Capital allocation plans including: Expected cash requirements of the
    Company towards working capital, capital expenditure in technology and
    • Investments required towards execution of the Company’s strategy.
    • Funds required for any acquisitions that the Board of Directors may
    approve and any share buy-back plans.
    • Minimum cash required for contingencies or unforeseen events.
    • Funds required to service any outstanding loans;
    • Liquidity and return ratios
    • Any other significant developments that require cash investments.

    As per their policy , they will consider fund required to service any outstanding loans. Don’t know how much they had followed their own policy while considering for dividend

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    Allocating PW to 59 investors is totally unreasonable. Have any1 of us seen this BS in any other well managed company? Atleast I have not seen. Just imagining, how long NSE would take to validate 59 folks? Complete chaos.

    Really, we don’t know how long these things would go on.

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    Conference call rescheduled to 4PM. It was supposed to be at 1PM.

    Check notification in BSE.

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    Logan and all
    In conference call please ask about
    (1).Brightcom group and WeEndivor group what are aggrement and relation.
    audienciad this are brightcom group asset.
    (3). In brightcom global website not mention single name of Suresh reddy his chairman of the company .
    (4).few days back brightcom group change their logo but brightcom global not change their logo.
    (5).BDO report
    (6).Singapore subsidiary investment is only 45 ruppes.
    Today conference call please ask this question.


    Just my thoughts, and i can be wrong too here.
    I am afraid in absence of PW approval which is yet to be received, we may not receive any clarity from management on alot of issues and development.i dont see anything material to be discussed today or movement in share price Monday onwards. Mostly this confcall might be non-event. Interesting to note, the excellent consolidation of Q&A prepared by Admin and Collective investors here, how this will be addressed given the time slot alloted. Also, further we are yet to receive the confirmation on @Rathi Hyd investor team meet up with skr. Hence we should not expect any major outcome from today’s Confcall.

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    Though I sent emails repeatedly regarding not receiving of dividend to IR , I didn’t receive dividend till now.If this is good management,they should discuss about this in conference call today.(I gave my DP ID,CLIENT CODE and my bank details also).
    I didn’t understand why management is torturing investors.

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    We can also ask what happened to the big AI order which was expected few quarters back during one of the concalls and then there is no news of it.

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    How do I ask some questions ? Want to ask ” the company has lost a lot of investors faith over the years , what’s the plan of the company to maintain and bring in the belief – interms of posting documtation updates etc ”

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    I couldn’t attend the call, can someone share what was discussed in the call (especially about PW).

    Thank you.

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    @diana Horton, what are your views / thought/conclusion from this con call

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    Thank for sharing the audio clip of conf. call, here is my summary from this –
    1. BCG management answered all investors questions with details, central lender coming so now with LOC confirmed, plan of acquisition, business growth as 30 to 40 percent new business BCG is not able to pick up due to capital issue.
    2. Axis 17 cr. agreed – 11 cr. will be paid by Feb 22nd and once remaining 6 Cr. paid BCG will be zero debt company.
    3. New center opened in Berlin and new product launched recently. Hopefully market will see all these and valuation will be accordingly in near future.
    I request all experienced and knowledgeable investors to share their feedback.

    Diana Horton
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    We will be a DEBT FREE COMPANY in a week’s timeThe Promoters was Gleaming in the Conference Call. I could sense the PRIDE in his words and a sense of achievement.

    It is an achievement indeed, especially in a World where Debt is a Common word that has been used in the Equity markets by Majority of the companies.

    It has been a Tumultuous 6 years, the company has gone through. Big Hurdles, Dog eat Dog Sector, Very competitive environment, Court case, Big Legacy debt, Wrong Decisions etc etc etc. Certainly costed our company and was reflected directly on us the share holders. If one is not Razor sharp and hasnt got distant vision, this company would have disappeared in the thin wind long time ago.

    I certainly need to Give proper appreciation to the One Man army and his team for having sailed the ship in the very difficult period safely and steadily.

    The Biggest quality I have liked in the Promoter of the company was the ENTERPRENUERSHIP. Never once in the past 6 years I have been with the company have seen, the promoter uttering, a negative View of the company nor painted the picture Grey at any point of time. He always have given a Positive spin to the company, come what may be.

    A True Entrepreneur NEVER GIVES UP. If the promoter at any point of time had given a speech with Drooped shoulders, we would have dis invested in the company a while ago. On the same page, a PAT on all our shoulders aswell- We as share Holders of the company – although have suffered heavy losses, being associated with the company, at any point of time, never Given up on the company aswell. The Rare Breed of so called- Ardent Investor or the Long termer.

    Now, a MEGA game has been played by the One Man Army. Whether the game that was played – Constitutional ( As it happened with time) or a Well Planned 5 year Strategy… It will be Very hard to decipher. I suspect, It might be a Combination of both.

    We as Retail Investors always view progress as a CROSS SECTIONAL image. Ie… Once in 3 Months, we hear from the Company. For the retail investor, what was told during the Previous Conference call is like a MANTRA. We expect follow up on what has been said and what happened to it and we Mull on it. ( todays Q asked about conglomeration of various Subs etc)

    For the Management – It is a LOGITUDINAL image, i suspect. They go with the flow. Make decisions as it comes and as it suits. By the time the Next Conference call is there, the Bus has Long Gone past the point , possibly in a totally different direction. That is Fluidity and Adaptability,based on multipke options that are vailable, I guess.

    The Bus going in a Different direction won’t be of much bother, if the stock price was high and appropriate. But, as there are heavy losses incurred , Every damn Pit stop(information) that has been told by the management is GOLD and a VITAL Threshold point and are pegged to the share Price( The Management has patronised this in a Very Big way aswell). The expectations of the retailers (Not WRONG atall) and the pegging those expectations on to the events , gave Grief in presence of hammered stock price.

    The Mega Game that has been orchestrated – like the Govt 5 Year plan – has been used to sort out MULTIPLE EVENTS eventually CULMINATING towards Indirect Mega Stake allotment for the necessary people.

    We all have COME PAST very ROUGH and THORNY road. Today the VOICE LANGUAGE (If there is any such word in the dictionary! ) of the Promoter was SO POSITIVE (never been negative) especially after sorting the Multiple issues along the way.

    The Stock Price has been made to consolidate at the PW price which is understandable

    As, Almost all the issues are sorted , but for the clearance of the warrants by the exchanges, we wish the Management of BCG the very best, for steering the ship steadily during Difficult times along with futuristic vision.

    One Request to the Management: Once the Warrant allotments are done, Kindly do not play any more Market games. We the share Holders have stood alongside the company during difficult times.

    In the First 5 Year plan, the management have successfully planned and sorted all the pending issues and increased the stake appropriately.

    In the Next 5 Years to come, as deciphered from the conference call talk positivity, We alongside you, are also EAGER to see a BCG growing into a Multi Billion Dollar company and thereby all of the Ardent Long Termers and Retail investors are rewarded appropriately.


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    Thanks DH, yes SKR was confident and relieved with a big burden going out of his way. I felt he was ready to continue the call and take more questions. For the very first time I heard a confident YSR. Usually the CEOs are always positive even when they are steering a sinking ship and that’s how they have to be as with even one percent chances they would feel that they can turn around the ship. But the confidence of the employees like YSR is a big difference and matters most and gives me the comfort.

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    @rathi_b do you guys had seen documents of LoC from Goldman Sachs ( with whom now they had stopped negotiation) or some other lenders??

    @all can we verify from Goldman Sachs that negotiation stopped only due to more time taken by them or reason is something different??

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    Everything I heard appears very positive. SKR was very confident and promising. The only negative point I assume was regarding international firm audit of subsidiaries. What I understood was that they had audit by international firm last year but that is not the case for the current year which I consider as a negative point. I could be wrong in my assumption. However, till last week I was considering to exit out of this stock. But now I am determined to keep it for long as I see a bright… Very bright future.

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    Dear Diana, Thank you so much for painting a true and complete picture of SKR and his achievements. I appreciate from the depth of my heart and congratulations to all retailers. Regards

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    Can somebody explain what happened with daum? skr told – we will be debt free soon – with axis payment. They have made an agreement with daum to pay an undisclosed sum. is it paid?

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    @sobha, debt free means no institutional or bank borrowing in the books. Daum liability is a separate matter altogether. Not settled yet. Will be, presumably, once funds come in. LOC or PW money. And then BCG gets back Lycos Inc. I think Mr Reddy referred to the usage of those funds. LOC primarily for business growth. PW funds for strategic acquisitions, or related matters. But initially the funds will not be mutually exclusive for one or the other.

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