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    Happy to inform you that I received dividends few minutes back

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    I have received the dividends but my mom hasn’t. She has SBI account linked with zerodha. Anybody with a SBI account not received dividend yet?

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    One doubt I have. As the the last conference call, I remember it was said that the foreign subsidiaries have been audited but they will not be made public due to DUAM situation.
    In that case, atleast Indian Auditers should have seen it right? As per the audit report attached in the results today, they still mention it as unaudited (Point 5 of Audit Report)

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    The huge expectations and excitement built up last year on the likelihood of substantially enhanced revenues because of the US elections and the subsequent holiday season have been totally belied.
    The expectation was even more as Mr Reddy had himself expressed his pleasant surprise at the immense growth in the digital advertising space they were witnessing , and which was borne out by the results being declared by other companies in this field of business.
    Closer to home, Affle India and Route Mobile and Tanla Solutions, have excelled and shown commendable and outstanding growth in revenue and profits, and been handsomely rewarded by the markets.
    What excuse now for BCG? Flat revenues and profits, quarter after quarter, and yet , in every conference call, these are described by the management as “excellent “. Really???
    If SKR spent more time in business management and strategy in enhancing growth and earnings rather than the perceived shenanigans in stock price manipulation, the company and the promoters and the shareholders would be in a much better and happier place.
    It is a shame that a technocrat of such immense skill has chosen to expend his energy on consistently enhancing shareholder misery and dissatisfaction, rather than value.

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    Dear @vgsatwork (#10741) and BCG Investors,

    NCLT cause list has been updated on the NCLT website(Attachment Sl.No 12). Next hearing for BCG will be on Monday, 15 Feb 2021 and it seems NCLT had given the final warning to settle Axis issues & that’s why a short time has been given for next hearing. Let’s wait and see. Thanks

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    No conference call this time? No updates from the company till now. They used to put out a media release after each and every quarterly results but this time till now they haven’t shared anything.

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    Seems management is in shock because their delaying tactics didn’t worked in court this time and they are not ready for that. Let’s see what will be happen on Monday. I feel,this management will not change its attitude untill being complaint made with proof in sebi.
    Axis Bank did great job,dragged them to court and didn’t listen to their sweet talks. It high time that we retailer should also be get united and file complain in sebi about management acts instead of giving more time( even from results it is evident that whatever they say in concall,that is only sweet talk).

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    I have received dividend in both our accounts yesterday. But I guess they are distributing the dividend manually in a slow process. After mailing to ir@bri… We got our dividend. I guess they are collecting our details in the process.

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    The only thing that worries me now is that the judges don’t slap a fine on BCG for wasting the their time and a 20cr debt payment becomes 40cr in the process. SKR’s desire to be cute every time has never worked out for the company and god knows when will he realize that.

    Unfortunately, we all know at heart that even if the Axis case gets resolved on 15th, the management will not let the price increase before the warrants approval. At least, I got dividends in all my accounts after sending email and registering a complaint in SCORES. Something to cheer about? Such a sorry state of affairs!

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    Dear Friends,

    Kindly confirm that did any of the NRI investors with NRE Ac receive their Dividend?
    Still I am waiting to receive the Dividend (To get some Trust on BCG management) after sending several back & forth emails but until now everything is in vein.

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    Something doesn’t feel right looking at the Q3 results and I am not able to pin point. I am checking last 12 quarter data as published to the exchanges. will post the same post my analysis.

    Diana Horton
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    The Naughty Dungeon RAT

    Always wondered as to why such Hype was given to this Axis Case.

    Multi Mega Companies are sitting on Hefty loans and has never been the issue for those companies and infact it was a No Brainer for them

    Here in BCG, It has been given a MIRAGE Tag- Unfinished/Pending Business based on which – Mountain out of Molehill as an Issue has been created – An Alibi REASON
    to Thrive at these levels

    Q3 – Approx 100 Cr Profits. But, Not wanting to finish to loan business.If they sort out stuff, there Might not be any case or explanations for the stock to be parked at Low levels!

    Usually in a Company Vs Court Case, Everybody will be supporting the Company. But, On the CONTRARY, My FULLEST SUPPORT and infact Wishes to the COURT OF LAW this time.

    I liked the way, the COURT has SNAPPED the Neck of this Management, stating- Enough is Enough. No More extentions. Sort the Issue by 15th of February.

    I Know the Rat will try and find other Sneaky methods as Usual to find out ways of prolonging the scenario.But the CLASP is so tight this time that, It might be detrimental to the RAT that, It has to pay the pending.The Rat might show Low hanging Fruit to the Bank and Cort of law that, we will pay a Token and will complete payment in the specific duration of time and will try to buy time. I wish the Cort of Law or the Bank places IRON CLASP and Hammer the the Rat and Squeek it to the floor NOT TO GIVE Any Escape Clause

    At this Juncture, It will be Amazing to see, If the RAT manages to pay off the 10 year pending amount just like that.It will proove that the Rat Management never had Funds.

    The Rat Management always thinks of Ways of Utilising Any Availabale Oppourtunity to buy time and to sort out thier Independent needs. Infact The Conference calls has been used to know what the problems are and wanting to use those Issues and Create and Preach it as a Mountain . Make it Blown Out of proportion and SIT, DWELL and THRIVE on the Misery of the Aam Aadmi Retailer Public. Shameful Act….

    A FEW lessons

    1. The Court of law Gave Video Conferencing Facilities for any one to see the action Online. Kudos. Likewise, the Management Board of Directors Meetings etc , Needs to be made Open to Company Retailers, as The Board like in our case, are essentially a Pooch for the Management.In the PostCovid Era, everyting has become Online and Video Conferencing has become Mandatory. So, this can be used as a TOOL to GO , VIEW and Validate everything in Real time( Whetehr the Rat Management he happy to Conduct the Post Result Conference Call on ZOOM?)

    2. The Rat Management , will not Yield , untill it is Squeaked to the floor with Iron hand. Never Give an Oppoutunity for any escape Clause. My Recommendation to the retailers are that- Canvass on behalf of the Court of Law or Axis bank to get the Foul Management, Sort of issues and Make the Management Pay – Purely for the reason- Not to give the Rat Management any kind of excuse clause – A Reason to Dwell at these levels.As I said earlier, I will be Not be Surprised, If Funds suddenly comes out of No where to get the Issues sorted- VOILA!… This should a Lesson for we retailers to put Iron Clasp pressure.

    In my last post , I wrote about this … This rat Management comes and meets the retailers, Once in 3 months, Gives False promises and Hopes and disappaers to dwell on thier own activity – ONLY to come NEXT time – TO Do the same. The courage the Rat has got is, If we evade this 30 mts, we can dwell on for the Next 3 Months.Also, the Conference call details are Conviniently not published, because, those were all false SWEET talk for 5 years( NO FOLLOW UP ACTION). Once again , SWEET TALK this side of the road …. Show the Real Face on ther Other side to carry on with the DIRTY Rigging.

    My Recommendation, would be- A GROUP REPRESENTATIVE amongst us, should be elected- to have MANDATORY BIMONTHLY- OFFICIAL VIDEO CONFERENCING( Untill the Market cap is reached). To check on the Managements Time Line and Alleged Promises which are given just like that on the day of the Conference call – after which the RAT Manages to Escape. Afterall, In Our Management line– This is a Manadtory process in Problem Soving- Discuss- Decide- Action- FOLLOW UP- REVIEW- and the Cycle Continues. Here, The Rat , gets into the RAT Hole, and comes after 3 months, sneakily….


    Diana Horton
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    @VGSATWORK #10769

    The Q results will be poor. Let me explain the reason.

    Funds have been Diverted to Other allied BCG related companies which is under their umbrella waiting to be acquired under thier name, Officially.

    Many Companies- Onomagic, Boldwin, There is a South American Company( I am not getting the name now), and the other two companies that are under the Holding Company Owned by Brad Cohen( BCG parent is also there!!!!!). Funds were Diverted to these companies in the form of partnership or early investments.The revenues are being generated in those names and are managed by The We Endeavr Team headed by Jacob Nizri. The Management is so convolutedly Compartmentalised and are managed at different levels.

    Once The Rats needs are satisfied, they will show that LOC is there and will use the funds on FACE VALUE to buy those companies to conglomerate the same and suddenly the Rise in EPS will be seen . LOC will become Hero suddenly, as LOC will be named, the cause of EPS rise in the currently ALLEGEDLY Liquidity struck company…


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    @diana horton , so u believe that LoC is already there and this warrant was only to capture the more holdings through proxies at cheap price?
    As results are declared, i feel management will keep on continuing to suppress the price as they(or their relatives) can now officially/legally purchase from open market

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    Great DH For your insights. We also feel the same way. Increase in assets since March 2020 is 315cr. This quarter alone is a massive 154cr. Increase in liabilities since March 2020 is just 4cr rupees! Obviously, if you increase your assets without changing your liabilities, the net income would be negatively affected. I am sharing the above views of a veteran investor in BCG

    Diana Horton
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    @sac6310…. #10773


    1. In my opinion, Ofcourse, Warrants was ONLY done to capture more via proxies. This has been Openly stated to many Retailers by the Management from all the hear say.I am not 100% sure whetehr this was said Even to the Hyd team who visited

    2. Results… Even with the Current results, with the Industry average PE (If we calculate IT sector), the share should be lingering at three digits. But for the Dirty hands of the management in suppresing it

    3. Giving the benefit of doubt, untill warrants are approved by excahnges. If suppression is noted further, I am sure all the retailers, will Post evidence and submit the same to the exchanges of all the Dirty activities The Rat Management has done so far.

    4. Regarding LOC- I did present a snip and One of our Fellow retalier Boarder friend posted the website of the same aswell.Feel Free to enquire to get to know about the indepth details

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    We all are tired of all these bloddy dirty games by rotten rat. simply get over it. How long exchanges would take to do due diligence? Any idea?
    Someone mentioned the warrants for some other company raised during same time as bcg already approved. I have no clue why exchanges are taking such a long time. Even MGT is not uttering a word on its current status. This wait really killing us with slow poison. Ring master is also so silent. No conf call this time. Sadly these exchanges doesn’t have any webpage for tracking. Does any1 has any contacts in NSE/BSE to check with informally?

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    @ Buffet @ Diana_Horton

    There is always the possibility of warrants being rejected by the exchanges.

    If we go with the logic of promoter are suppressing the share prices to corner the PW through their friends and only after the PW is approved they would allow the share price to go up, then what would the promotors do if the PW is rejected? How long they can keep the share price suppressed then?

    A shock and awe move like 34 crore PW can be used only once. If they come up with anything like that again post rejection of PW, people would see through the same and defeat the resolution, especially now that retail investors knew what is coming and what is promotors strategy.

    So, if the PW gets rejected, the only option in front of them is to go for Preferential issue, which is OK since full payment has to be made upfront and market would see that as definite commitment with lock in period and share price would move up. The other option for them is buy from open market directly. If they buy through proxy, then it would be very long drawn battle for them to get that stake and they would have missed the forest looking for the trees in terms of the lost opportunity & opportunity cost. I don’t think they would be that stupid.

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    Promoter and his proxies already have 36+20(G gang holdings) i.e ~56-60% or even more. But still his greed is not ending. He wants all the pie for himself and raise stake to 90% thr backdoor PW. No institutional investor left to oppose him. He can continue this game indefinitely. 60% is still not small amount. Even with buyback/open market he can get additional 5-10% and take his holdings to 70% in cleaner and respectful way.

    You are correct. He losing great opportunities to make big fortune. With even current holding, he could be billionaire if stock trades in 3 digits. Market is all time high & he is not making good out of it for himself & others. That’s the irony of ours. If some1 has such mentality, no one can help it. Hope the good sense will prevail.

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    Seriously am fed up of all these dirty tricks of management. Instead of thinking about business and shareholders,dnt know why mgt is involved in all these tricks . Never seen such pathetic corporate governance , selfish,ignorant management….if thing didn’t improve PW allotment. I will support for any move by retialers which bring these arrogant management in court of law . I know CEO reads all the message posted here and I want to convey him my message.

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