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    Diana Horton
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    Responding to # 11146

    The Biggest Advantage of being a Public Listed company is all the Luxury of taking advantages of QIPs, Warrants, Pref Allotments and all other modalities of Revenue Generation mechanisms and utilising the same at the Best interest of the company.

    In BCG situation, The Management acted in thier Own interest wherin, STUPIDLY, Allotted both the Pref Allotment and Warrants at a MEANINGLESS and ATTROCIOUS price in single digit.

    The Company UNDERVALUING itselves for the MEAN and GREEDY sake of getting warrants at PENNY levels… Pityful PENNY levels!!!

    ULITIMATE IDIOCY and Greediness to the core.

    If the same PW and PA were allotted at say at par Book value or higher three digits, then the Revenue generated would have been worthwhile.

    Here the Interest shown is ONLY in GARNERING the SHARES for SELF at Lower price (massive dilution at 7.7) rather than at Companies Interest or Share Holders interest.

    Its a Vast difference between say approximatly Rs 250 Crs (at pathetic Rs7.7) to Rs 2500 Crs Generation (Book Value PW, if allotted) from the PW allotment.

    If the PW allotment was raised at Book value and to real General Public retaliers and instituitions and not for SELFISH and Mean reasons, then, the revenue generated would have been so much big which could have been used for the betterment for the company.

    Here the MOTIVE of the Management is Totaly different.

    The so called BCG is not having enough cash/liquidity to take advantage of the current situation in the market could have been mitigated, If the Management really would have let the Market determine its own price.

    In order to get the warrants at Low price,and for Accumulation by all DIRTY means, The Stock Price has been kept under the WRAP – for years…

    So, cash and liquidity situation is rather a self inflicted one- by itselves – by the Arrogant, and Mean attitude of Needy



    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder


    Coming to the issue of LOC

    This Hide and Seek Drama has been played since White- Oak days (mid 2018 onwards).Eventually WO was washed out, using the blame game on one of the exiting investors conviniently, quoting Sub Poena.

    We know the Management strategies and How Dirty, it has played so far. We do not know the ACTUAL Reason of WO pulled itselves off.

    Coming to the current situation of the LOC.

    So much drama…..

    So much Drama….

    So Much Drama….

    90% work done…. 95% work done…. 99% work done…. Covid… Audit… BDO… Conglomeration…1 year , 18 months, 2 year… Blah Blah Blah….

    The CEO on many occasions stated, it will be ready in 1 month, 2 months and so on and so forth.But, the reality is a BIG ZERO so far.

    When the Hyderbad team goes to the Office, the CEO conviniently shows some data to CONVINCE the share Holders. Not sure, How much data was MORPHED…. in my opinion, its a High probability.

    BUT, the Pathetic Real TRUTH is, the CEO HAS NOT SO FAR CONVINCED the LOC Funders so far, to get the LOC sanctioned – For HOW LONG?????? 1 year, 2 years, 3 years ????

    If the BOOK were clean as a WHISTLE then this kind of procrastination is a NO Brainer.

    If the Books are Filled with COBWEBS, then, such intense scrutiny, etc etc etc happens. Eventually leading on to Delayed Funds in hand- Once again leading on to the same vicious circle of Liquidity and crunch.

    So, Once again- not having enough cash/liquidity state- is rather SELF INFLICTED ones, because of the Combination of

    1. Hammering thier OWN market value for Selfish and Mean reasons

    2. Not able to get LOC kind of Funding – because of Book entries- Not stright forwards and possibly full of Cobwebs.

    All comes up to one thing- Attitude and Crooked thinking of the management.

    Fence Eating its OWN CROPS…


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    @rathi_b and team, please confirm if the docs showed 2 u guys 4r LoC were from goldman sachs or some other lender?

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    Dear @Logan, thank you very much for your detailed information (#11146).

    Let’s trust the management with the anticipation of positive outcome. Meanwhile we need to find out the previous history of PW approval procedures and tentative time taken for other firms. Thank you again.

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    Digital Ad Duopoly Of Google, Facebook Doesn’t Dominate In Fast-Growing Connected TV

    Is Brightcom into connected tv ads segment anyidea on this segment’s revenue

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    Dear @Logan – What’s your view on the ongoing rift between FB, Google and Australia’s News Media

    – Does this spread across the world

    – Will Google and FB end up charging higher for ads especially when the search is for News content

    – Does Brightcom, BLocal benefit from these events


    @hw_tw, to the best of my knowledge and somewhere i read, BCG works with Roku and Amazon in connected TV segments. BCG has made good presense in Connected TV ad segment long back when it was not even in limelight. That’s the good part of BCG, it captures market trends faster than others.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    Dear BCGians

    I wrote a Response BLOG #11147 I was discussing about the Alleged cause of NO Growth Demonstrated by the company, that has been SHOW CASED.

    We discuseed the following

    “Responding to # 11146

    The Biggest Advantage of being a Public Listed company is all the Luxury of taking advantages of QIPs, Warrants, Pref Allotments and all other modalities of Revenue Generation mechanisms and utilising the same at the Best interest of the company.

    In BCG situation, The Management acted in thier Own interest wherin, STUPIDLY, Allotted both the Pref Allotment and Warrants at a MEANINGLESS and ATTROCIOUS price in single digit.

    The Company UNDERVALUING itselves for the MEAN and GREEDY sake of getting warrants at PENNY levels… Pityful PENNY levels!!!

    ULITIMATE IDIOCY and Greediness to the core”

    Its a Vast difference between say approximatly Rs 250 Crs (at pathetic Rs7.7) to Rs 2500 Crs Generation (Book Value PW, if allotted) from the PW allotment.

    Todays News by One of our Regional Competitor.. AFFLE:- They have come out with a COMBO of QIP and Preferrred at the PE what they are trading and are RAISING MAMMOTH 1080 Crs. On the contrary, here the Management has been PATHETICALLY Diluted thier holding by more than 50% at a MORONOUSLY peanut price of 7.7!!!!!

    And we are discussing the topics and giving explanations to-

    a. what was the cause of Stock Falling down

    b. Why there has been No Increase in NPs in the company etc etc etc.

    In my Multi Year Observations , alongside of so called Mini factors that has happened constitutionally, The

    ONE BIG MEAN PATHETIC GAME played by the Management, thereby

    a. Destroying their own reputation by Nasty Corporate Governance games
    b. Beating thier OWN share price to meagre levels
    c. Not letting thier own NPs to grow up

    All for ONE and ONE Mean SELFISH Reason-

    Increase thier SHARE HOLDING to Maximum at the cost of Dis respect to all Share Holders and PE Investors

    Modern Day- DAY light LOOT and Robbery……

    Fence eating its own CROPS


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    @hw_tw, I don’t know what impact those events have on BCG but the general trend is that many governments (US and Europe) are trying to put more pressure on big tech firms.

    I’m more worried about Apple’s upcoming privacy changes. Facebook and Apple are fighting about that. It impacts Facebook a lot which in turn may impact BCG also. Many small businesses advertise more on Facebook and Apple’s decision has made Facebook little nervous. Since BCG does more business in the US and since most people in the US use iPhone, I think it will impact BCG also.

    I agree with @anirudhreddy about BCG capturing market trends faster than others. When the trend in online advertising was shifting to programmatic, BCG adapted quickly by starting Brightcom. Then when GDPR was implemented in Europe, even though it was tiresome for everyone involved, BCG adapted to that quickly as well.


    Respected @Diana thank you much appreciated your views. Day by Day the fear is catching and latching on to us as we have invested very large chunk in BCG. As many ugly side of the BCG story so far is unfolded knowing or unknowingly i sense the illusions of the truth coming out should bot shatter the dreams and hopes of all BCG investors. I have noticee across social media platforms turning and speaking same language and with lot of confidence on the dirty games that are being played needs no evidence. I see lot of silence across investors at same time who seems to be confident few months back. I see @Rathi and Hyd investor team not getting dates from SKR for meeting. I see Axis is still not closed and no updates received so far. i see no trail so far of 32 crores PO money anywhere being mentioned by skr in confcall as it can easily be unblocked by court to be used and utlized to settle 17 crore total ots agreement amount. I see no hurry from exchanges to give approval to PW even with all documents being provided.I see SKR has kept mum silence on all the retail investors anxiety and fear. i see no definite and guaranteed timeframe of LOC, Consolidation being kept on hold and all plans are at standstill.

    @Diana please can you throw some light on some of my biggest fears:

    1) Why did skr choose reverse merger with LGS global and have not conducted independent audit on LGS Books to acertain Assets and Liabilities and their business and market share of software business. How come a Adtech company saw value in a software loss making company.

    2) Why did BCG not took direct route of primary markets through IPO and entered indian markets? My fear here is Did SKR sensed listing requirements from NSE ane BSE needs Audited books and transparent business ledgers across all its subsidiaries and not taken this route just to avoid Audit again of its books??

    Both in 1 and 2 there is clear understanding that both the options are avoided, in first they didnt audited LGS books and took calculative risk of their debts, assets, liablites and second neither got their books audited for listing requirements. If any of the option 1 or option 2 have followed, we may not seen what we are witnessing today. SKR conveniently blame LGS for its Bank debts they carried till now and write off it made of 150 crores in 2013-2014 for their standalone business. By any means and arithmetic of equations and using different theories, this should have never been happened or done. Whats the Links between LGS Global and Ybrant Technologies from 2012 till 2021?? One of LGS board director still exists and have good share in BCG as a NRI in US, dont want to reveal the name.

    My next question:

    SKR blamed PE investors for their offloading and exists during 2013 till 2018. Did anyone know how these PE investors helped SKR acquiring couple of subsidiaries and aquisitions to the tune of multiple of 100s of crore one of them is Lycos and OMS in israel. We all know what is the valuation of OMS today. It alone has valuation of 2 to 3 Billion dollars. But how did the PE investor’s treated during their fund term in Ybrant everyone knows. They have been shown exit doors at penny levels of their investment made in Ybrant way back in 2009. Is this ethical by any means? How did these innocent PE became Villan and created a fictions story around their exit. Where did theri combined 23% stake gone??

    Next question:

    Why did SKR never mentioned about Lycos aquisition issue to investors untill in 2016 chapter 11 bankruptcy filled? This was not a overnight issue which came suddenly in 2016, this was way back came to management attention in 2013 and 2014 where Duam demanded more amount and EBITDA percentage brought in picture?

    What does Lycos doing now? Why this was never closed till now? From 36m$ it came down to 16m$ and now 8m$ the recent settlement agreement he had with them. Why Koreans put on blame here even with new parent Kokau?? Why this settlement never took on priority and settle international arbitration and create market value in itself???

    Why it was so important to keep real market for BCG away by showing these Legacy issues???

    Next question:

    Why CEO is partial to Muskann in alloting PO and PW?? CEO of Muskaan was an Ex Independent director in Ybrant way back in 2016, was this fact hidden from investors? thats there is vested interest in the allotment??

    Next question:

    Where are the 32% pledge shares now?? I have seen original Axis Agreement document of 2019 it was only some percentage with Axis out of total 32% and not total pledge of promoters?? Where are these pledge shares lended to and for what? What role does the Finvest capital has in the entire trail?

    Next question:

    WHERE did Goenkas disappeared overnight or lets say over Oct-Dec 2020 quarter without a trail in shp?? Who acquired their total stake of around 18% at 5 levels???

    The 59 entities of PW allottees has one of the known name and linked name to LGS global ex owner. where LGS people coming back to BCG now again???

    Why there was No independent Audit so far till date not been made on all its subsidiaries excluding OMS EY Auidt. What is the issue making it all public for the benefit of larget market participants as the only reasons why the real market not trust the numbers. Why there is no seriousness shown to get the real market makers who can give compelling valuation against the listed global adtech players.

    Next question:

    What are the others Doard of Directors doing? What sense they are making adding 0 value to the management and still taking salary? Why are we not inducting a senio board of directors or an Independent Director from Tech industry like how Tanla has recently done to strengthen its team.

    I remember in early 2019 or 2018, there was a resolution passed by board of directors to empower SKR for taking any decision for company on all their behalf?? why so and what made such one man show requirements for a global company. What Is Mr vijay Knachrala doing in US? Why dont someone from OMS Israel dont join parent firm as director? What stopping in doing segregation of dutities??

    There was an audit conducted by WO during their funding plans way back in 2018. It was said Duam issued subpoena to WO and they back out. But what stopped BCG to make their Audit report public and what made them again go to new auditor BDO for restructuring and consolidation of their subsdairies??? What was the entire trial of events happened internally we never got to know.

    All in All day by day, CEO making things complicated for??? PW?? Axis?? Duam?? Competition?? Self benefits?? Retailer participation?? What is so fearful to make things black and white. If there is value and everyone believes so, then the biggest beneficiary will be ceo himself, why this waiting game from last 5 years??? One issue resolved another created. To manage what and whats has been achieved to feel proud just to spoil ones own image and making investors exit?
    Patience have its own limit and once we out play patience somepoint if things doesnt change, lets do what is in best interest of all investors. I am ready for all the support @ Diana and Team needs.

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    Fellow boarders and @diana one question generally greed has no limits and promoters are allowed to raise their stake upto 75%.

    So the question is will this game stop even after PW are allotted.
    I don’t think so.

    Secondly the CEO referred P/E of4-5 in latest concall on being asked about value erosion due to PW. So is this a new game.

    I am just trying to understand what will happen after PW are issued.

    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder

    @anirudh #11166

    Your post of 11166 needs to be Framed in Gold.

    At this crucial Juncture, Want to say a few things.

    As mentioned in my multiple posts in the recent past, I have garnered a lot of Hard core evidence by contacting Multiple Vital Sources.

    I also have been given a named source of an Very Important Insider, who has been dealing with all the DIRTY DEEDS to the main man himselves and we have crucial information as to how the biggest share holder name(just names-remember) were made to disappear, just like that and how the biggest, darkest and the Dirtiest Trick was and has been played.

    @Anirudh.. The Axis bank case is supposedly coming out of the woods and the court hearing is on Tuesday. If that is going to be the case, I suspect, the payments should have been made the week gone or can happen on Monday or early Morning Tuesday, not sure, as to what exactly the payment plan was and has been agreed upon.

    Axis bank court case was TAGGED and Pegged by the management and thoughts were insinuated and was Conviniently blamed on the so called MARKETS and was Preached by many, by means,with an ultimate aim to get the Warrants at the price they wanted.

    The next coming two days are going to be Vital, wherin, with the closure of the Axis bank debt, which was dramatised so much by the management. I wont be surprised to see the PW approval comes immediatly after the closue of the Axis bank issue and thereby the acting as an impetus purely, in the name of CLOSURE of Legacy stuff- like the 10th day of the Navratry festival where Ravana will be killed and Joy noted everywhere in the form of rally begining.

    If this is not going to be the case and if either of the two is going to happen

    a. Axis bank pending stuff Not closed, as promised by the CEO or

    b. If the Market cap appreciation dosent begin after the closure of the Legacy issue

    I look forward waging the war against the management,having collected all the crucial and vital information,besides after having waited for 6 years.

    Will seek support of all the retailer friends who are here from long time, especially after having given time for 6 years, to expose – of the atrocious activities purely for personal gain of the Needy.


    Diana Horton
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    @nitin # 11167

    The vultures have been eyeing and pegged every thing on this mammoth personal stake based on the PW.

    The vultures need to make profit and in that process, will become angels as the market cap appreciation happen.

    34 Cr, at less than 1 Pe, with a much much discounted price( not to take into account of the multiple other investments done- not accounted for and kept under the rug) is a big big stake.

    Ofcourse, as like affle , in future with growing NP and at high pe, if some minimal dilution happens, it will not be major issue and might be considered as a welcome move.

    Rather, it might be more prudent to list in some other exchange, with a IPO, there by part liquidation will make more sense, there by garnering as much liquidity for the betterment of the company.


    Diana Horton
    Registered Boarder


    The answer to your question lies in the detailed SHP available in the MCA which states about the individual % holding of various entities, of the previous years.

    The promoter group holding has always been mentioned as 39% as noted in the SHp which the company releases to the general public and fooling them all.

    But, if you can get hold of the detailed SHP noted in the MCA, you will come to know what the reality is.

    All the can of worms, can be buried, if the needy is reading this and acts accordingly with closure of the axis coming week, which they have pegged.

    If this is not the case, we can bring all this publicly here to expose the years of dirt garnered and let know the boards and exchanges of how the SHP game has been played all these years


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    As i asked several time to @rathi_b and other hyd team which visited BCG office about whether SKR had showed them LoC docs from Goldman sachs or some other lenders. As am not getting any reply from them, assuming it that SKR knew that GS LoC will not be materialized and that’s why he showed that docs to our hyd team (to convince them and he actually successful in that).

    LoC again went into some another cycle and later he may provide some other excuses that due to bla-2, from this lender too it didn’t materialized . I might be wrong, so experts and other members comments are welcome.

    Registered Boarder

    Reference #11171

    If all the information, of the “dirty games” being played by the management, is available then why do we have to wait to expose these games?

    It is very frustrating to see the massive manipulation which is going on to ensure that the share price remains within the range of the PWs.

    I hope this company does not end up the same as Satyam, where the management managed to “fool” its shareholders for a considerable length of time.

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    @drjaysee – I don’t think there will be any legal issue in sharing this information. You can share only mismatched names and take out other information.

    This information is supposed to be public and mandatory to be shared with exchanges /investors on periodic basis. If there is a mismatch between the info shared with MCA and Exchanges it is the company who has to give explanation of the reason behind it.


    @drjaysee much appreciated your efforts. Please note, anything which is available on MCA, Exchanges, public forums which are made for public/investors purpose can be shared. There is no clause or Legal binding to it whether such data or details cannot be shared. MCA says you fees and download data available with us which is filled by company. So completely legitimate to share what is filled with MCA. And moreover we all are investors here and we are not manipulating the data or wrongly using it for any wrong purposes, so my opinion and experience with regards to Legality is fine to be shared among the investors. Rest all @Diana, Admin, Logan sir can put their views before making a final decision.

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    Dear BCG Friends,

    In connection with my earlier post (#11185), I would like to inform you all that I had gone through the SHP Excel Sheet in detail again. Yes, there was a mismatch on Promoter holding but the mismatch is only due to “PLEDGE” of the shares by promoters (If we calculate the pledge % and current holding then its totally fine and exactly its matching the total).

    Hence, no need to panic at all and personally I believe that we are at the edge of all outstanding bad news and let’s anticipate the good news soon in a week time max (Including Axis Settlement and PW approval. May be PW approved already and just they are waiting for Axis NOC).

    , as per the advice by Legal Advisor, it’s illegal to share any Government Data at the public Forum even though it’s called “Public Document” since its published under restriction & there is a procedure to get the data by giving our credentials to MCA. Moreover, I am very much concern about any damage to “BCG Investors Forum” only because of this issue.

    Let’s all be positive without any panic. Good luck and best wishes to all.

    Registered Boarder

    @drjaysee: Since it’s a public document, I think, it can be shared with every1. It’s like RTI. In the meantime can you please share your analysis of SHP from MCA? Anything weird found ?

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