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    Dear @buffet, after a detailed lookup, honestly, I didn’t find anything wrong on the SHP if we match with their pledge shares. Hence, I feel that it’s an unnecessary panic and also unnecessary discussion at this point in time. Regarding MCA doc, yes, its under RTI but we shouldn’t give not even 1% opportunity to “Down BCG Forum Website” by sharing the Doc now at the public Forum. However, I am finding a way to share the same personally to interested individuals and if you have any method pls let me know. Moreover, this doc may be useful to check / match our own holdings. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your efforts @drjaysee.

    I don’t think these documents should be shared publicly in a forum like ours. I don’t know whether it is legal or not but in my opinion, it won’t be ethical. Since those documents contain sensitive information like personal details, account details etc, people can misuse it. What if someone misuses that information and puts the blame on this forum? Many shareholders in that list may have significant holding and what if hackers see that and decide to hack the accounts?

    Most of us are not using our real names and are using other names but everyone knows who the Admin is. If the hacker gets caught and if he tells that he saw the information in our forum then that will cause trouble to the Admin (and to all the forum members). MCA is a government body and if the hacker takes information from there then MCA can take action against the hacker.

    The Admin has done a great job in uniting all the investors. We should not cause any trouble to him.

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    The Final Round

    It is sad to repeatedly go against ur ethical standpoint for the sake of greater good.
    But keeping emotions away one last time and taking a logical aim at it.

    1) Company cant afford to default OTS second time.
    so my take is axis will close by 2nd and bcg should be debt free.

    2) price is not going to rise big time before PW approval. but a tentative approval has been granted is what i have learned. (a formal letter is to be yet awarded though)

    3) Lots of share transfers have happened in dec Quarter, so definitely a market maker is on board. which is a good thing for us. because this stock wont go up without outside help, trust me.

    4) now, if u guys sell, the MMs will think they will get a chance to absorb the shares at these levels. so better to hold on to our shares. that dries the supply. though its ur individual call. i am not to interfere.

    5) all that we should do is strongly state that we want to see proactive management steps to prove that they r not interested in price suppression, by proactive PR activity.

    6) This is the wk for make or break. if price goes up, we are on same page, orelse, we r missing a lot here. even company needs to understand that if price goes up, nobody cares whats right or wrong its doing everyday.

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    @drjaysee – Thanks for the update on the pledge shares difference.

    While this info is soothing I am still thinking on what @Diana Horton is worried about.

    Request DH to please update your understanding. Is this a mis calculation at your end or you are still seeing something deliberately hidden which drjayee or others are not able to see.

    Or is this about pledge shares in some other names along with Axis …I mean to someone like Goenkas or LGS promoters.

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    Dear @Logan, (#11192), Thank you & totally I agree with you. That’s why I didn’t want to proceed further in this regard in sharing any Govt protected MAC Doc at the BCG Forum to protect all our interest of the positive movement of BCG.
    @Dr Mayur, thank you very much for your insights and hopefully things will be in track soon (within this week) as you mentioned.

    Diana Horton
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    My Dear BCGians

    The discussion was never about Moral or ethical connundrum of posting a Publicaly available document in a Public forum. Lets not go into those topics.

    At the same time, I would like to cast and Register here that the findings of the research and analysis is certainly a Can of worms and the tinned can has been sitting there for ages- Not only in the said sub section, but in Multiple subsections, which One can write Volumes about.

    As I have stated on Multiple occasions, I am passionate about BCG, but not happy with the Management who are sitting at the Zenith of Corporate Governance issues and have Cross the borders on way too multiple occasions with a Take it for Granted attitude.We have Validated Hard Core evidence including the ones that has been discussed in the current context.Interpreters need to interpret alongside all the conference calls offered and stated by the management.Sorry for being cryptic.

    No offence, am also, Giving a lot of Credit to the Management who has sailed the rocky boat during the times of Rough waters and considering the imminent future developments that I hope are bound to happen, I always have maintained the sanctity and also maintained the decorum not to expose any of the can of the worms.

    At the same time, looking at the investors perspective,it certainly has been way too extremly Rocky for the LOng term investors, who were time and time again been let down by the false Promises and Core Corrupt cororate Governance activity of the management leading on to wealth erosion that happened over the period of years and apathy and Mental Angst of the investors secondary to the Mis informations and let downs, knowingly by the Management.

    Even at this juncture, After the ultimate personal and greedy targets of the Needy in the form of warrants are met, which we all suspect is imminent, If the dirty stock market manipulation games are still played, I have to say that, after discussing with all the sane investors here, will be put in a compulsory position to reveal the unwanted, in the best interest of our Retailer community.

    Tomorrow being the Court hearing, as mentioned earlier, I suspect, the Final payments should have been paid last week or at the very least by today and hopeful that – On the books we are No Debt company.

    Let the management Make it an official announcement once debt is cleared by starting Good Corporate Governance and correspondence with investor community rather than we all hearing from the Court of law tomorrow.

    Lets wait to see a Good change in attitude of the management from Now onwards in Good Corporate Governance, Walk the Talk, Refrain from False and Misguiding Information and maintain the timelines


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    With respect to the subject cited above, this is to inform the shareholders through the Stock Exchanges
    that the Company has completed the requisite payments to close out the loan account with Axis Bank
    Limited. The Company awaits the corresponding actions from the bank including issuance of NOC on
    release of charge.
    This update to the Shareholders is issued in compliance with Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations,

    check latest disclourse . Enjoy

    Diana Horton
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    To BCG Management

    Many Thanks on behalf of all BCG Retail investors to have sucessfully paid and completed the long standing and pending Legacy Axis Loan payment.

    CONGRATULATIONS on Obtaining the DEBT FREE STATUS, through hard work.

    Respect and appreciation for the Management on adhering to the Walk the Talk as per the Road map – A good act of Corporate Governance.

    Thanks indeed for the Notification at this late night hour which we Investors respect the good deed act.

    This is a BIG Moment for the Company and celebratory Moment for the Markets and we expect Price Action to and SHOULD go Hand in Hand in accordance and concurrance.


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    I think, this is the biggest material development after New York court case with Daum back in March 2019. Albeit it took longer than expected, achieving debt free status going through all the odds is not a easy feat. Congratulations to the team Brightcom and all investors for their support.

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    @Admin, thank you very much for creating this forum and for bringing all genuine investors under one roof. We all stayed united even during tough times because of this forum. We all have gained so much knowledge on different topics because of this forum.

    Please continue this good work and thank you once again for all your efforts.

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    @Admin,hope now other things in pipeline get resolved. High High time for warrants approval and LOC to come through. Waiting for the earlier one to happen so that the other one is put on proper gears now. Unpopular Personal opinion: expect nothing now until the warrants get through. I don’t think we need to go really optimistic until the warrants get through which will open a window for daum and LOC to complete. I am just not going expecting big changes until warrants get approved. As far as specifics of LOC I’m sorry I need to draw a boundary there about what I can write here. We are still under the grip of dark arts of suppression.

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    Thanks @Logan for your kind words. I feel fulfilled that the forum is serving the right purpose of providing a fair share of information to all old and new BCG investors alike.

    According to my personal experience and interaction, the four pillars of BCG investors strength are Logan, DH, Headstead and Dr. Mayur. All four have the same mindset and contribute for the cause of investor awareness and upliftment. Special thanks to Rathi and team for the real hard work in the ground.

    Lets also wish the management the very best to carry out their vision. Lets continue giving our support. One step at a time. All issues get sorted, bringing new set of developments to cheer.

    Diana Horton
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    @rathi #11202

    Many Thanks for your post.

    Real markets movements are a reflection Material Development.

    In addition, Markets always React with future Anticipation and corrects when reality strikes.

    BCG is a counter, because of personal needs of the NEEDY and act of suppression has never been allowed to React in anticipation nor has it been allowed to React to real and Actual Material Development- SO FAR.

    Let me ask a Honest Question.Let One Retailer Raise his Hand here, who would want to sell the stock on the day of the Big news( Ofcourse this happens when the stock trades at PAR PE or more).Infact Many retailer would be inspired to add more in the counter considering the material development.

    In such a scenario, in a NON Meddled, Non Suppressed Environment, One would expect, the market( we the bullish Investors) to react positively, unless it is clearly suppressed and TOMORROW IS AN ACID TEST.

    If suppression is going to be the scenario tomorrow besides the big news- RATHER UNFORTUNATLY, which you seem to have anticipated and primed and wonderfully quoted unpopular personal opinion- and are perfectly entitled to, Then as I have stated before, it will also be our opinion- confirming your view point of the ACT OF SUPPRESION, for which there is NO OTHER reason except for the NEEDY to keep it suppressed and I regretfully state that appropriate actions will be taken where the NEEDY CROWD WILL be MADE to be EXPOSED.

    Clearly, No One here likes the Stock to be suppressed and I am sure 100% hate it, as retail participants.

    If that is going to be the case unfortunaltly, at the end of tomorrows trading session, we shall start discussing the controversial SHP tomorrow , regretfully, as this has been going as a HOT topic, at this point of time and I have kept myself quite, so far, respecting the decorum and giving breathing space for the management to finish the job.Lets hope that it dosent come to it.

    I never hesitated to Compliment the management when targets are achieved and not have hesitated to Call a SPADE a SPADE, when it goes the other way.

    So, my humble request to whomsoever concerned is stop the ACT of SUPPRESSION and let the real market thrive.

    All it needs is- Just take the pressurised Lid Off and the stock will reach its eventual destiny and will reach its appropriate PE as needed.

    Wishing All the Reatilers an Unsuppressed Trading day in Green tomorrow, with the blessings of the management.


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    Even in the case of mid term scenario it is in their hands to decide what they want the price to be. I sincerely hope that warrants is their endgame. All I want is for us, who have still not been swept away by the waves of misinformation and misrepresentations is to finally see our expectation’s worth. I am waiting for a final word on warrants after that we need to move afresh with the next plan of action. I am not a Pessimist but I’m just being realistic about the limbo we are in.

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    Dear @DH, many thanks for your post #11206.

    Personally I believe that the management already got the PW approval and that’s why they have declared the press release during late night today before the NCLT day. They know very well that after declaring the positive news of Debt Free, no one could control /suppress the share price below 8 levels which will directly affect PW approval. Hence, may be after NCLT hearing tomorrow or day after we will come to know about Axis settlement NOC order as well as PW approval news.

    , please accept my sincere thanks for your continued support and excellent coordination (despite of difference of opinions / conflicts / healthy debates from many of our Investor friends during many times).

    I have started my journey with BCG recently (without knowing anything about the business) but I have managed to accumulate significant qnty of BCG only because of the technical expertise provided by our highly knowledgeable BCG Forum experts/investors/Hyderabad Team and all. I am proud to be part of BCG Investor Forum and happy to see many more forthcoming milestones in the comings days/years.

    Once again my sincere thanks and respect to everyone at BCG Investor Forum and congratulations to all. Let’s all be positive and hope for the best days ahead.

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    Great to see different perspectives discussed under one roof and yet the quantity of decorum getting maintained well (unlike moneyco*****) forum . Thanks all . Upcoming 3-6 months is like courtship period . The anxiety / worry is very high among every investor as the cream period should not be lost due to insesitive act by the management . My sincere thanks to everyone. Hoping to see everything turning out to b good within the next 3 months

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    Thanks admin ji,logan, rathi_b and hyd team,DH and everyone of this wonderful forum to be united in tough times

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    Just read in ET, draft reforms by SEBi suggest appointment and removal of independent directors shall be approved by minority shareholders as well.

    The companies where corporate governance have an issue, the road will not be rosy for them in future.

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    The market is still not yet Happy with the axis closure update.. What’s still bothering the stock? We can still see that the price suppression going on. Every idiotic stock is running in the portfolio except bcg..

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