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    any update on todays hearing ,specially what axis lawyer had said?


    Dear BCG’ians

    As someone rightly pointed yesterday the needy wont do anything fancy and Jazzy untill PW approval comes. Every and or any news and development will be considered a Non-event in absence of PW approval. The needy is so much desperate not to loose out on building the Rome in last 6 years. However, to the contrary and the biggest fear of all can be will this game going to be ended with PW approval once and for all. Will there be any other angle or hindsight issues will be cited? Will the needy makes money in market by rewarding Retailers atall? I remember the needy was never been rewarding to any of the long trail/list of investors till inception of company reverse merger in 2012, why will we retailers wont hurt the needy when he thinks of rewarding through the value discovery. Someone big fish like Airtel, RIL should show interest to intrude in company shares and board seat else we may never be sure what the actual Needy wants even after accomplishing last mile in the books. Very tricky and difficult to form a definite opinion on such greedy and needy souls.

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    We look at the recent Axis development as long term investors (LTI) and think that this will lead to jump in prices. That’s where we get it wrong. Though this is one of the most important material development, but it isn’t the only development that is in the pipeline. LTIs won’t move the prices, but traders and momentum investors (MI) do. Now we should ask ourselves whether any trader or MI would buy BCG’s shares.

    The answer is a simple NO. Why?
    Traders and MIs are not emotional like LTIs and they won’t have the patience that we have. Though they take risk, but it will be calculated risk. Right now they won’t take any calculated risk because of many reasons like PW, NCLT case, NOC from Axis, revoking pledged shares etc. Among these reasons, PW is the biggest.

    Main Reason

    – Why would any trader or MI want to buy BCG’s shares above 8 when the PW price is set at 7.70? and what if they buy shares now and the company doesn’t get approval from the exchanges and then the price falls to below 7 levels because of that news? They’ll have to wait till the next material development to get back their money or worse, they’ll have to sell at a loss.

    Other Reasons

    – What if NCLT doesn’t give a verdict now and it takes more time to get the final verdict? There will be uncertainty till the case moves out of NCLT.

    – Though NOC and revoking pledged shares take time, many traders and MIs won’t be comfortable till these happen.

    We believe in the growth story of the company and we buy more shares if the price falls (if we have funds) but traders and MIs won’t do that. They’ll either dump their shares or not buy more. If they dump, price will fall.

    Sometimes when the sentiment is very positive, the price will still change and shoot up but in my opinion, we can’t expect that to happen now because of the PW. As mentioned above, no trader will take risks buying the shares above 8.

    Then we have to look at other thing also, which is, the price may rise after PW and after other material developments but it still won’t reach very higher levels because of the involvement of traders and MIs. As I’ve written above, these people are not in for the long term and they will be happy to get small returns. They won’t consider intrinsic value, growth of the business etc and will focus only on prices (and momentum).

    Again, the price may reach intrinsic value without any pause if the sentiment is very positive like in Tanla which reached intrinsic value without too many pauses. To get that extremely positive sentiment, in my opinion, many developments have to happen, like, BCG should get the LOC, the business must grow and should have very high growth rates, the company should pay dividends (which I don’t like personally) or the company should go for buybacks (which I prefer because it reduces the free float) and many other positive events should happen.

    I don’t think the company will buyback shares in the near future and I don’t think it’ll pay very high dividend because, right now, growth of the business is more important.

    (Note – these are my personal opinions, please don’t take them for buy or sell decisions and also ignore my opinions if you don’t think its important)

    Diana Horton
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    I find this really puzzling as how, how, 100 different explanations can be given for keeping the price suppressed!

    Markets, MI, Traders etc etc etc!

    Ofcourse, everyone can have Thier own version and all opinion matters.

    In the process of giving multiple explanations to the obvious, it is my view point that the unfortunate real truth cannot be masked- nor the needies activities and involvement be kept under the rug.

    The ugly truth is unfortunatly so blatant and obvious and hence, it is better not to glorify things that are not true as a true cause of suppression.

    @Logan…..Pardon Me…..I’m sure NO ONE has got it wrong here.

    I honestly beleive and I’m sure all our Retail participants are clever and not that naive not to understand or decipher or see things through as to what’s happening and what for this is happening….

    If we take a voting of all the members in the forum asking what is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT factor , I’m sure there will be atleast 90% vote that will casted stating, it’s the Combination of the Needy alongside of the Needys Operator who have Rigged and infact Rigging and suppressing the price to satisfy the needs as the ONLY cause of price not allowed to go up and rather kept at BRACKET price.

    So let’s not try too hard, to conceal the real fact and the real hardcore ugly and pitiful truth, by givng some glorified explanations to safe guard the culprits.

    In my opinion, it appears lame. Ofcourse, I might be wrong here.. But, as I said, Opinion Matters…

    Just because many investors and retail participants are not voicing or writing here, dosent mean, they don’t know the truth. All are aware of the game which the needy is playing as per needs. Retail participants are courteous and are giving time to the needy to sort out the pending PW.

    I’m sure majority of the retail participants will agree with what I have written.

    …………… DH

    Diana Horton
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    But , I concur with your opinion about your last paragraph you have written, for different reasons.

    You have stated “I don’t think the company will buyback shares in the near future and I don’t think it’ll pay very high dividend because, right now, growth of the business is more important.”

    Reason being

    1. Just now the Company has issued so many warrants and diluted the equity for the needies personal needs…So, it dosent add up, in a different angle

    2. The company in itselves hasnt paid the pending Peanut dividends to many retail investors, so far… It will be laughable to expect very high dividends.So, once again,it dosent add up,but from a diffrent angle and perspective…


    Diana Horton
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    I agree with your concept of what you have written “To get that extremely positive sentiment, in my opinion, many developments have to happen, like, BCG should get the LOC, the business must grow and should have very high growth rates”

    With PW and other Material legacy issue closures and stuff, I would imagine the Market cap will regain its lost glory and would trade at decent PE.

    With LOC, followed by both Organic and Inorganic growth, and increasing Net profits– with excellent PR activity and Good Corporate Governance and No meddling with Markets high Tanla like growth is possible and acheivable.

    The CEO needs to look at the Positive examples of AFFLE and Good companies here.On many occasions when the retailers Questioned about Affle strategy and growth, the CEO ignored it stating Its a New Company and its a IPO and time will tell the difference. AFFLE has stood high.

    The CEO has to look into bringing in Valuable Investors like the GMS and other biggies who got into AFFLE. Our CEO, unfortunatly, after the March 2020 so called Investor meet, hasnt done any home work.

    The CEO brought in 2 of the worst Culprit investors during the penultimate PE investor exit.

    The CEO made such a Big Mess on the Oak investor exit.

    The CEO has brought 50 odd unknown – TRADING ENTITIES for PW!!!!!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, the pathetic state.

    Thats not the way, If One is looking forward to Grow.

    Look high, Aim high, Dont take short cuts, Never Take things for Granted, Never Take Corporate Governance for Granted, treat all investors- Both Retail and PE with respect.

    So far- The CEO- If needs to be Rated, will get a UGLY SUB ZERO RATING in this field.Because- The CEO has been working around CARING for HIMSELVES and never gave a Damn about the investors. Thats a Pathetic attitude, as a Listed entity.

    The advantages of being LISTED is too many.But, If the CEO has taken the pathway of going PUBLIC- the CEO should have learnt how to respect the public. You cant just have the Cake and Eat it. One needs to give due respect and develop confidence with the retail participants with ALL Honesty.

    Long way to go!!!!! Not for the Stock to grow….. But for the CEO TO CHANGE…..unfortunatly!!!


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    @Diana Horton, I’m sorry for writing that and for misguiding everyone. Yes, I’m always wrong and you are always right and everyone should neglect whatever I write and should follow only you. Why do I always do research before coming to any conclusion? I’m such an idiot and a big fool. You are right to say that suppression of prices is the reason for this valuation, there are no other factors and the many issues that BCG has/had are not important at all. Only fools like me think those issues are important. I wasted so much time researching on different topics.

    You can never be wrong anytime, there are many examples to prove it

    1)like when you said that price/valuation will increase if the number of retail investors increase.
    2)you wrote that the company was hosting the conference call on 20th Saturday, almost 1 week after the results because the company would get PW approved before that.
    3)You wrote about the company providing wrong SHP details to exchanges and that proper details are in MCA.
    4)You were right about PO funds, NCLT didn’t block that money and wrong information was mentioned in NCLT website.

    On a serious note,

    Whenever I see your posts, I remember this quote

    To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail

    For every problem you just say suppression as the only reason. I’m really tired of seeing that. If anyone disagrees with you then you attack them (mostly you attack only me). I had neglected you many times but still you always bother me and you will try to undermine whatever I write.

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    Millennial Media (MM)

    2012 (March)
    Price – $27.90 (IPO)
    Valuation – $2Billion

    Year – 2015 (September)
    Price – $1.34
    Acquired by AOL in a deal worth $238Million.
    Deal price – $1.75 (30% premium to $1.34)

    Though MM had good debut and the business was doing great, it couldn’t compete with giants and was sold for peanuts. It had acquired many companies, tried to expand the business but still failed. See how the stock has crashed, from $27+ to below $1.50.

    Before it came to the markets it had higher growth rates and it had raised $240M which is 2.4 times what BCG had raised.

    This is what Forbes wrote about Adtech stocks in an article,

    For the rest of the ad tech industry, it’s another reminder that the public market that once ate up Millennial’s shares is now a brutal one to engage. TubeMogul trades below its 2014 IPO price and Rubicon Project trades below its 2014 first-day high. Rocket Fuel trades at a fraction of both the list price and initial highs of its 2013 IPO, as does Tremor Video. Even Criteo, which went public in October 2013 and improved share value pretty consistently for months after that, has endured a 30% haircut on its share price since mid-July, dropping it close to its first-day price.

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    The stock has declined steadily from $119.24 in March 2013, to $1.40 in 2020. Marin spent over $100M rewriting its software, with no significant effect on revenues or share price. The company is running out of cash, management and the board seem to be drifting, and sales continue to decline. But the ad market remains strong and the company still has $53 million in TTM revenues.

    Marin, from 2006 till IPO in 2013 has raised $184.95M totally which is more than what BCG had raised ($100M). Now Marin is trading at $2. Marin, even though it had good cash/liquidity couldn’t stay competitive.

    Revenue – 2013 ($77M), 2014 ($99M), 2015 ($109M), 2016 ($100M), 2017 ($75M), 2018 ($59M), 2019 ($49M).

    Rocket Fuel Inc.

    2013 (September)
    Price – $61.23
    Valuation – $2Billion+

    Price – below $2.00
    Acquired by Sizmek in a deal worth $145Million
    Deal Price – $2.60

    Rocket Fuel had listed on the stock exchange in September 2013 at $29 a share. Initially the market was pleased with the company and the stock soon rose to $61.23 with a market capitalization of $2 billion. It’s lowest price was $1.70 which is 95% below it’s all time high price.

    RocketFuel acquired a company [x+1] in August 2014 for $230M and still it couldn’t grow or stay competitive and later it was acquired by Adtech company Sizmek for $2.60 per share, in a deal that valued the company at $145M. At one point, the MCap was more than $2B but later was acquired for just $145M. It was sold for less than what it paid to get [x+1].

    (Taken from an article)

    Rocket Fuel’s dismal performance is not for lack of trying. It started new self-service offerings, including Dynamic Creative and improved Native capabilities that integrate into Dynamic Creative. The Dynamic Creative for self-service solution dynamically selects the layout and products most appropriate for each advertising moment and can create targeted advertisements almost real-time based on prospective consumers’ internet browsing habits.

    So, RocketFuel’s case is similar to Millennial Media and Marin Software, even though these companies put all the efforts to stay competitive, they couldn’t survive. BCG’s case is little different, BCG has not lost focus on the business but it couldn’t grow because of cash flow issues

    Not just these companies, even Magnite Inc (back then Rubicon), Criteo etc and many other companies have also struggled.

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    Rubicon Project, before merging with Telaria fell from $20 levels to below $1.75 levels. Later, after the merger also it struggled for some time but now it’s outperforming all other shares because the interest in Adtech companies went up in the last year and CTV business is gaining momentum. In this case, the combination of two separate businesses created synergy and that helped the combined entity more. If the companies didn’t merge then they wouldn’t have had good growth rates. Combined entity gets the resources, technology etc to grow the business.

    Revenue (without adding Telaria’s revenue)

    2011 ($37M), 2012 ($57M), 2013 ($84M), 2014 ($125M), 2015 ($248M), 2016 ($278M), 2017 ($156M), 2018 ($125M), 2019 ($156M)

    Rubicon’s IPO was in 2014 and like all the other companies, it also had good growth rates when it came to the market but it couldn’t sustain that growth and had to make many structural changes and finally decided to merge with Telaria to form Magnite.


    Criteo’s revenues have increased all these years but it’s price fell from $60 to below $6 ($5.89 is the 52-week low price). Profits are also almost flat like BCG but still it fell.

    Revenue – 2012 ($350M), 2013 ($589M), 2014 ($988M), 2015 ($1.3232B), 2016 ($1.80B), 2017 (2.297B), 2018 ($2.30B), 2019 ($2.262B), 2020 ($2.073B)

    Profits – 2012 (+$1M), 2013 (+$1M), 2014 (+$46M), 2015 (+$60M), 2016 (+$82M), 2017 (+91M), 2018 (+$89M), 2019 (+$91M), 2020 (+$75M)

    Criteo’s IPO was in 2013 and as I’ve written above, companies have good growth rate when they come to the market (or they choose to come to the market when they can have higher growth rates).

    Criteo, once valued ($2.59B) more than that of many other adtech companies put together, crashed to valuations below $400M or something in the last few years. Criteo’s share prices shot up again in the last year because it was beaten down very badly and also it made few structural changes. The market sentiment also improved because in the last one year, the market became more interested in the Adtech industry.

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    Looking at all these, we can say nothing is certain and that the Adtech industry is very competitive. Many companies that had more resources than BCG have struggled. 2015-2018 was a period of consolidation in the Adtech Industry. Many companies were acquired by bigger companies and other companies went out of business.

    Adtech stocks had good reception in 2012-13 then from 2014-2019, except a few, all the other stocks had very bad reception and were beaten down heavily. Many companies didn’t deserve pathetic valuations but that was the sentiment back then. Now many companies don’t deserve high valuations but the market sentiment is very strong.

    BCG’s problems are self-inflicted, okay, but what about the problems of all these companies? Did all these, and many other companies make up problems or are there real problems that every company faces?

    Only when we dig deeper we’ll understand what the situation is. This is a business that needs ample cash for survival, and for growth. If you don’t invest in technology and if you don’t stay competitive then you lose business. It took time to close off bank debts because of cash flow issues. BCG had to dedicate cash to balance both – business and resolving outstanding issues. I’m not justifying the delay but it is how it is in this competitive field. As the CEO said in one of the conference calls, if he spent all the cash to pay off debt or to pay DAUM in one-go, instead of focusing on the business then the business would’ve suffered. If the CEO and the management team take even one bad decision also then its all gone.

    The companies mentioned above haven’t taken many bad decisions but still they couldn’t survive. What if similar situation happened to BCG? The CEO deserves some credit at least.

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    There’s no point in arguing with each other when we have different ideologies/understandings. You say you don’t want to have any conflicts with me but you’ll always try to undermine whatever I write. I just shared my opinions on the price movements and you came and commented as if those things don’t matter at all. Anyway, our views and opinions are different but we both have the same goal i.e. good returns on our investments. Let us concentrate on achieving that goal.

    One request – from now on please stop replying to my posts. If you don’t like my posts then ignore them. I don’t have to force my opinions on you and you also don’t have to force your opinions on me. All these problems are coming because you reply to my posts and I reply to yours.

    As you have written, this forum is for everyone and everyone can express their views and opinions. Let us continue to share our opinions, taking them or leaving them depends on the readers. It’s always better to have different views and opinions for the betterment of the forum.

    Diana Horton
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    My Dear Logan

    Good Morning

    It rather truly intrigues and puzzles me to note the emotional side of yours , especially when you write about the CEO and the Nature of the CEO job and the difficulties faced by the CEO.I have never been a CEO of a company. I am unsure as to what other retailers perspective are in this regard.

    I am a Retail investor based in Mumbai and having been in the markets for the past 16 Odd years, I do know about the Markets – the Dark and the Grey side of it .

    You have mentioned two different aspects. One is the Business aspect of the company. The other is the Markets side of the company. We are not discussing here as to why the BCG Business has been a Laggard and stationary for the past 5 years. The Company has got a CEO and let us all leave the same to the appointed person to deal with it. I have complimented the CEO on multiple occasions for the same. I am not here to discuss about it and I have to admit I do not have the capabilities of it either. I personaly do not know what level of Validated capabilities you have regarding the same.

    However, We are discussing about the Pathetic nature of the Markets, which Me, you and Most others have vested interest in. Being in the markets having seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly side of it , both Myselves and Many of our Fellow Retailers do have a Good Knowledge of what is happening here. You have posted research about the other companies. Every Company of course will be having its own Dynamics.

    All we are interested and focussed here is on the Share Price of Brightcom, which has been a Laggard for the past 5 to 6 years, because of Wealth Erosion that has been caused for all of us( My Highest point of investment in BCG was when it was trading at Rs 52)

    a. The way in which the CEO of the company has treated its share holders for the past 5 years ( Kindly request the CEO to publish all the Conference call documents that has happened for the past 5 years and lets as analyse in retrospect, what promises the CEO has made in the past 5 years regarding the share price)

    b. The amount of Corporate Governance issues surrounding the company, because of the nature and attitude of the CEO

    c. The way in which the PE investors were treated and given exit to ( That shows the respect to the Share holders)

    d. The way in which – the walk the talk and False promises and fake Reassurances given CEO

    e. The way in which the CEO has diluted the company on Two different occasions within One year

    f. The way in which the share Price has been made of behave – for accommodating Multiple activities ( Exit of PE investors – Every single PE exit is a big story in itselves, for the allocation of extra Equities ie PA and PW)

    g. Multiple shady connections and associations with regards to the planned share price fall with some Big Mumbai and Kolkatta based wealth management companies and its close association with the MMB board- Please remember the famous quotation of Rs 2.25 to Rs 2.5 targets given by certain MMB boarders, when the stock was trading at Rs 38 Odd levels

    h. And Multiple other issues

    You have quoted some 4 points as being inaccurate. I am more than happy to go into my research and substantiate and validate what I have written with evidence. I do not want any Spat on the forum. But You have conveniently, neglected the remaining 96 points that I have stated which I suppose, you don’t have answer for it, I guess.

    I am here to call a Spade a Spade. I shall write my opinions and I would also want you to write your opinions. Opinions might differ.

    Neither YOU , NOR I are from within the company. I certainly am and I suspect you may be aswell, as I cannot write on behalf of yourselves.So, whatever we are writing here are our analysis based on multiple factors from the knowledge what we have secured.It is a Possibility that both of us can be correct or both of us can be wrring on the incorrect side aswell.I do not take anything personally. If I am not in agreement with your view point, I politly place my view point with due respect. There is No need getting Emotional about it stating accusation etc. Beleive me, I am least interested in any spat and My main interest is to make money and having waited for 6 years and seen what I have seen based on multiple conference call, hardly you are not my target, whatsoever…

    WE both are supportive of the company– I have noted that you have criticised the CEO of the company on a few occasions aswell. But, It is my personal observation that Your writings have a touch of bias towards Pro CEO and that is your opinion. My writings might be having a Touch of bias Pointing the CEO because of all the stock price suppression and letting down all the share holders

    Whatever we write here are opinions based on the Virtue of Knowledge and experience as Retail share holders with research . Both of us do not know as to what is happening at the CEO level or Board level . At the end of the day, Its MARKETS.

    Markets works BASED on Methodical Predictions followed by corrections based on Real time events, unless otherwise, It is Grossly influenced , as in the case of BCG.

    Having said that, Both our targets are One and the same. For me – it will be to Retrieve the the Money that I lost because of the big Fiasco and to CREATE WEALTH.


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    I am thrilled to see the responses from CEO.
    It is my personal opinion. With emotion Dear Logan exposed himself.
    If it is wrong please excuse me Logan.

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    Logan says MI are not emotional. and they take calculative risk. and that they wont buy above 8 Rs now. and also that the traders and MI will only buy after lots of FUNDAMENTAL THINGS happen.

    As i hv learned in markets, MOST traders and MI dont give a damn about fundamentals. they track technical parameters. which are very sound at the moment. even if we grant that assumption, that they follow fundamentals, was there a reason yday for them to sell after axis debt closure?? i dont think so.

    Now who do u guys think will sell lacks of shares yday after axis news?? and for what reason?? bcoz of technicals which r good? or bcoz of good fundamental development??

    1) a long term investor?
    2) a trader?
    3) MI ??
    4) party interested in keeping price around 7.7 ??
    5) EMI guys?

    Guys be careful in following people who hide behind nicknames. i am not asking to unfollow them as a lot of informative posts r coming from such IDs too. but be smart enough to understand the moto behind the messages.


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    Shorting at good news will be done because shorters know they will have buyers.

    But we see the volume is low, which indicates retailers are not in a mood to sell despite shorting, however the Jockeys are keeping the stock price controlled through circular trading.

    Why they are controlling the stock price and who is the man behind this, Till the Goenkas were in picture it was believed they are controlling the stock because they wanted to accumulate the stock at low price, but now who wants the stock to trade low?????, God knows.

    Who ever it is, it is the duty of CEO to see that wealth of Shareholder is not eroded, if he himself is engaged in this cheap business, then no excuse, even if he is dedicated entrepreneur or hard working CEO.

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    Dear Logan ji,

    DH is a long timer. I do not know her/him personally but she was writing in MMB 6-7 years back itself. So, please understand DH frustrations and do not take it personally. It is definitely not against you. A lot of people start talking that you belong to management as you support CEO mostly. It is also understandable, even I have been accused of management guy in the past when we post messages in favor of SKR.

    There are so many positives for SKR but at the same time, I have to say, If a CEO cannot reward his shareholders in 7 years, we cannot justify him in any way. The issues that BCG is facing is not something unique. There are several companies who has cashflow issues, who is under litigation etc. None of these is a reason for its current penny status. Buying a few crores of shares from the market by SKR & his friends itself will have the capability to take this to 30+ level but there is no intent there. Personally, I was an ardent fan of SKR. Still believe he has lot of strengths but being a CEO also means, he takes care of his shareholders and he is failing miserably in that area. It is akin to a king who won the battle but has to sacrifice most of his people for that win. I don’t know, if the king can be happy standing on the bodies of his own people and if he can really be happy about such a win.

    When the preferential warrants were allocated, most of us were in a dire state of stock. Not that, we are against the promoters & his friends hiking their stake.( I also feel, this dilution is a way to prevent a takeover ) We understand that they have gone through tougher times and if they feel, they should be rewarded, it is ok for most of us but what worried us even then was, the share price will not be allowed to go up until that activity is also completed. It means, minimum another quarter of long wait again. Our CEO talked about inflation point in 2019 Dec and still we the retailers are dreaming of that day. Our share price shuttles between 7-8 odd levels only.

    Finally, as a common retail share holder, I am still waiting for the day it rewards me. When a minnow like affle is raising crores of money and its share price making high every day, Brightcom, a stalwart who visualized the adtech sector growth and trend decade back, is still in penny status and is giving ‘n’ number of excuses for being at that level. Longing for that day, when we feel proud about our investment in BCG….I hope that day is very near….

    Registered Boarder

    @Diana Horton, I apologise if I have hurt you. That’s not my intention at all.

    I have not written those posts because you have criticized the CEO, I wrote them because I didn’t like your response to my post #11220. In that post I wrote my opinions on why the price may not increase and you responded saying

    “So let’s not try too hard, to conceal the real fact and the real hardcore ugly and pitiful truth, by givng some glorified explanations to safe guard the culprits.”

    I felt that your response was little harsh. I didn’t try to conceal any truth, I just shared my opinion. I have seen similar things happen in other companies I have invested in (mostly small cap companies). Then one more thing is that I felt whatever I write these days, you try to undermine the importance of my posts.

    Last time we argued about topics related to the markets and before that on a different topic.

    Yes, sometimes I’ll be Pro-CEO, Pro-management but not all the time. As you have also written, I have criticised the CEO many times, mostly for the pathetic state of corporate governance. If I don’t like any action of the CEO then I’ll be the first person to criticize him.

    When we have different views and opinions, we’ll always have arguments, which is very common. We should make sure that we don’t hurt anyone. Healthy arguments are always good for us. Let us continue to share our opinions and let us focus on achieving our common goal.

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    @harshay, great detective work. Keep it up.

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    Price volatility has come down to a large extent. We are not seeing mad circuits these days resulting in circuit limit revised upwards to 10%.

    I was worried that Axis news might undo this but it didn’t happen…:-)

    Hoping that this sanity continues for ever and BCG trading as normal stock with 20% circuit limit.

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