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    Its good that finally the corporate governance is Improving with axis debt settlement on time. I am expecting more such corporate activities which reflects the good corporate intent. The price is going to rise slowly, and i also do not expect it to become 3 digit in 3 months. if it happens we will all enjoy it. but lets not eat hopium again. lets moderate our expectations but lets not moderate it to kachra levels also. 🙂

    A decent PE is justified for Bcg in my view.

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    We all know that Axis is closed and BCG is debt-free.
    We all know the reason, why the price is kept in this range.
    We all know BCG is highly undervalued.
    We all know what is going to happen after the PW approval.
    We all did our homework for years in BCG and holding us per our capacity. Add more if possible, at this range.
    I have doubled my holding after this forum is created. Thanks, and My Salute to Admin and all selfless boarders.

    Great Quote by George Bernard Shaw
    “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”


    Hello all

    First of all I would like to thank all the members in this forum for their efforts to enlighten all shareholders about the script. I have been a silent reader for more than a year after stepping in BCG and this forum helped me understand the business like no other.

    What I know is that investment should be based on reason and not emotion. And with continuous turn of events in the script with regards to its corporate governance I think it will be foolish to defend the management in any sort with regard to share price manipulation. The movement in price accordingly to meet the requirements of the needy (as so called) is there for everyone to see, be it during oak exit, short rally during most likely exit of the G’s and at present during the wait for PW allotment is enough for us to know how management is involved in it.

    Yesterday we could see how sellers were managed to not let the price shoot above 8 even after axis closure news and how today it’s gradually being brought back to near 7.7 levels.

    Have utmost respect towards Logan and I don’t want to speculate anyone as insider agent but I guess DH is right when it comes to the dirty games the CEO is doing.
    The recorded transcripts of concalls are enough to show how SKR doesn’t walk the talk. From daum to LOC to consolidation of subsidary to below the bench distribution of dividends.

    So what worries me is even if there is a rally after PW allotment will it be a healthy one?
    As it will be a manipulated rally than how can we expect institutional investors and reputed fund houses to enter?

    I believe it’s time we investors do take necessary action to safeguard our investment if corperate governance doesn’t improve soon.

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    Speculation is the name of the game and we are playing it. So if you get played take it to your chin and move on. Don’t be happy that you have nailed it by exposing someone, be so when you get out with a good profit. I can rant long about members here but I know nothing is going to have a bearing on the stock price. In principle Approval of PW by exchanges will. It will bring liquidity and be back bone for further growth. LOC will further enhance the capability of business and lastly closure of Daum will bring most of the lost credibility and respect back. I am not concerned about dilution, some understanding regarding the business potential will make you all understand that after a year the effect of it on PE would be negligible. We should put pressure on the company to improve its commitment and communication with us. How long now will it be kept subdued? 3 or 6 months until issues get resolved. After that eventually the lid will be open. I’ve been here long enough to be patient for that to happen and if gives any immediate gratification or high or some sort of happiness in chest thumping in making unnecessary speculation, great enjoy. All we can do now is to wait and pray of some word on PW and then anything can be done. It is in their best interest and if this is the final nail in the coffin be happy because the great bull run is on its way after that. Liquidity in the market is a fraction of what it was in December or early January so not much selling is happening, everyone is waiting for the PW approval. Axis was never a bankrupting debt to the company where as the humongous dilution is still a concern to many. People will buy after a final word on it, as the “genuine” selling has now come down. I am not against anyone here and hope you people will maintain the sanctity and decorum in your expression in that regard. Just writing with the privilege that I had met the CEO a few times and yes still the price is languishing, so I will take it to my chin and wait for my day to write “Manipulations are over, good riddance”.

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    So, when do we say price is no more suppressed or manipulated by operators / management … What’s our definition for this

    – When PW is approved
    – When LoC is received
    – When Daum is settled
    – When the price goes above PW price say 9
    – When it trades above 3PE or 5PE
    – When a MF or FII enters in it

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    Oh no…No circuit please…Dear op/mgmt/xyz please slow down…Please let it enter 20% circuit limit

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    Replying to #11235,

    Yes mayur saar, everyone should be careful and smart enough to understand the motto behind my messages, they should never trust someone like me and should only trust you. I have one confusion saar, should they trust what you write on Twitter or should they trust what you write in MMB? On Twitter, when the price is rising or when there are any developments, you always hype the stock, praise the management and you share so many informative messages but when the price falls you go to MMB and criticize the management. I don’t understand this saar.

    You hide (protect) your tweets whenever there’s a fall in prices and sometimes you block people when someone asks you critical questions. Do you remember that Peter Lynch guy (Beating The Street) on Twitter? Last year when the price started to fall, you blocked him.

    How many times have you hyped the Adauth data saar?

    And your targets saar, when you feel good, you even talk about prices of Rs.5000 per share and recently you have written that the price can reach Rs.1500 also, though this time you didn’t give targets.

    Then should I talk about Vertoz Advertising? Who has misguided more people there? Many times I have said BCG is better than AFFLE but not even a single time I have told someone not to buy AFFLE’s shares.

    I haven’t changed my mind frequently like you have and I have replied to all the queries that people ask me here. Many times we had arguments but still I won’t stop replying to people’s queries. I have been the same during both good and bad times.

    Then technical analysis you share on Twitter, how many times has the price reached predicted levels? It’s not completely true that traders and MIs don’t give a damn about fundamentals. If that was the case then why do prices go up whenever there’s a good news related to fundamentals and why do prices go down if there’s any bad news? If a company posts good results then why do prices go up? Isn’t it related to fundamentals? Just because one person is not ready to sell shares doesn’t mean everyone will have the same opinion. Yesterday I shared my opinion and didn’t force you to agree with me.

    Investing is not pure science, you can’t see some charts, put formulas and come to conclusion. If that was the case then every investor/trader would be very rich.

    Then finally, okay, I may have some hidden agenda/motto etc but what about you?

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

    It means that “One who is vulnerable to criticism regarding a certain issue should not criticize others about the same issue.”

    If you can’t respect other people then just ignore them and don’t say weird things about them. I don’t have to prove myself to you. This is a public forum and sharing personal details won’t be a good idea. It’s your wish that you chose to use your real name but you can’t expect everyone to follow the same. I have always respected you for bringing awareness about BCG’s business and I will continue to have the same respect. Let’s move on and concentrate on our investments. There’s no use in pointing fingers at each other.

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    may be my ways are different, but in simple words i try to reflect what i as retail shareholder experience, hence its sometimes good, very good, hyped, or some times bad, very bad and worst. but then thats what genuine is. if i say wow when price is down below one PE, Its dramatic.

    i hv been trying to put bcg story in multiple small teeets over last 5 years on twitter. and many have helped me spread the same knowledge. i personally admire what we being very small in size have acheived collectively in terms of spreading awareness.

    i blocked peter lynch guy as he never argued with proof or data. which i am surprised u r so concerned about. anyways.

    u hv been an asset to this forum.
    so many industry and company related messages u hv posted, i absolutely like them. ur knowledge around the adtech industry surpasses me big time (its obvious)
    and whoever has done such great work of spreading knowledge about industry and company cant be my enemy.

    Best luck.

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    @Logan, @DH, @Headstead, @Mayur and others…Would you mind sharing your investment ideas on other stocks which you are interested in along with your research inputs in terms of fundamentals, technicals

    I guess this site has brought together many like minded people and there are many investors who would want to follow stock ideas from knowledgeable boarders like you

    Probably we can discuss it in a separate thread and if there is enough traction for any stock @admin can think of starting a dedicated website …hope he has enough bandwidth to maintain multiple sites..:-)

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    As one of the ‘others’ addressed by you @hw_tw, my personal view is that this forum should remain strictly for BCG related posts. The entire momentum and knowledge sharing built up over the last many months should not be diluted in any manner as we have enough Brightcom related issues and opportunities to deal with here. The other members directly mentioned may have a differing viewpoint, but I would be surprised if anyone would wish to lose focus at this very critical point of time in terms of a new journey finally commencing for a stock and company in which we have reposed our faith for the last so many frustrating years.
    Of course, if admin is so inclined, a completely different different site may be set up rather than another thread on this particular one.
    I do understand, though, that you were suggesting leveraging on the very thorough approach adopted by the esteemed members named by you , and that they could be doing the same for other companies and stocks, which data may be beneficial for all of us in our investment horizon.

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    @hw-tw – Thanks for bringing this idea. This was always in my mind and Logan also suggested the same when he wrote to me some months back, that he would be interested to discuss other stock ideas and his research work with forum members. I did not proceed that time as I did not want to lose focus from BCG and also I was busy with my job. But in the future I will consider of starting something as we members share a special bonding.

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    Welcome admin ji and Logan sir

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    @odysee – Understand your view to keep focus only BCG and it’s never ending issues pipeline…:-)

    We all started connecting together because of BCG…As investors each one of us are invested in many other stocks and will continue doing so for many years

    All of us will part away from BCG one day or the other …It could be either because of its performance or it reaching to a saturation level or we finding some other better investment opportunity and want to divert our funds…

    This worries me that we are missing out the special bonding and expert diversied opinions which we don’t get in any other platform…And the kind of activities we do on this platform like polls, concall questionnier, special meetup with management

    While we are with BCG thought we also connect on other investment opportunities and collectively grow (which is the objective for all of us)

    We don’t need to stick to stocks in India …It could be something like stocks in US (Logan seems to be closely monitoring some adtech companies) or it could be something different from stocks like I see these days about commercial real estate (propshare, strata) or agricultural real estate (hosachiguru) or other financial instruments (GrowFix) or even startups.

    @admin – please see whatever is appropriate considering your time and the type of platform which you want to bring in to keep this community intact at the same time not disturbing the core focus of this forum

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    NCLT order is out. 10th March finalized for reporting final settlement.


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    In MMB it is discussed that if we keep buying the share price will go up, if that should happen we should keep buying daily which is not possible by all retail investors expect few. Also it helps the operators to sell their shares very easily when the price is going up.

    Instead I feel retail investors should hold their stock tightly even if the operators short, this makes it difficult for them to square off their trade and lead to a huge loss and may not dare to short it further.

    Capacity to buy is not infinite but capacity to hold is infinite, when we buy stock within our affordability then it becomes our strength as we can hold the stock without fear for infinite period and can defeat the operators who are shorting.

    This is what I feel and believe.

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    silence in the group, hope this will be genuine upward price movement.

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    The rally would be real if it crosses 52wk high i.e. 13. Cautiously optimistic!! I think they have already received the PW approval/confirmation from exchanges. Otherwise, jockeys wouldn’t have allowed this rally. Hope BCG crosses barriers in flying colors.

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    Dear @Buffet, I also had the doubt of PW approvals and explored more at MCA website. But no update from BCG at MCA about PW approval and Promoter cant hide the official approvals from Public. Let’s wait and see after 10th March..

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