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    Case over. Joint memo to be filled in 4 days

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    Can you please share the link (if you have)?

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    Nclt case dismissed see the nclt order in website

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    sac6310, being debt-free means heading for lower circuit again. Just see the irony of this positive development.
    Patience being tested all over again. If someone has a rational explanation or would like to speculate on the current price movement, I would really appreciate some comments.


    Odysee, the game of ( Playing between 7 to 10 levels and dumping manier times at sub 10 levels) as suspected earlier has no end timelines. Every now and then some artificial myths keeps getting created. It starts with something like NCLT and Axis Loan etc, and hovers around PW approval ( which to me by any standard is taking long after being confirmed by skr in last confcall that all documents have been submitted and noe ball is in exchanges court. Since then almost a month has been passed and we haven’t heard any progress or an update. The hired operators by the needy knows the game well and playing it on retailers emotions to garner shares as per the needy need and yes our understanding was correct the needy needs seems unending and value discovery will be delayed indefinitely unless we know where is the full stop of this entire saga created in last 6 to 7 years. May be there is still unfinished business which the needy is not sure of before making lot of right noises in market. so far below events are proven to be non-event

    1) Acquisition of Audio digital segment with lot of publicity in Leading news papers. No effect
    2) No Debt, All loans closed, Out of NCLT, didn’t trigger any bell for any bug pocket investor’s.

    Both above seemingly looks a bit alarming considering the market participation.

    Now whats the next being thing for us as investor??

    PW approval from exchanges?
    Audited Results, Restructuring and consolidation
    Pledge shares release

    But where is the full stop to manipulation and value discovery and how long more we have to wait to get some value.

    The road map might be little better than past, but untill participation comes at large by big investor’s taking this out of Operator’s clutches seems far from difficult as it stands today.

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    And then we talk of improvement in Corporate Governance in relation to BCG. I think that is an oxymoron.
    Time and again we are led to believe that finally SKR and the management have taken to heart the complaints and criticism of their poor communication and dealings with the retail investors, and have decided to turn the clock on past pathetic handling of affairs including suspected manipulation of the stock price.
    Alas, we are but pawns in the games being played, and left to deal with the emotional roller coaster rides we have experienced over the last many years.
    So much for being a multinational company headquartered in India.
    Mr Reddy’s advisory board needs to impart some lessons to him in the art of winning public trust and managing the company and its stakeholders in a professional and transparent manner.
    Don’t be shy of rewarding the long standing retail shareholders Mr Reddy. That will only generate goodwill for you and the company if you truly want to be a global player.

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    SKR has killed golden goose 🦆 FII/ Institutions and almost all patient long term Investor s by suppressing prices, artificially. The curses of lot of people will have ****** on ***. Live let live SKR. Your purpose has been achieved PW @ peanut 🥜 price. Afterall ashes will be put in a river or sea. God bless

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    Feel sorry for the harsh words but these are the voices of many old aged retail small investors who patiently waited for 6 years and sold in losses.
    My intention is not to hurt or insult anyone. But just represented countless voices who have shed even their last drop of tear and have their eyes dried. God alone can give relief. Praying God to bless with appropriate intellect to appropriate persons.

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    As long as there is no sizeable institutiona or Mutual fund holding in BCG, share prices would not move up significantly. That is unlikely to happen without significant improvement in corporate governance. Other way out is to hope that the PW allottees are smart and would do the right thing in their own interest and sell the stake to an institution or competitor. That could provide the price stability for the stock


    Dear BCG’ians, Lets do something once and for all in better interest of shareholders and Retailers. I dont think Needy got ears and mind to act on the retailers multiple warnings and requests. @Rathi and Team, Diana, and others, lets not sleep peacefully and dreaam of value discovery by the greedy and needy anytime soon. My patience after 7 years in no mood to even wait for a month from now. Patience defination is ruled out from my dictionary.

    I am gonna protest in Hyderabad and ensure media coverage with all my best ability to expose the cruel intent of the dirty Needy.

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    Replying to #11336

    @Diana, sorry for the late reply, I have not been feeling well from the past 1-2 weeks and I didn’t follow the forum during that time.

    It’s a good news that BCG is planning to go for an acquisition after so many years. I always knew that the CEO will use that PW money for acquisitions. I thought he would go for an AI company (agritech) because he talked more about AI in the AGM. My guess (just a speculation not to be taken seriously) is that the first payment of 65crs will be used to settle with Daum (65PW+31PO=96crs which is $13M). Rest $3M may come from internal accruals or maybe he has negotiated for a lower settlement amount.

    Another major event that happened was Google’s announcement two weeks back. I don’t know whether everyone saw the announcement made by Google regarding cookies, it is a very big announcement and it’ll change how adtech companies track people. Google said it will not come up with new technology to replace the current one.

    All the major adtech companies’ stock crashed more than 30% after that announcement (companies like TTD, Pubmatic, Magnite, LiveRamp etc) . Most of the adtech companies are prepared for this but still the market overreacted to the news.

    I don’t know what impact this has on BCG. Affle was not much affected because it works mostly with apps so it has direct relationship. Google’s move affects mostly ads on Chrome. It has more than 60% market share in that. Many companies have come up with new methods to replace cookies. TTD has Unified 2.0. I think the companies that work directly with publishers won’t be that affected by Google’s move. I think BCG has maintained good relationships with publishers and advertisers all these years which may benefit the company. B Local initiative was a good move.

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    TTD’s explanation of Unified Id 2.0 in layman terms –

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    u r right bro, seems protest is the only option left to let the management heard retailers pain and voices over the years. court case solved,market bounced to green but the hidden game/agenda of management still keep going on and price still being surpressed .

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    @anirudhreddy , we agree with your views here. Pls can you share your contact details so we can connect?

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    Some info on 3rd party cookies and the alternatives

    – While the 3rd party cookies are getting discontinued, the normal or 1st party cookies still remain

    – Companies like TTD, LiveRamp and others all coming up with their own unique anonymous, secured ids as an alternative to 3rd party cookies

    – TTD has moved a step further by open sourcing its technology and also partnering with a organization (Prebid.Org) to maintain the tools, technologies surrounding it

    – LiveRamp too taking a step further to integrate their ATS ids with TTD’s Unified id thus easing the usage of these ids across publishers

    – Lot of adtech companies are partnering with TTD /

    – Behind the scenes a Unified ID 2.0 is nothing but our email-id, ip address, mobile number etc; this data is masked and encrypted so that humans can’t see what’s inside it

    – Google is going in a different direction and not trying to capture any kind of identity information…It’s FLoC approach is based on similar browising pattern across

    My personal view basis above points…I might be completely wrong on this

    While there is a lot of noise around Unified Id 2.0, the adoption seems to be not that big…215 publishers from LiveRamp using it as of last October

    Unified Id 2.0 is inline to GDPR or other Privacy laws it doesn’t seem to address fully Privacy concerns of users…while the User’s information is collected with their consent …But it is being used in a fashion which lot of user’s doesn’t like and are concerned about which led to downfall of 3rd party cookies

    The absence of 3rd party cookies will be a wait and watch game for the adtech ecosystem…It would take some time for the industry to universally adopt to a standard approach basis the benefits it gives both to publishers and advertisers

    While the dust settles down in a year or two there can be increase in non-programmatic / traditional advertising like a brand wanting to put up an ad on a news site …This is irrespective of individual’s interest in that product or service similar to news paper ads

    Brightcom being in this business since long before all these programmatic ad technology solutions came in picture …Basically acting as an ad agency manually striking deals between the brands with its own 47k+ or network of publishers including BLocal

    Brightcom would be benefiting with this uncertainty in adtech …I guess this could be one of the reason for increase in no.of direct accounts in AdAuth stats

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    why bcg should move fast now?

    companies which usually turnaround on financial parameters from losses to profits, they grow as per financial growth and future projections. But BCG is RE-RATING story, and thats how management should portray boldly and get the prices up by any means to a decent PE.
    In India, “BHAV BHAGVAN HAI”
    earlier management understands it, better we will perform in long run.

    unmost focus should be on establishing strong mcap as soon as possible now, as we have addressed most issues. if bcg fails to stage so, the image will always suffer. a correlation is clearly lacking between corporate action and price action at the moment.
    I dnt know where exactly the management is stuck.

    reasons could be:

    1) arrangements of funds to get the transactions done from individual allottees names within 15 days of approval

    2) correction of shp and pledge

    3) wrong assumptions that they will drag and benefit from it in yeilding shares at lower levels.

    any stretch beyond month end is not a good sign.
    even operators crave for such bull phase. and here we r still struggling in Penny zone.

    i wish operator does the following:

    buy continuously till 50 and offer the collected shares at 30 and lock it for 1 years. use the same money, buy froll 100 and offer the same at 70 or whatever the avg price is for sweeping.

    repeat this and do some qips in 3 digits and acquire companies with share swap and some cash. this will keep increasing revenue. lot of corp action will be there.

    God knows why such slowness is there in bcg.

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    so much liquidity is there with retailers and HNIs, nothing will help other than buying it with looots of money in initial stage, faster the rally, lesser the interest cost and other headaches.

    an open offer by an investor to buy 2 cr shares and 30 Rs is what i would consider right away if 60 Cr is in hands. that will stop selling in market, trigger buying till 30.

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    Dr Mayur Ji now I fully understand your calibre and reiterate that you must be nominated as director in BCG from retail investors.Good luck


    @Rathi post no # 11375, many thanks for reaching out to me in taking this forward. Please drop me an email with contact details, i shall call/contact you personally. my email is

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