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    I am a long term investor since 2013 and having good amount of shares in this company.

    @ Diana Horton ; Time has come to take action. The patience of LTI is in unbearable state. Many of LTI with sleepless nights have either suffered serious medical problems or compelled to exit in big losses due to huge frustration, apathy and mental angst. OMEA has not only deceit investors for all these years but also played dubious games with VC investor firms too.
    The Axis bank loan was deliberately delayed to avoid exposing of hidden agenda of raising PW and dilution of the equity. Given the chance most of us would have taken the share by paying @ 25% of Rs 7.70 The price was rigged between 5-7 for many months. Bringing 59 stakeholders from back door in PW seems unethical instead a single or few renowned groups would have served the purpose very well but here intentions of OMEA were different and I am sure he will play his naughty game in future over this issue. He will open his card at right time which will again be against the interest of investors. Watch it!!
    Why suddenly the investors like me who never write anything have woken up to strength the fellow investors who have shown courage to take action against OMEA.
    As CEO he might have done many improvement but at a very slow speed and at the cost of investors. How much earning he is getting from all foreign subsidiaries is known to him only. All CEO declares their remuneration in all big companies but here he has declared only in standalone company and not all the subsidiaries. CEO’s main duty is to increase turnover of the company, increase wealth of the company as well as investors and not create wealth for himself alone. Investors have right to know, we need transparency in this.
    If you want to unearth the unethical practices then start with Israel. What is the connection between On Line Media, subsidiary of Brightcom Group at Israel and of Israel which is independent company and not its subsidiary. Why both have same logo? What connections these two companies have which have never been brought to the notice of investors? No different companies have same logo that too both are located in Israel.

    @ Diana; thanks a lot dear for enlightening the investors with your vast inside knowledge of the company and their business. Now time has come to show your solidarity with the helpless investors and participate in taking action against OMEA.

    I assure that investors will find the governance at its best if we take action against only one person.
    We are the stakeholders in the company and it is our right to highlight the wrong doings of company, if any, so that things are improved in future in today’s world of transparency.
    If required we can file a case to get the forensic audit of the company done to safeguard the interest of the investors before it is too late.
    Together we will win 💐

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    My understanding is all 59 warranties are proxy to skr Ian sure price will be hovering around rs 10 to 12 next eighteen months.then skr will announce buy back of shares at these levels proxy’s will transfer the shares to his accounts.

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    Online Media Solutions Ltd. dba Brightcom (“we” “us” “our” or “Brightcom”) is a global ad-tech company that operates and provides an online supply side platform currently known as “Compass” (“SSP”).

    I don’t know why some people have confusion regarding Brightcom/Online Media Solutions. OMS does business as Brightcom. This concept is common in the western countries. You need a brand name to attract people and you can’t use online media solutions as your brand name, that looks like some old company. Brightcom looks modern.

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    Dear Logan

    I need appreciation in stock price. That only reflects actual growth in market about any company. I am fed up of BCG management price suppression . I will be more than willing to dig up and go further into deep of all BGC working if and if only corporate governance get improved and market start recognizing it . Its not like that whole market (who are not invested in BCG) are fool

    If BCG earns 100000000000cr per day but price remain in range of 8-10, it is of no use neither for me nor for you. Investors are (fed up) and now least interested what BCG earns, what its subsidiary are doing , what ad tech business is all about. For time being, we want market to recognize the potential of BCG.

    Fed up of this 1 man army. Karma will definitely gonna pays him back one day.


    Dear sac6310, You hit the nail on the head, long story short and could not agree more with your writing. Actually you sum up the common understanding and all messages floating into sweet short and main primary objective of 100% shareholders. I dont want to exclude any percentage of shareholders who think unlikely as you. Bring the price upto mark and value discovery into market, bcg potential, market share, business, profits, adtech, etc etc etc and bla bla bla will be secondary for shareholders with 7 even years long patience hunting for better market cap and Peers valuation. Bhav Bhagwan hai , when will people understand this statement.

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    @sac6310, its interesting to see you finding problems only in my posts. See I care about stock prices but I also care about fundamentals and business related stuff too. You can’t force me not to write about those things just because you don’t care about them. What problem do you have if I write about subsidiaries or ad-tech industry?

    3 weeks back Google announced that it’ll not start an alternative to replace third-party cookies and because of that all the ad-tech companies’ stock prices fell more than 30%. Google, Facebook, Amazon and the big players already control 80% of the market and with Google’s decision on cookies, Google will become even more dominant. Some companies will go out of business because of that. It’ll change the way how internet companies make money, this not only affects ad-tech companies but also affects advertisers, publishers etc. Small businesses will be hard hit by Google’s decision. Shouldn’t we discuss about that? What business will BCG do if it can’t find any advertiser? Who will pay BCG then?

    Okay I’ll take your comments seriously and I won’t care about fundamentals, business, subsidiaries and the whole ad-tech industry. Suppose BCG will be hard hit by Google’s decision and it’ll go out of business. That time will you come and protect my investment? Think twice before you comment on anything.

    Please dig up everything about BCG and its promoters, no one is stopping you to do that. As a shareholder you have all the rights to do so. Have I told you not to do that even once? Give a complaint against BCG’s promoters, management team, subsidiaries, PW allottess, PO allottees, G-Gang, and everyone you can think of. You have SEBI, the Police, ED, MCA and many other options, you have social media too.

    40% of BCG’s revenue and close to 50% of profits come from OMS/Brightcom. If people think Brightcom is not part of BCG, don’t you think we should give clarity on that?
    Tomorrow you go and complain to the authorities saying that Brightcom is not part of BCG and you tell them to investigate on that. What will be their response to you? They’ll tell you to check properly before complaining. One simple visit to Brightcom’s website will give you the details.

    Please don’t care what the ad-tech industry is all about and don’t care about BCG’s subsidiaries too and don’t compare BCG with other ad-tech companies too. But don’t force it on me.

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    @Logan, am sorry if had hurts you. My only intention was whatever business BCG had still today, rs8 is not justified and only 1 man is responsible for that( OMEA in DH terminology ). No retail/common investor will be happy if BCG earns crores but price stuck that this level for years to come. Enough now…everyone is fed up of wrong deeds and selfishness of management. Again sorry , that was in no way meant for you, it was for BCG management .

    @all : there is saying in hindi “latton k bhoot baaton se ni mante ” and seems some strict action MUST have to be taken by retail investors before( i assume its already too late now) it is too late. Precaution is always better than cure and it is foolishness to believe and give a hour to this management. Sweet talk time balance of this one many is over now. Lets not let him recharge another balance/top up for another sweet talk time . Rest all are investors are responsible for their own investment .So think and act accordingly . I had put my view .

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    @sac6310, I understand that you wrote that message because you were frustrated, these things are not new to me. I won’t change my views just because someone else thinks I’m wrong. If we look at only price and not give importance to fundamentals then we should’ve bought DHFL at 700+, Yes Bank at 300+, Gitanjali Gems, LVB and many other companies stocks at sky high prices.

    Last time one person wrote that traders won’t give a damn about fundamentals etc. The very same day Google made an announcement on cookies and all the ad-tech stocks fell more than 10-20% on the same day (some are still down 20-30%). Technical parameters of these stocks were very good before the announcement and people were giving very higher targets but what happened later? did fundamentals matter or not? Imagine what would’ve happened if traders didn’t check Google’s announcement and only looked at technical analysis which were very good.

    People having different opinions are very common but targeting other people just because they have a different opinion is not good. People like it or not, fundamentals are very important.

    Ian Biden
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    Howdy folks! Been reading the posts from time to time here and elsewhere. Gotta say it’s been a seesaw of emotions out there. I’ve crapped my pants reading some posts cause I too am an aged investor and if i go by DHs messages then I actually wet my pants.
    But, I would request the folks that claim to have some sort of evidence or matter that can supposedly bring the promoters to their knees. PLEASE DO SO, and let it be public, I’ve been hearing rants of Logan and DH but none of them wanna bell the cat.
    Having said so it just rambling and monotonous ranting going on here.
    Read about a team meeting up wit Suresh, I’d suggest! wait for the PW approval to come out and then reach out to him cause after that I guess he will be more outspoken and get matters resolved and even surprise us pleasantly.
    Having said this I’m still positive on the company and the worth of its management. God bless us all

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    Let us wait for pW approval say 2 weeks

    Ian Biden
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    Peace bro, @dianahorton.. wow! Now that’s one pretty nice pseudonym to take up.
    Having said that one must think from the The promoters perspective.
    Maybe they are meaning good but they know that the nitty-gritty of the whole issue is much more bigger.
    I as a fact know that some investors were and are heavily leveled and hence start a blackmail campaign( cause they think it will turn the tide) by holding the management to random

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    @Ian biden
    Better you had pointed out for corporate governance in management rather than saying that retailers are blackmailing management. does any1 on entire universe can blackmail that one man army who had taken away harassed investors by health and wealth. i dnt know what had made you write such strong statement to criticize retail investors.

    Tell me, why shouldn’t retailers can question management ? if they question then,is it blackmailing them?
    If management is so clean, how come they will be blackmailed by just questioning if nothing is against them and they had not done anything wrong.?
    Many had not yet received dividend and they reach to SEBI, u will come forward and say that they are blackmailing management ?

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    @ian biden

    Why do we think from management point for view if they are not thinking from our (retailers) point of view. whatever issues are there, they should be transparent and inform the investors too,afterall we all also held ownership in the company and as it is public listed company, BCG is not only his company,it belongs to all of us and all the issues faced by company should be informed to us as well. we should not be kept in dark .

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    Today, I have sent an email to the BCG IR about the pref warrant approval status. I request everyone to do the same. Let’s hope at least for some emails we will get a response.

    Can anyone please confirm BCG CS & compliance officer Mr. Manohar Mollama’s email ID?

    If IR doesn’t respond, we shall escalate to him.

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    Dear Admin, its been more than a year this blog has been started. That time till date there is no improvement in the promoters attitude towards investors. I think there is no point in maintaining this forum when there are no fundamental changes. Many new investors have become victims by this forum alongside many age old ones. If things don’t change in another 2-3 weeks, please take a call. I even heard that the price will no go up for next 18 months and will be below 10. The greed has over taken and we investors have fallen prey by the sweet stories of this Hitler. I think its an unforgivable sin of maintaining this forum by trapping innocent investors without any improvements on the fundamentals of the company.

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    Discontinuing BCG forum. I won’t be supporting this… it’s up to the individual investor to make a buy/sell decision…No one has forced any1. Collectively we stand some chance otherwise individually we stand defeated.

    There are N number of forums e.g. MC. Would you advise to discontinue moneycontrol as well to shut down because many investors are buying/selling based on recommendations/comments from fellow boarders.

    Having said that, it’s the individual choice if any1 wants to be associated with the BCG forum or leave it. Doors are open both ways.

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    @Diana Horton and all retail holders, the last given to management is over i.e31st march. Price went below 8 and still trading in red. No information from management yet to exchanges and no intent of improving corporate governance. please share /explain now in public all the wrong deeds of management.

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    I don’t see the logic in linking this forum to fundamental developments of the company. If we use that logic then fundamentals of Reliance should depend on Reliance forum in MMB.

    Then decision on buying or selling shares of any company (not just BCG) should be taken based on individual research. If they can’t take that decision then people should stick to RDs or FDs or mutual funds.

    If any shareholder has any problem with the company, then he/she should talk to the management of the company. If the management doesn’t respond to them, then he/she should go to the concerned authorities. Every shareholder has all the rights to complain against the company and its management if they find anything suspicious.


    I don’t think closing the forum will do any good. Infact it’s giving the retail investors the strength to put forward the causes. It’s no longer a platform where only the positive sides are discussed but the wrongdoings of the management/one man army is also for everyone to see.

    Future/potential investors can easily know the company and also realise why such a lucrative share is languishing at this rate. I believe this forum is essential for present/past/future investors.

    I think, almost every investors will agree of the manipulation going on barring few investors/insiders and I believe this forum will play a vital role in bringing the investors together to carry forward in taking any action against the management/One man army as a TEAM!!

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