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    Dear @Admin / senior Experts and all members,

    Many thanks for maintaining the wonderful Technical Forum. I would admit straight away that “only because of the input / expert advice” gained from this forum & little-bit due diligence from my side about the company, I have managed to accumulate more than a million qnty of shares since July 2020. Please accept my sincere thanks to everyone who have have shared a valuable information (Technical & Non-technicals) about BCG. My investment duration will be for 2-3 years and down the line we may see lot of unprecedented events & I am very well prepared for the same. Congratulations and Best wishes to all BCGians including the Promoter(s). Thank you again.

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    Sombdy in MMB says the in-principal approval for Warrents came on 01.04.2021. Cany anybody confirm this

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    Bcg pW approval is given by the exchanges. Hoping for better times in brightcom group share. Incidentally my prediction based on planetary positions also coincides

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    Dear All: Much awaited PW approved! Cheers! BCG Members Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu! Members have waited with bated breath for this to happen and in the coming days their fruits of patience will materialize with significant appreciation of price after a few more issues get resolved. At this point, I would like respected knowledgeable members to discuss and help their friends with the price targets. There would be a tendency for people to sell early and regret later with appreciation of price. No doubt anyone can sell at any point, but with knowledge gained through discussion, there can be an educated sell which can make or break people’s lives. Hope to have a good discussion on “Price Targets.” Thank You.

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    With every message there is a provision made by the Admn to like or dislike in the shape of heart ❤️ I want to request the Admn to replace the heart ❤️ sign with like 👍 and dislike 👎
    Submitted for consideration please 🙏


    Dear Diana Horton, Since now we have a big big milestone achieved on the last day of the trading week, i.e. PW approval and allotment in next 15 days. What do you think will start coming out of the Magical box of the (Royal King) from next week onwards. While we want price movement as side effects of opening the Pandora box ultimately, how do you think events will be placed and how story will start unfolding. Sounds like Tom Cruise movie opening Box Office counters for Investors.

    Can we say ” All Forward Looking statements of last 7 years of confcalls will actually become the reality for investors.

    Please share your views and thoughts. Many thanks.

    Diana Horton
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    Hey Anirudh & My dear BCGians

    It’s certainly a big sigh of relief for BCG and all of us retail investors, for having gotten the approval from the exchanges without major hurdles.

    For BCG, it might might have been important for two reasons. A. The Needys needs has been given a tick mark. B. The management has given a very good positive Spin on the usage of the funds fro the PW, in the form of acquisitions.This is good both for fundamentals of the company, value addition, inorganic growth and hopeful reflection on the revenues expansion.

    From our Retail investors perspective, I once again visualise this as good positive. First and foremost reason- unless the Needys needs are satisfied, the M cap appreciation usually never happen. We saw a lot of outcry against the PW allotment and I was hoping that this has to happen without any hurdles for the better good.But, thankfully,this has materialised and the biggest hurdle check point has been crossed.

    The stock price was planned and pegged at various time intervals to suit various needs.Strictly kept at Rs 3 zone for PE investors exit. Rs 5 zone after oak exit for 3 months time, to get the PW price at bare minimum. Further to this the price was maintained at the offer price range for the next 3 months.This reveals that, the people behind this have some Iron clasp control at maintaining the price where they want it to be.

    The whole and blatant and obvious idea behind the PW is for the needy to increase the holding. This gives all of us directions, regarding the strength and belief the needy upholds on the future of the M cap of our BCG.Although this is equity dilution, in a strict sense, may not be the case, as, based on the calculated presumptions, it’s going into a locker of the needy for atleast a while.

    Why are we invested in BCG. Obviously, every one wants to make money. Needy is no exception to this aswell and the whole idea of PW is to cater this. Based on this simple maths, having had the basis covered in the form of filling the future elixir upto the brim, the Needys obvious plan should be to make the elixir mature for self and retailers benefit and also uplifting the face value of our BCG.

    Traditionally speaking, I have seen many companies doing a Run after the allotment of PW.After approvals from exchanges, there is a vacant slot of 15days time, wherein 25% of PW funds has to be paid and allotment has to be made. If this is not done, the whole process becomes futile.

    In my previous post I posted the graph of the past two years performance of the stock. Typically there was a spike noted from Financial year beginning. This time also, as expected, the news regarding the approval was announced on the last day of Financial year.

    This places BCG in a very very good position,fundamentally for a hopeful upmove anytime between now and allotment.As PW approval has come through, there is nothing impeding for the price to be kept at lower levels.

    Now regarding the actual M cap appreciation, this can happen organically, depending on the demand and supply . But, in our BCG, as it is still in penny price, it’s subjective to both bull and bear cartels power games. Having gotten the PW approval, the needy will get converted to bull cartel from maintainace cartel. With 34 Cr shares the Bull cartel becomes pretty much and way too stronger bull.The bear cartels ,I suspect, will become weaker relatively.Either the bears will be absorbed completely or threatened by the bull and will go on a submission mode.

    This I suspect will be happening anytime from now onwards between approval and allotment. If organically , a big retail participation( us buying) happens, we can expect the upmove imminently. Provided, there isn’t much retailer participation and if the bears are slightly more stronger,the needy would be waging a war against the bears and make them lose Thier quantity or put so much pressure that, they bears will go onto submissive mode or the bears may become bull aswell.


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    Congrats to all investors !! Now stock should move freely without any big hurdle. I always felt it’s absolutely ok or appropriate in the case of BCG for the promoter to take major hold even by diluting the market capital to the core – for simple reasons. If we retailers want to accumulate and benefit the max when stock goes beyond 2 or 3 digit , Why do you think a person who has put his heart and soul to grow the company should have less holdings and watch how these people take all the credit / benefit for the companies success ??? Many people talk about ethical factor – what on earth can one do as a promoter to take back the stocks dumped by earlier investors ? How will buyback from open market be even possible when a company is just recovering from all its pledgings and when it is looking forward to invest in future . Even if management tries to perform bulk deals with individuals who hold major stake I am sure no single person here or anywhere will accept for anything less .. and again spending a fortune is not a choice for the company at this point in time when it’s looking to recover . With the given circumstances the choice chosen is fair by all means according to me . All the best to all fellow investors

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    The same old story BCG in red even after PW approval, debt-free status. Couldn’t sustain the upper circuit for even a single day.

    Now, what next?

    Daum closure?
    LOC approval?
    PW maturity in the next 18 months?

    Never-ending saga. Kudos SKR.


    @buffet sir, let it be for few more days or a week or so. No sooner and better. For all i think now, and as recommended we may request for the Forensic Audit on BCG as an entire businesses across 22 subsidiaries, Net profit, Taxes paid, cashflow, dilution, pledge shares data, circular trading etc. We have good amount of support doing the right thing and let the things come out transparent if its looks so, no body can threaten a Legitimate company not me not anyone. Thats the fact.

    #Ian biden – To answer your question which you posted some days back, no body can/will threaten the management, even each one of us have high stakes as high as 30 to 50 range however, more than me you know better about Suresh and his assurances and tactics.

    As Few senior boarders mentioned here, if required, needed and necessitates to core, one who spent million in investing here, won’t shy spending few lakhs to get the needful from the authorities.

    I would need support and we have people in touch with me, we all were waiting first for PW approval and now grace period of 15 to 20 days have been provided, even then if it didnt work for better, then take my words by last week of April you will see the action.

    E-mail me if you need more details at

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    With the kind of retail holding in BCG (with ZERO institutional holding), no amount of news flow can sustain a rally since there would always be people who would want to sell and book profit(or cut losses) and hence the price stability of the stock would not be good with larger retail and NO institutional holding in BCG.

    Price stability would happen only when there is sizeable institutional holding in the stock and the institutions intend to increase their stake(Due to underlying value in the stock) case of retailers/day traders selling to book their profits.

    Institutional holding would increase only when the corporate governance improves with timely disclosures, management proves with every action that it keeps their shareholders interest in mind and the company being forthcoming in sharing the bad news as well promptly, which is something I yet to see with BCG.

    Instead, what we had been observing is the large institutional shareholders have been systematically being pushed out due to prolonging of legacy issues, lack of transparency, management showing lack of appetite for top line growth over the last 3-4 years. Urgent need is for the management to realize that in the interest of all the shareholders, they must get few large institutional shareholders who would have at least 15-20% stake in BCG. This is the only way the price of the stock could be sustained even as the sentiment towards the stock improves.

    Hence, Management should do these on priority basis to give the confidence to the institutional shareholders and get them onboard on priority basis.

    1. Prove that it is hunger for growth by taking all the necessary steps to get the 20%+ top line growth with current or lightly lower margins on war footing
    2. Disclose ALL relevant information to the shareholders in a timely manner, be it a positive or negative news
    3. Management should stick their neck out and provide growth guidance along with results every quarters. This is the ONLY way that the management would EVER commit itself to delivering a result
    4. Even if it is 10% or 20%, but be consistent in giving dividends year after year – I know most of the other companies in growth industries do not give any dividends, but BCG has to gain the TRUST of the market about their growth, consistency and commitment from management. If it costs them few % points of growth for the next few years, it is still acceptable so that they would gain the TRUST of the market
    5. Have regular analyst’s call after every quarter to answer the queries from both institutional and retail share holders

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    Growth is important for the price to move up and also to sustain. Otherwise we will just see some short term rallies with every news but fizzling out soon like we saw after Axis debt closure

    Growth has to be in two forms

    – technology, products, customers, ad channels, ads served, acquired because this

    – financials and ratios reflecting this growth

    The path to growth can be in any form…organic, acquisitions etc;

    and funding can be from any sources…Internal, LoC, POs, PWs etc;

    The second factor is Trust …Both on growth and on numbers

    – analyst meets, research reports, recommendations and MF investment
    – continous coverage by big media houses …We saw the first glimpse of it when ET covered about acquisition plans

    To me both Growth and Trust factors matters most …

    I am sure company is working on both these factors in parallel and in their own orders.

    Instead of watching price, my personal view and a suggestion to all long term investors is to watch these factors and take a call on your investment and exposure limits while the graph of each of these factors fluctuate with every passing day

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    Hey BCG!
    Line up the hitherto Ducking (behind the curtain for too long) Ducks & Ducklings Dance in tandem.
    D1:Dividend Announcement & Clean
    • Duck -FY20-F ………done but not clean
    • Duck -FY21- F
    • Duck- FY22- Interim
    3 year track record will be a trigger for HNIs, analysts n institutions

    D2: Daum Duck, in 4-5 wks

    D3: Debt-Free duck: free up all pledged shares

    D4:Duck-PW: In- Principle Approval Done. Close next actions.

    D5: Overseas Listing* Duck in NASDAQ- Long range.– CY 22?.

    D6:Due Diligence Duck- Loc sanction.

    D7:Clean Duck: Big 10 Global Auditor- Pending

    D8: Dark Horse duck- QIP- H2-FY 22 an option to raise monies at a much better valuation in lieu of LoC should that get dragged.

    D9: J curve Duck-triggered by Division of Future Technologies and /or Audio vertical

    D10: Doubling Duck- EPS doubling by EoFY22 ( a 5 yr phenomenon in growth stage) on pre- pref equity increase.

    D11: Spill the Ducklings – names, impact on top n bottom lines and details of Investments n acquisitions at sub level

    D12: 12th(man)Duck: Reversals, if any, of write offs, write downs, impairements.

    Is BCG ready to pitch into the IPL, with the above team of Ducks?

    Diana Horton
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    Hey Logan… Referring to your post #11527

    AS you have correctly stated,I also suspect, Lycos & Daum are infact stale issues and possibly will add No worthwhile credit to the Fundamentals or to the future of our BCG and there might not be any Major Spark, but for closure of some laggard old archived issues.

    But they are of importance for closure of our Cobwebbed Pending issues and is not going to add any Major value addition, I guess.

    But, On the other hand, If the management is Pro active and are Upto date and Futuristic and If THEY WALK THE TALK of Acquisitions that they recently announced, I suspect will add MAJOR fuel to the Market Cap,in addition to ALL the POSITIVE NEWS that are coming Off late.If this happens, This would be a MAJOR POSITIVE step and infact would be a Welcome step, in lifting the Facevalue of the company.

    At the end of the day, BCG can boast in front of the Markets and Major Tabloids about Acquisition rather than Closure of Old lethargic pending stuff which lingered for ages and of no Materialistic Value.

    Whether the Management does this from PW funds or LOC funds or PA funds or Funds from NPs, it dosent matter.

    But, Certainly a way to look forward.


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    Waiting for couple of updates from the company…

    1. Share holding pattern for Q4 – For Q3, SHP was announced on 5th Jan (within 5 days of quarter ending). But for Q4, it has been 8 days and still no update. What are they waiting for?? There would be an SHP update due as and when the PW allotment happens. Is the company trying to avoid giving a SHP update for Q4 and issue an update ONLY after PW allotment??

    2. It has been 1 week since BCG gave an update that it had received in principle approval from exchanges. Yet there is no update calling for board meeting to discuss about issuing the preferential warrants. It is only upon final board approval that PW would be issued after taking in 25% initial money. Not sure if the PW allottees have to arrange for funds to pay the 25% initial money. Again, they had more than 3 months to arrange the funds since the PW got approved in AGM in December… Nothing else could explain this delay in calling for Board meeting to issue the PW…

    3. LOC – If LOC was delayed to ensure that the PW approval from exchanges, then nothing else could explain the silence on this topic now. Or LOC is gone for good??

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    Dr. Mayur mssg on mmb borad

    book value has been eroded brutally thanks to first 250 crs write off (lycos related) plus 868 crs write off plus 3.1 cr pref iss dilution and now 33 cr warrants dilution. just read this message repeatedly to understand why i used word brutally. and u would realize what kind of dent that is on book value. i wont be surprised if he dilutes it even further. khudki tijori hai. one man show. no board as such. (thats total 1118 crs of write off and 75% further dilution on that due to issue of equity) so thats like 23 Rs per share book value was written off just like that. and then 75% was diluted for mere 300 crs. So what should hv been 75 is now 35

    is this calculation is right, if yes then bhagwan hi malik hai

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    I’m not supporting anyone here, I’m just sharing my opinions on this topic.

    Impairment of assets is common in product based companies. Companies develop a product (software etc) and usually after few years, they write off those assets. Most of these assets are intangible assets.

    Then there’ll be impairment of goodwill which is very common in companies that acquire other companies and pay more than book value.

    Out of the $122M that BCG impaired last year, $71M is related to products, internal tools and databases. This type of impairment should be done regularly instead of doing it at once.

    The $47M impairment was related to Advances to Publishers and agencies in developing new markets. These are also common when you don’t get anything in return from keeping some publishers account. Advertisers/Brands won’t be interested in these publishers. The company has be to careful before choosing publishers and agencies and also has to be careful on how to handle new markets.

    Rubicon Project (now Magnite Inc) did an impairment of $95M (maybe 650-700crs) in 2018.

    Then Lycos assets write off, the company has no other choice but to remove Lycos assets because BCG doesn’t own Lycos. BCG values Lycos at $36M which is close to that 250crs figure.

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    I’d like to add one more thing. The impairment that Rubicon/Magnite did was for a book value of $300M (previous year). Out of that total $300M, Additional Paid-In Capital was $400M and Accumulated deficit was -$99M (negative). I’m not an expert on these topics, so my opinion may not be correct but if we ignore the Additional Paid-In Capital of $400M then Rubicon impaired assets worth $95M (650-700crs) on a deficit of -$100M.

    Considering these and the losses, Rubicon’s next year book value became $164M, out of which Additional Paid-In Capital was $418M and the Accumulated deficit was -$253M i.e. the deficit widened from -$99M to -$253M.

    (I’m not spinning this impairment positively, I’m just saying that sometimes impairment are necessary even if companies are in a difficult situation)

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    Some update on Compass platform.

    We’re putting spotlight on our in-house Compass technology. Check out how it can maximize your yield over video and display, across mobile and desktop

    Compass™ Technology

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