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    @anirudhreddy – what happened, yesterday you waged a war against SKR / Logan …And said that war is between you and him…And was ready to face any criminal cases filed against you

    I thought you have a strong evidence or atleast a preliminary evidence and is going to fight it out and prove it to all…even without any support from anyone

    Why such a sudden withdrawal now even before starting the war…are you thinking that some 100s of people are going to start believing your evidences without even knowing what you have collected till date …Or is it just a theory which you are shooting in dark and see how people are going to react to you

    I don’t think people are going to support you blindly…unless you bring in some real credibility about yourself in this forum….And it’s not going to happen just by sharing your name or email id

    Even the three other people who are aware of this matter as per you, also has not come in support of you…If these people are not trusting you and supporting your words how do you expect others to come in support of you

    You got response from admin and from Logan too…Please respond to them with your evidences or analysis…While others can see the same and decide on what is the reality

    Forget about individuals believing you any further, if you decide to start throwing mud on DH, admin and others citing them as reason for not taking it forward

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    @anirudhreddy, investing in BCG or any other stock is one’s own decision and for that matter it is the individual who is responsible.. Even if it is SKR himself what’s wrong in it??
    If you are lured and invested in this stock , it is your mistake and you don’t know anything regards to investing in stock market.. Yes we are all unhappy that the stock is not moving as expected and with the management..that doesn’t mean one can blame other one who wrote good about the stock…
    This is blatant violation of the forum ..admin better block him..
    I always believe if i invest in a stock whether it is a success or loss i have to blame me not others..Can i blame someone who give daily targets on MMB on many stocks.. To me i won’t bother even if Logan is SKR , rather i will be happy that a CEO write about his stocks on a forum.. Done blame me also SKR..

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    I really appreciate and would like to thank everyone for supporting me when some people made baseless allegations against me.

    The allegations made by that person are very silly and they don’t even make any sense. He’s making his allegations based on comments made by one person in MMB and he thinks that if someone defends/supports the CEO/company then that person must be the CEO.

    I’m least bothered about his accusations. First of all, the authorities won’t take him seriously because he has no evidence for his arguments. Then if they do take it seriously, then one Aadhaar card is enough to show that I’m not the CEO. Later I can file a complaint against him for harassing me and for giving a false complaint. I will later sue him. He has openly threatened and blackmailed me saying that he’ll hack into my system to know my IP and MAC addresses. That’s violation of privacy and a serious crime. Not just me but he even accused that the CEO is using @kris id when kris replied to him. This is so silly. Then yesterday he accused almost every forum member of being associated with the company. This is insanity to a whole new level. If he does give any complaint against us then later we all can sue him for giving false complaints.

    (On a lighter note – never trust people who like their own comments)

    I don’t understand how writing about fundamentals is a crime. He wrote that I’m checking sentiments of people on topics like write off, impairment etc. It was not me who wrote about the impairment topic first, it was some other member. Going by that person’s logic, then it’s the other forum member who is trying to check people’s sentiments on impairment topic by writing about that. What I replied was that impairments are common in product based companies and BCG can’t keep Lycos’ assets in its books when it doesn’t own Lycos (common sense).

    That person has invested in BCG’s stock and he should know what type of a company it is. BCG is a product based company, it develops its own software products (like Compass), and that’s why the intangible assets are also more. That won’t be the case in other companies. Some companies won’t even have intangible assets. Impairments will be more in product based companies, and in companies that acquires other companies paying more than book value. Being investors, its very important to know what type of a company we have invested in. We can’t buy stocks blindly without checking all the important factors. It’s not my fault if he doesn’t know about all these.

    On stock price movements, people have been saying that the CEO/promoters/management are involved in the suppression of prices and that they are controlling everything etc. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, I’ll believe those only if I see some evidence. I don’t like to make any allegation or accusation if I don’t have any evidence on anything. That’s why few days back I said I’ll continue to believe in market dynamics till I see some evidence which shows that promoters are involved in suppressing the prices.

    I won’t support people if they don’t have any evidence and if they just make guesses (or speculations). If we rely on guesses and later complain to the authorities based only on those guesses then, first, the authorities won’t take us seriously and when they do take the complaint and if it turns out to be false then the person against whom we have complained can sue us. I don’t want to be involved in those things.

    One more important thing is, I’ll never stop or discourage anyone from complaining to the authorities if they have evidence which links the CEO/promoters to suppression of prices.

    Obviously operators are involved in BCG’s stock trades and the management should focus their energy on stopping those operators. There are many ways to stop them (or reduce their activities), but in my opinion, reducing the free float will have the biggest impact, so, the company should buy back shares, or stable investors (promoters or institution or HNIs) should buy shares from the open market.

    Then I have seen comments by some people who say that knowing about ad-tech industry is useless and fundamentals don’t matter etc. My advice to everyone is please don’t take those comments seriously. I know it’s very frustrating to see price going down even after having good fundamentals but that should not stop us from tracking the fundamentals. It’s very important to know about the fundamentals of the company and the industry that it is in. When stuff hits the fan (if bad things happen to the company’s fundamentals) then those people won’t come and protect your investments. They’ll misguide you now and later when you ask them about that they’ll say it’s your problem not theirs. This advice is not just for BCG but for any stock that you invest in. Always do both qualitative and quantitative analysis before and after buying any stock.

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    There is some good news on the CoVid Front. A Covid cure could be just about 6 months away. See the following videos.

    And the following News report:

    The cure is based on Nitric Oxide and this is a simple chemical which is well understood by the Medical Profession. So even if this is a Patented medicine, being such a common molecule, I am sure our doctors in India will start experimenting with it on critical Covid cases and cure them. In effect we may see an end to the Covid Pandemic even earlier.

    Here is a case of the Media suppressing this life saving news, which should have hit world headlines the moment there was a successful trial in January of this year. Why suppress it? Because Vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer stands to lose a lot of money and they control the news media with their limitless advertisement budgets.

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    NSE and BSE approval for PW : 1st april.
    15 days i.e 16th april. Today 13th april.
    Still no news about board meeting and approval ? when it will be finally allotted ?

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    Allotment can happen only after board approval and initial money being paid by the allottee. Calling for board meeting is no big deal. But the fact that it has not yet been called for only indicates that the PW allottees do not have the money for the 25% upfront payment yet and once they arrange their finances, board meeting could be called for with 48 hr notice and the allotment will happen on the same day upon 25% initial payment. This is my reading of the situation.

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    @vgsatwork: but only 3days(72hrs) left in 15day time limit for first 25% money payment and allotment which is making situation nervous.

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    I will be more than happy if nobody subscribes to warrants and company does not raise funds diluting at 7.7!

    I don’t know if price will crash or will rise if allotment fails but it will certainly be in favour of long term Patient holders by not diluting at pathetic 7.7!

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    I don’t think there is any kind of time limit as to HOW SOON the board has to allot the PWs once the exchanges approves. I am not sure why you feel it should be 15 days from the date of Exchange approval. But no matter whenever it approves, the 25% money needs to be paid immediately(on the very same day) and that is the reason why they are keeping quiet without announcing a date for board meeting to consider and allot the PW’s.

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    I too hope that the PW gets scrapped (Looking at the current state, PW allottees are also not in a tearing hurry to get the PW’s at 7.7 since the market price is also hovering at the same rate, despite it being almost 4 months since the PW allotment size/price was decided)

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    All along my suspect has been the same that this PW has been announced only with a intention of edging out large investors so that the promotors can run the company unchecked despite having only about 35% stake…


    Normal process is 15 working day’s. So calculate from 1St April 2021. So effectively its around 28th of April 2021 due to holidays in the intervening period. Cancellation of PW is wishful thinking. Cheers !!!

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    I thought of sharing this health tip which may help us in not getting infected with Covid

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    Mentioned in December AGM notice page no 23 :

    9. Proposed time within which the preferential issue shall be completed
    As required under the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, Warrants shall be issued and allotted by the Company within a period of Fifteen (15) days from the date of passing of this special resolution provided that where the issue and allotment of the said Warrants is pending on account of pendency of any approval for such issue and allotment by any regulatory authority or the Central Government, the issue and allotment shall be completed within a period of Fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of last of such approvals.

    As nowhere it is mentioned as “working days”, I assume 16th April as last day to approve the allotment . Else it would be considered as terminated.

    any comments/view from other members ?

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    @sac sirji

    Promoters and gang are crooked.They are capable of finding N number of ways to get around it.Live example is recent dividend distribution. Many folks have not received it yet.. regulators &;SEBI are just mute spectators.. Sad thing is retailers can’t do anything even after N number of complaints..pathetic state of affairs..

    For penny things they are missing the bull run of lifetime..Recently Subex started bull run out of nothing..Not sure in which world Needy is living.. their is saying – your word is ur character in business.. Now question is do these guys have any character? Accordingly, we can set our expectations.. Looking at all these happenings in last 8 years I suspect they don’t have any.. pardon my words guys..

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    Finally, Allotment done. Money received.
    Lets see where the stock price heads from here on.

    Diana Horton
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    My Dear BCGians….

    # 11598 @sac6310 #11596 @buffet #11593 @Logan

    BCG announced the PW approval by the exchanges on the last day of the March. Today Culminates the 15th day. Hopefully, we are to expect the News about the PW allotment very soon.

    It is Very important for the Needy and thereby Indirectly to all of us.The rules of the game are simple. The Needys Needs ARE TO BE Satisfied. Unless this happens, The Long drawn drama will not come to a culmination.

    Looking at the scheme of things that has happened so far, All seems to be going in the Right direction.Pending Problems solved. Needys Needs are being met with. The Company has announced plans and given Directions for the near future.

    The announcement of the PW will let us know, as to what % has been subscribed and whether 100% payment has been done or not. AS it is Warrants, I suspect only 25% downpayment will happen and in due course of time 100& payment and conversion will happen.

    Going through the post of Logan #11593, about the utilisation of funds of PW and LOC, It is certainly an intresting postulation. Lets take Logans Postulate into practical application. PW funds are to be utilised for Inorganic Growth related needs and LOC funds to be utilised for Organic Growth.

    The calculation of Logan states expenditure upto 260 Crs for Inorganic needs of Daum closure and getting back Lycos and a Hefty Acquisition of Audio company.AS of today, Our BCG should be having 64Crs in the kitty from the PW 25% down payment , considering allotment was 100%. This is approximatly 9MD. Whether the funds are going to be utilised immediatly or after receipt of 100% funds, will determine the closure of Daum and news about Acquisition, I guess. Or, The other possibility is , part payment of both in the big scheme of things and come up with the news.

    @Logan…, Your expert views and opinions are welcome on this pet subject.

    The very fact that BCG came with an announcement regarding Acquisition gives us some clue that, the End acquisition product has been vetted and near finalised. Unless this has happened, I suspect, No company will come with any forward looking annoucement.

    PW, although is a Significant dilution of the Equity shares, we are going to accept the same on an imposed manner and we better see the good side of things, which are

    1. Needy Needs satisfied
    2. Indirectly benifitting us – All the retail share holders( as , nothing will happen unless the Needy is happy)
    3. Proper Utilisation of funds- Closure of the Legacy Daum issue and bringing back Lycos
    4. Inorganic Growth via Acquisition
    5. Organic Growth with LOC funds as and when announced

    Regarding LOC, there are multiple theories. I suspect, This might have materialised a while ago. If the news comes out regarding LOC, the Needys PW might be at Peril and lots of question will be asked regarding the need to PW when, the funds are already there.

    Although Logans Postulate seems to make sence in the way of payment distribution of funds(25 Cr Interest at 5%), once again, its my Gut feeling and the same time makes sense that primarily the PW was done for needys needs rather than for inorganic growth.

    However, in nutshell, It is double income for the company,whichever way we see it. The RICH but CASH DRY company, will be flush with some liquid cash- both from PW funds and LOC funds.

    This is like a gentle drizzle and gentle cool breeze on a hot summerday with signs of greenaries visible at ground level.


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    PW is allotted as published in BSE.

    The game starts now, I feel the black money is converted to white now, after 18 months Allotees will not execute the warrant and this 25% remains with the company, this is back door entry or inflow of funds.

    Also the share price will not be allowed to rise too much and will be kept in control, after 18 months if BCG makes good profit and gets cash flow it may buy back shares from open market and lead to raise in stock price,else the same old story will continue.

    The real picture will be projected in next 18 months.

    The above view point is my personal view point and may or may not be true.

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    The advantage for the people who have invested their money if they don’t get the shares after 18 months is that they show it loss in their books and save taxes against that, which is around 25% for corporate tax(in India) and which is 30% for individual tax.

    But I am not sure whether a person can take tax benefit for loss of Capital as it is not revenue in nature.

    Kindly guide me if I am wrong.

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