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    @Admin,hope now other things in pipeline get resolved. High High time for warrants approval and LOC to come through. Waiting for the earlier one to happen so that the other one is put on proper gears now. Unpopular Personal opinion: expect nothing now until the warrants get through. I don’t think we need to go really optimistic until the warrants get through which will open a window for daum and LOC to complete. I am just not going expecting big changes until warrants get approved. As far as specifics of LOC I’m sorry I need to draw a boundary there about what I can write here. We are still under the grip of dark arts of suppression.

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    Its only a matter of days or at the most 2-3 weeks with regards to the approval of PW’s as its long overdue now & as PW approval comes it will pave the way for other major good news like new acquisitions/LOC approvals etc.

    So from now onwards the management should change its corporate governance for the better so that nationally & globally it becomes one of the best companies in digital adtech space plus also achieves greater success in the latest and futuristic technologies like AI/ML.

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    Thanks @Logan for your kind words. I feel fulfilled that the forum is serving the right purpose of providing a fair share of information to all old and new BCG investors alike.

    According to my personal experience and interaction, the four pillars of BCG investors strength are Logan, DH, Headstead and Dr. Mayur. All four have the same mindset and contribute for the cause of investor awareness and upliftment. Special thanks to Rathi and team for the real hard work in the ground.

    Lets also wish the management the very best to carry out their vision. Lets continue giving our support. One step at a time. All issues get sorted, bringing new set of developments to cheer.

    Diana Horton
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    @rathi #11202

    Many Thanks for your post.

    Real markets movements are a reflection Material Development.

    In addition, Markets always React with future Anticipation and corrects when reality strikes.

    BCG is a counter, because of personal needs of the NEEDY and act of suppression has never been allowed to React in anticipation nor has it been allowed to React to real and Actual Material Development- SO FAR.

    Let me ask a Honest Question.Let One Retailer Raise his Hand here, who would want to sell the stock on the day of the Big news( Ofcourse this happens when the stock trades at PAR PE or more).Infact Many retailer would be inspired to add more in the counter considering the material development.

    In such a scenario, in a NON Meddled, Non Suppressed Environment, One would expect, the market( we the bullish Investors) to react positively, unless it is clearly suppressed and TOMORROW IS AN ACID TEST.

    If suppression is going to be the scenario tomorrow besides the big news- RATHER UNFORTUNATLY, which you seem to have anticipated and primed and wonderfully quoted unpopular personal opinion- and are perfectly entitled to, Then as I have stated before, it will also be our opinion- confirming your view point of the ACT OF SUPPRESION, for which there is NO OTHER reason except for the NEEDY to keep it suppressed and I regretfully state that appropriate actions will be taken where the NEEDY CROWD WILL be MADE to be EXPOSED.

    Clearly, No One here likes the Stock to be suppressed and I am sure 100% hate it, as retail participants.

    If that is going to be the case unfortunaltly, at the end of tomorrows trading session, we shall start discussing the controversial SHP tomorrow , regretfully, as this has been going as a HOT topic, at this point of time and I have kept myself quite, so far, respecting the decorum and giving breathing space for the management to finish the job.Lets hope that it dosent come to it.

    I never hesitated to Compliment the management when targets are achieved and not have hesitated to Call a SPADE a SPADE, when it goes the other way.

    So, my humble request to whomsoever concerned is stop the ACT of SUPPRESSION and let the real market thrive.

    All it needs is- Just take the pressurised Lid Off and the stock will reach its eventual destiny and will reach its appropriate PE as needed.

    Wishing All the Reatilers an Unsuppressed Trading day in Green tomorrow, with the blessings of the management.


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    Even in the case of mid term scenario it is in their hands to decide what they want the price to be. I sincerely hope that warrants is their endgame. All I want is for us, who have still not been swept away by the waves of misinformation and misrepresentations is to finally see our expectation’s worth. I am waiting for a final word on warrants after that we need to move afresh with the next plan of action. I am not a Pessimist but I’m just being realistic about the limbo we are in.

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    Dear @DH, many thanks for your post #11206.

    Personally I believe that the management already got the PW approval and that’s why they have declared the press release during late night today before the NCLT day. They know very well that after declaring the positive news of Debt Free, no one could control /suppress the share price below 8 levels which will directly affect PW approval. Hence, may be after NCLT hearing tomorrow or day after we will come to know about Axis settlement NOC order as well as PW approval news.

    , please accept my sincere thanks for your continued support and excellent coordination (despite of difference of opinions / conflicts / healthy debates from many of our Investor friends during many times).

    I have started my journey with BCG recently (without knowing anything about the business) but I have managed to accumulate significant qnty of BCG only because of the technical expertise provided by our highly knowledgeable BCG Forum experts/investors/Hyderabad Team and all. I am proud to be part of BCG Investor Forum and happy to see many more forthcoming milestones in the comings days/years.

    Once again my sincere thanks and respect to everyone at BCG Investor Forum and congratulations to all. Let’s all be positive and hope for the best days ahead.

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    Great to see different perspectives discussed under one roof and yet the quantity of decorum getting maintained well (unlike moneyco*****) forum . Thanks all . Upcoming 3-6 months is like courtship period . The anxiety / worry is very high among every investor as the cream period should not be lost due to insesitive act by the management . My sincere thanks to everyone. Hoping to see everything turning out to b good within the next 3 months

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    Thanks admin ji,logan, rathi_b and hyd team,DH and everyone of this wonderful forum to be united in tough times

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    Just read in ET, draft reforms by SEBi suggest appointment and removal of independent directors shall be approved by minority shareholders as well.

    The companies where corporate governance have an issue, the road will not be rosy for them in future.

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    Its high time BCG got the deserved value & recognition both in business and in stock markets.

    According to the article in the link given below PUBMATIC (Nasdaq:PUBM) may become the next Trade Desk (TTD) in the next few years which means that if the management of BCG focusses on the business by quickly getting LOC the company can achieve massive growth in its business and profitability as even right now BCG is far far bigger than companies like Pubmatic.

    The stock prices of the company should be allowed to find its own levels as keeping it suppressed artificially will not only hurt retail shareholders (who have invested their hard earned money believing the company’s good prospects) but also the management/promoters.

    A Small, Freshly Public Ad Tech Stock That Could Turn into the “Next Trade Desk”

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    The market is still not yet Happy with the axis closure update.. What’s still bothering the stock? We can still see that the price suppression going on. Every idiotic stock is running in the portfolio except bcg..

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    any update on todays hearing ,specially what axis lawyer had said?


    Dear BCG’ians

    As someone rightly pointed yesterday the needy wont do anything fancy and Jazzy untill PW approval comes. Every and or any news and development will be considered a Non-event in absence of PW approval. The needy is so much desperate not to loose out on building the Rome in last 6 years. However, to the contrary and the biggest fear of all can be will this game going to be ended with PW approval once and for all. Will there be any other angle or hindsight issues will be cited? Will the needy makes money in market by rewarding Retailers atall? I remember the needy was never been rewarding to any of the long trail/list of investors till inception of company reverse merger in 2012, why will we retailers wont hurt the needy when he thinks of rewarding through the value discovery. Someone big fish like Airtel, RIL should show interest to intrude in company shares and board seat else we may never be sure what the actual Needy wants even after accomplishing last mile in the books. Very tricky and difficult to form a definite opinion on such greedy and needy souls.

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    If the “needy remains greedy” even after the approval of the PW’s then it will be the most foolish act because he/she will be the biggest loser, by constantly keeping the prices at a penny level just to garner few more percentage of stakes in fact they are inviting trouble for themselves as there is always the possibility of a “hostile takeover threat” because the company has several prized assets which will be gobbled almost for free of cost by the yardstick of the current valuations.

    If the price is not allowed to move “naturally” from its current range then if tomorrow someone comes with a hostile takeover plan and if they offer for example Rs.50 or Rs.100 then most of the small and retail investors who are totally frustrated and disappointed will even support those who will pay a higher and attractive prices for their shares (even though the real value of the stock is much much higher than Rs.100) but in the event of a hostile takeover situation since the promoters haven’t rewarded the retail investors in any way which will make them support or be faithful to the current management, though the management is very competent as far running the business is concerned but they have miserably failed the small and retail investors who have been waiting for almost a decade to see their investments grow and multiply, companies in the same line of business nationally and internationally with weaker fundamentals have performed much better and given massive returns to their investors.

    Even though the management/promoters may succeed in getting the PW’s sooner or later they are testing the patience of investors by not allowing the natural movement of the stock prices due to that the true value discovery of the stock is getting hampered for a prolonged period of time which is not beneficial to anyone including the promoters.

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    We look at the recent Axis development as long term investors (LTI) and think that this will lead to jump in prices. That’s where we get it wrong. Though this is one of the most important material development, but it isn’t the only development that is in the pipeline. LTIs won’t move the prices, but traders and momentum investors (MI) do. Now we should ask ourselves whether any trader or MI would buy BCG’s shares.

    The answer is a simple NO. Why?
    Traders and MIs are not emotional like LTIs and they won’t have the patience that we have. Though they take risk, but it will be calculated risk. Right now they won’t take any calculated risk because of many reasons like PW, NCLT case, NOC from Axis, revoking pledged shares etc. Among these reasons, PW is the biggest.

    Main Reason

    – Why would any trader or MI want to buy BCG’s shares above 8 when the PW price is set at 7.70? and what if they buy shares now and the company doesn’t get approval from the exchanges and then the price falls to below 7 levels because of that news? They’ll have to wait till the next material development to get back their money or worse, they’ll have to sell at a loss.

    Other Reasons

    – What if NCLT doesn’t give a verdict now and it takes more time to get the final verdict? There will be uncertainty till the case moves out of NCLT.

    – Though NOC and revoking pledged shares take time, many traders and MIs won’t be comfortable till these happen.

    We believe in the growth story of the company and we buy more shares if the price falls (if we have funds) but traders and MIs won’t do that. They’ll either dump their shares or not buy more. If they dump, price will fall.

    Sometimes when the sentiment is very positive, the price will still change and shoot up but in my opinion, we can’t expect that to happen now because of the PW. As mentioned above, no trader will take risks buying the shares above 8.

    Then we have to look at other thing also, which is, the price may rise after PW and after other material developments but it still won’t reach very higher levels because of the involvement of traders and MIs. As I’ve written above, these people are not in for the long term and they will be happy to get small returns. They won’t consider intrinsic value, growth of the business etc and will focus only on prices (and momentum).

    Again, the price may reach intrinsic value without any pause if the sentiment is very positive like in Tanla which reached intrinsic value without too many pauses. To get that extremely positive sentiment, in my opinion, many developments have to happen, like, BCG should get the LOC, the business must grow and should have very high growth rates, the company should pay dividends (which I don’t like personally) or the company should go for buybacks (which I prefer because it reduces the free float) and many other positive events should happen.

    I don’t think the company will buyback shares in the near future and I don’t think it’ll pay very high dividend because, right now, growth of the business is more important.

    (Note – these are my personal opinions, please don’t take them for buy or sell decisions and also ignore my opinions if you don’t think its important)

    Diana Horton
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    I find this really puzzling as how, how, 100 different explanations can be given for keeping the price suppressed!

    Markets, MI, Traders etc etc etc!

    Ofcourse, everyone can have Thier own version and all opinion matters.

    In the process of giving multiple explanations to the obvious, it is my view point that the unfortunate real truth cannot be masked- nor the needies activities and involvement be kept under the rug.

    The ugly truth is unfortunatly so blatant and obvious and hence, it is better not to glorify things that are not true as a true cause of suppression.

    @Logan…..Pardon Me…..I’m sure NO ONE has got it wrong here.

    I honestly beleive and I’m sure all our Retail participants are clever and not that naive not to understand or decipher or see things through as to what’s happening and what for this is happening….

    If we take a voting of all the members in the forum asking what is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT factor , I’m sure there will be atleast 90% vote that will casted stating, it’s the Combination of the Needy alongside of the Needys Operator who have Rigged and infact Rigging and suppressing the price to satisfy the needs as the ONLY cause of price not allowed to go up and rather kept at BRACKET price.

    So let’s not try too hard, to conceal the real fact and the real hardcore ugly and pitiful truth, by givng some glorified explanations to safe guard the culprits.

    In my opinion, it appears lame. Ofcourse, I might be wrong here.. But, as I said, Opinion Matters…

    Just because many investors and retail participants are not voicing or writing here, dosent mean, they don’t know the truth. All are aware of the game which the needy is playing as per needs. Retail participants are courteous and are giving time to the needy to sort out the pending PW.

    I’m sure majority of the retail participants will agree with what I have written.

    …………… DH

    Diana Horton
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    But , I concur with your opinion about your last paragraph you have written, for different reasons.

    You have stated “I don’t think the company will buyback shares in the near future and I don’t think it’ll pay very high dividend because, right now, growth of the business is more important.”

    Reason being

    1. Just now the Company has issued so many warrants and diluted the equity for the needies personal needs…So, it dosent add up, in a different angle

    2. The company in itselves hasnt paid the pending Peanut dividends to many retail investors, so far… It will be laughable to expect very high dividends.So, once again,it dosent add up,but from a diffrent angle and perspective…


    Diana Horton
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    I agree with your concept of what you have written “To get that extremely positive sentiment, in my opinion, many developments have to happen, like, BCG should get the LOC, the business must grow and should have very high growth rates”

    With PW and other Material legacy issue closures and stuff, I would imagine the Market cap will regain its lost glory and would trade at decent PE.

    With LOC, followed by both Organic and Inorganic growth, and increasing Net profits– with excellent PR activity and Good Corporate Governance and No meddling with Markets high Tanla like growth is possible and acheivable.

    The CEO needs to look at the Positive examples of AFFLE and Good companies here.On many occasions when the retailers Questioned about Affle strategy and growth, the CEO ignored it stating Its a New Company and its a IPO and time will tell the difference. AFFLE has stood high.

    The CEO has to look into bringing in Valuable Investors like the GMS and other biggies who got into AFFLE. Our CEO, unfortunatly, after the March 2020 so called Investor meet, hasnt done any home work.

    The CEO brought in 2 of the worst Culprit investors during the penultimate PE investor exit.

    The CEO made such a Big Mess on the Oak investor exit.

    The CEO has brought 50 odd unknown – TRADING ENTITIES for PW!!!!!!!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, the pathetic state.

    Thats not the way, If One is looking forward to Grow.

    Look high, Aim high, Dont take short cuts, Never Take things for Granted, Never Take Corporate Governance for Granted, treat all investors- Both Retail and PE with respect.

    So far- The CEO- If needs to be Rated, will get a UGLY SUB ZERO RATING in this field.Because- The CEO has been working around CARING for HIMSELVES and never gave a Damn about the investors. Thats a Pathetic attitude, as a Listed entity.

    The advantages of being LISTED is too many.But, If the CEO has taken the pathway of going PUBLIC- the CEO should have learnt how to respect the public. You cant just have the Cake and Eat it. One needs to give due respect and develop confidence with the retail participants with ALL Honesty.

    Long way to go!!!!! Not for the Stock to grow….. But for the CEO TO CHANGE…..unfortunatly!!!


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    @Diana Horton, I’m sorry for writing that and for misguiding everyone. Yes, I’m always wrong and you are always right and everyone should neglect whatever I write and should follow only you. Why do I always do research before coming to any conclusion? I’m such an idiot and a big fool. You are right to say that suppression of prices is the reason for this valuation, there are no other factors and the many issues that BCG has/had are not important at all. Only fools like me think those issues are important. I wasted so much time researching on different topics.

    You can never be wrong anytime, there are many examples to prove it

    1)like when you said that price/valuation will increase if the number of retail investors increase.
    2)you wrote that the company was hosting the conference call on 20th Saturday, almost 1 week after the results because the company would get PW approved before that.
    3)You wrote about the company providing wrong SHP details to exchanges and that proper details are in MCA.
    4)You were right about PO funds, NCLT didn’t block that money and wrong information was mentioned in NCLT website.

    On a serious note,

    Whenever I see your posts, I remember this quote

    To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail

    For every problem you just say suppression as the only reason. I’m really tired of seeing that. If anyone disagrees with you then you attack them (mostly you attack only me). I had neglected you many times but still you always bother me and you will try to undermine whatever I write.

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