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    Dear @Sandyc316, sorry I couldn’t find any document related to approval of PW at MCA website as well. The rally may be due to internal leak of news or any other further development at the company. This may be the indication for BCGians for the price movement as soon as we come to know about BCG’s PW approval. Even after Axis closure (official press release by BCG promoter), the share price has declined today (Luckily 5% LC) that means PW approval is vital for the rally. Still many of our long tern investors are not positive due to their prior bitter experience with BCG management which is obvious but hopefully it should happen before March 2021 this time.

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    In continuation with our discussion regarding opportunities in other stocks, let me bell the cat..
    This is my recommendation.
    Please don’t ask me why??
    I am a bit lazy in writing merits and demerits..but the experts can think and opine on them.
    1. South Indian bank
    2. Vodafone idea..
    I have shares in these stocks..
    If all wish, we can discuss or others can also opine..
    If the admin finds it irrelevant, please delete this post.. I have no regrets..

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    Good 👍 drpram

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    We have to set the standards high. Axis is done. well and good. but it does not mean we should relax.
    we know what happens when we relax.
    leave aside the price for a moment.
    lets ask management to publish the final results of BDO audit. we dont need the tiny details of it, but we as investors should demand management to disclose it to exchanges.

    management has stated that Israeli subsidiary, onlime media solutions is audited by E&Y.

    we don’t need tiny details of that report. they can remove it. but publish the audited report which includes numbers as our quarterly results do.

    lets all write a mail to management first. and later to the scores, if mail to the management goes unanswered.

    We need good corp activity to continue. there should not be any issue to management in publishing EY and BDO reports.

    we know how long the daum and axis has been stuck due to “logistics” issue. LOL.

    Lets push or be ready to see quarters passing with minimal speed of activity.

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    Any update on NCLT hearing today on Axis closure?

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    16th Tuesday

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    Dear Friends, Greetings.

    Kindly go through the below link regarding preferential warrant guidelines by SEBI.

    From the above guidelines, I would be great if anybody could elaborate the below points.

    13.4 Currency of shareholders resolutions

    13.4.1 (a) Allotment pursuant to any resolution passed at a meeting of shareholders of a Company granting consent for preferential issues of any financial instrument, shall be completed within a period of three months from the date of passing of the resolution.

    (b) If allotment of instruments and dispatch of certificates is not completed within three months from the date of such resolution, a fresh consent of the shareholders shall be obtained and the relevant date referred to in explanation (a) in paragraph above will relate to the new resolution.

    Besides, appreciate if anybody could share any of the past PW approval letter (of any firm) by SEBI since I couldn’t find such kind of SEBI approval letter (this is just to cross check the time taken for PW approval by SEBI).

    Thank you.

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    May be due to the below mentioned SEBI guidelines the promoters instead of taking PWs in their own names gave it to those 59 investors known to them, because lock-in period for outsiders is just 6 months but its 3 years for the promoter/promoter group.

    13.3 Non-transferability of financial instruments

    13.3.1 (a) The instruments allotted on a preferential basis to the promoter / promoter group as defined in Chapter VI in Clause [6.4.2 (m)] of these guidelines, shall be subject to lock-in of 3 years from the date of their allotment.

    (b) In any case, not more than 20% of the total capital of the company, including capital brought in by way of preferential issue, shall be subject to lock-in of three years from the date of allotment.

    (c) The lock-in on shares acquired by conversion of the convertible instrument/exercise of warrants, shall be reduced to the extent the convertible instrument warrants have already been locked-in.

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    @drjaysee The CEO in his recent Concall clearly said that the company had submitted all the relevant PW documents to the stock exchanges (after the shareholders approval in the AGM) around mid-january so only after receiving the initial 25% payments they would have allotted and sent it for approvals so now its the stock exchanges who should approve and convey it to the company.

    Hopefully the approvals should come maximum by the end of March if all the documents submitted to the exchanges are in proper order.

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    Dear @jay69, thank you very much for your reply.

    I believe, as per SEBI guidelines, PW shall be completed in 3 months. That means, PW should be approved max by 27th March 2021 (communication about AGM outcome from BCG to SEBI was sent on 28 Dec 2020).

    Hopefully, things will change positively once PW approved. Meanwhile by next week, we may come to know about Axis final settlement / NOC/ NCLT final order.

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    Dear Friends, please find attached article from ET as shared from other “ BCG Telegram” GROUP. It’s an very good news and also good initiative.
    Let’s wait and watch the situation.

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    This is indeed great news! It could also mean that the PW is either already approved or in final stages of approval or else SRK would not talk about raising 200cr via warrants if there’s any possibility of it getting rejected. Just my thoughts.

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    This is the clearest hint from the management that from now on they are not only serious about business but also about the communication part which is very good and its an indication that PW approvals or on track and they are also sending a signal to investors and markets which is clearly visible from today’s rally.


    @Diana, whats your views on todays news appeared on ET on aquisition of Digital Audio company through a new subsidiary in US.

    Price has been again kept under check due to Final NCLT NOC and PW approval for final take off from here?

    Operator’s are not letting positivity in market still. The needy work may not over yet and controlling the price, but it is high time for stock to break single digits. Not sure and clear whats stopping the price going upward with this positive momentum.

    As a long term investor, i think we started getting the right mix of fundamental and technicals now but at the end worry starts what if the price discovery never allowed by Needy or Market makers, though highly incorrect in my understanding and tough to believe.

    Senior members here can also share their views and suggestions on above.

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    In latest investor presentation , below two are noticeable

    1. zero debt company
    2. media manager contact number and email id.

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    Another Subsidiary in US, when would Mr SKR start to empower the Parent company, when would they start investing in parent company, start to think on how to grow business in India?

    Diana Horton
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    @Anirudhreddy #11326

    Many Thanks for asking my opinion

    Lets split the discussion on two specific aspects.

    Business Front

    I am sure We all as share holders would agree to Congratulate the management on this news.This is the First time the management has come out after a long period of time with a PROSPECTIVE news, that too openly in a recognised Indian News media.I hardly remember in the last 5 years , the management has ever come out from the inbuilt coccoon they were in.

    Adtech is a very competitive environment and the dynamics are changing every day. The CEO on many occasions mentioned that, One has to be be in line – rather, ahead in line to be in this market.Adtech sector has advanced leaps and bounds and TTD is infact trying to challeng the biggest ever competitor Google.If we are not going to be future tech or innovative then we will loose out in the game.

    Technology has made our life so comfortable that we hardly have to type and rather give Voice commands to Alexa, Siri, Roku and other Mobile phones devices for search commands.At this sweet juncture, where technology is advancing in this field, It is indeed heart warming to note that we are on top of it and are looking forward for acquisitions etc.

    The word acquisition was and has been forgotten in BCG Dictionary for long period of time, say approximatly 10 years or so.It is indeed Heart warming and rather welcoming to see these kind of words uttered by the management.The reality of these acquisitions to happen and that to be converted accordingly to revenues will take its own sweet time.

    Also, it is heart warming to note that, immediatly after becoming a The Debt Free company, Our BCG is giving Forward looking statements and once again is a welcome move.

    Usage of Warrants and Allotment funds:

    Rather than using the funds that are coming from the equity dilution, to just clear off Legacy debts and loans, It is indeed nice to note that these funds are properly utilised for the betterment of the company which once again I see as very positive news.The clarity of vision, Futuristic thinking and Inorganic growth were the Combustion engines of the THEN YBRANT of the years 2010 till 2013.

    With the Dark Clouds getting clear,I subtly sniff the good old smell of Ybrant days – based on the Forward looking statements, given by the CEO of the company.

    At this Juncture, I Would rather welcome Logan, to share his thoughts and opinions, as he has exhibited significant knowledge in the field of Adtech in his writings here in the forum and I sincerely think it would be an invaluable opinion on this subject, which we all would love to hear.

    With closure of legacy issues and stuff, Forward looking plans of Acquisitions, I suspect and Forsee, the repetition of the Golden days of the then Ybrant on the ANVIL.


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    Hi Members, Any one aware of NCLT case hearing yesterday???

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    Case over. Joint memo to be filled in 4 days

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    Can you please share the link (if you have)?

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