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    Pls note, At this juncture our company is a debt free company. Previous more or less all issues resolved. PW approval in the pipeline resulting into equity dilution, So what, Its capital infusion at the same time, So dilution gets negated. Not to forget that LOC is also in the pipeline. So either will do the required, Once funds in hand, Our company will go into acquiring as stated during the last conference call which itself will result into 30-40% increase in profits automatically. Also note at this price, Its a mismatch in price with actual valuations which will eventually catch up. It looks as if its price is suppressed, Why do you not look at it as consolidation & Also stop all speculation. No need to speculate, Its not meant for investors. A die hard investor never does that, In fact patiently waits for the turn in tide which will come nor does he try to time the markets. Rather he strongly relies only on the earnings and as long as earnings are there, There is no cause for worry at all. 2 yrs down the line we all will thank our stars & consider our self lucky that we got a real Gem at a throw away price. This is a wealth creator for sure. Request not to create panic & Make a mess. Let better sense prevail. Cheers !!!!

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    Dear Dilipbhai, As you rightly pointed out that 58 “investors” were issued PW and none of them is a publicly known investor. If you search their profiles, they are “v i r g i n” investors..!! That gives support to popular perception that they are proxies. SKR has been in process of clearing his pledged shares and so is his partner as they have taken loans against shares to bridge working capital shortfalls. So, it makes perfect sense that he wanted to keep his hold in the company without overtly increasing his holding. He has categorically said that stock price would simple come to its fair value.. soon. I think, the business is deleveraged and debt free yet have serious issues in taking new orders via organic route due to very high bills receivables. I have no reason to believe that stock will trade water for 18 months. The company has been doing well as we have seen tug of war between bulls and bears. Some point the bears would cede ground to Bulls without a whimper..!!! I am looking forward to double digits valuation in this year itself. If we get LOC issue resolved, stock could see re-rating with minimum PE of 50 plus and adjusted earnings of 8-9 or even 10 and topline growth of 30-40%…This is just my back of the envelope calculations.. This counter can take off like Subex or Adani Power.. Undervaluation and gross neglect by the market is the key to reset as we have seen in RPower, 3i, FCL or SF… very much undervalued and I would not time the take off. C_I , MMB

    question put by him : Hi CI, I just had one question. The PW issued to 58 investors, why promoter is not one of them. This way his holding will come down from 36 to appx. 24 %. I thought promotor should have increased his stake at this price of 7.7. So was wondering what could be the reason for this. Some in the forum say they are his proxies, But even if the other inverstors are his proxies at some point in time he might want to buy back and that will be at much higher price or may be he might keep price same for another 18 months of more and then buy. So we might not see price appreciating for another 2 years.. Am i reading this correctly? COPIED From MMB

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    I think the price will not languish below 10 for another 18 months. Another theory is – 36 cr PW needs 270 cr for full conversion. 25% paid at the time of allocation i.e around 65cr. After PW approval & share allotment to 59 allottees, they can’t sell these shares for 6 months. During these 6 months, the price will appreciate to 100+. Out of 36cr new shares allocated, approximately 10-15% i.e. 5-6 cr shares will be offloaded @ 100+ which will generate 500+ cr cash. It will fund the buyback from the PW allottees in an off-market under-table deal with mere book entries.

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    Sub: In-Principle Approval for Issuance of Warrants convertible into Equity Shares on
    Preferential basis.
    Pursuant to Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015, this is to inform the
    Shareholders’ of the Company that we have received the In-Principle approvals from both
    BSE and NSE, today i.e., April 01, 2021 towards the allotment of 33,18,45,000 Share Warrants
    for being converted into equal number of Equity Shares of the Company.
    The Company will execute the subsequent steps towards the issuance.
    This is for your information.
    Thanking you.
    Yours truly,


    Good to hear. Next in line, Line of Credit & Acquisition. That means everything falling in place with time & as promised from company promoter. A little slow. Slow & Steady always wins the race. Common folks, United we stand & Divided we fall. So let us continue supporting the company. Value discovery will also happen in due course of time. Let naysayers say whatever they want to say. Nothing can stop our company from growing in leaps. Cheers!!! Love you all.

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    Common guys, April fools day.. Criticism & appreciation can’t get better on any other day.. Cheers to all bcg investors..

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    @Raj, this is not the first time you have said some weird things about the forum. Whenever the price is in red you come and write that no one should discuss anything because price is not changing etc. Once you had said that this looks like a paid forum etc. There’s a way to criticize someone/something. You can’t use words like unforgivable sin, trapping investors etc.

    I don’t like many things that many members write here but I won’t stop them and I’ll simply neglect their posts. I’ll only reply if I find it necessary or when they directly reply to me. I would’ve neglected you today but I didn’t see the logic in linking company’s fundamentals to the forum and I didn’t like the words that you used.

    If you don’t like the forum then stop following it but don’t say weird things again.


    Hmmm!!! Truth will always prevail. No amount of downsizing, No amount of degrading, No amount of Wrongly criticizing. Spreading fake news will ever work against my conviction wrt to our company. A die hard investor overlooks all these created farces & Keeps an eye only on the goal post & Kicks in very hard so that he scores the goal at the appropriate time.3 Cheers!!!
    ** Logan Sir & Lady Diana eagerly awaiting for your views.

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    At last! we’ve the approval for the warrants!

    Now hopefully the slow and seductive dance of the share price increase will begin. I expect it to be slow initially with sudden spurts in between. Let’s see.

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    Logan, my sincere apologies for hurting your feelings. I have never meant to hurt anyone on this board.This is just out of frustration when things don’t go the way you want. Even the almighty must have heard my feelings today and blessed with the pw news. Cheers.
    Disc: invested.


    What does one mean at last. OMG Its a natural process, Once the shareholders approve. It will & Ought to happen. Period. What happened wrt to the meet with the Promoter. I do not think we need one at the moment, Whats important is the need to understand as to how much our company has moved forward with regards to the recent LOC as this is the second lender in place of the last lender with good terms & conditions,As per last conference call, The promoter of our company has emphasized on it. Yeh ho jayega to life jhingalala. Sone pe suhaaga. Gut feeling says it will also happen soon. Lets all wait with patience pls. Allow it to manifest. Cheers !!!!

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    @Raj, no need to apologise to me, I know how frustrating it is to see the price going down even after seeing good developments happening in the company.

    Everyone should thank the @admin for creating this forum. Everyone has gained so much because of this forum (even the haters of this forum). You get different opinions on different topics. You don’t get this in other places. Obviously we’ll be biased on many things but no other forum has shared the amount of knowledge that this forum has shared.

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    01-04-2021, what a good day !! We got the good news on the approval of PW on the first day of fy 2021-22. Congratulations to the CEO. It’s time to celebrate as I personally feel being shareholders of company, we are with the company for any good work, accomplished targets , positive news, positive outcome. Also, on the contrary it’s our duty to criticise the company if they lag in the performance. Now with this approval of PW, hopefully new beginning is on the way and as CEO rightly said he has learned from the past mistakes. We all shareholders will definitely standby with him for the good work and improvement in good governance when ever such happens, the beginning of the same happened today.
    Hopefully, now onwards things will improve day by day and automatically all naysayers will become yes-sayers.
    The long term investors are sentimental with this share n waiting for years to get its fair valuation.
    This year is going to be the booming year for Advt companies, its my prediction. Watch it….
    After hard work of many years now the company have reached the stage from here onwards, the sky is the limit, hopefully 🙏

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    Thanks Logan sir and DH for striving to help the retail small investors.god Bless you both

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    Dear @Admin / senior Experts and all members,

    Many thanks for maintaining the wonderful Technical Forum. I would admit straight away that “only because of the input / expert advice” gained from this forum & little-bit due diligence from my side about the company, I have managed to accumulate more than a million qnty of shares since July 2020. Please accept my sincere thanks to everyone who have have shared a valuable information (Technical & Non-technicals) about BCG. My investment duration will be for 2-3 years and down the line we may see lot of unprecedented events & I am very well prepared for the same. Congratulations and Best wishes to all BCGians including the Promoter(s). Thank you again.

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    Sombdy in MMB says the in-principal approval for Warrents came on 01.04.2021. Cany anybody confirm this

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    Bcg pW approval is given by the exchanges. Hoping for better times in brightcom group share. Incidentally my prediction based on planetary positions also coincides

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    Dear All: Much awaited PW approved! Cheers! BCG Members Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu! Members have waited with bated breath for this to happen and in the coming days their fruits of patience will materialize with significant appreciation of price after a few more issues get resolved. At this point, I would like respected knowledgeable members to discuss and help their friends with the price targets. There would be a tendency for people to sell early and regret later with appreciation of price. No doubt anyone can sell at any point, but with knowledge gained through discussion, there can be an educated sell which can make or break people’s lives. Hope to have a good discussion on “Price Targets.” Thank You.

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