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    @logan or any fellow boarders do you have any info about for how much price lycos sold one of its subsidiary Gamesville. com to Golden Hearts Gaming Inc in April 2020?

    Since gaming has become very popular off-late across the World attracting billions of dollars in valuations I thought it would have been better had Lycos not sold it.

    Iam asking this because if it was sold at a decent prices then BCG shouldn’t have to arrange additional money to pay to Daum as enough money should have been realised from the Gamesville sale to fund the repayment issue.


    Hyderabad Investors Team and @Rathi & Team, and few more members messaged me on my e-mail. I have sent my contact details to them. Infact spoke to one of the Hyderabad investor today, we are planning to meet SKR next week once we get other contact details from people in Hyderabad and form a group jointly (Larger Group of 8 to 10 people) to take this forward. Anyone interested who is in Hyderabad, kindly drop me a note with your contact details, shall get back to you and add you in our group.

    Venue and Details will be shared in next few days.

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    @rathi_b @anirudhreddy @logan & all the Hyderabad team members who plan to meet SKR sometime in the next few days kindly raise the following issues.

    1. Regarding the sale of GAMESVILLE (Part of LYCOS) in April 2020 & the amount of money received from its sales plus who received the proceeds of the sales (Daum or BCG)? & Does this sale change the payments to Daum with regards to Lycos?

    2. Regarding the approvals of PWs, whether the company received any communication from the exchanges?

    3. Regarding the urgency to improve corporate governance & investor relations which is very substandard right now.

    4. Regarding the current status of LOC.

    5. Regarding the auditing & consolidation of its 16 international subsidiaries.

    If other investors have any more queries & doubts they should voice it so that the Hyderabad team which is planning to meet the CEO will be able to raise those issues & get clarifications.

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    @rathi_b @anirudhreddy @logan & all the Hyderabad team members who plan to meet SKR,
    Please dnt get trapped or fall in his sweet talks this time. If he show any documents, look at it carefully. For example ..high chance that he wil show LoC doc from Goldman sachs which is irrelevant for now. So look at all the proofs very-2 carefully with date mentioned on that.


    @sac6310, Your points well noted and we will ensure all the related discussion will happen with skr. however, as collectively we Hyderabad team has decided to wait for few more days max untill end of month for communication on PW’s status from exchanges before going for any meaningful discussion.

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    @Logan #11372

    Technically chart is well poised and once 14 is broken, we might go above 40 and even 55-60 , according to my friend who studies charts.

    What are your views ?

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    @anirudhreddy @rathi_b @Logan & all the members of the Hyderabad team kindly decide a date to meet the CEO & other senior management members before 31st of March because from 1st April quiet period (quarterly results period) starts during which the company cannot discuss anything & this ends only after the declaration of the quarterly results.

    So all of you please check these issues before fixing an appointment with the CEO & Management.


    I really appreciate the efforts of the Hyderabad team who are planning to meet skr soon but previous meetings didn’t bear any fruit on ground with respect to share price manipulation.

    1) As SKR is good with speeches and knows how to deal with shareholders with his words so I request this time the members to pressurize the CEO and make him understand how frustrated the long term investors are and how most investors are planning to take legal steps in any way possible to stop the manipulation if management is least interested.

    2) Also need to highlight the pathetic corporate governance and failed timelines. The recent distribution of dividends (though I don’t care about the dividend neither I mailed to get it) but it highlights the poor governance when they fail to pay according to SEBI guidelines.
    Make them realise investors didn’t care about the dividend but the way it was distributed did more damage than any good to the already shattered corporate governance image of BCG.

    3) Also I beleive questions need to be raised on what’s their future plan with business in India as their standalone performance is not picking up in anyway.

    4) why consolidation of all subsidiaries are kept in hold as its important for market sentiment to grow positive and an entity under one umbrella will unlock the company value further.

    5) Instead of dividends in the near future let the company go for buyback with that money to reduce free floating shares.


    @Diana and Logan, request to guide us where are we struck again here in the vicious circle of value discovery and market participation. Nothing seems to excite the market. Completely cluleless about PW’s and things been halted here for what purpose can only be guessing. What will be the situation pre and post PW also could not be acertain. What do you think for a respectable PE market cap we need to wait for more unfolding stories. We have planned meet up with skr, but would like to take your opinion on where we stand as of today. We feel Corporate Governance is the issue and its improvement seems far from over as we wait patiently.

    Diana Horton
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    Many Thanks for asking me an opinion.

    I completly agree with you and majority of the members of the forum and there is Blatant Manipulation going on.

    WE have collected as much vital evidence we need to and if need be to bring this management down.

    Having said that, The management has revealed some signs of progress in the pending job, which is a good news. But, thats NO EXCUSE to RIG the stock down.

    Herewith I am attaching the JPEG of the Rally that has happened in the last two years. If you look into the patterns, Every year these guys pegged year end of March or Begining of April for thier rally to begin. It might be thier Finances situation or BENPOS Manipulation to set the record straight before the Financial Year end.

    There is NO meaning having any Kind of sensible conversation with the management as NOTHING TRUE will be coming out and all will be decorated Blatant lies, especially to SUIT the management NEEDS.The pattern is Create an artificial problem or an issue and Peg the same to the M cap suppression and blame the same on the market.

    Anirudh.., I have given myself some time untill the end of this financial year, which is almost a week in front.If the true rally dosent start, I shall reach out to you.I do have your email contact ID to do the needful.

    Hope this helps

    Many Thanks


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    @Diana @Anirudhreddy @Rathi_B @Logan One thing promoters should get it “very loud & clear” that no matter whatever games & tactics he & his operator friends play to keep the stock prices in a range bound single digit levels & whatever may be the time frame of these dubious games no retail shareholder will sell his/her share at these ridiculously cheap prices like the big PE investors did from time to time.

    Even if the stock prices goes to ZERO I for sure will not sell it (hope rest of the individual shareholders will also concur on this) so that you can gobble up the entire company at throwaway prices which is worth several billions of dollars.

    Its high time promoters learnt & understood that its a zero sum game as they will loose much more if they continue to antagonise the shareholders by trying to ramp up their stakes through unfair means by keeping the stock prices deliberately in a range bound manner for a prolonged periods of time & also by controlling the flow of news & events to suit their needs.

    The promoters & management should clearly keep in mind that individual shareholders have so much power that they can change or remove them from the company for the way in which corporate governance & investor relations are being badly handled for the past few years.

    So its high time the management & promoters realised their dubious game is over & changed for the better otherwise investors will be forced to knock the doors of regulators & other fora for upholding their genuine rights.

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    On the one side there is a regional player in digital adtech space Affle whose market cap rose by about Rs.300 crores on a single day today by a 5% jump in the stock price & on the other side there is Brightcom group which is almost 8-10 times bigger in terms of sales/profits than Affle yet its trading at a pathetic market cap of just about Rs.460 crores despite it being a global player in digital adtech for far longer time than any Indian company but recently Affle raised about Rs.1100 crores through placements to big institutional investors by diluting less than 10% stakes whereas BCG raised merely about Rs.265 crores by diluting a massive 60% stakes & that too to unknown investors.

    BCG also would have been enjoying a bigger market cap than Affle but only due to the pathetic state of affairs as far corporate governance issues is concerned & the CG issues are mostly artificial only to keep the stock prices at penny levels to frustrate retail shareholders so as to make them sell their stakes cheaply so that the promoters & their friendly groups corner (buy) most of the shares at throwaway prices.

    These games cannot be played on forever as it will hurt the promoters the most if they take retail shareholders for granted, many shareholders have been invested & have been patient for the past 7-8 years & their patience is wearing thin now & its only a matter of time before they started taking action to safeguard their interests by knocking the doors of regulators & other statutory bodies, so its high time the promoters smelt the coffee & changed their mindset for the better & concentrated only on improving the business & practiced good corporate governance which is beneficial to all the stakeholders.

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    Me and couple of my friends havn’t received dividend yet inspite of sending an email. For 1st email response was quick asking my DP and Client IDs and provided immediately. It’s been a month I am sending frequent reminders and no response and no dividend from BCG.

    I wonder, how can a listed company not comply SEBI rules?!. How long we suffer like this??. Should we??

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    Well spoken @jay69. From time to time, one expresses his or her frustrations with this abominable attitude of SKR and his toothless board. No independent director worth his or her salt would be a silent spectator to the manoeuvrings on display of such brazen price manipulation and control, not to speak of countless missed timelines (so convincingly articulated by Mr Reddy to a ‘desperately seeking redemption’ audience of wanting to believe retailers) of various important milestones that could have lifted the company to an altogether different hemisphere of sought after new-age tech companies.
    The shamelessness of it all and the complete lack of ethical responsibility toward the ‘trusting’ shareholder of a public listed company is truly mind- boggling.
    But then, as I have stated before, we bleat but no avail.
    We are toothless too, like the other board members, in this charade being played out- just puppets on a string being deftly jerked around by the one and only master puppeteer.

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    Apologies. Bleat but to no avail.


    @Diana, Many thanks for your reply to my post. I agree with you Lets wait till end of this FY2021 and see if there is change from April 1st week onwards, both in behaviour and pattern of stock movement and at same time needy (one man show) attitude to see if he/operators let it go its own way without further manipulation and sustainable rally happens in BCG.

    Action Plan is ready if it continues beyond a limit and set timelines. @Rathi ji and Hyderabad investors have some plans depending on what comes out and span out in next few days. For sure we won’t be just finished with sweet talks and blatant lies. Please do contact me once you feel its the right time to collectively take action for all the best interest of Retail Shareholders. We have to fight our battle without leaving it to someone’s mercy.

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    @anirudhreddy @DH @Logan @mayur @rathi_b

    If things don’t work out as expected, I think we shall take legal advice/action as well. We will contribute towards lawyer fees if the need arises. This can’t go on forever. Enough of these dirty games. Let’s be ready with all options & take a collective decision.

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    Dear members most of the offices in hitech City, Madhapur and Miyapur are closed due to increase in covid cases, the offices have been shut till first week of April now. It looks that the meeting is likely to happen at the earliest in the second week of April. Apologies, but there is not much we can do. We are still trying our best.

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    seriously , BCG management is testing height of our patience . Every management wants to increase their market cap and this management is pathetic. Qualify for Rarest of rare.

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    @rathi_b Is SKR ready to meet or team will walk-in directly? Did anyone receive any communication from BCG IR in this regard?

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