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    Folks, One more Excellent development. Now company growth on war footing. Cannot even imagine the growth that will take place from now on.

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    Board meeting on 28th June on results and dividend from the company 🚀🚀🚀😊


    Year 2011 dividend declared was Rs 1. I.e 10 yrs ago. Hope this time it will declare Rs 2-3. That means slowly & Surely company will keep growing in the right direction,LOC & Acquisition will change the game forever. It will keep generating, Creating wealth in times to come. A must stock in one’s portfolio. Cheers !!!

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    The announcement of consideration of dividend along with the audited results on 28th June 2021 is very good news indeed @kris. But we have to be realistic in our expectations.
    The face value is Rs.2/- per share. Last year 2.5% dividend was declared, equivalent to 5 paise per share. I very much doubt it could jump from 2.5% to 100 or 150% ( Rs 2 or 3 per share). Unrealistic to expect a 100 crore plus dividend payout when an acquisition is on the cards and Daum still needs to be paid off.
    A prudent ( though not conservative ) but consistent dividend policy would be better appreciated, particularly with a much larger paid-up capital post the conversion of the warrants ( whenever that happens).
    I just hope that the much talked about Line of Credit actually materialises to enable the company to rapidly ramp up its existing and new businesses.


    Realistically yes. I stand corrected. Thank you, @odysee.

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    @Investor_2022, I didn’t share my thoughts on ESOPs because we don’t have any information on that. I think we’ll have to wait till the conference call to get proper information. In the board meeting they’ll just approve the ESOP plan but I don’t think they’ll share complete details. Whatever opinions I share on that topic will only be speculation or guesses.

    Generally investors see ESOPs as a good thing and the market has also reacted positively.

    Regarding the Audio Ad news, it’s a good move by the company to update and invite everyone to the event. All these years these things used to happen at the subsidiary level and we didn’t get to know about all that. These things change the perception about the company, especially it’s stock.

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    @ Loganji, thank you very much for reply.
    We will wait for your valuable views after next events like (1) meeting of ESOPs, (2) Audio webinar, (3) FY 21 result & dividend and (4) FY21 con call.

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    Sub: Board Meeting Update
    Further to the board meeting intimation dated May 31, 2021, this is to inform you that in its
    meeting scheduled to be held on Wednesday, June 09, 2021, the board of directors shall
    consider the following item:
    To authorize Mr. Suresh Reddy and Mr. Bradley Cohen to represent the Company’s interests in
    the discussions and negotiations concerning any business development, joint ventures,
    acquisitions, mergers and financing opportunities for and on behalf of the Company.

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    Dear Friends,

    So, it’s very clear that Miami based “Digital Audio” acquisition is going to happen soon (may be before the webinar on 23rd). Since “Mr Cohen” based in US who has vast experience of more than 18 years with BCG may handle the business. It’s a great developmental news. What an amazing back-to-back media release by BCG. Congratulations & good luck to all BCGians. Let’s forget about all past negative thoughts and almost everything came to an end to pave the way to show BCG’s real value (BCG may approach the first target of it’s BV soon). LOC will be the next outcome which may also happen soon….

    I personally thank @Logan, @admin and many other long term highly knowledgeable members who have shared your insights on BCG from which I have gained a lot of insights and ultimately managed to buy significant qnty since one year. Many thanks again to all the members and Congratulations for the forthcoming nonstop mela 🙏👍👌🌺🍰🍰🍰…

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    1. Employee Stock Option Scheme namely, “Brightcom Group Employees Stock Option Scheme – 2021” and implementation of the same through the “Brightcom Group Employee Welfare and ESOP Benefit Trust” (The Trust).

    To provide an interest-free loan by the Company to purchase BCG shares by the Trust from the secondary market.

    Total number of Options to be granted under the Scheme shall not exceed 5% (Five percent) of the paid-up equity capital as on March 31, 2021.

    Exercise price shall not be less than the average market price at which the equity shares of the Company are acquired by the Trust.

    Such loans to the ESOP Trust shall not exceed the limit of 2% (two percent) of the aggregate of paid-up share capital and free reserves of the Company.

    Kindly requesting senior boarders to throw light on these points.

    Optimus Prime 06
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    I wanna thank Mr. Admin for creating this forum..and special thanks to Mr Logan for educating us..thanks is the small word to express my gratitude..


    @optimusPrime06. I fully endorse your view.Humongous effort in imparting knowledge that too selflessly. Thank you is a very small word for Sir Logan as well as to Admin. Gratitude! Gratitude & More Gratitude. Request Admin as well as Logan Sir to partake their views on the recent developments in the Company. As usual Cheers !!! from my side to all the folks on this forum.

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    @Logan – Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the guiding light to all the investors who follow you here. You have fought against all the odds and have been consistent in your views throughout. You took us through an amazing journey, selflessly imparting your knowledge about the company & the industry in detail and helped making everyone self reliant.

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    @ Loganji and admin ji, thank you very very much.
    With the grace of great God and you, we kept ourselves inspired to hold the stock. Let’s hope that we all will hold this for long long time to make our wealth very very high.

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    ESOP announcement is very positive for the stock as
    1. It is not resulting in any dilution of equity through fresh issuance, but by purchasing from secondary market
    2. Because they are earmarking upto 2% of paid up equity + paid up capital and the ceiling for the # of shares is set as 5% of the paid up equity capital as of 31st March – This would mean that the company would be acquiring shares from secondary market through employee welfare trust by spending upto 70-72 crores to purchase upto 2.5 crore shares – This move would support the share price above 28 rupees per share
    3. Due to the proposed ESOP, retail shareholding could get reduced by up to a maximum of 5%, a HUGE plus for price stability of the stock
    4. Since this purchase from secondary market cannot start till 16th July, the share price would move up and consolidate ONLY around the 28 rupee mark from the current 13.44, an assured 100% appreciation from current level and about 250% appreciation from the previous base of around 8 rupees, sufficient enough jump for institutional investors (mutual fund) to jump into this counter, which can keep the price momentum up
    5. Spending of this 72 crores would not create cash flow problems given that the company has about 65 crore from their recent PW money…
    6. At around 28-30 rupees, PE multiple would be a respectable 3-3.5 instead of current value of 1.5, which would allow big players to get into this counter..

    Finally looking the timeline window of these announcements (potal ballot window is right within annual results and they have acquisition, LOI financing, dividend related long pending news and the mention of company authorizing CEO to take decisions surrounding this) could only mean that they have lined up news flow to support the price action upto about 28-30 rupees

    For the patient long term investors, now is Time to finally reap the rewards ..

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    My last post (posted about 3 hours back) is not appearing. Has it been withheld/blocked?

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    @diana_horton,@logan ,@admin and all others

    With respect to recent development below
    1. ESOP
    2. intrest free loan to trust
    3. ESOP to foreign subsidiary employess( now company will be under preformance pressure if price remain low) and their own annual package will be tied with ESOP.
    4.Bran chohen Bran cohen authorisation for merger ,accquisition etc
    5.Dividend annoucment ( i hope this time it will surely not be a token amount).
    6. corporate governance improvement(little bit only)

    do you think either LoC is already granted or might be one man army sure shot confident of getting it soon?
    what else thing are coming in your thought procress about upcoming triggeres ,events

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    My personal opinion

    1) I don’t think DAUM,LOC acquisition will be done before ESOP, I think they have and know timeline and came with ESOP
    2) I see Q4 results as normal as SKR told required LOC for growth in numbers, and expect do not expect big dividend bz funds will be allocated for ESOP also,
    3) I think from Aug,Sep onwards 3-5% liquidity also reduces and we can see long waiting items will be resolved one by one.
    4) Definitely LOC will be turnaround story for BCG brand and growth. hope it will be done ASAP.


    Alpha, The flipper flips it & Snatches 25 lac plus shares from rattled investors in 2 days. Will it continue. Cannot say. Cheers !!!

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