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    Well Anirudh, I believe let’s not fight against one man. It doesn’t matter and nobody cares if Logan is SKR, an insider from the management, a paid agent like in MMB, telegram channel or just a retail investor of BCG. Our fight should be against BCG and it’s management. If we can take action against them than if someone is wearing a mask they too will face the heat.

    I would like you, mayur, Diana and all other long term investors who believe and have evidence to go forward and take action against the management be it any legal way.
    Let there be a forensic audit.
    Individual doesn’t matter, let there be an investigation and make things clear once and for all. Losing our invested money is not a big deal but to ride a false hope is.
    Like I said before if company is clean than any enquiry will not do harm.

    There are agents working for the management/operators in all platforms. It is evident from AGM itself when during concall how cleverly SKR made their selected people to ask questions so that no one could ask anything about PW’s.

    I have already mailed you once. I’m from Guwahati so can’t be physically present but will try to help anyway possible. But yes, my fight is not against any individual. I just want things to get clear regarding what’s happening inside the management.


    @Alfa44, thats what i am doing brother. My fight is only with management and not with BCG as i know its fundamentals. However Its evident and clear that it is run by one man that is skr. And now when we know that management person is impersonating here with all of us, and checking sentiments, expectations and influencing some beliefs on company like asset imparement, write off and quick to bounce on any negativity on company ceo all this years have been exposed today. What is left to us as investor to rely upon when we know our destiny and expectations is managed by skr himself and that man here in form of Logan is discussing way forward and company fundamentals, is no sense to me. I have decided to prove SKR involvement in this forum with an Mask Id as a Ceo of company to Cyber IT cell and Forensic Audit team to help us the role of a listed company CEO in involving in a discussion on public platform.

    I am still waiting for his registered email id and IP addresses, once i have it handy, i will initate next steps. And by no means it is against anyone, but the game played here with us and then discussion we had with such person here is against the norms/rules by SEBI, Exchanges, explicitly involved in discussion about company in public platform and deceiving the company investors with an ID with a mask ID.


    SKR is at the helm of affairs, So naturally he will rule the operations of the company along with his team & is running the show for past consecutive 25 yrs. So according to you deceiving for the past so many years and off late chosen this forum to deceive. Good to know it from you. Second which rule or regulations insist that the promoter of a company has no right to write on a forum in his personal capacity, Pls provide the link. Cheers !!!


    Last con call. Skr did say that PW is under process as the shareholders have given the nod to go ahead. On asking regarding time for approval, He stated its under process & We have to wait for it & Eventually it did come in as informed to the exchanges on 1st of April 2021. Sequence wise allotment has to get through which will also eventually happen. Wait for it. Cheers !!!

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    @anirudhreddy – First of all, do not worry I am not going to block you. Earlier I used to block IDs and moderating the discussion so that rouges from MMB do not hijack this new forum. From few months I am not interfering in any of the discussions and leave it for others to sort it out.

    Now that you have asked me to share personal details of a member, I cannot share at this time as it is a breach of privacy. I will definitely share all the details with the respective agency if there is any probe. Meanwhile I would request you to share with us here in the forum whatever evidence you have got, so that it is transparent and benefit everyone. If there is substance in it, then you will get support from more investors in whatever you are doing. I request others as well to share any information of wrongdoing, so that everyone benefit out of it and take a informed decision.


    @Kris, thank you for strong advocacy as expected by new IDs floating here suddenly.

    Promoter can right anywhere and everywhere even on MMB and yes you were right at its personal capacity, So Mr Kris, Aka Logan Aka Suresh whats your original capacity writing in public platforms. Mask Ids without revaling your intent of posting here without knowing we are dealing with an MD and CEO of a listed company never shows personal capacity, it always means meanfull capacity. So Did you mention you are writing with the capcity of a CEO of company or a shareholder of a company with your own investors, isnt sound conflict of interest. Which school are you graduated? IIT Kharagpur, we forgot you need to take training on Corp Governance first to understand rules of engagement with investors.


    @Admin, if its a privacy issue so my finding and observations remain confidential as well since here everything remains masked with each identity is not original as we know. I agree let the agency request for details and will get in touch at right time with required details as and when its need to be. Rest ensure you have my email id to speak in person. I am not gonna disclose anything here, as i know most of the IDs have started appearing from management itself and i dont want to reveal anything before it gets investigated. Yes for authencation purpose everything will be revealed with your help and data in this blog.

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    BCG has become “One of the Most Difficult Conundrum Even for the Experts.” Reasons are many that the price is kept ‘in and around’ the 7.8 level. Only a seasoned Expert apart from the Management would understand this Conundrum. Everybody else needs to have an “Extra Borrowed Ounce” of patience before BCG could jump to the next level and tease the impatient to sell their shares after which the final “Let Loose” could happen with the assistance of the overall macro environment. One has invested in a Healthy Running Company should be Biggest Solace and one has to the live with that up until each expectation is met.

    A sincere request to People from BCG Management if any in this Discussion Group: Enough is Enough with the manipulation if any. Many investors have believed in the company and have invested their hard earned monies.. They are waiting with bated breath for their investment in BCG to appreciate having missed many opportunities the market had provided all these years… Sincerely request the Management to solve all pending issues as soon as possible enabling BCG a positive free run in it’s price.


    So you mean to say, I am 1 more id floated to write here. Figment of high imagination to say the least. I was writing on this forum from day 1 when this forum was created, Wherein there was no need to register during that period. I am now registered and I am also a investor like you & As far as corporate governance is concerned Skr has agreed that its poor in umpteen con calls till date. So where is the hitch only in perception, Change your self inflicted perception. Also we graduate from universities not from Schools.

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    @ANIRUDH ur telling managenent proxies here to tell gud abt management and keep retail investers intrested at the same time u tell management keeping price suppressed . Both dont go togther if they want price suppresed easiest way is to make retailers panicky and sell why wud thy want to defend mangement here… u hv to be patient other u r free to sell and go our give ur complaint and see the result .. unnecessary fight here like mc

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    It is true that the price is not moving up anywhere near to our expectations. We expected a minimum of 52 weeks high after Axis closure. But now even after PW approval, we are not seeing any kind of buying interest in BCG.
    But a couple of good news like 1. SHP with no pledge shares 2. New acquisition 3. LOC 4. Daum closure can move the price up very quickly to BV or if management decides then towards the fair market price.

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    @anirudhreddy, did you start accusing me because one person on MMB wrote that the CEO is using my id or do you have any proof? If you have any proof then please share it with everyone. Just because you don’t like someone (me), you simply can’t accuse them of weird things. If you were a person who respects other people, you would’ve asked me directly whether I’m associated to the CEO instead of accusing me like this.

    Anyways, I’m in no way associated with the CEO or any promoters or the management or any organization. I’m an individual investor just like everyone else here. I have invested my hard earned money in BCG just like others.

    Please do complain against me to the authorities. I’m not worried about your accusations because I have nothing to fear and I have nothing to hide. I haven’t done anything wrong. Actually it’s you who should be fearful about complaining to the authorities. Do you know what happens if the authorities find that you gave a false complaint? Have you checked that before making any accusation? If you find out that I have zero connections to the CEO, will you apologize to me publicly? Also remember that I can sue you for giving false complaints.

    If you can’t respect other people then just ignore them. Yes, sometimes I support/defend the CEO and sometimes I criticize him, it all depends on what he does (or did) and it doesn’t depend on my mood. I won’t criticize him or anyone just because I’m in a bad mood. Also I won’t support him if he takes bad decisions. Have you seen me supporting him when the company delayed paying dividends or have you seen me defend him on the pathetic state of corporate governance? Have you seen me supporting the PW issuance?

    You have written many times that you will complain to the authorities against the CEO/company/management etc. Have I stopped you from doing that? Or have I written telling you not to do that?

    I don’t understand how talking about fundamentals like BCG’s business, ad-tech industry, subsidiaries etc is something wrong. It’s your wish that you don’t care about these things but you can’t force it on others. One person wrote that Brightcom was not part of BCG and for that I gave a reply clarifying his confusion, how is that bad? Also, I don’t understand how talking about the impairment topic makes me evil. If you are not aware, many companies impaired their assets last year because of corona and other companies have been doing impairments since many years. Also understand that it’s not just BCG that has impaired its assets. Just a simple Google search will give you many results. I don’t see it as defending the CEO or the company. I won’t simply come and write any post unnecessarily. It’s only you who has problems with me talking about fundamentals, all the other board members appreciate me for talking about the fundamentals.

    Do remember that it was me who suggested/requested the Hyderabad members to visit the company and talk to the CEO/management directly. That time we had more uncertainty because of the Axis issue in NCLT. Where were you that time?

    As you know, I have argued with Diana Horton many times, but not even once I accused her of anything and she also didn’t accuse me like you have accused me now. Me and Diana respect each other even if we have different opinions. The same goes with other members also, I respect everyone and their views. I have argued with many people here but no one accused me of weird things. They respect my opinions even if they don’t like what I write.

    Talking about misguiding others,

    How many complaints have you given to the authorities about the company or/and the CEO till now? You always talk about doing that but what has stopped you? I can also accuse you of misguiding others right? I can say that you are using your id to bring negativity about the company and suppress the stock prices right? Have you thought about that.

    And the timing of your arrival to this forum is also suspicious. You registered in the forum 1 month, 3 weeks back which is the time PW was not yet approved. What if you are from the management team and you want to bring negativity about the stock so that it didn’t go up till PW got approved? You check the emotions of investors, you influence and trap them saying you have evidence and will complain to the authorities etc. Since day one of your registration I haven’t seen you sharing any evidence here. How to take you seriously?

    Then you say fundamentals, ad-tech, subsidiaries are not at all important and these are blah-blah etc. Aren’t you misguiding people on this? What if some person takes you seriously and he/she doesn’t care about the fundamentals and if something bad happens in the company’s fundamental and if it goes bankrupt, will you protect that investor’s money? Be aware that you are writing in a public forum and you should think 10 times before writing anything.

    Don’t worry I’m not immature like you to accuse someone if I don’t have any evidence/proof. You wouldn’t have accused me if the price had reached double digits or if it was in upper circuit every day. I’m mature enough to understand the market dynamics and well aware that BCG is not a normal stock and it is plagued by operators. Also all your evidence is based on guesses and information written in MMB. If I take what’s written on MMB seriously then even God won’t help me.

    If I have any complaints about the CEO/company/management, I’ll deal with them directly. If I find something wrong and in case if I have to give a complaint, I’ll do it directly.

    There’s a limit to what you can talk about others. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you it won’t make them part of the management or it won’t make that person the CEO. It’s childish to even think that if a person supports and defends the CEO then that person is the CEO. In this forum I defend the CEO but in other places I defend many other people so taking your logic seriously, then I’m Virat Kohli because I support and defend him many times. It also makes me PM Narendra Modi because I support and defend him. Please tell me who I am among these people? I’m really confused.

    Also you are saying that another person in this forum is also the CEO. If whoever defends the CEO is in fact CEO then many people defend him many times, are they all same person?

    Before commenting anything, try to think what you are about to do. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. You can’t go around accusing everyone of being part of the management just because you think so. Respect other people and respect their opinions. This is a forum for people to express their views and opinions. Everyone will have different opinions and you can’t expect them to agree with you on every topic.

    Criticizing the CEO all the time doesn’t make you genuine investor and supporting him doesn’t make me the CEO or part of the company. Giving speeches and accusing others is easy but make sure that you have some solid proof for your allegations. You can’t say that you told so because you read it on MMB.

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    Dear anirudh dont blame any person of this forum.logan has analised and gave the deep information on the co,and i invested from 2015 and at early days i have no detailed information about the receivables and adtech industry,after i followed head stud,diana logan some articales in 2016 i came to know the bussiness has a bright future.if you can help the retail investers you must raise complaint against ceo and take legal action on is no use to blame each other.

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    Stock price may be controlled till 18 months from the date of issue of PW…..

    SKR need cash urgently to take some strategic business decision. As LOC is getting delayed he switched to PW as financing instrument I believe. As as business man I feel it is a good decision. Because when opportunity is their it won’t make sense to delay the strategic decisions.

    I feel SKR is not fool to let go the price of stock high, he will try to keep the stock in control, till the LOC is approved, once the LOC gets approved he may use the funds to buy back the shares from the open market.( I am saying MAY buy not WILL buy)

    Leave about ethics from some time and let us think other way, if we pledge our gold for some emergency, and borrow money from the market, will we prefer to buy back the gold pledged at lower price or at the market price. Even SKR May/will be thinking on this line.

    No doubt the 50+ so called investors will get benefit, but definitely not a multibagger benefit, in 18 months it may hardly go up by 40 to 50%.

    So no point in criticising anybody here. It all depends on why you need money, if you need money for your immediate problems, this is not the stock to be, but if you can withstand the risk, yes you can go ahead.

    It is like starting a new business, which invites risk with it, but you have to take a call to start a business by having correct measure of resource in your hand and your commitments in life. If resource in hand is limited and commitment in life is very high, better to choose a safe job make things settled and then enter the business. Else a small jolt in the business will look like a catastrophe.


    God bless you all with better wisdom and better sense prevail. Hope you all get your investments fruitful. I gave up to your Unity and Diversity you all have created by SKR directione all around here. This forum is badly hijacked and corrupted with one side discussions. An investigation where the chairman is itself SKR, justice is far from done i think i choose the wrong platform to expect some common sense from genuine investors. Well done Diana, Odysee, expected some genuinty and real investors in you to vain. Seems You all desrve BCG as a better place to be in and sense appreciation with SKR’s Pride in covering him and turning your backs.

    Singing off and Enjoy your investments here. Dont bother continue Phd’s discussion here with no justice needed here and market valuation and think like a CEO of BCG. Say your boss he achieved another milestone.

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    @anirudhreddy – what happened, yesterday you waged a war against SKR / Logan …And said that war is between you and him…And was ready to face any criminal cases filed against you

    I thought you have a strong evidence or atleast a preliminary evidence and is going to fight it out and prove it to all…even without any support from anyone

    Why such a sudden withdrawal now even before starting the war…are you thinking that some 100s of people are going to start believing your evidences without even knowing what you have collected till date …Or is it just a theory which you are shooting in dark and see how people are going to react to you

    I don’t think people are going to support you blindly…unless you bring in some real credibility about yourself in this forum….And it’s not going to happen just by sharing your name or email id

    Even the three other people who are aware of this matter as per you, also has not come in support of you…If these people are not trusting you and supporting your words how do you expect others to come in support of you

    You got response from admin and from Logan too…Please respond to them with your evidences or analysis…While others can see the same and decide on what is the reality

    Forget about individuals believing you any further, if you decide to start throwing mud on DH, admin and others citing them as reason for not taking it forward

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    @anirudhreddy, investing in BCG or any other stock is one’s own decision and for that matter it is the individual who is responsible.. Even if it is SKR himself what’s wrong in it??
    If you are lured and invested in this stock , it is your mistake and you don’t know anything regards to investing in stock market.. Yes we are all unhappy that the stock is not moving as expected and with the management..that doesn’t mean one can blame other one who wrote good about the stock…
    This is blatant violation of the forum ..admin better block him..
    I always believe if i invest in a stock whether it is a success or loss i have to blame me not others..Can i blame someone who give daily targets on MMB on many stocks.. To me i won’t bother even if Logan is SKR , rather i will be happy that a CEO write about his stocks on a forum.. Done blame me also SKR..

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    I really appreciate and would like to thank everyone for supporting me when some people made baseless allegations against me.

    The allegations made by that person are very silly and they don’t even make any sense. He’s making his allegations based on comments made by one person in MMB and he thinks that if someone defends/supports the CEO/company then that person must be the CEO.

    I’m least bothered about his accusations. First of all, the authorities won’t take him seriously because he has no evidence for his arguments. Then if they do take it seriously, then one Aadhaar card is enough to show that I’m not the CEO. Later I can file a complaint against him for harassing me and for giving a false complaint. I will later sue him. He has openly threatened and blackmailed me saying that he’ll hack into my system to know my IP and MAC addresses. That’s violation of privacy and a serious crime. Not just me but he even accused that the CEO is using @kris id when kris replied to him. This is so silly. Then yesterday he accused almost every forum member of being associated with the company. This is insanity to a whole new level. If he does give any complaint against us then later we all can sue him for giving false complaints.

    (On a lighter note – never trust people who like their own comments)

    I don’t understand how writing about fundamentals is a crime. He wrote that I’m checking sentiments of people on topics like write off, impairment etc. It was not me who wrote about the impairment topic first, it was some other member. Going by that person’s logic, then it’s the other forum member who is trying to check people’s sentiments on impairment topic by writing about that. What I replied was that impairments are common in product based companies and BCG can’t keep Lycos’ assets in its books when it doesn’t own Lycos (common sense).

    That person has invested in BCG’s stock and he should know what type of a company it is. BCG is a product based company, it develops its own software products (like Compass), and that’s why the intangible assets are also more. That won’t be the case in other companies. Some companies won’t even have intangible assets. Impairments will be more in product based companies, and in companies that acquires other companies paying more than book value. Being investors, its very important to know what type of a company we have invested in. We can’t buy stocks blindly without checking all the important factors. It’s not my fault if he doesn’t know about all these.

    On stock price movements, people have been saying that the CEO/promoters/management are involved in the suppression of prices and that they are controlling everything etc. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, I’ll believe those only if I see some evidence. I don’t like to make any allegation or accusation if I don’t have any evidence on anything. That’s why few days back I said I’ll continue to believe in market dynamics till I see some evidence which shows that promoters are involved in suppressing the prices.

    I won’t support people if they don’t have any evidence and if they just make guesses (or speculations). If we rely on guesses and later complain to the authorities based only on those guesses then, first, the authorities won’t take us seriously and when they do take the complaint and if it turns out to be false then the person against whom we have complained can sue us. I don’t want to be involved in those things.

    One more important thing is, I’ll never stop or discourage anyone from complaining to the authorities if they have evidence which links the CEO/promoters to suppression of prices.

    Obviously operators are involved in BCG’s stock trades and the management should focus their energy on stopping those operators. There are many ways to stop them (or reduce their activities), but in my opinion, reducing the free float will have the biggest impact, so, the company should buy back shares, or stable investors (promoters or institution or HNIs) should buy shares from the open market.

    Then I have seen comments by some people who say that knowing about ad-tech industry is useless and fundamentals don’t matter etc. My advice to everyone is please don’t take those comments seriously. I know it’s very frustrating to see price going down even after having good fundamentals but that should not stop us from tracking the fundamentals. It’s very important to know about the fundamentals of the company and the industry that it is in. When stuff hits the fan (if bad things happen to the company’s fundamentals) then those people won’t come and protect your investments. They’ll misguide you now and later when you ask them about that they’ll say it’s your problem not theirs. This advice is not just for BCG but for any stock that you invest in. Always do both qualitative and quantitative analysis before and after buying any stock.

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    There is some good news on the CoVid Front. A Covid cure could be just about 6 months away. See the following videos.

    And the following News report:

    The cure is based on Nitric Oxide and this is a simple chemical which is well understood by the Medical Profession. So even if this is a Patented medicine, being such a common molecule, I am sure our doctors in India will start experimenting with it on critical Covid cases and cure them. In effect we may see an end to the Covid Pandemic even earlier.

    Here is a case of the Media suppressing this life saving news, which should have hit world headlines the moment there was a successful trial in January of this year. Why suppress it? Because Vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer stands to lose a lot of money and they control the news media with their limitless advertisement budgets.

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    NSE and BSE approval for PW : 1st april.
    15 days i.e 16th april. Today 13th april.
    Still no news about board meeting and approval ? when it will be finally allotted ?

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