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    Seems like nothing gonna happen except wait. Better to forget and write off our investment in BCG.


    I am also thinking of writing, Only after 5 years with a lot of profits in mu kitty. Cheers!!!

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    Good Morning Friends.. Hope everyone is taking utmost care of themselves in this tough situation.


    Interesting how market forces are controlling the price can’t see any manipulation. Rightly said by the man who knows all about BCG!

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    Hope to find all of my friends on this forum in Good Health. Cheers!!! Many a stock on a regular basis keep jumping up in value by almost 100%, sometimes 5 to 10 times on trivial issues…. That they have come down too is another matter…. My point is when most of us believe that BCG has many good parameters and target it at much higher value, the stock should appreciate level by level finally reaching the Milestone… BCG should have been at minimum 15 now that some of the issues have been solved. More issues solved, should touch 25…. and carry on…. I am not able to digest the fact that it is still hovering at 8 on average even after issues being solved…. Being stuck endlessly for months together doesn’t augur well for the stock or the Investor. What is the next trigger that BCG is waiting for? A minimum 50%/100% appreciation from the current price, am I greedy asking for this for so much time passage? Is that BCG would run the marathon at breakneck speed reaching Milestone after Milestone in no time?? Many questions are difficult to answer for ordinary people. Only the Captain and the Operators know what is in store. It is very frustrating seeing your investment sitting Idle eating Peanuts!!!!

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    Dear Mr.Logan

    Please ignore those people who target you. We are in awe about your knowledge and
    you analytical ability. In fact your detailed analysis made people like me to understand about BCG business and keep invested in this stock. Your are the best analyst who covered the BCG, and because of your and this forum we need not look elsewhere for reports. Please continue the good work, for which we the forum members are indebted to you.

    Dear Admin. Hope this is the right time to talk about some other stocks too.
    Mr. Logan also wish to share his knowledge about other stocks. Kindly allow him to proceed.

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    Dear Friends, so far we were thinking that Debt of Axis & PW approval was the main constraint for price suppression. But now considering the current scenario, personally I feel that the main concern for the suppressed price is due to the pledge and less promoter holding (either it should be above 70% or Nil holding would be better). Many company prices have rallied too high even though they have almost half of the debt of its total assets, but pledge is Nil & the promoter /FII/DII holdings are higher. Hence, it would be great if the BCG management will take some action to remove its pledge totally & increase their holdings by utilizing the recently mobilized PW funds of 260Crs (Hopefully it should have been 100% remittance upfront). I hope the management also knows about it very well, but we don’t know their exact Road Map for their forthcoming activities. Anyhow, we have to have some more patience until we get clear picture from BCG which may happen at least before this quarter Conference Call. We proposes…but…BCG disposes!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dear @jay69, I agree with you but if we check the so called companies those are doing good with 26-30% holding are also having huge FII / DII holdings. If there is no FII/DII holdings then ultimately the promoter should keep more % of holdings with them. Whereas in BCG it’s 38:62 ratio now which is little risky. Apart from that I don’t think the pledge is only from Axis (32% of pledge for only 36Crs Axis Debt) and even the CEO didn’t explain well during last conference call about the pledge when one of the investor raised the question. May be during forthcoming conference call we will come to know the reality including the revoke % of pledge. Let’s hope for the best to happen in the coming days. Thank you

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    @logan @DH,

    PWs have already been allocated. Now what next? One thing to note, all these LLPs subscribed to PWs were formed in August/sept 2014. This seems to be well orchestrated drama. I am just wondering, how thick skinned/cunning Needy is? But, he shall remember, no one escapes karma. He will have his own judgement day.

    Looking no light at the end of tunnel. Waiting since 8 years.

    Everyday I wish, affle/ tradedesk like company will take over BCG. Looking at credebility of SKR, takeover also seems impossible.


    Another two months we will see light at the end of the tunnel as Qtly results time around June 25TH along with release of pledge shares, Intervening period sanction of LOC resulting into acquiring of new company, Etc.It has to reach its fair value & will reach. Most Golden period end Dec 2022. Pls wait for it. Cheers !!!


    Going as per trend, It seems its on a downward spiral. 4.85,3.20 on the way. Nothing to worry, What goes down will come up accordingly. Pls note all stocks play zig zag and with time again gain.Keep Patience.Cheers!!!

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    Kris Ji I differ with you. BCG may not come below 5


    Valueji. Most of the time, I am right, Like when oak was to exit, It went down to levels 3 & less. Hope this time you are proved right as usual.Still I will stick to my version.

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    Logan sir it is better to close any litigation fast, as it will give a better image to a company. SKR might have saved 50 odd crores, but lost a lot of opportunities to grow fast. Thanks for your detailed write-up. I also request DH to comment and whether taken any steps as told by DH ( to act with proof) after march 31

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    @valuebuyer001, I don’t think you understood my point. It all depends on your perception. My point was about price and value and timing (best before period). If you are an investor who gives more importance to price and value then paying more money looks stupid but if you give importance to timing more than price and value then delaying the payment looks stupid.

    If you give importance to price and value just think of this – Will you pay 150crs more to buy/get back a worthless asset that won’t add anything to the business? It’s nothing but a perfect example of burning cash without any purpose. And you can’t do that just because there’s a litigation. You also have to look at the severity of the litigation. The case is there since 2016 and what harm did it cause to the business?

    That’s why I said nobody is right or wrong in this. Personally I don’t see any value in Lycos but I can’t force my opinions on anyone.

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    Dear Logan Sir,

    Execellent presentation. Sharing a good knowledge and educating other people is the best service to the humanity, which you are doing well. The important thing is the peson doing service should develop the habit to ignore the criticism . Naturally they will be the one who is targetted more by the critiqes . You rightly said “A single drop of poison can infect an entire well”. We can’t argue with those people”. So dont try to reason with them.
    Our humble request is you continue to share your wisdom which is immensly helpful to the persons like me. So please don’t stop sharing your knowledge either about BCG or any other stock and continue to write please


    Raviji, I fully endorse your view.

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    It would be a tragedy if this forum goes the same way as the Moneycontrol board. We have had wonderful and informative exchanges and posts over the last many months, and a lot of additional knowledge and data about the ad-tech industry, as well as BCG’s historical journey,has been acquired by all on this forum.
    I strongly believe that the coming on board of a few very negative and disruptive elements in the recent past , has led to avoidable acrimonious exchanges on this forum. The targeting of sincere and knowledgeable members without any substance to back their hostile and crude accusations, has created unnecessary divisions and suspicion of motives, on this once wonderful platform for serious BCG investors.
    It would not be out of order for Admin to be a little more discerning and a tad less generous with obvious transgressors of the ‘rules of play’ initially formulated when this forum was first set up.
    Both critical as well as positive posts help create a balance and provide a wider perspective of our investment in BCG, but extreme comments and personal attacks out of frustration or otherwise is condemnable.

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    Dear Admin,

    It is time for you step in to sort out the uncertainty. You did a great job by providing the platform , different from MMB board. Please continue to maintain this forum as a special one for knowledge sharing and remove the negativity .
    Also convince people like Mr.Logan to continue their writings.


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    Positive news after a long time

    thanks Mr.Jay69

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