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    This information was on the StockEdge app, does anybody know anything about this ?

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    Thanks Jay for sharing

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    There is a disclosure at BSE today by BCG stating that they don’t meet the criteria prescribed for Large Corporate as per some SEBI circular. Basically my understanding about the circular is you need to provide details of borrowings and BCG says we don’t have to as we don’t have any debt right now. For me it appears that before getting LOC you need to get clearance from SEBI if there is any existing borrowings. That’s why BCG issued a crisp statement to BSE which doesn’t mean anything to anyone. If you go through what is the SEBI circular you may understand. This is what I understood right now…. and I might be stupid to assume something 😆.

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    #11674…. Please ignore. Looks like it is a general disclosure at BSE by all companies

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    Hi All, can someone explain why all the adtech stocks in US are hitting lows these days.. Are they any uncertainties / restrictions that are causing the downfall. Thanks.

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    Hope BCG comes out of ASM soon

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    Logan, many thanks for answering. There’s a quote “make hay while the sunshines”. I don’t whether this is applicable for bcg or not. But most of the companies have taken the advantage during the pandemic period. Everyday new technologies are emerging and there is cut throat competition in the market. Don’t know what our CEO has in his mind. Wishing him good luck in resolving the pending issues asap.

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    Spot on Logan. The elephant is still in the room. 😉.. Let’s assume, if bcg acquires Audio company like Spotify. Then, how do you see this situation in terms of the company’s valuation? This example is just only for better understanding. Rgds.

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    @Raj, I don’t think BCG has plans to acquire any streaming platforms, most of the companies are out of reach (Spotify alone is valued at $46Billion and there aren’t many public companies to get an idea on valuations) but it may acquire some company that provides tech to advertise on streaming platforms.

    According to the article on ET, the deal is very small ($15-20M) so I don’t think the impact will be big on both valuation and business. We should see how the market will react to the news. If the deal was of a bigger size, then the market would’ve cheered is my opinion.


    Something is always good then nothing at all to start with. At least markets will now sense & Definitely give value according to the deal value of ( $15-20M ). Slow & Steady wins the race, Also the race will turn into a marathon with time. Upcoming Good qtly results will also give a zing & extra momentum. Logan sir, Thanks for the info. Cheers !!!

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    As per the lastest information available in simply wall the public holding is only 25% now and this information is last updated on May 9th . Can someone cross check the public holding from some other source/website ?

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    Can you please let us know From where did you get this?
    1. In the latest Mar-2021 SHP, Goenkas/Priya Prakash/Uno/AKG holdings were not shown. I believe they were out in Nov/Dec-2020.
    2. Do insiders mean the promoter group?
    3. After PW/PO allotment, the promoter holdings should come below 25%. Can you please provide a detailed list of promoter holdings?
    4. On moneycontrol & BSE, the promoter holdings are shown as 36.76%
    5. Is SHP you shared realtime?

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    Hi buffet,

    As I had mentioned in my previous post #11690 this SHP information is available under which was updated on May 9th

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    This SHP appears erroneous. Still shows Oak India holding a large percentage. They have exited completely.

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    Number of publishers crossed 50k mark as per Adauth website. Hope this will have a meaningful & positive impact


    Kuch Log jo zyada jante hai, Insaan ko kaam pechante hai. Logan sir, Don’t give heed to them. You continue with your analysis sharing.


    Tomorrow someone will also say I am a Chamcha of your’s. Ignore. People opinion should not matter to us. Two hoots to all naysayers & fake analyst. Kis kis ka naam loo mein, Muje har kisine mara. Cheers!!!

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    @Diana Horton, it’s a long time since we listen from you, what do you think where BCG is heading to in next few quarters?

    Again very poor display of corporate governance by management by not declaring results by 15th May and taking advantage of sebi relaxation to declare results by 30th June.

    Kasam kha rakhne hain na sudhrne ka.

    Diana Horton
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    Dear Sac6310


    Many thanks for asking my opinion.

    I shall write three sentences, Sac

    1.Company is in a relatively very good position- because of Funds they have got from PW,PA and possibly LOC.

    2.The PW allotment, As I see is and was the game changer ,as it satisfied the appetite of whoever wanted it at such lower price

    3.BCG already announced about the plans for inorganic growth from.the PW funds and the tweet from.Brightcom confirmed it ( watch the space)….AdAuth figures may possibly represent growth of organic figures, possibly, but, Logan, who is a veteran in this field,in one of his posts stated that, there is no direct correlation between AdAuth figures and organic growth.

    BCG is certainly and extremely well poised.I am more than bullish and waiting for the tide to take the ride.


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