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    @buffet – I am very excited with the news and things are coming out even faster than expected. The statement says “This is done with intent of strengthening our back-end to prepare the Company for the growth.”, which looks like company is foreseeing good business growth in digital media segment and building the workforce to cater the demand for next many years. Does this mean it is taking Indian market seriously which we were discussing? Or it is to support worldwide operations or may be both? Either way, the news is welcomed by all the investors and deserves the attention of national media 🙂

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    Also wanted to add, we read the moneycontrol news of being in list of IT stocks giving 100-250% surge. Now with this acquisition the employee strength is also massive 220% gainer.

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    I am a small investor holding 2k shares at 12.6 rs, but still a long term investor as I had entered at 34 rs levels, so from 2016.

    I am also a “small part time blogger” with google adsense approved, so was great to install the Brightcom plugin for updating the google adsense Ads.txt file. It is a simple plugin but still highly useful as I could easily resolve my long pending issue with it.

    Was actually planning to book some partial profits earlier, but validating a product and finally becoming a Brightcom customer and then reading this letter of intent for acquisition of a 1100 employee company news makes me bullish again.

    Have already seen my stake fall by 80% and then rise 1000%. I am glad that i didn’t book any gains yet. Maybe I will try to stay patient till the bonus.


    Phenomenal news. @Jay9, You quoting 100 a price is now meaning less as with this development this stock price has now turned priceless. I am very happy for all the investors who waited for more then 8 years as their conviction has fructified. LOC will also follow through. Wait for it. Nasdaq listing will also happen with time. Wait for it.
    Once again my special thanks to Adminji for creating this forum & To all the Special personalities on this forum, Stalwarts like Logan Sir, Dh, Odysee, Ai & CI Sir, Who relentlessly & Selflessly guided all the retail investors.
    I for one do know that I have learnt a lot from this forum & is grateful for the same.
    I also want to thank the Promoter & Team & Wish them great success as well as good health. Lastly Praise the Lord for all that he does for us. Cheers !!!


    Request Logan Sir, Dh & CIr Sir for their inputs on the latest development.

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    @admin ji: Yes, BCG is finally taking the Indian market seriously. I see several advantages of acquiring an Indian company.

    1. BCG’s standalone business will get a very big boost. It will increase both topline & bottom-line on a standalone+consolidated basis.
    2. It will bring lots of credibility to its finances.
    3. The share price will boost to unimaginable levels & hence market capitalization.
    4. In terms of valuations, decent PE will be achieved. Further, it will create a strong base for NASDAQ listing.

    Overall, fireworks have just started. Let’s take a back seat & enjoy the spectacular view.


    @uffetji, Aapke mu mein ladoo peda ghee aur sakhar, Jaise aapne likha hai, Waise se honewalla hai.Intzaar ka phal, Hamesha mita hota hail. Preseverance and Patience always pay huge returns not only in stock markets ut ain all walks of Life. Cheers!!!

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    Dear Friends,

    Good to see a series of developmental news. This is a great surprise to all of us since we didn’t expect this LoI for the acquisition at this early stage but BCG did it. Let’s control our emotions until everything gets materialized. Whatever the scenario, there is no look back hereafter and nobody can stop BCG’s journey now. Definitely, it will hit 100 before QIP (after the Bonus issue). Let’s watch the situation and developments closely. Pls, find attached my gratitude message which I have posted on the BCG Telegram Channel couple of days back as part of my sincere respect. Really I have gained a lot of Knowledge and technicals about BCG through this platform. I am proud to be a BCGian and part of this professional Forum with you all. Thank you.

    1. BCG_Gratitude.docx
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    My dear friend Logan, where are you? Its time to celebrate the victory.. You were fighting like a gladiator with all the naysayers. Please pen down your thoughts on the current developments of the company. You were a boon to all our investor community. Now please don’t disappear like an angel 😂… Looking forward… Regards.. 🙂

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    Yes, Raj.
    We all are waiting for Logan’s views on current developments (specially after they announced a short period of notice on 13 July regarding acquisition and fund raising.)

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    dear friends, the digital media company which is to be acquired is not an Indian company , i think. it is clearly mentioned as ” OUT OF INDIA” i right??

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    Dilution pe dilution…aakhir kab tak or kitna hoga dilution

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    “Based in” implies the major operations of a business or entity is contained wholly or primarily in that city or country. “Based out of” implies that though the “home” of the business may be there, the operations of that business take place in other places as well.

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    As usual SKR never fail to surprise us. Earlier it is of negative news. Now with positives. Now it looks further dilution of shares is on the cards.

    Request Logan, DH , admin and other knowledgeable people are requested to give their opinion.

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    dear @sac, In this case, dilution should be seen positively since new acquisition will increase both the top line & bottom line. The book value would also increase proportionately. The question is at what price dilution would happen. The notice says “Preferential Issue of equity shares”. Hence after allocation, BCG will get the full amount & not like PWs(25% upfront & rest upon conversion) Also, we are unsure about the total deal size and how much capital they have in hand from Pref shares & PWs. Let’s wait till the BoD meeting outcome to dissect further.

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    I think more dilution is a result of couple of aspects . 1) cash flow/reserves is a crunch for bcg to go outright and purchase any company without any dependencies 2) BCG stocks are pocketed heavily over the years and management wants to take the control back by pulling back 75% . The strategy here could b to dilute to the core and bring down the valuation lower – at one point bcg intrinsic value was 3k so no one was ready to sell for anything less .. now the intrinsic value is much lower and many will exit at say 300 rs . Company introduced ESOP and other ways to slowly tap the stocks out from public without announcing buyback or adding any other complexity . As the company gains from other acquisitions they can also increase the stake without anyone noticing it . This is my opinion of this approach . Whatever the plan is, destiny is important imo and looks good for long term investors (only problem is long from here for those who have waited 7 yrs )

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    Logan Sir, Thanks for your reply. Loc is just postponed, Not cancelled. At the most appropriate time the company will avail it. Timing is important. We have to wait for it. Second the company going in for acquiring another company if it turns solid profit accretive from the start then nothing like it. I mean maximizing profit will do wonders for the stock price to go up steadily. Its rocking time for the company as well to all those who have invested in it.

    As far as Green eyed Monsters, They are on the prowl. We have to ignore them. You have guided us right from the start till date & I would request you to keep on guiding. No “DAAN” is greater then sharing knowledge with others.

    Have a great day. Cheers!!!

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    @Logan Thanks for your update. I am regularly visiting this forum for your updates even before going through news papers. Your fundamental analysis and insights helped many of us to hold on to this and everyone of us are greatfull and thankful to you. For most of us BCG might have become the best in the portfolio by now.
    Coming to irritating people you should ignore them. Few stray dogs do bark behind the Airavath. It ignores them else it is giving undue recognition to the barking dogs. Those dogs have joined the forum with ulterior motives. Some cannot understand your detailed analysis and look for quick one word answers and while expressing their frustration they unknowingly hurt you. It is my humble request to delete those people from your memory.
    In fact many of your messages I have read twice to draw my conclusions on it. I am holding my few initial shres (@~ ₹85) of BCG for almost 10 years Lancoglobal-Ybrant days. Four years back increased quantity little bit. Thanks to this forum members and @Logan, @admin in particular and @Headstead in MC forum. Another member Diana Hearton used to give good information in MC. We remember this forum forever and remain as a golden experience in our investment journey.

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    The Conviction To Hold

    A small article, not directly related to brightcom, but very relevant to our situation now. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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