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    @kris how did you identify that a single person sold these many shares?


    In this forum, He had once informed that he is holding 76 Lakh shares & The one who is holding a large chunk knows more then we all put together, Therefore it is known As Smart Money. The concerned guy has got nothing to loose as he has sold at the peak & Again will enter as he does not want to loose the 4:1 ratio & yesterday there were only 4 huge transactions only.I think he is Anil from our forum.

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    @kris sorry if am a bit naive but how do we understand that a big transaction took place. All I can see is that there were a total of 14826 trades in NSE if when comparing it with 5843800 volume we get 197 shares for every trade which represents many retail investors sold their shares right?

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    Dear DrJaysee,Excellent compilation of events of BCG.I was a recent entrant to this August Forum. Learnt a lot regarding BCG. The writeup has given a strong conviction for the investments made in BCG. Thanks is a small word for expressing gratitude. With warm regards,

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    Good to know that only one retail investor booked profit yesterday.Nothing wrong in profit booking. Rest of the story for this script still holds as such. And it will reverse quickly with much bigger parties i.e, FPIs recently entries via PW


    @ Piedpiper, It works out to 394 shares as per your equation. I.e.5843800/14826 shares,
    Whereas if you look into money control for deals, At 9.15 A.M. 4 deals happened comprising 50 las plus shares Whereas 8 lac pus shares among others, Therefore the deduction that Mr Anil sold 50 plus lac shares approx.

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    @ Piedpiper, That means again He enters at 35-40 lvls with the same amount comes to around 85 to 90 lac shares, On top of it 4:1 on 100 to 105 shares comes to around total holding 1,26,25000 shares. Plus 0.05 paise dividend on it. That Means Mr Anil has nailed it huge. Wow.It requires great skills, Conviction & Precision & courage to do it. Hats off to you Anilji. Also 3 Cheers!!!

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    Not repetition the basic figures. Just recapturing some info that may help our friends in the group in deciding either to continue or drop off the bus. Here it goes:

    1.Earnings per Share of Rs. 10/- approx. (will decrease with increased capital)
    2.Bonus in August 2021 in the ratio of 1 Shares for every 4 shares held
    3.Acquisition of a Company having presence in India, Europe and USA having workforce of around 1100 employees, the due diligence of the company proposed to be acquired is being done by E & Y. If acquired, will result in substantial top line / bottom line growth.
    4.Debt Free Company.
    5.PE of around 5.65 (Current Price 47.90)
    6.PB = 0.80 (Current Price 47.90)
    7.PB X PE = 4.52
    8.Graham Formula suggests the PB X PE of 22.50 which is the maximum price one should pay for a stock, i.e. Rs. 238.00 in case of BCG. It will differ with every change in its performance quarter on quarter.
    9.Growth has been stagnant due to shortage of working capital (industry requirement) wherein receivable ranges between 120-150 days as against the payable of 30 days. So, in order to be able to do higher business, the company needs higher working capital which they are planning to raise either through Line of Credit and / or borrowing, raising equity. Additional working capital of around Rs. 800 Cr. would help Company in achieving a CAGR of around 25 to 30% in the Top line.
    10. The Company is also working on AI/ML which is at the nascent stage. Once they achieve some success in the field, it is slated to be commercialized with which company would be in a position to achieve substantial growth in it’s topline/bottom line.
    11.Potential NASDAQ listing of it’s main subsidiary after consolidation of 12 subsidiaries in one company which would increase the valuation of the Holding / Indian Company.
    12.BCG is yet to penetrate in the Indian Market. Majority of its business comes from its subsidiaries outside India.
    13.1st generation Entrepreneur, a Technocrat from IIT Kharagpur.


    @ Adminji, Pls note, Last time the Flipper Alpha leon did it on June 28Th & Disclosure followed suit, This time around no disclosure on the respective exchanges, Therefore the conclusion, What I intend to say was How Smart money makes a move & In one of the earlier posts Mr Aneel Had mentioned 76 Lakhs shares holding, So I took it an example. Further would request as to not to disclose the holdings, What is the need, Has anyone asked, No, Then Why ???

    Also Sorry, Hereafter I will refrain from taking names & Pls accept my apologies to you as well as to Mr Aneel.

    Pls note, I am a part of this forum from day one, Therefore would never disgrace it. take care. Love you all. Cheers!!!

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    Thanks @kris for understanding.

    I would like to steer away from discussions concerning any individual whether you name anyone or not. We have the liberty to discuss using our nickname and in return we should not take things into granted before we name someone.


    Folks, Pls note, One more view, Last ditch attempt from vested interest to drive away retail investors, Dragging the price down will go on till Day 5Th Aug 21. Not to fall prey to it. Hold all your shares tightly, Do not give it away under any circumstances as you will not only loose from your kitty the shares that you hold, Also you stand to loose the 4:1 share ratio as well as the dividend of 0.05 Paise. HOLD is indeed the call now. Keep also in mind after issue of ratio 4:1, Price will get adjusted accordingly as 4 is to 1. It won’t last long, That is the time one can add as pocket permits. Company Qtrly results round the corner which will give further impetus to the rise in price provided the results are good. Feather in the cap is the acquisition that will also fuel the share price further if it turns out profit accretive which will happen in due course of time. Keep in mind LOGAN Sir words, Value was always there, Unfortunately delayed recognition has happened, Capitalize on his words as his words are Golden. Golden period has started & Solid developments like LOC will also happen, Listing on Nasdaq will also happen as the great CI sir seldom fails on his perspective. These are not shares rather GEMS, Preserve it. All good things will happen who are ready to wait.
    Ending with one shayari, KUCH LOG JO JAADA JANTE HAI,INSAAN KO KAAM PECHEN TE HAI. Cheers!!!

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    Dear Admin,
    I have just joined the forum but have been going through the discussions for the last 6 months. One of my friend has introduced me to this share and the forum and I am holding this share. The insight and knowledge the forum members have of this company is phenomenal and I am adding small quantities everyday. Wishing all forum members the very best to see this share in triple digits by the festive season. Good luck and Best wishes

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    A game is going on which I am unable to decipher completely. Some one or a group, with huge stock with them are intentionally creating the LCs and creating panic among the new investors. Had their intention is to book profit they could have gradually released at the UC so that many retailers would have taken position in small quantities. That would have allowed them to book good profit. Their intention is clearly not booking profit. I don’t see a proper reason to offer huge quantity of shares at LC price for a genuine investor/trader holding huge quantity and kept quiet few days ago at the higher price when there was positive atmosphere and many investors were waiting in queue. I guess their motive is to create panic among the retail investors and force them to exit at the lowest possible prices. What is their expected price to garner the shares? If we can understand their game plan fully, probably we can add more shares of BCG at the best price. I have been adding in small quantities past three days. Would like to identify the reversal zone to add more. Thanks in advance for members comments.

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    Brightcom Group allots 14.55cr equity shares under Preferential Issue; Stock slumps 5%
    With this allotment, 23,86,30,000 warrants have now been converted into equity shares, the company said.
    July 29, 2021 3:03 IST | India Infoline News Service

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    All it takes is, someone with big pockets to buy 10L shares at one go in LC – comes around circa Rs.5Crs. Then all the sell order would vanish and reverse back to UC. It was 2 or 3 such orders which resulted in LC couple of days before.


    All dilly, dally tactics, Informed seller has sold at the peak & Once again swoop all the shares at one go at the most appropriate time,That is when the record date is declared Otherwise who on earth will sell his shares knowing the fact of 4 is to 1 ratio as well as dividend of 0,05 Paisa on the cards. The informed seller has taken advantage of his deep pockets to scare away small time retail investors knowing the fact that record date has not yet een declared. Understand the game & Play accordingly, That is simply hold all your shares, Not to sell a single share under any circumstances however strong the hammering. A ird in hand is worth two in a ush. Cheers !!!

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    Thank you Sandeep!, as per my understanding SKR should bring in MFs at this time so to avoid volatility, what are your views guys?

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    AS per my understanding share will resume UC after Acquisition confirmation, till then we need to wait

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    Welcome @Brightspot to this forum. You are doing a good job in the mmb towards investor awareness and I like your energy.

    You may use the technical discussions thread to share your thoughts on price projections. Here mostly the discussion is about business/ industry developments so that new investors can understand the value and not take it as buy/sell call.

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