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    We are not seeing any improvement in share price even after allotment


    As a norm, Release of pledged shares should happen as soon as loan amount is paid in full. For price improvement, We will have to wait for some more time.Patience, Patience & More Patience.

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    I find investors who met SKR at Hyderabad office have gone silent now a days, especially after meeting SKR.

    Curious to know whether they have some confidential input from SKR or if they have lost hopes on this stock.

    I see strong possibility of Information regarding LOC have been shared to them and asked not to disclose. Good if it is so, but concerned that SKR shouldn’t dodge them with fake documents.

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    Last time you hinted something regarding the back door entry SKR is planning, if you are comfortable could you share it.

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    @JRS I’m searching for the answers myself. Yes it’s obvious that such huge dilution cannot be made to happen unless the CEO gets a good share of the pie. It’s naturally understandable. But now my focus is on getting updates regarding LOC. Since the start of our interaction with SKR axis has been settled. He then got the PW done for himself. Now the other issues LOC and Daum are pending. We are focussing on those issues. My only concern is the events we are looking for are getting done slowly at a snail’s pace one after the other. But the price movement is not really encouraging. We will update from Hyderabad once we get a clarity. But right now with dire situation outside we are really helpless.


    Slow & Steady wins the race. All the other issues so far has got resolved with time, So is the case with LOC & Daum Guy. It will also happen, Wait for it. Hard core investors never panic & Stay put & patiently wait for things to emerge. I repeat a waiting game. So We have to wait for things to fructify. Cheers !!!

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    Yes Kris, Patience is a very familiar term in BCG, we have been hearing few words like ‘Patience’, ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, ‘inflection point’ for years now in BCG.

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    Initially Mr. SKR promised LOC will be done in 4 months, this is 8th month no update,
    To boost credibility of BCG and big investors to pick

    1) Life line is LOC by U.S big bank or Lender
    2) Showing growth for 2 or more Quarters ,
    3) Settling the legal issues with DAUM
    4) Making use of PW, PO funds for new initiatives
    5) Improve Corporate governance,
    6) Mr. SKR should avoid giving false timelines
    7) Mr. SKR Should should implement things little faster, things are moving very slow.
    for example : 2-3 yrs back had updated retail investors queries will be addressed faster , still no one gets even acklowdeged email.

    Hope by end of this Quarter 1 at least we will get some good news,

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    Dear Friends, I had gone through MCA website for the latest SHP of BCG. But until now there is no update and still only last year March 2020 SHP is available. May be it will take some more time to get the update from BCG to MCA. Apart from that I have noticed that BCG has the Authorised Share capital of 97.5Crs in which so far they have utilized 83.84Crs (50.66Cr of current + 33.1485 Cr of latest PW). Hence, BCG can utilise / issue around 13.6Cr more shares in the form of further PA / QIP (which is not good for further dilution but may be good to strengthen the company).

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    Seems like nothing gonna happen except wait. Better to forget and write off our investment in BCG.


    I am also thinking of writing, Only after 5 years with a lot of profits in mu kitty. Cheers!!!

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    Good Morning Friends.. Hope everyone is taking utmost care of themselves in this tough situation.


    Interesting how market forces are controlling the price can’t see any manipulation. Rightly said by the man who knows all about BCG!

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    Hope to find all of my friends on this forum in Good Health. Cheers!!! Many a stock on a regular basis keep jumping up in value by almost 100%, sometimes 5 to 10 times on trivial issues…. That they have come down too is another matter…. My point is when most of us believe that BCG has many good parameters and target it at much higher value, the stock should appreciate level by level finally reaching the Milestone… BCG should have been at minimum 15 now that some of the issues have been solved. More issues solved, should touch 25…. and carry on…. I am not able to digest the fact that it is still hovering at 8 on average even after issues being solved…. Being stuck endlessly for months together doesn’t augur well for the stock or the Investor. What is the next trigger that BCG is waiting for? A minimum 50%/100% appreciation from the current price, am I greedy asking for this for so much time passage? Is that BCG would run the marathon at breakneck speed reaching Milestone after Milestone in no time?? Many questions are difficult to answer for ordinary people. Only the Captain and the Operators know what is in store. It is very frustrating seeing your investment sitting Idle eating Peanuts!!!!

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    In this current massive bull run the management & promoters of most companies are trying their best to perform better so as to give their investors (including themselves) maximum shareholder value by skyrocketing stock prices, in fact many companies are also issuing QIP & preferential shares at exorbitant prices thereby getting huge amounts of money by diluting a fraction of their equity capital.

    On the other hand the management & promoters of BCG are in a World of their own they are totally numb & dumb to let off this golden opportunity to take benefit of this raging bull market despite it being a global company & one of the major players in the hottest digital sector its stock is trading for pennies, on the other hand even regional digital adtech company listed in India & having one-tenth revenues is trading at a market cap of more than Rs 15000 crores had BCG been under a different management the same company would have got market valuations worth at least Rs 20000-25000 crores (conservatively) but this management & promoters are frozen in time & they are not doing anything to improve rhe image & reputation among investors by improving corporate governance, lots of issues have been resolved but its not enough to win back the confidence of the investors & markets.

    Its high time the management & promoters came out of their coma & did something about improving perceptions among investors fraternity which will go a long way in improving the performance of the stock prices in the markets for which thousands of investors have been patiently waiting for the past several years.

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    This recent quarter the company received 20 complaints, I think most of them are related to dividends and few maybe are related to PW (Last quarter there were no complaints even when PW proposal was made that’s why I guess most of the compliants are related to dividends). It’s good that more investors are complaining legally because it makes the management to rectify their mistakes and not repeat those mistakes again but as a shareholder it’s sad to see 20 complaints in just one quarter. Collective efforts of all shareholders should make the management improve corporate governance.

    The CEO said that there was delay/non-payment of dividends because of issues with Axis but now it is sorted out, he should address that. Many shareholders still haven’t received their dividends, the company should’ve paid them by now but I don’t understand what’s the problem with paying dividends. This brings a negative perception and makes people lose trust.

    Replying to a recent post,

    As for market factors, actually there are no market factors at all, it’s all a lie. Share prices don’t move according to many factors but they move only because promoters control them. Last year the whole market crashed because promoters of all the companies held a zoom meeting and decided to crash the share prices and later after few days they changed their mind and decided that share prices should rally. In 2007-08, there was no recession and market factors didn’t play a role, that time also it was only the promoters who controlled the prices. Even in companies that don’t have promoters, market factors don’t play a role.

    It’s funny to see geniuses mocking other people just because other people speak sense. Geniuses don’t even know how auditing process works but come and write that forensic audit should be done etc. It’s funny how they try to mock other people but end up looking stupid.

    They say they’ll start a petition, they won’t let the promoter get away etc but at the end who do they target actually? They call us paid agents but won’t take a single action against the CEO or the company. They won’t share any evidence but expect us to support them blindly. How can we take any action without having any evidence? Just imagine, will SEBI take any complaint because you tell them that share price is not increasing? They’ll laugh at you if you do that. Give them some evidence and they’ll look into it. It’s simple as that. There’s no need to call other people as paid agents or CEO etc.

    And the other important thing is no one can know everything about any company. As investors and as shareholders of a company we should try to do as much research as possible. No one will come and protect our investments when something goes wrong. Whatever I have shared till now are all basics, I compare BCG with TTD or Magnite or Pubmatic because those companies are BCG’s peers. Before Affle and Vertos came to the market, there was no peer to BCG in our market, with which company should I have compared with BCG then? Any random IT company or just throw a dart blindly on a list of companies and compare with the company where the dart ends up? As investors, we should do all the research on our own as there are no analysts covering BCG. I do the same analysis on all the companies that I am interested in (or invested in) and that won’t make me the CEO or part of the management or any paid agent. This is a forum dedicated to BCG, so it’s obvious that I can talk only about BCG (and it’s peers). If the Admin and all the forum members decide we can talk about other companies, then we can start that.

    Because of only a few people, the good discussions and the unity we had all these months are disrupted. These few people target us (mostly me) because I don’t support them blindly and because I ask for evidence.

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    Dear Mr.Logan

    Please ignore those people who target you. We are in awe about your knowledge and
    you analytical ability. In fact your detailed analysis made people like me to understand about BCG business and keep invested in this stock. Your are the best analyst who covered the BCG, and because of your and this forum we need not look elsewhere for reports. Please continue the good work, for which we the forum members are indebted to you.

    Dear Admin. Hope this is the right time to talk about some other stocks too.
    Mr. Logan also wish to share his knowledge about other stocks. Kindly allow him to proceed.

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    Dear Friends, so far we were thinking that Debt of Axis & PW approval was the main constraint for price suppression. But now considering the current scenario, personally I feel that the main concern for the suppressed price is due to the pledge and less promoter holding (either it should be above 70% or Nil holding would be better). Many company prices have rallied too high even though they have almost half of the debt of its total assets, but pledge is Nil & the promoter /FII/DII holdings are higher. Hence, it would be great if the BCG management will take some action to remove its pledge totally & increase their holdings by utilizing the recently mobilized PW funds of 260Crs (Hopefully it should have been 100% remittance upfront). I hope the management also knows about it very well, but we don’t know their exact Road Map for their forthcoming activities. Anyhow, we have to have some more patience until we get clear picture from BCG which may happen at least before this quarter Conference Call. We proposes…but…BCG disposes!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @drjaysee Promoter holding of 36% is not as bad or low as is made out to be in India especially in the social media where high promoter stake is considered as a “gold standard for a good company” which is totally a false notion in fact there are several companies even in the A group of BSE & NSE like Dr Reddy’s (Promoter stake 26.74%) & M&M (Promoter stake 19.45%)to name a few where promoter’s stake is far less but they are one of the best managed companies, in the developed markets like USA in most of the companies promoters stakes are very very less but that doesn’t stop them from running the company in an excellent manner.

    In the previous investor concall the CEO claimed that all the pledge was with regards to the Axis Bank loans and that the pledge will be revoked after the loan is cleared but in practice banks take some time to do it, so hopefully in the next investor concall the CEO will be in a better position to confirm about the time of the revocation of the pledge.

    The management is taking a lot of time on few issues which should be cleared at the earliest as being a digital company everyone especially the investors expect the company to speed up things in order to clear all pending issues including the non-payment of dividend to many investors at the earliest.

    The management & promoters are one of the best and the finest when it comes to digital adtech business but they are working at a snails pace when it comes to corporate governance and investor relations which is undoing all the good things they are doing on the business front so they should rectify the shortcomings at the earliest so that BCG becomes a truly global company in all aspects.

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    Dear @jay69, I agree with you but if we check the so called companies those are doing good with 26-30% holding are also having huge FII / DII holdings. If there is no FII/DII holdings then ultimately the promoter should keep more % of holdings with them. Whereas in BCG it’s 38:62 ratio now which is little risky. Apart from that I don’t think the pledge is only from Axis (32% of pledge for only 36Crs Axis Debt) and even the CEO didn’t explain well during last conference call about the pledge when one of the investor raised the question. May be during forthcoming conference call we will come to know the reality including the revoke % of pledge. Let’s hope for the best to happen in the coming days. Thank you

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