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    Happy to see a message from CDSL that the bonus shares were credited yesterday @10 pm. This is a very good sign that company is trying to keep up its commitment to the shareholders. Timely actions like this would help improve the credibility of the company. Hope to see BCG sticking to its revenue/profit guidance numbers for Q2 come mid-November…

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    Sub: Brightcom to participate in Publisher Summit in Florida
    Pursuant to Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 we are sharing the enclosed flyer
    sent to the potential partners on “DIGIDAY PUBLISHING SUMMIT” which is to take place from
    September 27, 2021 and September 29, 2021 at Miami, Florida.
    This is for your information only.
    Thanking you.
    Yours faithfully,

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    Sometime we only see the price and compare but we have to compare with time also…

    Here is the comparison of Affle vs BCG since Affle has listed..

    Affle – 8th Aug 2019 listed and opening price was @ 926 and till 6th Sep 2021 it has given the 390 %

    BCG – 8th Aug 2019 price was @ 2.95 and till 6th Sep 2021 it has given the returns 1106.95 % (Here we are not calculating the Bonus share on this)

    So one has to decide which is giving multibagger returns as of now also.. Future will be more bright with Brightcom..

    Its simple price action comparison only if we add the fundamentals then it will be different levels as BCG has Global business and Affle has business in India only as of now..

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    From telegram

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    Good Morning friends. I have come across the following information about the company in Market Mojo app. I feel people who refers this kind of sites never know the actual business of the company. BCG need to update .
    The copy and pasted information follows,

    About the company
    Ybrant Digital Ltd have expertise across several verticals, with focus on the following:Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing Chemicals, Life Sciences and Retail.The services offered by the company includes Consulting -Implementations. Application Development.Upgrade & Migration.Managed -Application Management.Infrastructure Support .Testing & QA. Business Process Outsourcing.Strategic Transformational Sourcing -Turnkey Solutions Build Operate Transfer .Joint Venture.Dedicated Deliv

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    My view on the AGM date. Overall I feel this is a combination of strategic reasons as mentioned above by @jay69 and also increased workload to BCG team. Also as @Logan mentioned last year too it happened in December and there were no concerns raised at that time.

    Coming back on the increased workload aspect, right now BCG’s team will be busy with multiple activities happening in parallel. Listing down some of the activities which each is us are aware of to certain extent or the other

    Acquisitions…They have three acquisitions in pipeline. Each of these are at different stages of pipeline. You read it right it is three and not two and in my view this is a huge task ahead for the team for both pre and post acquisitions. Will share in some detail about this in my next post

    ESOP related activities… Now that the the ESOP trust is formed they would need to work on next steps related to shortlisting employees, qty per employee, price and acquisition of the same and allotment process

    – Increased workload due to increase in business (as per the projections shared by the company)

    FPI allotment related activities… like coordinating with authorities and the concerned parties involved

    AGM related activities… like Annual Report preparation and other background activities. The overall task might be same as before unless they are planning this as some grand online / offline event with increased shareholders and probably targetting Analysts

    – Some activities which may or might not materialize in near future but might be going on behind the scenes which still need the teams involvement which will be a time consuming. For example activities like LoC, New Acquisitions apart from the current pipeline known to us, Nasdaq listing etc;

    Hope we all understand now that there is really lot of items on their plate and appreciate the team for their effort

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    In terms of new acquisitions and their corresponding activities this is my view.

    Lycos – We are looking at it just as a financial transaction, but at ground level it is as good as a new acquisition. Before taking over Lycos from Daum, BCG team has to look at the current assets and financials of Lycos freshly like a new acquisition and ensure that everything is in proper shape for example, making sure that there are no pending cases, no mortgages, payments and receivables are all clear etc;

    I guess with this acquisition there will not be any movement of people involved. So before acquisition or immediately post acquisition they also need to setup a new ops team to maintain Lycos assets. We all know how difficult these days to hire right talent and how long it would take.

    Indian DM company – This we all know is already in progress and probably might have already reached advanced stages with report from EY team and at this stage there will be more work to BCG’s team to look into the findings and negotiate the final price and payment options considering the changes happened during this period in terms of employee’s growth and increased revenue, BCG’s share etc; and close the deal.

    Note that post acquisition too there will be lot of migration and integration activities involving HR, Admin, Finance, IT teams. Once this initial movement is over and the new team is settled, there will be integration of sales and implementation teams.

    Audio Ads Tech company – I guess the team as of now will be involved in talks with one or more audio ad tech companies evaluating their assets, financials and probably looking at initial deal size, possible payment options and negotiations of the same

    We should note that unlike normal IT companies BCG is having a lean team with limited staff and I guess all the above items are adding to the load of their accounts and legal team apart from the management team.

    Note also that since all these are one time activities generally companies don’t increase staff for these activities. Post acquisitions they will anyway have additional staff in each of these departments from the new organisation.

    I believe things will start moving smoother post completion of these acquisitions and once the teams are integrated.

    Most importantly what matters most for us as a investor is the growth of the company and there is no point for us to get worried when the company already is in growth path and all these new acquisitions and going to add further to the growth of the company.

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    I think too much is being read into the AGM date. Last year it happened in Dec and I presume This year AGM would happen almost at the same timelines as last year.

    My take is that most of the key developments that are in pipeline would require shareholder approval(through voting) and instead of having multiple voting’s and avoid the associated overhead work, management would want to delay the AGM in order to have all of these combined together as part of the AGM resolutions. Developments like additional share issuance (for acquisition), QIP, Dilution of consolidated subsidiary in US, etc,. would require shareholder approval and if the request from the company is to get 3 months time for AGM, then the right way to look at it would be to assume that most of these issues would be coming to a logical closure by then and would be ready to be placed in front of the shareholders for their approval and that is certainly a good thing to wait for…

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    Brightcom Group Ltd (BSE (BCG) | 532368 | NSE (INE425B01027), Leader in Digital Marketing Industry, has announced appointment of a senior management professional to their Executive Team.

    • Peshwa Acharya, the business leader with nearly 3 decades of work experience joins Brightcom Group.
    • He was associated with P&G, Reckitt, Dabur, Reliance Retail (including Reliance Digital), Sterling Holidays (Thomas Cook), and several others in senior capacity.
    • His addition further strengthens the leadership team in the executing the growth plans of Brightcom Group and taking on the latest market opportunities.

    Peshwa Acharya, the accomplished senior management professional and business leader
    with about 30 years of work experience, joins Brightcom Group (with effect from Sept 21st, 2021) to spearhead its corporate strategy and development in the capacity of President (Group Strategy). As the head of the group strategy, Peshwa will advance the global strategy and positioning of Brightcom group as an intelligent digital marketing platform, which meets the needs of publishers, advertisers and solution providers in the digital eco-system.

    “I am excited to be a part of the Brightcom Group”, said Peshwa Acharya. “I look forward to building upon the company’s current successes and focus on actively contributing to the growth at Brightcom.”

    “We are delighted to have Peshwa join the executive team,” said Suresh Reddy, Chairman and CEO of the Brightcom Group, “Peshwa is a leader who has a proven track record of building, managing and energizing high-growth organizations. He will be a great asset both in terms of bringing in deep business insights and overall executive leadership.”

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    Happy to see Mr. Peshwa Acharya taking up active role in BCG. Thanks to SKR for bringing him on-board at this critical juncture when the company is poised for an hockey stick kind of growth.

    Mr. Peshwa doesn’t need any introduction, he is a respected personality and his credentials and achievements are all available in public domain for anyone to see and understand.

    As BCG grows big it is important to have more hands joining SKR / Vijay and strengthen their executive team. I was expecting this to come from the new acquisitions, but it is also important to fill certain gaps and also strengthen their existing team.

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    Little surprised to see another round of preferential allotment/preferential warrant is being issued even as the share price is within 10% of last preferential allotment to FPI. Ideally I would have been happy if this dilution came at higher valuation of around 50 or so as opposed to current market price of 34 something.

    But it does indicate that the company is doing some planning in terms of the timelines involved in completing all the formalities and readying a warchest, which is good from chasing growth standpoint.
    Preferential warrant now means promoters could be increasing their stake to retain management control post recent dilutions and planned/upcoming dilutions. Hence, expecting fairly large PW size in favour of promoters

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    With the previous FPI cancelled and new one coming in @ 37.77 is a good news as the new base valuation is based on previous day’s(15th sep) closing price.

    I am not sure if the warrant allottee shankar Sharma is the same Shankar Sharma of first global. If it is, then it means finally BCG is in the radar of biggies.

    But this entire exercise would drag their timelines by another 2-2.5 months to raise this money and no further dilutions is likely before this year’s AGM. Not sure if the acquisition of Indian conpany is going to get delayed because of the same of the same, but they have managed to increase the amount that they are raising through the his preferential allotment by 200 crore (over what they had initially planning to raise through the earlier proposal) with slightly increased preferential issue size to FPI and 1.5 crore preferential warrant.

    Purely from corporate governance standpoint, I would have expected the company to intimate the market the moment they had decided to cancel the FPI due to potential issues that they foresaw. Even though market would have panicked for couple of days(till the revised offer price/size is announced), it would have improved BCG’s corporate governance credence manifold. But, they had withheld this info till they finalized the revised offer price/size. From that perspective, I am little disappointed as they had missed their chance to show their improving corporate governance standards.

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    screenshot worth of million words

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    I think SKR did right thing this time, you know market reacts very strange for small per my understanding nothing wrong providing “cancelling previous allotment and re allotting with revised price in single notification”

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    I am not saying that the company has done something wrong. Disclosures of this nature only goes on to show how transparent the management is with the shareholders.

    If I wear the hat of a critique, company’s communication says clearly that they were expecting to get into legal troubles due to initial pricing of the offer factored in bonus for FPI’S. They were not very transparent as to whether the FPI’S would be eligible for bonus issue when they had announced the preferential allotment to the exchanges. It is only in the detailed fine print of the postal ballot notice that one came to know that they are provisioning 2.99 crore more than the initially communicated amount towards bonus share issuance which roughly correlated to FPI’S getting bonus share even as the clarity was not there to the market. When the going is good, people would tend to overlook such gaps. There was nothing wrong about what they did since the postal ballot notice had all the details w.r.t provisioning for bonus. But from corporate governance and transparency perspective, those were big gaps as the common investors were in the dark as they did not know the true price that the FPI’S were going to pay for the shares since it was not crystal clear as to whether they would get the bonus or not. If indeed the FPI’S were alloted bonus shares, their effective investment price would have been lower by 20%, which the investors would not have taken lightly, though all of them(supposedly) read the fine print of the postal ballot notice and voted aye for the same

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    Ramco Systems zooms 91% in 5 days after investor Vijay Kedia picks 1% stake
    after some months brightcom zoomed 200% after Shankar Sharma picked up 1% shares (lol just for fun)

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    Dear Brightspotji,
    After the recent developments, it is just a matter of time for BCG to trade at decent pe. The market is waiting for the Q2 result and the name of the targetted company which BCG is going to acquire. US audio firm acquisition news is also expected very soon. At EPS of rs 8 ( forward-looking after Q2 result ), BCG should be rerated to a minimum pe of 20 by end of this year if not more. 4xfrom here is very much possible in the next three and a half months. Cheers.

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    I believe in next 2 quarters BCG will be on top for multibagger return as its actual story just started. In fact in 2022-2023, BCG can be top multibagger of the decade if all plans in place get executed well.

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