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    Advertising is competitive filed and numerous players coexist in this environment. But to get an edge over others and to generate better business, company will require free cash flows and this PW and allotment can help to fulfill immediate needs(Daum closer, acquisition,funds to generate new business) but won’t help much to maintain the extraordinary growth. and the way world is moving towards digital advertising, company will surely opt for foreign listing or LOC.

    I can recall one of the old reply of Rathi’s to Logan, post meeting with SKR, “The LOC amount is huge”. So, in the same line what Rathi said, LOC will happen even sooner than later.

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    Hi All, Good morning. I have only one query here after a long time. After having a fabulous run in BCG for the past 4-5 months, Can we find another BCG ? (A 40-100x potential stock) 🙂 . Almost all safe stocks with high potential are exhausted in this bull 🐂 market


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    I believe suzlon energy is the scrip which can run as Brightcom group in 6 months time..even during tough time they were manage to come close to profit, coming quarter result would be the game changer. Price movement is restricted due to fccb sell off..coming quarter result would bring some surprise ..they haev 6000 cr healthy order book. This is just my view not buy sell call..

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    My stop loss got triggered and sold all my holdings today. However managed to re-enter 80% of what I have sold for at UC again 🙁
    As it was a cash sell,due to cash withheld option, couldn’t renter fully. In short lost few shares today 🙁 🙁
    Not my day today !!

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    This is the temptation everyone will face in coming days. One who survive all this might be a Winner. In the coming days we will come to know what everyone got in their store. Opinions are personal.

    Also, In the process of selling I believe You should have sold within an Year again You will have to pay short term gains.

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    A point to note on BCG’s guidance plus Peshwa Acharya joining and the impact of these events for next year numbers.

    The annual guidance numbers of 5K crores were given from Q2 onwards. Note that the Q1 numbers were without much growth, but this will act as a low base for next year’s numbers.

    Considering BCG continues its similar performance for next year Q1, we can expect a growth of 90 to 100%. In absolute figures it will be around 1100 to 1200 crores.

    This would translate to annual figures of 5500 to 5600crs for next year which translates to around 10 to 12% YoY growth.

    A growth rate of 12% plus is considered strong for normal IT companies and here we will be witnessing this growth in BCG without considering any other operatinal growth aspect of the company including growth related to new acquisitions and the overall Adtech sector in general.

    Some might see this is as a bit early statement considering we still need to see how much BCG will be meeting it’s earnings guidance of Q2. But we need to remind ourselves that these numbers were given after mid Q2 and SKR also mentioned that he has given it only after seeing the run rate till mid quarter. We can safely expect that there will not be any negative surprises atleast for Q2 for sure. Infact with Peshwa Acharya joining, hoping he might be able to strike some good strategic deals including any relationship with Jio and this translating to some guidance revision for this year or atleast maintaining some good run rate for next year.

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    No, only the bonus shares are within a year! Have to see how the tax bits comes through in next few days. It believe it is 30% for less than a year and 10% for more than a year in profit! Anyways, it was a bad decision! I lost some quantity of shares and money/positioning too from a long term perspective!

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    HI Admin, good morning!!
    Like Brightcom another high potential scrip is Suzlon energy, is it possible to create forum for suzlon to discuss fundamental? Thank you for all help!!!

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    @Brightspot – Sure, you may start a new topic for Suzlon in the Hidden Gems section of this website –

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    Brightcom compared to its Peers (Same line of business)
    On 5 oct 2021 @10am NSE Price
    Affle – 5755 @ PE ratio 119.81 (after the split at 10:2 yesterday, today’s price is 1212 and at UC)
    Brightcom – 67.40 @ PE Ratio 16.81
    Touchwood – 122.90
    Vertoz – 100.36

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    Yesterday Brightcom became a Billion Dollar Company and now is the world’s 12 largest AdTech Company. Affle is the world’s 10th largest with a market cap of 2.05 Billion. At the rate Brightcom is gaining, sometime in November 2021 BCG should overtake Affle.

    Adtech industry booms, Brightcom Group joins US$ Billion club

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    Before Diwali 2021, BCG will be in 3 figures and this calls for a celebration. What say you to the idea of us meeting face to face with a Party. I suggest the venue be Cochin (Kochi) in Kerala. I can make arrangements for Hotels, Tours, etc.

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    yes. It’s time to celebrate.
    Admin please paln for the same and its is high time to meet
    all the forum members including the shining stars admin, logan, dh, odysee etc..

    Cant wait any longer to meet you all

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    We discuss a lot about Adtech but hardly anything about the media division of the company. BCG is foremost a media company even before it ventured into the Adtech business. Can someone throw lights on the list of media we own? is owned by BCG?

    I’m curious about this because the websites owned by Literally are worth tens of millions of dollars and they seem to generate good revenue as well based on their traffic. I understand these websites are operated by the company but are they owned as well? If so, how stupid was the market to value the company for less than 500Cr for such a long time? owned by Literally alone generates a revenue of 24 million USD as per below. Not to mention, the profit margin will be much higher when both owned and operated.

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    Some corection after a long run. I don’t think management will allow the MCAP to go below $1 billion . Hopefully we can expect q2 result in this month itself.

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    Do you mean some announcement will be done soon to avoid continuous profit booking?
    I think they may publish Sept. ’21 shareholding pattern soon.
    Last year, they published it on 08/10/2020.

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    While I was expecting voting results or some acquisition related updates it is interesting to see today’s updated presentation on business overview.

    Is this just a routine exercise probably done as part of AGM document or are they trying to convey something

    Some thoughts on the intention behind this presentation

    – Bring in more clarity to the new investors

    – Showcase the different segments of their business, their partnerships they have along with their native Compass platform

    – Going forward, probably they will show case the results split across these segments …might be a standard way of segmenting results for Nasdaq listing and making it easy for investors to compare with other DM companies … Those who has seen Magnite’s results can confirm this

    – Showcase what offerings and clients they have now vs. the new acquisition…thus making it clear to the investors what value the new company is bringing on table in terms of offerings, clients, locations etc;

    – It’s a presentation made for some analysts

    – A combination of all the above and something beyond our thoughts

    Looks like SKR is trying to convey something…time will tell on the intention behind this presentation

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    After BCG got out of T2T people could day trade BCG. So, past few days, it has become the favourite of speculators who trade for + or – 5% daily. In between the investors are buying. The game of the speculators should die down soon and BCG should be back on the path of steady growth.
    This is just my opinion and I continue to buy BCG. You do so at your own risk.

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    Hi @explorer – I have taken out some of the contents that you have shared on compass platform due to legal concerns as this may not be for public consumption.

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