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    This you tuber has missed many points what Logan has been pointing out to educate all of us. Also I can see clear frustration of missing a great rally in this stock. He also missed the organic growth and projection what BCG management has even given to exchanges too. And last but not the least inorganic growth which is expected to be kicked off soon. Also I remember someone from our group analyzed Affle Vs BCG very well unlike this you tuber who is biased on Affle and not on top of all BCG business and financial numbers.

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    Ignore such you tubers who post videos without doing proper research on the company. One thing I understand that Shankar sharma is not a fool to invest 60 crores in a stock at 37 without doing a proper evaluation of the company and they don’t invest for 1x or 2x gains . They are in it for the long haul . Any correction in this stock is a normal process but for the long term bcg will give unbelievable returns .

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    The video was clearly biased. Out of curiosity I saw the video. Intent is if we are unable to see any negative due to my positive bias then I should understand it.

    However it was clearly biased. Couple of points like he mentioned increased in margin as per latest concall however he compared margin upto few quarters back. However last 2 quarters did show some margin improvement which he casually ignored.
    Yhe other thing was yearly Financials were compared However he never showed quarterly numbers. If quarterly numbers were shown people would have better understood recent price increase.

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    out of desperation many videos are coming forcing others to book profit, all Ad tech companies have similar business model and its not only related to Brightcom..ignore such videos and MMB messages asking to book profit as they cant handle continuous price movement..

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    Am a very small youtuber myself, who tries to make bad videos of shares.
    Youtube is normally a bad medium for knowing about shares, unless youtuber is of very high quality (like say SOIC).
    If one really wants to know about Brightcom, stick to this forum.
    For other shares, 1st choice should be Valuepikr.
    MMB is trash, It was a great forum, almost a decade earlier.

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    Mr. Akshath Srivastav had tweeted saying that “stay away from BCG, promoter holding reduced” sometime last week and of course there was a backlash and a lot of people tried to correct him. He didn’t like it so came out with this video.
    His main argument being “ there is NO news or No significant improvement in business to support price rise”. But unfortunately he conveniently forgot to mention that a company having 700-800 crore profit in March/2021 was trading at a market cap of 250 crore.

    So you can call my view biased because I’m invested in the stock, I will call Mr. Akshath’s view biased because he got a spanking on Twitter 😂.

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    Apart from BlackRock’s MSCI ETF funds BCG is also part of one more American ETF named Wisdom Tree India Earnings Fund.

    It is holding 15 lakh plus shares with a weightage of 0.26%

    For more details check …

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    Good morning,

    Firstly, Wisdom tree holdings show as ybrant digital so I guess they’ve been holding for ages now. But thank you so much for sharing.

    Secondly, regarding the MSCI holdings, the data shows “as of November 30th” and Im assuming that they must have bought within the last month. So do you guys think that they might increase their holding this month?, and how significant is this news?, can we expect new funds entering in the near future.

    Thank you in advance !!! As always indebted to this group

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    @chris – Right, Wisdom Tree seems to be holding / tracking it since long time…but we are not sure how much they were holding before and if they had increased it recently or not

    Anyway, some take aways from this list

    – The fact that there is some foreign fund which is holding it for such a long time even during the toughest period of BCG is good to see

    – BCG is in 66th place out of 472 stocks

    – Affle is also there in the list at 467th place with holding of 755 shares…not to downgrade Affle, but I was expecting a higher percentage given its history of bull run since long… probably some other fund might be holding it higher

    On your second question, it depends on the type of ETF…some fund managers change their holdings on daily basis and some change it on monthly or quarterly basis.

    The BlackRock iShare fund seem to be doing it on monthly basis…at the end of the month they might increase or decrease too basis their internal criteria

    If there are any other ETFs based on MSCI Smallcap Index, they will also be adding it in their portfolio. Since MSCI Indexes are popular across there might be many Indian Mutual funds / fund managers who would be tracking this list even though their fund is not based on this index … Probably we will get to see the impact of it in next month MFs holding update

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    One more American ETF holding BCG.

    SPDR® S&P® Emerging Asia Pacific ETF is having 2 lakh shares of BCG

    For more details visit

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    One more ETF … Avantis Emerging Markets Equity ETF

    Not sure of the exact no. of shares…Just a rough math basis the market value of $157582 … Assuming they have purchased it at 137 rupees with a $ conversion rate of 75 the total holding comes to around 85k shares

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    We want to inform the Exchanges that the Company’s Board of Directors is scheduled to meet on Thursday, December 09, 2021. The Board will inter-alia:
    1. Consider convening the 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Company and other related matters therein.
    2. Discuss the issue & allotment of Equity Shares on a preferential basis towards an impending
    acquisition of an Indian Ad-Tech firm. On July 07, 2021, we announced the signing of an LOI regarding this acquisition. It is now close to signing the definitive agreements to consummate that acquisition. The said earlier notice is attached to this notice for clarity and better understanding.
    The Company shall release further details about the acquisition upon signing-off definitive agreements.

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    Good moring to Admin and Logan and other long term investor.
    I am the person woh started thread on Value for Lycos internet- way of digitalizaion.-Now Brightcom.
    Congratulation to all my longterm investor friends who kept patience for almost 7-8 yrs- I am investor in BCG-Lycos since 2014.
    I got very much negative critisicim in value picker and left that board. But my convicion never got down. I increased my holding from 30k to 100k+ during 7 yrs.
    I think admin was also following value picker of my thread.But their management had closed the topic whcih was again restarted recetly by somebody.I stated and gave address of this website but didnot listion and accusing same way as on I deleted my posts their and decided not to educate them.
    For these many years I was serching details about Business of BCG but not sucessful.
    I follwoed this website and thank you admin for your efford.
    our group becomes very much strong as we have common goal.Logan and other fellow gave very good explinaton for each and every detail- I admire them.
    I kept my head cool and strong and remain invested in BCG for all this years. Now we are getting fruits for it.
    I also invested 6lkhs for my daughter in Bcg at diffferant level whcih got doubled.
    About recent video on youtube I found he is very much ignorant and biased as mention by Logan. We ahve to ignore him.
    Again Thank you to all my friends..
    I am doctor by profession.
    I request Admin to delete this post if he finds that i might broke rule of this website by giving my identification

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    Invested since 2014
    2 things ( contrarion views perhaps) –
    1. Brightcom is a stock which will divide many, especially if one goes through the process of looking at looking at equity size, promoter holding, pledged. But every metric has a story behind it, as highlighted by seniors here multiple times. I sometimes feel Brightcom is as unloved in India, as Amazon was in US in its initial years. There is only 1 way to remain invested here perhaps. Either you believe the management, or you dont.
    2. I have personally benefitted a lot from Valuepikr, since there the focus is on uncovering the negatives in as passionate a manner, as telling the company story. Just take any random share (which has 100+ posts) in Valuepikr. Pretty sure you will be benefitted. I personally also follow the portfolio threads of a few boarders, to understand their viewpoints while buying, selling shares. Obviously trolls can be everywhere.

    More we learn, better for us.
    Both this website and Valuepikr, have guided and helped me a lot.

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    Brightcom Group acquired 100% of MediaMint for about Rs.566 crores in
    cash and stock.
    ◦ Rs. 360 crores in cash to be paid at closing.
    ◦ Rs. 170 crores in BCG stock.
    ◦ Rs. 36 crores to be paid in six months from closing.
    MediaMint’s Annualized Adjusted EBITDA is expected to be approximately
    Rs. 67 crores. MediaMint’s Revenue for the FY22 March ending is
    expected to be Rs. 187 crores.

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    Logan or someone knowledgeable boarder throw a light on ◦ Rs. 170 crores in BCG stock deal, how it is going to be, are we looking at further dilution? Thank you

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    Nice find @explorer…You were spot on

    Thanks SKR garu for this wonderful news…Congratulations to all BCG employees and investors … Welcome MediaMint to BCG family.

    My thoughts on this announcement

    – 3x of Sales and 8.5x of EBITDA is a good deal…In comparison to the recent crazy valuations of IT services companies (in the name of digital and analytics business) …Also considering MediaMint is growing fast at 40% CAGR with good EBITDA margins

    – EBITDA of 35.8% seems to be better than 26.1% of BCG’s recent Q2

    – Revenue per employee is 14.4 lakhs…In-line with general DM company’s business and also equivalent or better than some listed IT services companies, can grow higher with BCG…take for example Happiest Minds with around 4000 employees and estimated 1000cr revenue is generating 25L per employee and is trading at around 19x sales 🙂

    – Key Management people along with one of the co-founder is going to stay with the company, huge positive. Also more management hands for SKR. Note, Aditya Vuchi is a serial entrepreneur and is also running other businesses, he would be looking to improve them further with these funds and so will be moving on after 6 months which is enough for a smooth transition

    – Both companies compliment each other…Huge cross selling opportunities across their business (both has marquee large clients)… Imagine BCG running ads for Netflix or Expedia or NYT, the marketing budgets of these companies will be running in some billions of dollars each… a small share of it to BCG will add huge to its numbers.

    – Also they can build together new solutions and take it to the market. We would see impact of this from next FY onwards post integration

    – BCG’s DM division + MediaMint together might be one of the top 3 or top 5 DM companies based out of India

    – 170cr in the form of stock … Need to be seen if it’s going to be equity diluation and if so at what price or from ESOP pool … Even in case of equity dilution, it will not be a big number considering the avg. price of BCG share in last 3 months

    – Impact on EPS, ROE, and FCF needs to be seen…in my view all these ratios will be moving higher

    – SKR is walking the talk…he is nicely ticking the boxes one by one for the future exponential growth of the company … Remember he once said that we are looking at a growth similar to previous period, (I guess between 2006 to 2010) where the company has grown from 10 to 100 million revenue

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    Thanks @hw_tw for a neat summary.

    – that was brilliant exploration.

    Congratulations to all the investors. Feels really great to see all the events unfolding as envisaged. Thanks to management for walking the talk. Will bring lot of credibility. With the combined workforce (co-founder, their management and employees) we will have more brilliant brains working on a mission to aim bigger goals in the Ad-Tech space.

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    @Logan – I have thanked you many times, but want to thank you once again. We all are lucky to celebrate each of these milestones only because of your knowledge sharing which reinforced the shape of things to come.

    I have been reading lots of articles about personal finance since more than 15 years, stories of people who invested in Infy, Wipro early. I always had this feeling that if I could get a chance to come across such a scrip in my life. Glad that we all have discovered BCG at an early stage and this Indian company is simply admirable.

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