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    Hi everyone,
    out of 33.18crores alloted to 54, 49 have paid totalling to 32.18 crores.
    Only 1 crore pending with balance 5. Hopefully this should come early next week before 5th August. Hoping for arrest of lc by that date or earlier.
    Best wishes


    Faster it is done, Good for all of us. Hope LOC also comes in now as mentioned in the last concall from the Horses mouth ( Promoter Mr Suresh Reddy ) That will change the game forever as Listing on Nasdaq will also happen early. I think it should come around somewhere in Dec 2022. All in all, Everything Hunky dory. Cheers!!!

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    Can anyone guess company name to be acquired based on the description given in the announcement?
    also I would like to know how ex bonus share price will be adjusted? Can someone help on it?


    Example ptice on Ex date is 40 divide it with 4, Comes to 8 & Reduce it from price of 40 comes to 32. That is it.


    I mean prior to ex date price is 40 then it comes to 32 price adj on Ex date.


    Sorry, 40-10 equals to 30 price will get quoted on Ex date.

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    I know… Shares allotted through preferential warrants cannot be sold for the next X months. I also know that all these converted shares are eligible for bonus at 1:4. My question is can they sell bonus shares in the open market immediately after the allotment? Or will that also have to wait for next x months

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    @radhutheoptimist , They can sell bonus shares immediately I think.

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    If I remember correctly. The shares on conversion of PW are locked in for a period of 18 months post conversion. I guess the bonus shares allotted on locked in shares are also locked in for the same period of time.


    I think in a day or two Pw allotment complete.Total amount in company’s kitty. Now Remaining is QIP of Rs 1500 Crs. Will get decided on Aug 5Th. Lets see at what price its is determined. May be near to 50-52, Just a wild guess or May come at a higher price also if there is a run up in share price due to declaration of record date for bonus share which might be after Aug 15Th 2021.
    I am not so sure.

    For the uninformed who wants MF to enter in, Normally they enter in at a price of above Rs 250/- not before that is my understanding.

    All in all 5Th Of Aug 2021 will be an interesting day to watch out for. I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of it as all of you are.Till then enjoy the rains & Chill.Cheers!!!

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    Not sure but someone mentioning on MMB to get the 1500 cr funds scrip must have 15000 marketcap , do anyone know about it? Logon do you know if any such condition to be fulfilled? if so , please provide link for justification thank you

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    As Much as I know & Understand these are the thumb rules:-If the size of the issue is up to INR 250 crores, there should be at least two buyers (QIBs). If the size of issue is above INR 250 crores, there should be at least 5 buyers (QIBs).

    Similarly, if the issue size is more than INR 250 crores, a single buyer cannot be allotted over 50% stake.

    Promoters of the company cannot participate in this type of issue.

    The company should issue minimum of 10% of the total allotment to Mutual Funds.

    As per 4th Point, It is good through QIP, Promoter can bring i MF.


    Folks,Pls note, If a company is comfortably able to raise money from QIBs through QIP even in such uncertain times, it reflects about the good financial health of the company as well as shows institutional investor’s belief in the business model.

    Also once a company successfully undertakes QIP, there is a some increase in share price of the company. This indicates the overall positive sentiment of the shareholders of the company. Cheers!!!


    Loc in principle approved. Chk the Companys disclosure.

    Long time company disclosure, So can LOC come in soon then we Expect. Cheers!!!

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    Kris i think it was old disclosure ..not sure if that is still active as SKR told in the conf call that he would expect good valuation for indian entity before going for LOC


    Folks, FYI,SEBI extends deadline for filing April-30Th June 21 corporate financial results to September 15Th 2021.

    That means we can expect our company qtly results within the time specified & Supposing company will be declaring good results, Then it will start factoring the share price before the results are declared.

    Lot of fireworks in store, Only thing let everything go as planned, Which I think ought too.

    New kid on the block is indicating “UPPLER” Great speculative news, Let it transpire into actual’s that is all that we want, Is it not ? Cheers!!!


    @brightspot. Our Promoter SKR word is the final word, Till now he has implicitly walked the talk, That means honoured all his words till date & He is definitely right on the spot. It will happen for sure with time. We have to wait for it.

    Any idea you have with regards to who the sellers & buyers were on 28Th July 2021. Mysterious to say the least as no disclosures till now.


    SHP out Dated July 28. Promoter 25.01% Qty of shares 18 crs plus remains the same. Cheers!!!


    That means all selling gone, Reversal on the cards soon say coming Tuesday or Monday also.

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