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    Currently there are 3 fake clubs playing in the IPL and they are – Sunrisers Hyderabad, Delhi Capital and Punjab Kings.

    Do you know why these are fake clubs? It’s because they changed their names.

    Only in our markets we can see people use name changes for their argument.

    “Eat shit, millions of flies can’t be wrong”

    Just because people have more followers on Twitter doesn’t mean they are genius by default. All that matters is hard work and skills. We don’t see Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radhakishan Dhamani, Charlie Munger, George Soros, Peter Lynch, Howard Marks, John Paulson and other great investors tweeting 24/7 and trying to influence others.

    There’s nothing wrong in highlighting red flags of any company but you can’t use name changes as one.

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    Changing name is a normal thing in the course of the business…it could be for legal reasons or for change in business line or for a better branding

    There are many famous and large companies which changed their names including Google, Yahoo, PayPal, IBM.

    Even Zomato, Freshworks originally had a different name…I still recall Freshworks as Freshdesk as it is their first and most popular product…:)

    Probably he doesn’t know that the Twitter platform he is using to spread negative gyan to his followers is originally called Odeo with a different business line all together…:-)

    What next people want to cry for … take some fresh ideas

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    On LoC… I feel BCG might not be in need of LoC in near term or might go for a small amount or even totally stop it …Some of the recent developments gives me this feeling like the ones given below …

    – They will be getting an additional 200crs from the fresh PA / PW allotment

    – The recent earnings guidance, I guess is without considering any additional cash. I guess with the new Google’s MCM partnership model probably they may not need to purchase media upfront and doesn’t require any additional capital to scale up

    – The increased revenue might also increase cash flow

    – They might also get some cash generated by the new DM company

    They might go for LoC only if they need additional capital for activities like building new products, upgrading existing products, scaling their adtech, DM business etc; wherein they need to pay upfront and the cashflows are not sufficient enough to support these activities

    SKR will be looking at many other factors as things pan out and will be taking decision accordingly…I feel it is a wait and watch step and is not going to happen in a hurry

    We as investors need to understand that this is no longer a mandatory step and keep waiting / talking about this event to happen just because the management has spoken about this plan long back

    This is just my view point and I might be totally wrong on this.

    Just wanted to bring this thought to everyone … We shouldn’t be surprised at later stage if there is a change in plan

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    Advertising is competitive filed and numerous players coexist in this environment. But to get an edge over others and to generate better business, company will require free cash flows and this PW and allotment can help to fulfill immediate needs(Daum closer, acquisition,funds to generate new business) but won’t help much to maintain the extraordinary growth. and the way world is moving towards digital advertising, company will surely opt for foreign listing or LOC.

    I can recall one of the old reply of Rathi’s to Logan, post meeting with SKR, “The LOC amount is huge”. So, in the same line what Rathi said, LOC will happen even sooner than later.

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    Hi All, Good morning. I have only one query here after a long time. After having a fabulous run in BCG for the past 4-5 months, Can we find another BCG ? (A 40-100x potential stock) 🙂 . Almost all safe stocks with high potential are exhausted in this bull 🐂 market


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    I believe suzlon energy is the scrip which can run as Brightcom group in 6 months time..even during tough time they were manage to come close to profit, coming quarter result would be the game changer. Price movement is restricted due to fccb sell off..coming quarter result would bring some surprise ..they haev 6000 cr healthy order book. This is just my view not buy sell call..

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    Day by day, as the stock price goes up, some people are getting more and more desperate. Some people don’t mind looking stupid and they continuously peddle fake information. If you really want to understand someone’s character, you have to see them when they are jealous (especially in stock markets).

    Delusional people think that they are always rational because their minds tell them that. They’ll never be self-critical and they’ll always blame others even for their own mistakes. One example is they sell their shares at lower prices and when the price goes up, they can’t stand/tolerate it and they’ll start accusing others of weird things.

    Some delusional people who think themselves as rational were saying that Brightcom Group was stealing Brightcom’s name. They wanted authorities to investigate BCG for this. This is not just funny but plain stupid.

    Then the other thing – when Brightcom got approved as Google MCM partner, some genius delusional people were asking the CEO who got the approval – like was it Brightcom Global (OMS) or Brightcom Group (BCG) or Brightcom Invest (our forum). People may get confusion between the first and the second but man how can you even ask about the third? They give long lectures about stupid things but don’t even have little common sense.

    In this day and age if they act so stupid then I don’t know what to say.

    They tried desperately to create unwanted negative sentiment about BCG and they failed so now they are changing it to auditing.

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    Let me share some details about some fake companies where auditors have made similar comments like BCG’s auditors.

    Hindalco – We did not audit the financial statements of eight subsidiaries and consolidated financial information of one subsidiary whose financial statements / financial information reflect total assets of 118,609 crores and net assets of 33,302 crores as at March 31, 2021, total revenues of 91,698 crores, total comprehensive income (comprising of profit after tax and other comprehensive income) of 3,667 crores and net cash outflows amounting to 11,059 crores for the year ended on that date, as considered in the consolidated financial statements. The consolidated financial statements also include the Group’s share of total comprehensive (loss) (comprising of (loss) after tax and other comprehensive income) of (*) crore for the year ended March 31, 2021 as considered in the consolidated financial statements, in respect of one joint venture and three associate companies respectively, whose financial statements have not been audited by us. These financial statements / financial information have been audited by other auditors whose reports have been furnished to us by the Management, and our opinion on the consolidated financial statements insofar as it relates to the amounts and disclosures included in respect of these subsidiaries, joint venture and associate companies and our report in terms of sub-section (3) of Section 143 of the Act including report on Other Information insofar as it relates to the aforesaid subsidiaries, joint venture and associate companies, is based solely on the reports of the other auditors.

    Hidalco (March 2021)

    Assets – Rs.189,699crs of which Rs.118,609crs is not audited by the main auditors (62.5%)

    Revenue – Rs.131,985crs of which Rs.91,698crs is not audited by the main auditors (67.47%)

    Total Comprehensive Income – Rs.8,267crs of which Rs.3,667crs is not audited by the main auditors (44.35%)

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    Marico – We did not audit the financial statements / financial information of five subsidiaries, whose financial statements/financial information reflect total assets of R 966 crore as at 31st March 2021, total revenues of R 1,956 crore and net cash inflows amounting to R 19 crore for the year ended on that date, as considered in the consolidated financial statements. These financial statements/financial information have been audited by other auditors whose reports have been furnished to us by the Management and our opinion on the consolidated financial statements, in so far as it relates to the amounts and disclosures included in respect of these subsidiaries, and our report in terms of subsection (3) of Section 143 of the Act, in so far as it relates to the aforesaid subsidiaries is based solely on the audit reports of the other auditors.

    Marico (March 2021)

    Assets – Rs.5,510crs of which Rs.966crs is not audited by the main auditors (17.5%)
    Revenue – Rs.8048crs of which Rs.1956crs is not audited by the main auditors (24.3%)

    (These are just 2 of the many fake companies where auditors have made similar comments. There are many other fake companies like this. Its actually a crime to have a foreign subsidiary)

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    We have to understand why auditors make these comments. Companies with foreign subsidiaries have this in common. They’ll appoint local auditors where the subsidiary is incorporated. It’s not just going and checking numbers but you have to know all the important details properly. Every country has different taxes and appointing local auditors will benefit companies. There’ll be different accounting standards/practices/rules.

    Coming to BCG, it’s subs’ financials will be audited by local auditors and then account/financial team will convert the financials to Indian standards and then that will be submitted to the main auditors. Bigger companies with better resources can do it faster as the teams in those companies will be very big but for smaller companies it’ll take little more time. BCG’s case is complex because it does business in over 20 countries and there are subs in many countries. Auditing and converting each subs’ financials will take time.

    It’s easy to sit at home and comment nonsense but doing all the work is not as simple as that. People are trying very desperately to create negativity around this audit issue. They tried every other thing but couldn’t change the sentiment. They have a cunning plan – if you talk about numbers and simply say financials aren’t audited then gullible investor will fall prey to that. They know gullible investors won’t read reports of all the companies.

    All these years they succeeded in changing the sentiment and now they are finding it hard. Not the main reason but one of the reasons is because of this forum. We have debunked many conspiracy theories about the company. From past many years people like expertbeggar of MMB and others were successful in creating negative perception but now they can’t fool everyone. If someone gets fooled by people like expertbeggar then I don’t consider that person as an investor.

    Also, some investors will be very good but they don’t know how to debate properly. When naysayers tell something these people just say – we’ll see after 3 or 6 months or they’ll say multi-bagger or future is digital or some say Affle is trading at 100PE so BCG will also trade like that etc. Only a few will give proper response. People should give replies in such a way that naysayers should think 100 times before commenting something stupid.

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    My stop loss got triggered and sold all my holdings today. However managed to re-enter 80% of what I have sold for at UC again 🙁
    As it was a cash sell,due to cash withheld option, couldn’t renter fully. In short lost few shares today 🙁 🙁
    Not my day today !!

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    This is the temptation everyone will face in coming days. One who survive all this might be a Winner. In the coming days we will come to know what everyone got in their store. Opinions are personal.

    Also, In the process of selling I believe You should have sold within an Year again You will have to pay short term gains.

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    A point to note on BCG’s guidance plus Peshwa Acharya joining and the impact of these events for next year numbers.

    The annual guidance numbers of 5K crores were given from Q2 onwards. Note that the Q1 numbers were without much growth, but this will act as a low base for next year’s numbers.

    Considering BCG continues its similar performance for next year Q1, we can expect a growth of 90 to 100%. In absolute figures it will be around 1100 to 1200 crores.

    This would translate to annual figures of 5500 to 5600crs for next year which translates to around 10 to 12% YoY growth.

    A growth rate of 12% plus is considered strong for normal IT companies and here we will be witnessing this growth in BCG without considering any other operatinal growth aspect of the company including growth related to new acquisitions and the overall Adtech sector in general.

    Some might see this is as a bit early statement considering we still need to see how much BCG will be meeting it’s earnings guidance of Q2. But we need to remind ourselves that these numbers were given after mid Q2 and SKR also mentioned that he has given it only after seeing the run rate till mid quarter. We can safely expect that there will not be any negative surprises atleast for Q2 for sure. Infact with Peshwa Acharya joining, hoping he might be able to strike some good strategic deals including any relationship with Jio and this translating to some guidance revision for this year or atleast maintaining some good run rate for next year.

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    No, only the bonus shares are within a year! Have to see how the tax bits comes through in next few days. It believe it is 30% for less than a year and 10% for more than a year in profit! Anyways, it was a bad decision! I lost some quantity of shares and money/positioning too from a long term perspective!

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    HI Admin, good morning!!
    Like Brightcom another high potential scrip is Suzlon energy, is it possible to create forum for suzlon to discuss fundamental? Thank you for all help!!!

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    @Brightspot – Sure, you may start a new topic for Suzlon in the Hidden Gems section of this website –

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    Brightcom compared to its Peers (Same line of business)
    On 5 oct 2021 @10am NSE Price
    Affle – 5755 @ PE ratio 119.81 (after the split at 10:2 yesterday, today’s price is 1212 and at UC)
    Brightcom – 67.40 @ PE Ratio 16.81
    Touchwood – 122.90
    Vertoz – 100.36

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    Yesterday Brightcom became a Billion Dollar Company and now is the world’s 12 largest AdTech Company. Affle is the world’s 10th largest with a market cap of 2.05 Billion. At the rate Brightcom is gaining, sometime in November 2021 BCG should overtake Affle.

    Adtech industry booms, Brightcom Group joins US$ Billion club

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    Before Diwali 2021, BCG will be in 3 figures and this calls for a celebration. What say you to the idea of us meeting face to face with a Party. I suggest the venue be Cochin (Kochi) in Kerala. I can make arrangements for Hotels, Tours, etc.

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