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    @Logan – I have thanked you many times, but want to thank you once again. We all are lucky to celebrate each of these milestones only because of your knowledge sharing which reinforced the shape of things to come.

    I have been reading lots of articles about personal finance since more than 15 years, stories of people who invested in Infy, Wipro early. I always had this feeling that if I could get a chance to come across such a scrip in my life. Glad that we all have discovered BCG at an early stage and this Indian company is simply admirable.

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    There is one important angle to the MediaMint acquisition that is not being highlighted. MediaMint was using the TRADE DESK Platform, and now with BCG acquiring it, MediaMint, and their very high-profile clients, will be converted to the BCG Platform. That is a huge benefit for BCG

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    Dear all,
    Congratulations to admin and all members in this forum. Now the next leg of journey starts. Thank you all for all the valuable information. Cheers

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    @admin, your comments re @Logan in #12945- I would be the first to endorse that. Twice over!
    And your admirable handling of this forum and its members. Let us not downplay that either.

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    Summary of today SKR & Aditya Interview on TV5 Channel..

    The anchor welcomed both Suresh Reddy (currently in US ) and Aditya Vuchi (in Hyd from MediaMint)
    👉Anchor: What is the basis of valuation?
    👉SKR – Depends on the buyer and seller. Usually we base acquisitions on 7-10x of EBITA. Beyond that it is expensive.
    👉Anchor) Congratulates Aditya on the sale. What will you do with the money?
    👉Aditya) I will be concentrating on his new start up idea “Doosra” which is in Mobile space.
    👉Anchor) With proliferation of AdTech, there is a huge shift of advertising online. What do you exactly do?
    👉SKR) Shared more context and the impressions doubled because of the pandemic. Digital Ads are much more targeted and technology plays a big role in matching the customer with the right Ad.
    👉Anchor) Which medium in AdTech has more potential?
    👉SKR) Changes with time but now Audio has lot more growth.
    👉Anchor) Who are your major clients?
    👉SKR) Usually we deal with top Ad agencies.
    👉Anchor) How do you compare with leaders in Adtech Affle ? (haha)
    👉SKR) Affle is more of a regional player. We are stronger in other regions.
    👉Anchor) Asked about the number of employees
    👉SKR) Explained the confusion and congratulated Aditya on excellent processes he built. They are hiring a lot of people every month.
    👉Anchor) To Aditya: You have lot of big clients What do you do for them?
    👉SKR) There is a software service using all these platforms to run these campaigns.
    👉Anchor) How are you raising the funds for this acquisition?
    👉SKR) Combination of stock and equity. Preferential allotment has been given and approved by shareholders. We will use the money for acquisition.
    👉Anchor) The share price has increased now . Can we expect the acquisition preferential be less?
    👉SKR) Yes . Sebi price will be high. It may come around 120.
    👉Anchor) How do I explain this business to layman?
    👉SKR) It’s quite easy. Explained about general adtech business. The various players in the eco-system. Last year topline 2800 crores and 400 crores bottom line. We gave 70 to 80% increase in both top and bottom line this year. We have a big Q3 coming in and seeing tremendous growth in this business. We will do 5000 crores in topline and 800 crores in bottom line. This is just organic growth. Media mint numbers will be added next year.
    👉Anchor) Asked about the spread of this investment and congratulates both. It is a multibagger.
    👉Anchor) We wanted to clarify something. We have said so many times that the company changed the names so many times. People may ask Why are we interviewing the promoters now? We are rerating now because of free cash flow.
    👉Anchor) Final thoughts?
    👉SKR) Happy to make a regional acquisition.
    👉Anchor) To Aditya- Will you remain the BCG?
    👉Aditya) I will be there for 6 months but the rest of leadership will continue with BCG

    Thanks to @pvijay116 for making it easy for people who don’t understand the Telugu. He has taken effort to convert it in message..

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    New preferential shares allotment at 120 rupees for Mediamint acquisition.
    Cheers guys

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    Thanks @admin and @odysee for the appreciation and also for always supporting me. You’ve supported me during very tough times and because of you I didn’t quit writing in the forum.

    , on behalf of everyone I would like to thank you for starting this forum and for providing a very good platform for people to share their views. You started this forum when there was so much uncertainty about the company. On other platforms many people took advantage of the company/stock’s situation and they spread so much misinformation which scared many investors. After you started this forum no one is getting the courage to spread fake news and even if they do people aren’t giving any importance as they are fact checking them. People can do that because all the important information about the company is available in this forum.

    All these years every conversation about BCG would be only about DAUM case and India debt but I wanted everyone to understand the real value of BCG which didn’t/doesn’t depend on those 2 things. Now people/market have started to understand the real value of BCG and that’s why BCG is trading at a good valuation. All these years it was undervalued and now it is underrated. Also compared to its real peers, BCG is still way undervalued and underrated. For the growth rates that BCG has, it should command a premium valuation.

    BCG’s success wasn’t achieved overnight and it took years of hard work and for the company to be here standing tall, all the credit should go to the CEO. If it wasn’t for him, the company wouldn’t have achieved this much success. Haters and naysayers threw stones at him but he turned those stones into milestones. Today (or yesterday or maybe someday this week) BCG became the most valued public ad-tech company in India. It’s a great achievement considering all the challenges faced by the CEO and the management team.

    He always took the right decisions and because of that the company could achieve so much. Any other CEO would’ve panicked and would’ve taken some temporary measure which in the long run wouldn’t have helped the company which in turn wouldn’t have helped the shareholders. One example is starting Brightcom (programmatic ad platform) and investing more for the future. Any other person would’ve delayed starting something like Brightcom and would’ve concentered more on Lycos. The company started Brightcom at the right time and delaying it would’ve cost it later. During that period, many other ad-tech companies didn’t move quickly (or took too much time to adapt to the changes) and because of that they could never establish themselves properly and lost their businesses. Some even went bankrupt or were sold to others for peanuts.

    Many people didn’t understand all these important things and they simply accused the CEO of weird things. They think it’s easy to run a company like BCG. If the CEO had concentrated on Lycos and if he had ignored the business then we wouldn’t have seen the great growth rates that BCG is having now. Like I wrote in one of my previous posts (I quoted Warren Buffett’s quote which applies to BCG)

    “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

    Now people are writing/saying great things about the company but they are not giving enough credit to the CEO. If everyone remembers I wrote a thread about the CEO – titled “Suresh Reddy Underrated” and I wrote that when the stock was in single digits and when there was so much uncertainty. I praise/appreciate/support/back/defend people looking at their talents and their commitments and not looking at the results (stock price) or what others think or say about them. If I looked only at the results and if I had appreciated him after the stock price went up then that would’ve looked artificial. The people who were criticizing the CEO 24/7 when the stock was in lower digits have suddenly started praising him. I don’t understand that logic. I can’t criticize someone just because others are criticizing him/her and I always try to understand what the reality/situation is. And also I’m someone who supports people when they are down which gives them courage and hope.

    Market cap wise this week BCG beat Affle and hopefully, in the coming days, it should beat Magnite Inc, Criteo and PubMatic.

    (Extra note – I think Queen’s We Are The Champions song suits BCG’s situation perfectly, if you get time please go through the lyrics and you’ll understand what I’m saying)

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    I have been trying to understand how exactly MediaMint can help with Brightcom’s operational improvements and I came across an article on MediaMint’s website which talks about improving operational efficiency through automation. The article says MediaMint has built out a development group called TensorGo to build few capabilities. TensorGo seems to be an AI startup. What do you guys understand from this article? Is TensorGo owned by MediaMint? If so, we have more things to cheer.

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    In relation to my previous post, both MediaMint and TensorGo operate from the same IT park. MediaMint is on the 5th floor whereas TensorGo is on the 1st floor. There is another company founded by the Ex-owner of MediaMint(Aditya Vuchi) that operates from the 1st floor of the IT park. Any insights, Hyderabad guys?

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    I did further exploration and the below link lists Aditya Vuchi and Neelima Marupuru as the directors along with the CEO of TensorGo, Chilukuri Srinivas. Now the question is, did we get TensorGo as well for 566Cr?.

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    I don’t have words to express my thanks and gratitude for this forum..I am a layman with little knowledge on stocks and huge greed to make money..It is just four years in the market lost a lot during the first two years..Then i found this stock, just started following it up and landed on this forum by the blessing of God.. I continue to hold this share irrespective of initial hiccups , just because of the knowledge and vision shared in this forum..Today i am a crorepathy and a single share made my dream come true. I thought to sell my shares if it all reaches 100 is now foregone.. I think this is my wealth, my property and will hold till 1000 .. Now i am very confident that it will reach that milestone as i was dreaming 100 when it was trading at single digit..
    All learned writers here are my Bhisma acharyas and just submit my sincere thanks to your feet..
    I once wrote, we all should meet , if it reaches 100.. I think we will make it a grand gala function at its 1000 milestone..
    Still i can’t understand many nuances and technicality of the BCG ‘ s business but i don’t worry at all as it is none of my business.. I just believe and hope it will reach 1000..
    Once again my sincere pranams to all for giving free knowledge on this share…

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    Sorry for this question..may seem so silly to learned board members..
    Please explain me what are the advantages for investors like me if this stock is listed in MASDAQ??
    Will i get any foreign exchange shares if i gets listed there??

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    Today BCG’s market cap is higher than Magnite’s and PubMatic’s (not combined).

    It’s a great milestone and as I wrote in my previous post, all the credit should go to the CEO.

    “Brave Men Who Work While Others Sleep, Who Dare While Others Fly”

    Underdogs do win and even though BCG is bigger than all these companies (business wise), it was always an underdog. Hell, BCG was an underdog to Affle also!!!!

    If BCG got just 10% of the hype that Affle got then the situation/perception would’ve been way different (I’m not talking anything negative about Affle and I admire it a lot).

    Let’s see how long it’ll take to beat Criteo

    ($2.3B vs $2.5B)

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    BCG is the fastest value adder in 2021 Burgundy Private Hurun India 500 report. It also stated In terms of growth, the 2021 Burgundy Private Hurun India 500 was led by Hyderabad-based
    Brightcom Group. BCG’s Visibility to investors keeps increasing. Great thing.

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    Msg from company…
    Check out our new Brightcom Player!
    Brightcom has created an engagement-based video player.
    It features custom formats, a real-time reporting dashboard, easy integration, high-quality video content, and ongoing player optimization.
    Another stream of income. Good news

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    Dear all,
    Shortly our company will cross 20k crores market cap. Beginning to become a large cap…
    Thanks to admin and all other valuable members for making me stay invested in BCG.

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    @Logan you are the real motivator for many of us. You deserve the title champion of Champions.
    Just now saw your post dated December 10 and searched the web for the lyrics of “We are the champions “ and posting it here for the benefit of others.
    I’ve paid my dues
    Time after time
    I’ve done my sentence
    But committed no crime
    And bad mistakes
    I’ve made a few
    I’ve had my share of sand
    Kicked in my face
    But I’ve come through
    And we mean to go on and on and on and on
    We are the champions, my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting till the end
    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions of the World
    I’ve taken my bows
    And my curtain calls
    You brought me fame and fortune
    And everything that goes with it
    I thank you all
    But it’s been no bed of roses
    No pleasure cruise
    I consider it a challenge before
    The human race
    And I ain’t gonna lose
    And we mean to go on and on and on and on
    We are the champions, my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting till the end
    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions of the World
    We are the champions, my friends
    And we’ll keep on fighting till the end
    We are the champions
    We are the champions
    No time for losers
    ‘Cause we are the champions of the World

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    Does anyone know when the lock-in period of preferential warrants issued at INR 7 ends? I think this is a very important thing to watch for. Everyone who got warrants has made crazy money and would like to book some profit as soon as they can. That will lead to a lot of supply as they hold over 30% of the company.

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    I think the lock in period for warrants is 18 months .

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