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    The market/investors are frustrated with the management/CEO and their lack of action. Market will punish companies if they don’t act quickly and we are seeing it again in BCG. Last 2 years I thought BCG was finally coming out of all the mess but the same thing is happening again. Apart from the management/CEO’s negligence/careless attitude, the other thing that’s killing the company is the second bonus shares which was not at all necessary. When someone asked about this in one of the calls, the CEO said that you’ll thank me after a year or so for his decision to give bonus shares.

    I sold only a little part of my holdings when the stock went up. My family members who had shares in my account completely sold their shares and I should’ve followed them. Now I’m regretting my stupid decision. As they say, you eat what you kill and I’ve to live with my stupid decision. And because of my health issues I couldn’t take proper decisions also. One side the business is growing at good place and the other side the stock is falling continuously. I think like me most of the investors have had this dilemma.

    There is no one on the company’s board who is market savvy or experienced to guide the management. I thought Mr.Acharya would bring in much needed transparency but nothing has changed. First one month or so after opening the investor contact centre they picked our calls and replied to mails but now it’s back to the same again.

    The next conference call will be in mid May or May end and before that I don’t think they’ll hold any investor conference call (even when we have requested multiple times) so I request @rathi_b and team to visit the office and check what’s happening. Sorry to bother you all again but we don’t have any other option.

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    Its too late for forming association or any other collective action because there wont be any support for our voice in this as suspected we will have to wait for single digit or delist and close this channel forever

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    Same feeling .. Could have sell this at highs .. got multiple warnings ,suggestions from many sides many times to book profit .. but the mistake was we studied so deep about the company and was so confident on the business model … Those people who exited once the price reached their target is laughing now .. we were idiots…

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    51 Lac after market order sell orders , we had seen such sell orders when company disclosed about FA, probably FA result was out , can someone check on sebi website

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    Anything is possible now, either it will be FA or it must be thrown out of the small-cap BSE 500. On the 24th, Shankar Sharma’s and FPI’s equity will be unlocked.

    It will go to single digits, probably 7 or 5. Again, if some positive news comes,pump and dump may happen like before, and SS may exit that rally. Of course, we will too.

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    Rathi ji & team request you to meet the management team.

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    Is there any benefit in meeting with the management now, I don’t see him giving out any new information.SKR’s answers will be the same

    Promoter share : ongoing legal battle to recover shares

    FA timeline : not in my hands it’s under sebi

    Daum : I don’t know myself (no clue) but we will finish it this quarter, peshwa is incharge

    ROE : our main target is to improve ROE for our longterm investors, how “I don’t know “

    Company : doing very well we’ve had the best quarter so far and our best year.

    Dividend : I will think about it

    Buy back : I will not buy back, money collected through warrants is for Inorganically driven organic growth of the company

    Future plans : we are looking at AI & chatGPT will be working towards something similar (surprise) (last point is just for the purpose of humour) rest all points are his answers

    Corporate governance : we are working on it, released redacted audit reports and shared on website for all to see. If you want to see the entire report come to Hyderabad (and maybe we’ll treat you to some biryani and Irani chai).

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    I feel you, @logan, SKR had once said in one of the quarterly conference (2021) that long term investors stay with us till March 2023 we’ll sort out everything. Took it a little too seriously. Now back at the same price as to when he stated that.

    I think like someone said I got emotionally carried away, and let brightcom get very close and personal.

    Note to myself would be don’t get personal in investing in the future book profits and move on to the next.

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    the only thing that can save bcg is buyback .mgmt should buyback atleast 20 percent from open market in any condition.On 3rd if they declare same old non-sense 5 rs is not far.

    WE hope on 3rd they come with buyback!

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    India bulls housing finance sells approx. 1,89,00,000 shares, does this have anything to do with the missing shares case of 5,6th December 2022? Looking like a one off sell.

    I saw the sale in the bulk deals section of stockedge, after it was shared on the telegram group.

    Delivery on the nse is higher than usual.

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    So much in loss that cant even sell my shares at such loss. now its only wait and watch game for me. regret my decision of not selling at right time. such a pathetic management and leadership..

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    Since this is a forum for BCG, I didn’t want to mention other companies/stocks but looking at the sentiment, price movements etc this other company, Asian Granito, looks similar to BCG.

    In that company also promoters reduced their stake, like FA, IT department raided that company last year, like DAUM legal case, that company also had cases against one promoter, fundamentals are good in that company, though not as good as BCG but not very bad too.

    Last year because of increase in raw materials, fuel etc I think they had losses for 2-3 quarters (this FY). Whoever I’ve talked to (like tile companies, traders etc) says that the company is doing good in tier 2, 3 cities. And like BCG, last year they too raised money by issuing more shares and diluting the equity (through rights issue, I think more than 500 crs).

    They’ve invested in new factories, started new subsidiaries, showroom, reduced a lot of debt, have good amount of cash but still the stock is falling. 4-5 years back it had reached close to 400 but now it’s in 30s range. From close to 400 it had fallen to 60-70 but after covid it went to 200 and after that because of 3 things (promoter selling, increase in costs and IT raid) its falling non stop.

    This company has a decent growth rate in revenue and profits over the last 10 years or so (though not very high like it’s peers) but the market is not trusting the promoters.

    What I’ve understood from this company, BCG and many other companies is that building trust is the most important factor in the market and once you lose that important factor then the market won’t care whether you have good growth rates or have good amount of cash etc.

    (This is not a buy or sell recommendation for BCG or Asian Granito and I’m just sharing similar situations that both these companies are in. I have invested small amount in Asian Granito too but it’s mostly for tracking purpose)

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    To those who are willing to hold their conviction in BCG. “Investing is hard” . The story of Monster beverage says how hard it is to hold on to a multibagger stock.

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    I have started adding BCG, I am taking risks, but I think one more uptrend will come this year

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    More than 12.5 crore shares traded till now on NSE. Biggest daily volume in the BCG history?
    Will be interesting to see delivery percentage at the end of the day

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    I will start off my first post on this forum with a slightly embarrassing note: I have been mostly a passive reader on this forum since its inception. But I would like to change that.

    I have been with BCG since 2016, and I still am. I am one of the investors who went from 4 to 200 (approximates), but did not sell even a single share so far. In hindsight, I would have played a different game, but as we know selling is a far more difficult decision than buying, and I don’t regret my decision not to sell.

    In fact, at the risk of sounding crazy, and I might be a rare contrarian at the moment, but I still strongly believe in BCG. I think the mess we are in is partly because of events from BCG management, and partly out of BCG control. I don’t mean to say what Suresh is doing is right, neither I am backing him up, but I still honestly believe that he is trying his best. The outcome we are currently in is probably because of his lack of experience in dealing with investors and markets. I would have been more happier if we had a more market understanding person at the helm.

    I have been through so many ups and downs in BCG, that I got used to these sharp rises and dips. BCG has given me something more valuable than money, which is experience. BCG went from 60 to 4 a few years back, and anyone who has been part of BCG during 2017-20 will probably know the feeling. If I had to lose my conviction, I would have sold my stake back then. I think we will get out of this mess soon, and it might turn out that Suresh is right after all when he said that we will thank him a year later for the second bonus shares (the second bonus BTW was totally unnecessary). I am strongly considering adding more of BCG in the next days and I know it will be a wild ride, but I feel it is a risk worth taking considering my conviction. It might turn out to be a wrong decision, but I feel that, given enough time, things will change for the best and the glory days are ahead.

    Last but not least: Thank you all for your inputs in the forum. I highly appreciate that.

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    I don’t know who is right or who is wrong, but my conviction says, the biggest rally in BCG is yet to come.
    Now the only thing I will do is add on dips and hold with conviction for a year.

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    I have added today as well, the last one and a half years, we have seen only a downfall, which may be the beginning of an uptrend. Invest as per your risks!

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    I had bought shares on 31st. today I get intimation from Zerodha that my bought shares are “short delivered”. Heard this for the first time.

    So apparently it looks like short sellers are rampant in this script.

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    @imposiblznuthin my brother had the same issue, sorted out today, delivery of the shares has been done today.

    Apparently, a 21 lakh lot was shorted on Friday, and since a ceiling was hit on the same day the trader could not square off.

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