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    Dear Dgm, I feel we should be vigilant and learned investors and together we should put positive pressure on management.
    Nothing wrong if we ask some genuine questions which are important for us to understand. We can’t work on blind faith, it’s not the right way.

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    We should also check with the management how is this pandemic affecting the company operations.

    1. Do we see any de-growth in the next couple of quarters?
    2. Have any employees been fired or salaries reduced?
    3. Also, if international travel is banned, when should we logically see Daum getting settled? End of this year or March next year?
    4. Has the Covid-19 pandemic also affected the BDO audit? Do we see any change in timelines there? Will that be complete by end of this year or March next year?
    5. One good point is that the standalone has been contributing positively for the last couple of quarters. Would the trend continue for the next quarters or will that be hampered because of this pandemic.
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    Business picked up in May, June: Brightcom CEO

    “The fourth quarter was a slower quarter. We had some challenges initially as some markets were impacted by COVID-19,” Suresh Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director of Brightcom, has said.

    “There, however, is a momentum in May and June as there is an increase in consumption of content during the pandemic,” he said.

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    The purpose of the conference call is to discuss about business related activities, Mr Reddy answers our questions as a CEO and not as a promoter so there’s nothing wrong in asking questions related to business. We understand the nature of the business so I’m sure no one will ask questions on sensitive information.

    The questions some of us have are very basic and I’m sure the CEO won’t mind answering those questions and we only get the opportunity to talk to the CEO once in 3 months so I’m sure he won’t mind extending the duration of the call.

    Also we wouldn’t have asked for extension if the company had given details about few important things. There’s so much confusion among investors on few things. After the last concall we got clarity on many things so I’m expecting the same this time also.

    And what’s wrong with giving suggestions? Taking it or leaving it is left to the CEO and I’m sure if we give good ideas the company will take it.

    Regarding Lycos, you have to remember the travel restrictions that are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will support the CEO and we are ready to wait for few more months as we understand that it is not good for him to travel to South Korea just to close off the deal. We don’t want him to take unnecessary risks.

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    Dear Saul,

    It’s not good idea to rest on hope of traveling to Korea to resolve daum. World over all works are happening online digitally/virtually. Even traditional businesses has adapted this new way of working. Why can’t a leading DM firm resolve this by virtual meeting?

    I don’t understand this reason of non travel for daum closure. Think what work is not happening due to travel restrictions??

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    Just one example…. million dollars deals are happening every week in Jio; in much complex platform. Investors are from US, Europe and Middle East. Source companies in India. No travel. Everything is done online.

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    Hi pranil, in the last call Mr Reddy said that the amount is finalized and they are negotiating on some legal clauses and 95% of the job is done. I think he’s making sure that DAUM won’t get back to them again in the future. I don’t know why he has to travel to South Korea but let us not worry too much on Lycos.

    And for the company, I don’t think getting back Lycos is very important right now, there are many other important things like LOC, consolidation of subsidiaries etc.

    If you see they are signing reputed publishers like Philadelphia Magazine,, The Seattle Times, Boston Globe, The Salt Lake Tribune etc.

    Since this year there is Presidential election in the US, there will be an increase in consumption of news content and signing the above reputed publishers may help in generating more revenue. So maybe they are focusing more on business.

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    I agree with Pranil on the Daum settlement. With digital signatures we can sign any contract documents. Company needs to give clarity on why they are not able to close it and why it really requires a travel.

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    The new publishers they have signed up all seems to be political news websites which is pretty positive in the election year.

    Their alexa ranking and monthly site visitors count from similarweb are given below – 3,744 – 8.27M – 5,127 – 14.49M – 7,250 – 10.9M – 15,198 – 5.41M – 43,220 – 1.33M

    The total site visitors are coming to around 40M. Assuming each page having 2 ads they would have added 80M impressions to their kitty

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    My opinion is bit different. Since dividend is announced my guess is daum is done and dusted. Only announcement is pending.
    When SKR feared of giving information in concall due to daum discussions, then definitely such actions give confidence that it is settled. I think once oak exited, everything will come up in public domain.

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    My understanding is that the company still doesn’t know how to communicate with the investors properly.

    Take axis bank loans for example, in the report they have mentioned that the loan is NPA, no problem with that, but they could’ve explained that though the loan is NPA, the original amount was more than 30-40 crs and they have paid down the loan till now and the remaining amount is only 11 crs.

    Only old shareholders will know this information and people tracking the stock will get confused or they may think that the company is bad because of the NPA. One simple explanation would help solve so many problems and confusions.

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    Thanks good man sir for your help and support 👍

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    Agree Saul. The company doesnt communicate properly with facts & figures. For example we have been asking the status of the pledged shares, for what the shares are pledged. Is it against the Bank Loans or any other loan ?? Even after loans repaid we find that pledged shares not revoked. Also the company does not realize that time is money. They have ended up wasting the retail investors time all this while. Never have I spent so much time on one company in my 20 years of stock market experience.

    Rajesh Patel
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    I think company doesnot want share all information, see the write off amount information, if they want easyli delayed for next quarter. but seems they want break on price, todays oak disclosure pointing out this…

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    @sateanna, you are absolutely right, they can’t expect us to figure out all the information on our own.

    I think any big auditor wouldn’t have reported like how PCN has reported. Appointing a good auditor is very important at this time when people have so many confusions and when the sentiment is negative.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, the company itself is making many problems even worse, they are creating more problems while trying to clear old ones.

    Being a new age Technology company, they are behaving like we are in the 80s when it comes to providing proper details. We get the information only if we attend the conference calls.

    No doubt they clear most of our confusions in the conference calls but they should remember that only a few investors attend the calls. And if they want value recognition they should provide proper details.

    Verbal communication won’t matter at all to some people.

    They have to give written information on few important items. In the annual report they should mention all the details properly.

    They should understand that they should provide information to the whole market and not just to existing shareholders.

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    Dear Rajesh Patel What is today’s oak disclosure.

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    @dgm , I think it indicates that Oak is still holding over two crore shares. The last lot they sold (open market sale) was 44 lac shares on 24th June.
    Not very pleased about this status, as we were under the impression that an orderly exit would be arranged for Oak and that their shares would not come in for ‘open market’ selling and disturb the sentiment and value.

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    Guys.. there is growing trend that big clients dropping advertising on top social sites including Facebook. It can have 2 possible impacts
    1. Bcg generally have Prepaid inventory at Facebook. Which will sure have rate cuts due to lack of demand.
    2. Other than these top publisher; small size and local publishers can have increased demand.. it should be positive for BCG.

    I am not sure of actual impact but we should seek clarity in con call.. can some one ask this question? As I ve already 2 questions to ask.

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    Hi Pranil, instead of many people asking similar questions, we all can discuss and appoint one person to ask all the questions. Doing this will make sure questions aren’t repeated and it also saves time.

    In the conference call, at the start itself that person can say that he’s asking the questions on everyone’s behalf.

    Let everyone give their queries and we can select important ones among them.

    If you are okay with it you can ask those questions on our behalf.

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    Hi Saul, I am okay with plan.
    I suggest you or admin can do better job in this.
    Let’s the group also share their view and we can decide who can ask questions.

    My Qs, We can refine them further.

    1. Despite investing over usd 150 MN In business over last 5-6 years; why the top and bottom line is US $ term is flat? How long management expect the investment will go without adding to bottom line?

    2. Is their any plan to close daum issue by having alignment discussions in virtual meeting? By when?

    3. What is impact of major advertisers avoiding advertising on Facebook in 2020?

    4. Impairment is shocking; why we never get any indication of such huge scale of problem? How can we restore transparency?

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