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    @Logan, thank you for your comments on programmatic advertising in India. It does explain the lack of a forceful BCG initiative in India. On the other matter of fund raising etc., my objective thinking ( although now I’m biased being a long term retail investor) is that SKR should never have gone public in the first place. Better to grow as a private enterprise, where VCs and PE investors understand the potential risks and potential phenomenal gains, rather than be at the mercy of cunning market operators and manipulators. This can stymie the entire growth process as we have witnessed. Further, a critical and important change is required in the mindset of the promoters if they go public, and that is treat all stakeholders including small retail shareholders with respect and consideration, and pay heed to their needs and aspirations. Good, regular and timely communication with clarity rather than ambiguity is a key requirement. Earning the goodwill of 40,000 ( earlier 30,000) small shareholders is an essential requirement too. How does a promoter ( and management) fulfil that? In what manner can those small ( not fully informed) shareholders be rewarded and not made resentful? Unless Mr Reddy and his fellow promoters seriously address this glaring anomaly in their otherwise professional running of the company, they will have a tough time in coping with the disadvantageous public perceptions and sentiment.

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    Hi All,
    I also agree to the perception that the conference call was pretty decent. The key point to note is where SKR mentioned that the impressions had grown from 30 billion to 80 billion. That is huge growth even with out LOC.

    However, what hit the investors is the time frame of 4 months which he mentioned for the LOC to come through. Many believe that the share price will rise only after LOC and Daum settlement and hence this resulted in a lot of negative vibes across groups and forums. Most of the investors were dejected and negative reviews started flowing. Since many of the investors are traders, their thought process was to sell and buy back when the share price fall further or when the share starts showing upward momentum.

    My take is, Market always takes into account future earnings and prospects. A multinational company having a litigation is nothing new and that too when a settlement agreement is there with Daum, there is no need to be worried about it. Axis is also a done deal and just waiting for the official closure. The management also seems to be keen on settling the past issues and look forward.

    Having said this, it is very easy to understand the retail investors mentality ( including mine) and their frustrations. When stocks like affle, Tanla and many others running wild like there is no tomorrow, BCG which has huge potential is still lagging much behind. Many of them sold Tanla and bought BCG in the past and it is heart breaking for them to see the current state of affairs.

    We should applaud SKR for the grit he had shown when the company was going through tough times. At the same time, he need to realize that it is high time he need to take strong actions for the share holders to see some decent price appreciation. A CEO is ultimately evaluated based on the value he created for shareholders. He has already started making right moves but much more is needed. I hope and believe, he will do the right thing and take the company forward, both in business front and also from shareholder perspective.
    Good Luck to all the investors.

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    I fully agree with you bitran Ji

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    Today is the last day of Virtual Analyst meet that was scheduled between Sep 14 – 17. I hope the outcome is positive this time. In any case, I believe the company should give some updates irrespective of the results, unlike last time where we never heard anything. Fingers crossed…

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    Approximate figures for last financial year (in USD)

    Profit ~ 10 crores
    Market cap ~ 76 crores

    Trade Desk:
    Profit ~ 10 crores
    Market cap~ 2000 crores

    Profit ~ 0.9 crores
    Market cap ~ 100 crores

    Brightcom Group:
    Profit ~ 6 crores
    Market cap ~ 5 crores

    Well, what could be Brightcom’s true intrinsic value considering its growth and longevity prospects?

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    @tanv51, I dont think BCG can update anything about virtual analyst meet, Analyst meet are just to answer queries/concerns from analyst regarding the business of the company.There wont be any immediate outcome out of the meet. Nevertheless it will increase the exposure of BCG’s business coverage

    Registered Boarder understood. Do you think they can at least give the number of analysts/firms they met/made presentations to? This will prove the efforts made by the company and could play a part in the journey of restoring lost credibility. I guess they can, as SKR was able to mentioned the number of analysts who were on the conf call. I strongly feel BCG should make use of every opportunity big/small to communicate more with the market and shareholders. After all, communication has been one of the key concerns and they need to continue to work on this along with closure of outstanding issues.

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    Normally they do submit to the exchange the date, time & the institutional investors met.

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    They did that last month, but a review or summary or important minutes of the meeting if they give info about that to investors it’ll be much appreciated, as we all here can educate ourselves better about the prospects of the company better.

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    Any news regarding axis bank loan closure?

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    22 nclt

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    They have given it as final extension for 22 by NCLT. Might expect some reprieve that day fingers crossed.

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    Is it final date? Rsthi_b

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    The previous interim order mentioned the words “finally extended”.

    1. Doc079229_002.pdf
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    Not sure even if Axis accepts the repayment plan whether BCG will update the exchanges. SKR has been updating exchanges only if the event/issue is successfully resolved/implemented, recent event being the appointment of director. There was no hint about the new director even in the conf call, it was only informed only he officially joined.So only when the repayment is done and the pledged shares are released we might get to know.
    Similarly Axis/Daum/LOC will be informed to exchanges only when it is completed successfully

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    31 lakhs share delivered in BSE today.

    Only the person/institution with insider information can buy so much.

    Hope we may get good news tomorrow.

    Registered Boarder in my view, SKR making announcement on new BOD only after he officially joined was fine as this was a surprise step that no one had expected. Having said that, on the ongoing issues all of us have been waiting to hear from the company and honestly they need to provide timely updates. Axis accepting the proposal or not doesn’t matter when it comes to communication. They need to be giving timely updates. Unfortunately, we are again at the mercy of NCLT website to get updates on Axis loan closure unless we hear something from the company later in the day. SKR needs to understand that he is the captain of this ship and take all the decision that is in the best interest of the company but do it in a way that is appreciated by all the investors by proving updates on the decisions, without waiting for the quarterly conf call. Example Daum being put on hold is absolutely fine by me as he knows the business best from his position but I would have appreciated him communicating to the investor community earlier on change of plan.

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    Market is in deep red. But,Today 87% percentage of the shares delivered.around 46 lakh shares delivered in both exchanges..
    Very good sign..
    I want to see shareholding pattern after this September.

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    Scrip is suppressing we really do not know who are doing this and the purpose.inspite of good things happening and solving problems one by one share going down.retailers getting frustrated day by day.

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    Yes Sir, share are purely in operator controls. If you see the chart the price is controlled by just 500 to 1000 shares, for instance

    1) Buy is given 7.10 and Sell at 7.09 but volume is few hundred to few thousands.

    This keeps the price in control, seeing this retail investors are getting frustrated and shedding their shares, which is accumulated by the operators. Later they create fake movement, now for instance

    1) Sell is 7.50 and Buy 7.50
    Volume increases to some extent.

    Then the retail investors see some movement and they join the movement increasing the price. Here the operators book profit and they exit,

    Then again they start creating the fake movement downwards again all the retail investor in panic start selling,and operators start accumulating.

    The cycle is repeating.

    Who the operator is God knows.

    way to control is

    1)more and more Firm minded long term investors should enter.

    2)else some institutions Who can hold shares for longer period should enter.

    3)BCG should buy back shares.

    Though the BCG has the best fundamentals, it has been trapped under operators.

    We can see in MC how active operators are, there name looks like it is coded, I am sorry to say but BCG has become victim for them.

    We Retail operators can’t do anything other than keeping the shares for longer period with patience till any institutional action take place.

    Else we all investor should form a group and should start buying when ever they try to reduce the price by stopping the accumulation.

    But retail investor can’t do that due to limited resource under his disposal.

    Kindly correct and guide me if I am wrong in any way.

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