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    Hello Investors!

    Here you can discuss any stock ideas which you feel can be the next potential gem. If a specific stock gathers any particular interest then we can start a new topic exclusively for that.

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    Hi all,

    Another interesting stock to discuss will be Wardwizard Innovations which was earlier under the name manvijay development. The revamped company is involved in producing state of the art electronic bikes under the brand Joy e-bike and has recently tied up CSK IPL team as it’s official EV partner. This company has increased its revenue almost 2x qoq . The grey area here is that the valuation (pe ratio , price to book value etc) of the stock is beyond imagination and doesnt give enough confidence for an investor to see the value proposition . If any one has any opinion or thoughta on this pls share

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    Thanks a lot @admin and all the members of this group @logan @Diana_hortan
    For creating such a wonderful forum, I hope we can find more growth stock.

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    Dear Admin, Thank you for creating New topic “Hidden Gems”. Your BCG forum has helped a lot to understand the ongoing matter. I am very thankful to you, Logan Sir, Kris sir for contributing to the forum. Due to this forum we could hold BCG and still holding with conviction.
    My query is regarding IVC or ILandFS. After the company defaulted on its loans in 2018, the Government of India took control of the company and appointed a new board under the chairmanship of Mr. Uday Kotak and some of influential bureaucrats-Mr. CS Rajan Former Chief Secretary, Rajasthan and Mr. Nand Kishore.
    IL&FS has around 347 group companies including subsidiaries, joint venture companies and associate entities. Though on the surface, the company appears to have 23 direct subsidiaries, 141 indirect subsidiaries (including special purpose vehicles for different projects), 6 joint ventures and 4 associate companies, each of them is further subdivided into additional legal entities, with much cross ownership as well as ownership by investment vehicles of various governments.
    In October last year, the group had targeted to address Rs 50,300 crore of its overall debt by March 2021 and over Rs 56,000 crore by FY2022. The group’s overall debt stood at Rs 99,000 crore, as of October 2018.
    The aggregate addressed debt of Rs 43,000 crore comprises Rs 26,800 crore basis completed entity monetisation initiatives and accrued cash balance.
    The amount also includes Rs 14,350 crore of additional net recovery expected from resolution and restructuring applications filed with and awaiting approval of the NCLT (Mumbai) and NCLAT and Rs 1,926 crore from Supreme Court verdict passed in favour of Rapid Metro Gurgaon.
    The Group has further enhanced its estimates of aggregate debt recovery to Rs 61,000 crore an increase of Rs 5,000 crore over its earlier estimate of Rs 56,000 crore. The upgrade in potentially addressable debt by Rs 5,000 crore (to Rs 61,000 crore) has been largely on account of improved valuations, better operating performance and enhanced recoveries from non-group exposures.
    The aggregate debt of Rs 43,000 crore addressed till date represents nearly 71 per cent of the overall revised targeted recovery value of Rs 61,000 crore and 44 per cent of the overall debt of over Rs 99,000 crore (as of October 2018).
    Out of total 347 entities under IL&FS Group (as of October 2018) a total of 186 entities stand resolved till date, while the remaining 161 entities are under various stages of resolution.
    The company has paid dividend during 2020-21 60 paisa per share, while share price was around Rs. 4. It is first time in history when a company under insolvency has paid dividend.

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    Hi Friends,
    Another stock that promoters faced similar criticism like BCG promoters and in sunrise sector is Securekloud tech. Earlier it is known as 8kmiles. Once it was delisted for an year or so. later name was changed. It offers cloud services mainly for health care sector. Operators played very heavily in this stock It’s price has seen up and downs between ₹20 to ₹900. At present it is trading in the range 90-98 for the past 5/6 months. They have plans to list one of its subsidiary by name “Health Care Triangle” in USA shortly. I believe it’s a potential multi-bagger. Knowledgeable members may share their views on SECUREKLOUD tech.


    Adminji. My message not getting displayed under hidden gems, Why so ??

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    Dear Friends: I am betting on the Garg Family via their businesses of Vikas LifeCare Limited (formerly Vikas MultiCorp) and Vikas Ecotech Limited. I expect these stocks would also give multifold returns in the foreseeable future. Business Acumen of the Family and the Sunrise Sectors they are in is what is making me feel the stocks to be potential multibaggers. I am in it for these reasons. Also, the stocks are currently at 3 and 2 rupees respectively (less to lose but much to gain).

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    Dear @Admin, please define some criteria for Hidden gems, like low PE, revenue 2-3 times to market cap, consistent performance. Only a few should meet these criteria.
    Companies with sales less than market cap, high PE or no profits should be kept out of discussion.

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    Dear friends i would like to hear from senior investors about Rolta India an IT company like BCG has unique softwares for various sectors including defence and marine. It was a good company once ,was trading around 130 rs and now a penny stock. It has branches all over world.. This stocks has many characters like our BCG and of course the huge problem is debt and with my limited knowledge it is trying to settle it by restructuring and selling it assets. Senior investors might have known, followed and might have invested once also.. Is it worth a revival again?? Currently penny but earns more than 200 crores per quarter, till now..August and experienced investors throw some light on it.
    Penny stock hunters in this forum can just have look at it and comment its worth..
    The corporare website is good and updated…

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    Dear Admin
    Yesterday I tried to post but the same was not published.

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    @sknatani – Sorry I could not see any of your post in pending or spam status for me to retrieve it. Probably it was not published due to network issues at your end. Your last post on this topic was #11846.


    @ Rishi.@ Balaji. Turn around stories with immense potential to out perform the markets are 3i Infotech, BHSL, SPTL , BILT, MFL India & SREI Infra.

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    Dear Kris

    All these stocks 3i, SPTL, Bilt, BHSL, subex, Rpower, ILFS, Srei and Mercator are recommended by a money control boarder with the name of conservative_indian (CI). His posts and insights are amazing.CI has good follwers in MMB. He once mentioned about this forum in MMB that is why I could join this forum. I am holding all these counters from their bottom.
    Yesterday I tried to a detailed post about ILFS but I don’t know why it was not posted. I will try again tomorrow.
    I am also thankful you, Admin and Logan for their valuable inputs and have a deep regards for all of you.

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    Thanks Admin yes my post about ILFS is there. Thanks


    @sknatani. CI SIR is a phenomenal personality & His write ups are very crisp, Precise & Highly valid & Once he recommends there is no further validation required. Awesome Guy & Simply awesome inputs, Same like our Stalwarts Logan & DH Sir. Other 3 I like on these forum is Jay69, Jaywon & Odyesee for their inputs which make lot of sense to me.

    One can take a look @ Hcl Infosystems. Recently declared results are not good, Lekin there is a story which will unfold with time. Refer to the results, Wherein Company new management has given guidance.

    Logan sir, Eagerly awaiting for your reply to my earlier post.

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    Logan sirji…. I’m waiting for your input here… Please guide us on your thought of any other scripts of any field.. We all can study and give some inputs… Hope you will also share other gems with us :-)….we will be waiting for your suggestion of scripts…

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    With my little knowledge in share market, I am suggesting a company(belongs to a renowned group) which I believe a super multibagger in future. Now this is ready to give breakout at its all time high.Now it is trading at below 15 rupees.The company name is BIRLA PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES.Trading only in bse.Scrip code is 522105. I request
    the experts in this forum study this company and give your opinions.Thanks


    @venus. How come you have missed something very important. Promoter has increased his stake from 53.89 to present 59.85%, An increase of 5% straight. A very good sign. It reflects Promoters confidence, So one should not hesitate to enter this counter. Can easily see 45 levels from hereon.


    Provided upcoming results on 30Th June are declared good.

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    I don’t know if it is a hidden gem. I have been trying to create a screener based on the acquirers multiple concept pouplarized by Tobias Carlisle in his famous book by the same name and came across kilpest India Ltd. It has a acquirers multiple value of 2.75 (Enterprise Value/EBIT) even as it has excellent growth metrics – Return on Assets – 95.5%, Return on Capital Employed – 179% and return on invested capital of 142% and Return on Equity of 122% with a P/E of 4.53 and Netmargin of 43%. It has free cash flow/share of 128 rupees and almost ZERO debt (0.02 debt equity ratio) 10 year compounded Sales growth – 27%

    It is the only maker of RT-PCR kits in India…

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