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    @sknatani – Please feel to create a new topic (from hidden gems homepage for any specific script.

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    I need @logan to share his view on other gem company…I am waiting for your comments sir..

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    Adding to the above
    I have the following website
    which has been up and running for at least 5 years. It is already approved by Google Adsense and making a little money. I can offer this to CI Sir. Let me know if interested


    @Admin, Sudhakarji, Vikas Proppant SHP end 30Th June is out. Very interesting SHP. One good Qtr results this time, Stock ready to fly off the handle, If SHP is any indicator. Sebastian duo has increased his/her stake along with Mr Ravi. HOLD TIGHT. BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD OF US. All the best. Cheers !!!!

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    I am waiting for Logan’s recommended stock to invest….

    @Logan is there any other small cap / midcap stock….multibagger?

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    This one Could be a hidden Gem.

    Just sharing a document link. This document ( form S-1) is filed by a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 30, 2021 for listing on NYSE ( an IPO prospectus).
    65% stake in its parent company is owned by an Indian listed company. This Indian listed company could be a hidden gem.

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    What you guys think about Vedanta , as i feel there exposure in Multiple commodities may reap a big benefit as we are early stages of Big commodity cycle. Note in last big commodity cycle it had moved from 80 to 450+ in 2 years(2008-10).

    During that time it did not have exposure in steel , Oil&Gas Biz. In 2011 they merged Cairn India and later acquired Electro steels to access the steel sector.

    Additionally they have tied up with TACHYUS (Oil Exploration start up) which may bump up their production and reserves in Oil sector

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    @Brightvenue, As regards BIRLA PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES, besides what has been mentioned by RishiLife about the current financials of the Company, please note that this a Yash Biral Group Company who is falme foyant boy of the Birla Family and a failed business man. Have a look at the history of his venture Birla Shloka Edutech wherein he failed miserably. This is my primary observation on the the first look of it. I will get in to greater details and come back soon on the same. Regards

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    Should we discuss about ” Lee and Nee software(export)”
    I think it will be multibagger like Brightcom Group

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    WHAT you members think about RANA SUGAR.
    According to CI , sugar sector is at inflection point and rana sugar is available at PE of 2 only.
    Can this be multibagger ?

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    Any suggestions on “syncom formulations” ?

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