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    Bcg has gone for major expansion in countries like china , india and couple of more countries this financial year and now is present in atleast 22 countries now and counting.

    These two most populated countries are a good fertile base where it can grow well and beat its competitors like tradedesk which is based in US.

    If they are able to keep Daum they will have added advantage to grow in asia pacific region in countries like korea, japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    Also other good geography would be to grow in Indochina region in countries like singapore, malaysia , Philippines and Thailand where indians specially south indians inhabit in large numbers.



    So far bcg is not into operations in China


    Brightcom Group
    This article is from Wikipedia.

    The Brightcom Group is a digital marketing company founded in 2000 and headquartered in India[1] with offices in US, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Serbia, Israel, China, India, and Australia, and with representatives or partners in Poland, and Italy.

    Industry Digital Marketing
    Founded Hyderabad, Telangana
    Founder Suresh reddy
    Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Area served
    Key people
    Suresh Reddy(Chairman & CEO), Vijay Kancharla (Chief Innovation Officer), Jacob Nizri (President)
    Services Digital Marketing services
    Founded by Suresh Reddy[2] and Vijay Kancharla[3] as in September 1999, the company introduced its first eMarketing product ‘Powered by USAGreetings’ engine, in November 1999. In June 2000, the company metamorphosed into Ybrant Technologies Inc. In September 2007, the company filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). However, the company decided to put the IPO plans on hold.
    In May 2008, Ybrant Technologies integrated all its acquired companies (Oridian,[4] AdDynamix, MediosOne, and VoloMP) and formally changed its name to ‘Ybrant Digital’. The reorganization of the company with the name change resulted in the formation of three primary operating divisions; Display Ad Networks led by Jacob Nizri,[5] Technology Platforms led by Vijay Kancharla,[3] and Strategic Initiatives led by Bradley N Cohen.[6]
    In December 2009, Ybrant added location-based advertising (LBA) to its services, entering into a partnership with Livevana Innovations & Lepton Software.
    In February 2010, Ybrant Digital launched its local search platform in India ‘Ybrant Reach’ (YReach), starting in Hyderabad.
    In August 2010, Ybrant Digital bought a search-based internet company Lycos. At the time, Lycos was a top 25 Internet destination worldwide, reaching nearly 60 million unique visitors globally.[7][8] The Lycos Network of sites and services includes,, Angelfire, Gamesville, and HotBot.[9]
    In May 2012, Ybrant Digital announced that it had agreed to purchase PriceGrabber, LowerMyBills, and from Experian. PriceGrabber provides price comparison shopping services to Yahoo! and MSN shopping. offers savings through relationships with over 500 service providers, while is an online higher-education portal. Steve Krenzer would move from Experian to Ybrant to continue to lead these three businesses. Ybrant expected the purchase to nearly double its revenues.[10]
    In September 2012, the purchase of PriceGrabber, LowerMyBills, and from Experian fell through.[11]
    In March 2016, Ybrant Media Acquisition, Inc., a unit of Ybrant Digital, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in relation to a $36.6 million loss connected with the acquisition of the Lycos search engine.[12] In 2018, Ybrant lost ownership of Lycos Inc.[13]
    In May 2018, Ybrant changed their name to Brightcom.[14]
    Name Date Country Operated in Services Offered
    Lgs Global 2011 August India, USA, Europe IT services and outsourcing
    Max Interactive 2009 August Australia Display, SEM
    Dream ad 2009 May Argentina Display, SEM
    Oridian 2008 January Israel, Europe Display
    AdDynamix 2007 February USA Display
    VoloMP 2007 April Serbia, USA Email marketing/software
    MediosOne 2006 November USA SEM, displa

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    Shoumik ji,
    I would appreciate if you can point to any concrete information submitted to exchanges..
    On wikipedia anyone can write anything, it gets corrected when others complain or correct it..
    Coming to BCG, it wrote a lot on wikipedia and most of it is debatable, my point was, if there was anything they would have told to stock exchanges first. Most of the business could be pre Lycos era. All the acquisitions they did pre Lycos, can you please give me name of one company and their website, as, as per SKR these acquired companies operate separately and hence should have their own website ( atleast )

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    Few days still not over..ticktock..ticktock…hello….waiting…any guesses anybody…


    24 th Jan or after that…..


    Any time till 31st Jan 2020. Also Till 31.03.2020 significant news should come regarding release of promoters 59.40% pledged shares.Disclosure on settlement of Daum. Its important that it comes out of T2T on 10Th March 2020. which are the triggers resulting into price sky rocketing. Delay of disclosures can result into stock price cradling in the range of 52 weeks low & 52 weeks high of 7.47. ENIGMA, ENIGMA to say the least.


    release of all pledged shares, settlement of Daum, payment of all bank loans means 60-70 straight and then after that can go any where.136/150/300 who knows .depends what comes out in news flow

    Vale invest 2019

    Subrato holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from IIT Kharagpur (1989 Batch).

    He has a total of around 30 years of experience with 14 years in the Corporate world and 16 years in managing own business. He has held several responsible positions in group companies of select Fortune 100 multinationals viz. Shell, ExxonMobil, Sabic and General Electric.

    Besides General Administration & Management, functionally he is trained/ experienced in the areas of Process Engineering, Project & Production Management, Process Integration & Business Automation along with Operation Research.

    Currently he is based in Dubai, UAE. With his partner Anand, he runs a Chemical Supply & Distribution company – Aquachemie. Formed in 2008, AquaChemie operates throughout the GCC countries with multiple corporate offices, blending plants & warehouses. It can boast of working with over 100 large corporates in Oil & Gas Drilling, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Polymers, Power & Desalination Industry. With average growth of over 30% year-on-year, Aquachemie is currently at USD $100 Million annual turnover level.

    He was covered under “Gulf Leaders 2015” by the leading daily of the region – Gulf News in their “CEO Report”.

    Vale invest 2019

    Regional chemical distributor, AquaChemie Middle East, is expected to build a chemical terminal facility at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port.

    The facility, expected to cost Dhs150m ($40m), will position itself as a strategic gateway hub to help conduct petrochemical trade across the GCC region and beyond, benefitting the global petrochemicals market valued in at Dhs146.5 trillion ($539.3bn), a statement said. Subrato Saha, co-founder and director of AquaChemie Middle East, stated: “It (The new chemical terminal) will adhere to a fill locally and ship globally modus operandi by sourcing by-product streams available in the region at attractive terms, collecting them in storage tanks and exporting in bulk, while also allowing cross sale via direct source and supply in bulk from high seas without touching the AquaChemie Middle East facility.”

    AquaChemie Middle East will hire approximately 100 employees locally in two years’ time, doubling the number by 2025, Saha confirmed.


    Interesting info..
    Looks like bank debts should be fully settled and pledged shares released soon.
    It is up to the management
    to come with proper,timely, clear and clean updates rather than continue to beat about the bush and spread uncertainty.
    I hope they have learnt their lessons.
    Lot needs to be done about which SKR talked during last conf call and also indicated in the updates around mid year or so last yer.
    Once there is delivery on those things, market will certainly have another look at he BCG share with fresh eyes and RE rate it accordingly.


    With a holding of just 39% out of which 59.40% pledged fundamentally speaking cuts a very sorry figure for the scrip. With the pref. allot done, Next this should get done on a war footing which will then pave the way for a glorious future for the company & its shareholders, This also out of the way, They then ought to declare however minuscule the dividend amount & give a clear picture regarding Daum. Today’s volumes & price action does indicate that the market is watching very closely & will only accept if these things get cleared at the earliest.


    Daum settlement,zero debt,release of pledged shares and some reasonable divi will put it straight to new 5 year highs leading to further rapid
    moves to fair price discovery which is the need of the hour.


    re divi i think even 40% dividend means 40 crores or so to be paid out of net profits.
    No bi g deal.


    The saying goes Action speaks louder then words, Which is very apt in our company’s context, These are very important factors that cannot e ignored nor can e overlooked, High time company does what it ought to do that too at rapid space. Anything short of it markets are not going to accept it & that will reflect in the stock price.


    My thinking is it cant get worse than this. Market has alreadsy written this company off.
    It can only get better in my views.


    If U compare profit NPAT of BCG Vs AFFLE and work out the market cap,
    then BCG should have market cap of 40000 crores making BCG worth 800-900 rupee a piece.
    U can imagine where it can go in a hurry.if things pan out well as expected in coming 5 months or so

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