Preferential Equity

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    Credibility still remains the biggest concern in this counter!!


    Friends if you carefully read what has been said in the notice , it says regarding funds will be utilized for reduction in bank loans and other financial obligations of the company on a standalone level.


    Distribute sweets to all the ones you know.

    Let us go word by word.

    Firstly here STANDALONE means the old firm Lycos which had taken loans . These loans will be paid/reduced.

    Second inference Lycos is remaining with Brightcom after payment and settlement with Daum

    Thirdly and most important minsing of words
    ‘ Other financial obligations of the company on a standalone basis ‘.

    Let us crack the code. Hold your BREATH.

    It means standalone company ie Lycos which have other financial obligations ie payments to be made to Daum for settlement of dispute .
    So money will be utilized for SETTLEMENT OF DAUM CASE.

    You got what you wanted.

    Buy in truck loads and make your future bright. Today is a great day for loading up.

    Up up and away.



    I think you may be stretching it too far.
    Let us wait now for any announcement before Dec 2019 numbers and con call in Feb 2020 .
    Just hanging in there friends.
    7.50 will be a good stop level for me to put a buy order.
    Any one entering and adding can keep that in mind.


    Shoumik, I believe that the loan being referred to is the Axis Bank loan in the books of the holding company i.e. Brightcom Group Limited.


    well friends a flash just came in my mind.
    which tells me that SKR istrying to tie some loose ends
    before putting the fianl voting document out to the shareholders about the prefrntl allttmnt.
    It could be any thing.
    NOC fron banks, LOC, Daum settlement.
    Too many things.
    too many fires he is fighting i think.
    So waiting mode on.


    All the big ones and not to forget the small ones go to the announcement and after a deep thought find for yourself what has actually been said.

    They cannot give false information to the exchanges through the notice.

    The only thing is they don’t want to reveal it clearly to all the ones interested here for obvious reasons.


    Load up as much as you can before time runs out.



    SKR said In June -July 2019 ANN that an agreemenet has been reached with Daum but nothing put in writing.Long time . 5 mobnths already gone. so we are told the truth or lies we dont know.
    It is reflected in the price. Market is hopeful and in waiting mode.Stock parked below 7 rupee to become a rocket and go past 750 like a hot knofe through butter and then 20-23 if and when Daum news is finally declared to the market.Looks like some one wants to pocket it all without any noise and opposition for pea nuts and then come with Daum ANNCMNT. Otherwise stock will be in UC till 50-70 zone and shareholders will resent giving away BCG stock for free at 10. That is the real story.Anyway i added in 2 lots today..Just being greedy.Greed is goosd some time


    You said it. They don’t want any resentment for the purchase at 10 . So are keeping low profile.


    The sole reason to delay the preferential issue i think was also to time it with all the turn around of BCG and also the Daum and bank issues.
    so no sooner prerntl rights offer is over, all good things will be out one after the other and it will be like a riot in the market for buyinbg BCG stock.It is crystal clear.
    Market makers looks like have been instructed to sacrifice few shares and keep it low to get the rights offers ballot out of the way.
    Time to be brave . We can buy at below 7 and the promoter is paying 10. Tells every thing.


    height of bastardry i think.
    There is a time plan.Every thing is settled.
    But nothing settled for investors like you and me who are struggling in the dark.
    There is no end to human greed.
    Let the prefrntl rights offer be over and then U will know the facts and understand my message.
    Why this issue was not a rights offer for all shareholders and only a rights ALLOTMENT PREFERENTIAL FOR SELECT INDIVIDUALS OR COMAPNIES ETC.. ETC..
    Thats all my sixth sense as well as common sense tells me.Not with a short term view but with a 2 -3 years view to make life changing gains.It can happen in few months too but ….

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    Why we are just thinking positive only??

    Let’s think differently..Mr Reddy wanted to distribute this more to retailers like you and me…he may not directly distribute from hi account..but the deal which was negotiated at 2.25
    .that’s being distributed at 7!

    He announced something..based on which ppl started buying..finally delist it at a mouth watering price!

    That’s the worst case I can think of..

    Now think..he said a year ago..60 crores are needed..then a year later they said they will raise money..then another disclosure came which said 7.2% will be diluted..when final figure came it was 31.2 crores which is approx 6-6.5%.
    Then finally it was time to share the ballot. It’s postponed for few days.

    Well, all this while..who is kept a mystery..
    Was it because it was actually not going to happen..they knew quote anything to anyone??

    Remember mysms acquisition?
    It was declared but it never happened..and there is no official announcement to the cancellation of deal.may be similar fate for preferential issue.

    Wow! Mr SKR has done it again..Mr market is right to give such a meagre market cap.
    It’s dubious behaviour.. corporate governance issues continues..

    Let’s not read it toooo positive way.unless Mr SKR mends his way ..this will continue to linger on..


    I completely agree with you on what you said. We as small investors have to utilize this time to build up on our quantity while they are busy building theirs.

    Everything is settled and will come out clearly when they get the pref stock.

    I further think that they want this quantity to make single handed decisions on reaching 51% shareholding ownership.

    Decisions like keeping this one or selling it to its competitors like Google at a very very heafty price and enjoy for rest of your life , keeping everyday as a holiday and make up for the lost years, in secretly building the business and spending prime years on growing the business to this level.

    Or else he may choose to enjoy the fruits of the business for the rest of his life and benefitting from the news flow which is to follow , by LOADING UP sufficiently well in ADVANCE to gain the most.

    Greedy and shrued as he is , he may be trying for the ultimate GREED which is USING BOTH THE OPTIONS and therefore trying for maximum quantity of 75-90 % shares.

    He may choose whatever option suits him. But we will not lag behind. We will also have our share of benefits and not allow him to steal away our investment gains.



    Standalone means the Indian Company.
    Bank debt is about 70 cr.
    They are raising 30 Cr.
    Other financial obligations include:

    Acquisition Payables -Lycos Inc 1,10,67,20,000

    Why is this loan from SBI not shown anywhere as Long Term Debt?
    They have borrowed from YMA which took over Lycos.

    Working Capital Term Loan of Rs 3450 Lakhs, and Bank Guarantee of Rs 1000
    lakhs from State Bank of India are secured by current assets, Fixed Assets, Pledge of
    Promoters shares and personal guarantee of Promoter Directors

    Loans from Related parties

    Ybrant Media Acquisition Inc 56,38,83,956


    now some very simple thinking.
    see some one wrote here that cash in the books of subsidiaries alonme is 500 crores.
    This cash i presume is needed for day to day operations. Then we have around 900 crores of pending receivables.
    If all those receivables were good enough
    this alone adds up to 1400 crores. say 1500 crores which after diltution comes to 30 rupee per share.
    AFFLE SELLS FOR 1700 RUPPEEE AGAINST bv of 29 rupee.
    So this alone should put BCG at above 1500 rupee. People telling 5000 may not be so insane after all.
    My thinking is theere could be too muchj value hidden in the company.
    Promoters just looking to clean the plate and take as much as they can.
    It is a leaky boat for sure as U can see from price behaviour.Operators market makers exactly know well before time what the management move is going to be.They knew this ballot news will be delayed so they put it into lc in advance.Earleur when it crossed 7 they sold it off the same day revrsingUC to LC. So the y are working in tandem with the big guys at….
    I think it will be a steal if one can get in on breakout at 7.50.
    The day that happens menas operators have been told mo more selling and get in we are taking off.
    Reverse of it all, do you think it is another SATYAM?
    I have tested it on many yardsticks and the answer keeps coming no.
    But so was Satyam till it did what it did.

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    This situation is not good. It will give us another chance to buy at around 5.
    I think he is not able to convince potential buyer to pud funds. Otherwise there is no reason for delay.

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    I believe in BCG long term potential and would utilise this opportunity to add another 25k at around 5.


    I think we all start seeing ghosts for nothing.
    so many days to go through for ballot.
    Let us be patient.
    I think he is the buyer / no one else.
    I think best way is to put a buy order on stop at 7.50
    VALID TILL CANCELLED OR GOOD TILL CANCELLED whatever ones trading platform has.
    So no need to think.
    If it hits 7.50 means it is all over for bears
    SO one can stop agonising about every tthing else.
    This in my very experienced views of decades could be a much better strategy.


    Agree with all the valid healthy discussions, after having read the notice issued, my opinion – to be more vigilant and patient with the current situation for few days/months more (as said by him) keeping in our minds his continued efforts to keep this company still alive with such a huge reserves after having cleared all taxes liabilities during his hard time!
    All the best wishes for all the investors and I personally will keep my positive views and my regards for SKR.

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    At the moment the operators having a field day keeping the stock under 52 weeks high, it will be interesting to see what happens when the daum settlement is announced. I would like to SKR to appear on CNBC or ET now and announce clearly so that fresh investors will be interested in BCG…the problem in BCG is currently the lack of interest of the market..the same old retail investors & the operators playing the circular game.

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    Just activate your stock market network group and ask them to buy as much as possible till 6.75

    Right now operators will not want the stock to go up so will supply the stock
    Instead of buying with market order
    We need to buy the sell qty as and when the operator is giving
    Strong term support is at 5.50 so we need to buy in the range of 5.50-6.75 so the steady supply needs to be absorbed

    If we can absorb 1cr shares from the match makers

    When the tide changes from sellers to buyers natural the bouncy in the price action will take place and it will cross 7.50 with ease and ultimately will cross 10-19-24-37-44-67-86-100 in due course of time

    Let’s all ask our market friends to buy as much as possible between 5.50-6.75 only

    Today is an opportunity to add more just do it

    Spread the BCG stock and see the magic

    I have already told my friends to add

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