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    @admin, these are my queries for the conference call. Please review them once and send to the IR.

    1) Why was the MediaMint deal cancelled even after due diligence, definitive agreement, share allotment etc were completed? Didn’t the management check about the competition/operational issues while doing the due diligence? You could’ve cancelled the deal before signing the definitive agreement right?

    2) Who decided to cancel the deal? Was it BCG or MediaMint?

    3) Did forensic audit play a role in cancelling the deal?

    4) What happens to the shares allotted to MediaMint people?

    5) Because of various issues (forensic audit, variation in promoter SHP, Lycos case with DAUM), BCG is not having a good name in the market. How do you plan to change that? Because of these things, shareholders are anxious. What is your message to all the shareholders who have supported you all these years?

    6) What is the update on Lycos deal? Closing the Lycos deal will bring much needed credibility and it will be appreciated by all the shareholders.

    7) What is the update on audio ad company acquisition? When will you reveal the name of the target company?

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    Please ask a question on disappearance of promoter holding of both skr and Vijay


    @Logan – Thank you, I have mailed it to IR.

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    @admin, these are my queries for the AGM. Please review them once and send them to the IR. I’ve not asked about SHP, FA etc because those were answered in the last conference call.

    Congratulations to the CEO, management team and all the employees of BCG on a great year and thank you for all your efforts.


    -In the last conference call you said that Brightcom of 2023, 2024 will be different from Brightcom of 2020, 2021, 2022 etc. Can you please explain what will be different and share your future plans?

    -In the past you talked about growing the India business of BCG, what plans do you have for that and when can we expect higher growth rates in the standalone business?

    -Since we’re at the end of the September quarter, how is the business doing this quarter? Are you going to do better than the guidance? How much free cash flow are you expecting to generate this quarter?

    -Are you experiencing the effect of higher interest rates and inflation? Will there be a slowdown in the business in the coming months?

    -Update on Audio Ad company acquisition? Why is it taking so much time to announce the deal?

    -Update on AI and ML business?

    -Now that the MediaMint deal has been reworked, what plans do you have for the backend services business of BCG?

    -How much will you be spending for R&D on Quantum Computing?

    -Update on Lycos deal with DAUM? When can we expect this to be done and dusted?

    -We would like to see an improvement in communications with the investors. We don’t get our mails and phone calls answered and for us to get our queries answered we’ll have to wait for the conference call every time. When can we expect to see improvements in this?

    -Finally, looking at the stock price slide and volatility, we shareholders are a little anxious. What is your message to all the shareholders on this? We know that stock prices are not in your control but we would like to hear your thoughts. The company is doing excellently but that is not reflecting in the stock prices.

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    We shareholders are very much anxious, worried and lost sleep and tranquility. God to help bcg investors

Viewing 5 posts - 201 through 205 (of 205 total)
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