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    Wow… Kudos to each of you. You must have done good research to come out with such valid questions. Hope management takes this in right perspective and introspect. No where else they would get this kind of free service. I am sure this forum is monitored by the top management. They are all brilliant minds… Let’s hope they ask those questions to themselves to act upon. These shouldn’t end with just an hour con call talks.

    I am sure they would like the idea of Retail investor representation in the board.

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    @Logan & others

    Very well articulated questions. I don’t think conf call will be more than 60 min. Hence we shall prioritize the critical questions so that at least essential questions related to PW & its status, Axis, Daum, Dividend, etc. would get answered.

    [on a lighter note] Looking at all these questions, I hope our beloved CEO wouldn’t cancel the conf call. (laugh)

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    @buffet, it wouldn’t surprise me if some shareholders are deliberately left out of the list of the selected lot who are invited to ask the questions and interact with SKR.
    Call me a sceptic, but there have been numerous times when despite pressing that pesky digit with great alacrity, one’s turn doesn’t come to pose pertinent questions. Or the con call is wrapped up suddenly as too much time is taken up by random (planted?) callers on irrelevant issues. No disrespect meant but as we noted in the AGM, very few meaningful questions find their place in the discourse that is too short for a quarterly interaction with the management.
    Hence, a comprehensive email with pertinent questions and queries as detailed in the preceding many posts would really be useful, provided the management chooses to address each and every matter that is causing so much distress to the retail shareholders.

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    BCG should also open subsidiaries in China like TTD did because China is a rapidly growing market for the past several years and it will grow further for many more years in the foreseeable future and now with 5G mobile technology coming soon in full scale growth for Adtech companies will be huge so the early birds will get to capture huge market share in the business.

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    What is the modalities through which one can listen or ask questions during the concall which is to be held on 20 feb 2021 at 1:00 pm? @admin @Logan or anyone else who knows about it kindly answer.

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    I am sharing the details from BCG website about the details with regards to conference call to be held on 20th Feb 2021.

    Brightcom Group Limited Investor conference call
    Date: 20/02/2021.

    Start Time: 13:00 Hrs IST (Indian Standard Time)

    Conference Type: Dial-in & Dial-out Conference.

    At the time of call:

    *Dial in through the access number allocated for your region.

    *You will be directed to a Registration room. An agent will welcome and verify your registration details.

    *Then you will be transferred to the Main call.


    Access Number 1
    1800 121 3575

    Access Number 2
    98847 36600


    USA Local Access
    +1 212 994 0035, +1 347 899 4169

    USA Toll Free
    1877 387 0849, 1800 974 0768

    UK Local Access
    +44 20 3478 5527

    UK Toll Free
    0800 016 3439 00, 0800 0044 0033

    Hong Kong Toll Free
    001 800 0044 0033, 001 800 903 171

    Singapore Local Access
    +65 3158 1878

    Singapore Toll Free
    001 800 0044 0033, 800 101 1941

    Please send your questions to to be answered during the conference call.


    Thank you everyone for your contributions, especially Vgsatwork and Logan. More than 50 questions were posted. I have rephrased them, combined to one and listed according to a priority which I felt (sorry for that). The questions which I have skipped is due to time limitation of getting all of it answered, list getting lengthy and also some others which can be waited to be addressed in the next quarter.

    Below is the final list of questions which I will be sending now,

    Preferential Warrants
    1. What is the reason for Preferential Warrants with such a huge dilution when LOC was already in advanced stages?

    2. How are we planning to use Preferential Warrants funds – new products, acquisitions, business expansion? What would be the impact in terms of top line and bottom line?

    3. You didn’t even talk about it in the AGM. Such a big event but still nothing was discussed about that. In the AGM, many didn’t get a chance to ask queries due to technical reasons from your end.

    LOC update
    4. Last update on this topic was on 13th Nov 2020 and it said company is in advanced stages of setting up first tranche of the LOC application process. This is particularly important since while the entire ad tech industry is growing at a very healthy pace of 20%+, BCG’s top line growth is flat for the last 3 years and there has been no attempt from the management side to address the top line growth issue and based on earlier updates, the impeding factor seems to be capital.

    Axis update
    5. On 13th Aug 2020 an update was provided through stock exchanges which in essence stated that BCG has sent a formal proposal to Axis and awaiting response from Axis Bank. We have recently seen an update on 15th Feb 2021, which is stating pretty much the same thing after 6 months and the matter still is in NCLT court. Why is the company not closing this issue when the preferential issue was being raised with the stated objective of closing existing debts?

    6. There have been reports from the NCLT hearing that AXIS bank has blocked this preferential issue money citing the fund that they are being owed? Why is there no update to the shareholders from the company to clarify on this? The case being in NCLT is causing lot of uncertainty.

    7. What is the settlement amount proposed to Axis and timeline? Which segments of business will be impacted by this payment or by delay in the settlement

    Daum Settlement
    8. What is the latest on this? When can we expect a closure?

    Consolidation of subsidiaries into one entity
    9. Update on the same was provided to exchanges last in Feb 2020. What is the latest update on this? When would the new entity be created?

    10. BDO Audit – Last update on this topic was in June 2020 saying that audit was in progress. What is happening on this? Would this audit report be made available to the shareholders? If not, with whom such a report would be shared with?

    Quarterly Results
    11. Given the elections and covid season, why there was not much growth in sales and profits. December quarter is usually the best quarter for BCG but this time there’s no growth in revenues or profits when we compare results Y-O-Y. Many adtech companies, including bigger companies like Google and Facebook have had greater growth rates in the December quarter.

    12. We would appreciate if the company provides revenue break-up of SSP, DSP, DMP and CTV businesses.

    13. Can the management confirm that the books of account and the results confirmed by our Board of Directors, of each and every subsidiary , are audited by their local auditors in compliance with the local laws and regulations prevailing in those countries?

    14. Last year other receivables were 530crs and this year they are 150crs. What are these and how are we supposed to know what these are? Nothing about this is mentioned in the Annual Report.

    Investor meet update

    15. Last update on this topic was in early June. No further update in terms of whether or not the investor meet happened and to which investor groups these presentation were being made? Till date, we do not see any institutional shareholding in BCG. Is it because investors are concerned about pending legal issues? What is management’s plan to address this?

    16. There’s so much manipulation going on with the company’s shares. Operators are controlling everything. What measures are you taking to handle this issue? When asked about this the last time, you said you have arranged stable investors to buy shares. What’s the progress on that?

    Investors’ Exits
    17. Many investors who held significant quantity have completely sold their shares and this raises many questions/suspicions/doubts. We know this involves other parties but giving clarity on this will be appreciated by all the shareholders. There’s so much talk going on about this in the market and giving clarity will clear all the confusions that shareholders/potential investors have.

    18. The Goenka Group, which held significant quantity in the company, have sold all their shares in just one quarter. What’s the reason for this? Their selling raises many suspicions like – they held their shares till the PW got approved and exited soon afterwards.

    Corporate Governance/Market/Dividends
    19. Some of us still haven’t received dividends from the company. We send mails to the IR Department, asking them about the dividends, they won’t reply to us. If we ask Aarthi Consultants, they say that the company has not communicated with them regarding dividends. Whom should we contact to get even basic information? Its not how much dividend amount we are getting but its about the company’s commitment and transparency.

    20. The market perception/sentiment towards the company is very poor/negative. Your actions aren’t helping it get any better. For eg – you decided to do a massive dilution but didn’t inform the shareholders as to why you’re doing that. You announced dividends more than 6 months back and you had all the time to sort out any issue with the payment but still you delayed the payment (and still haven’t paid to many investors). You said you have arranged buyers for OAK’s shares but they decided to dump their shares. How are we supposed to trust what you say when you have always ignored/neglected shareholders?

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