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    @ Adminji. That means CI Sir has evaluated that with time our company Promoter will list on Nasdaq. CI Sir is seldom wrong on his assessments. All said & Done good news for one & All. 3 Cheers !!!


    Please watch this Lycos Internet interview of 2015, in which Mr.Suresh Reddy shares with Prashant of NDTV Profit, his vision of overseas listing (@9.55 mins).

    Unfortunately due to the international litigation with Daum, parent debt and other issues, it was put on the back burner. The global consolidation plans (organizational restructuring) unveiled in 2020 was always understood as the step towards this direction and we had discussed this many times. For instance this post by DH on Feb 2020

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    The complete audio of the latest concall conducted by BCG’s management held on 3rd July 2021 (Audio very clear from around 12 minutes)

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    Investors, I just want to bring your kind attention to, few points from the conference call. I may be wrong so please do your research.
    1. Please try to listen to the cc completely and try to connect all the dots.
    2. SKR want to revisit for LOC after a quarter or two and before that, he is eyeing a good valuation
    3. LOC will add another 30 % growth
    4. SKR want a good valuation for the company before consolidating a few subsidiaries and QIP
    5. He is looking for a sales target of $ 450 Million plus asap which will add more cash flow.
    6. Few acquisitions are expected in the coming quarters.
    7. He is looking for a famous J curve too (many after a couple of years)
    As per my view, a minimum decent pe after bonus issues and PW dilution are around 20 (current sector pe is 34). Timeline – I expect pe 20 by end of this year. Best wishes to all the BCG investors.

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    With the new acquisition bcg is meeting may points mentioned above. Now we are looking for higher growth and higher eps in coming quarters.cheers and sit and enjoy the ride.

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    Total equity after bonus + warrants+ new issue of 12 cr shares = 116 cr.
    Looking forward diluted eps will be around rs 5 from the existing business plus earning from the new acquisition. We can very much expect loc by end of this year which will add another 30 % . Few more acquisitions are expected plus new businesss
    I belive we are on the way to non stop rs 100 plus, even all time high.
    Average industry pe is 34 and I won’t be surprised if bcg move to pe 40 plus non stop.
    Enjoy the ride

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    @Admin, these are my queries, please review them once and send them to the IR.

    1) Thank you for taking investor friendly initiatives like bonus, dividends, ESOP etc, and thank you for improving communications with investors. These are making value realization to happen. Our only concern is the stability of stock prices. Since the free float is high, it is easy for operators to manipulate the prices. We understand that price movements are not in your control but we just wanted to share our concerns with you.

    2) Do you have plans to meet with investors, institutions (and analysts) who can buy shares from the open market? This will bring stability to stock prices.

    3) After your comments in the last conference call we were hoping/expecting to see better results this quarter. Usually BCG will have good 1st quarter but this time it was not that good compared to last year’s Q1 results (where we had growth of more than 20%). What are your thoughts on this? We understand it’s because of liquidity issues so should we expect higher growth rates only after you get additional funds or can we expect good growth rates without the funds (like in Q4)?

    4) What is the update on the acquisition news? When do you expect the transaction to be completed? Is it possible to reveal the name of the target company? If possible can you give more details about the target company?

    5) Update on audio ad related company acquisition?

    6) What is the update on Line of Credit (LOC) that you are seeking?

    7) What is the update on pledged shares? You said that the promoter group will get back their shares once Axis bank debt is paid but as of now 18% of the promoters’ shares are still pledged. There’s a reduction in the number but we were expecting it to be zero by now.

    8) When can we expect promoters to buy shares from the open market? Promoters increasing their stakes will bring confidence to investors and allay any concerns because of the dilution post warrant conversion.

    9) Update on Lycos-DAUM? Is it possible to reveal the settlement amount?

    10) Since the economies are starting to re-open, everyone is worried about 2 things – the next covid wave and inflation. How do these two things affect BCG’s business? Will there be any write-offs or impairment because of covid?

    11) How big is BCG’s CTV business? What percentage of revenue is from CTV business?

    12) Update on B-Local exchange. How much revenue do you expect from this in the short and long terms?

    13) Jio (Reliance), Flipkart, Airtel all have plans to start their own ad-tech business. How do these developments affect BCG’s plan to grow the business in India?

    14) Update on AI and ML?

    15) When can we expect this year’s annual report and the AGM?

    16) Many less informed people in the market still don’t understand the business of BCG properly and they compare it with random IT and software companies. They don’t understand the importance of investing heavily in technology too.

    You have shared so many useful documents with the investor community about the business but many ignorant people won’t go through those properly and they spread fake information about the company. So to change this (to some extent at least) can you please provide more details about the company in the parent company’s website (on the website not in documents as there are documents already in the investor section). Details like the company’s history, the acquisitions you’ve made, different types of businesses the company does (more emphasis on ad-tech business) and links to subsidiaries’ websites. Also please make this year’s annual report is as informative as possible and please make sure that you give detailed explanation of different items of the balance sheet in the footnotes (items like other assets, loans and advances, other receivables etc)

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    Price stability is very important otherwise long term investors will only be looking at price fluctuating up and down without booking profit..after bonus issue buying interest should go up , we should be definitely discussing this with Suresh kumar today..share price coming down with pathetic volume is not looking good at the moment..however I’m still bullish on the scrip


    @Logan – Thanks for the questions. I have mailed it to IR.

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