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    I read lots of shitty posts by a stalker. He keeps repeating the same things again and again and that’s when you start believing that it’s not important to talk about the company and you should only be obsessed with others and you should always stalk others.

    Though they say they won’t talk about BCG because it’s not one of their strategic bets anymore but you can’t ignore those things and see the value in stalking others. After reading his posts, even you will become a stalker.

    I’ve never seen someone so sick that they can’t live without provoking others. It’s shows their cheap mentality. They don’t have the decency to respect other people’s opinions. They act as if it’s other investors’ fault that their investment is not working out as they wished.

    Note – dude, stop acting like a child and start growing up man. Enough of this nonsense drama. I didn’t tell you to invest in BCG. There’s a limit to childishness. Write whatever you want without provoking others. I seriously don’t want any quarrel with a child like you.

    Your problem is with the CEO/Promoters/Management, so go stalk them and be obsessed with them.

    In case you want to stalk, here’s the address – Floor: 5, Fairfield by Marriott ,
    Road No: 2, Nanakramguda,
    Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032. Telangana, India.
    Phone: +91 40 6744 9910

    If you want to stalk online then I suggest the following people –

    1)Mr. K. Rajesh, Investor Relationship Officer
    2)BCG IR Team
    E-Mail: ir@brightcomgroup.com
    3)Mr. M. Manohar, Company Secretary
    E-Mail: manoharm@brightcomgroup.com

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    Everyone must be knowing about (OCD) obsessive compulsive disorder but do you all know anything about (OSD) obsessive stalking disorder. It is when some crybabies can’t live without stalking other people. No matter how cheap they look they’re always obsessed with you which looks creepy. They never talk without mentioning about others. Tell him to write something without mentioning me, he never does that.

    BCG was trading at or above 2PE before Daum. It’s not something that I came up with, it’s a fact. After the Daum case it fell below 1PE. My whole point was if Daum case hadn’t happened, BCG wouldn’t have traded below 1PE. And as for 0.3PE or something, I didn’t say many companies trade at that price. I said there are many companies’ stocks that don’t follow fundamentals, there’s a big difference between saying many companies trade at 0.3PE and saying many companies’ stocks don’t follow fundamentals.

    When crybaby is stalking, he better stalk properly. He has the habit of putting wrong words just to make himself look like some genius. I don’t have to take lessons from someone who can’t write something on his own and who always relies on what other people write. Creepy guy.

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    You don’t have to be a high court judge to have common sense. I’m not blaming anyone who expresses their opinions, I’m not some stupid guy to do that. My problem is with people who don’t let me share my opinions, who come and attack me and who try to force their opinions/views on me. Let them believe that suppression as the only reason for everything, I don’t give a damn about that. And regarding suppression, I’m not a naive person to believe whatever is written on the internet as logical. Reasoning and analysis is more important than just “guesses”. I can’t take decisions based on some people’s guesses. Everything can’t be related to just one thing and guesses can’t be taken as logical.

    Only this company’s CEO is controlling everything it seems and rest all companies trade according to fundamentals or market dynamics. During 2012-13, the CEO crashed the price to below 4 levels and later during 2013-14 period, the CEO took the price from 3 to 60+ and then again he changed his mind and took the price back to 3 levels. During all this, no factors/issues (like DAUM, India Debt/pledged shares) played a role but it was only the CEO’s greed. Works out well for a movie plot but doesn’t make much sense realistically. If the issues don’t matter at all then why always talk about not closing those issues?

    Sunrise or moonlight doesn’t matter when there are outstanding issues pending. If we take – oh it’s in a sunrise sector it should always trade at higher valuations, then Criteo (profitable & it’s in a sunrise sector and also I’m not talking about Tanla or Subex) shouldn’t have crashed from 60+ levels to below 6 levels. Criteo did all the good changes but the price was always decreasing. If it hadn’t done those changes, it wouldn’t have gone up to 40 now and would’ve remained below 15 levels. Expect for a few companies (TTD), most of the companies in the “sunrise sector” struggled for years even with having cash and talent. So just because the sector is growing doesn’t mean all the companies will trade at higher valuations.

    Automobile industry was one of the best industry in the last century in the US but how many car companies are there in the US now? Many decades back there were thousands of car companies but now there are only 4 or 5 and that too in that 4 or 5 companies, two companies went into bankruptcy and one was sold to another company (GM went into bankruptcy and it came out of that and Chrysler was sold to FIAT). We’ll be naive to think that – oh it’s in a sunrise sector so there won’t be any problem with the companies in that sector.

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    (Replying to a genius on another forum)

    Yes dude, you are always right and I’m always wrong. Only your opinions matter and mine don’t matter at all, I get that. So stop bothering me and stop being obsessed with me. From now on concentrate on your own content. I’m not your enemy here.

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    (About a genius on other platform)

    We are not so desparate like that genius who writes on the other platform. Without common sense that genius tries to link everything to BCG. Some random people did some scam but this genius tried to link it to BCG. He tries to find cunningness in everything the CEO does. Man, never seen someone so desparate.

    Should I talk about his desparate attempts to pump up the prices of other stocks? Genius tried to trap other people giving targets on Everest Kanto, Balaji amines etc.

    Dude doesn’t even know about BCG’s business properly but is trying to giving us lecture.

    He thinks that he can write whatever he wants but has problems if other people talk sense. Hopeless fellow.

    Putting he he on everything doesn’t make it funny. Don’t act as if you are the only shareholder of BCG. We all have put our hard earned money and as shareholders we have the right to talk about the company.

    Go ask the CEO or SEBI about the dividends instead of asking us you desparate genius.

    Go get a life and stop being so desparate.

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    (Message to a person on another forum)

    You know what happened on Dec 9th right so why don’t you complain to the authorities about that? Did any investor from this forum stop you?

    If you don’t know anything about some topic then stay silent, don’t shit talk about other people. Start learning to respect other people. Stop acting like a child and start growing up. Don’t act like you are the only person who has invested money in BCG’s stock. Writing about the company doesn’t mean that people are working for someone. Whom are you working for then? Everest Kanto or Marksans Pharma or Balaji Amines? How many people have you trapped there? So you can always talk shit but you have problems if other people talk sense. Hopeless fellow.

    I’m also frustrated with the stock price but I don’t shit talk about others if they express their opinion. No investor is enemy of yours so stop blaming everyone else. It’s you who has invested in this stock and you are responsible for that.

    Instead of worrying about what others write, first worry about your nonsense/baseless posts. Think before writing something, just because some shit goes on in your mind, you can’t write about that. I know your agenda, it’s just to seek attention. Writing wrong things about Axis bank, MySMS, PW etc. First check your knowledge about the topics you talk.

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    Oh the irony!!! fake news peddler is talking about reality.

    – Saying things like subsidiaries of BCG are untraceable sitting at his home. Go to the parent company’s office, ask them to show the documents of subsidiaries and then talk about what’s untraceable and what’s not.

    – No pledged shares with Axis and loans were taken from Axis for personal purposes.

    This is silly and stupid and shows how desparate some people can get to spread fake news and to spread unnecessary negativity. Why did Axis take the company to courts if the promoters took personal loans? Why did the company pay settlement amount if the promoters took personal loans? If promoters took loans then they should’ve paid the settlement amount, not the company – it’s simple and plain.

    Dude doesn’t even have common sense but talks shit about other people. The company should get NOC then the pledged shares will be given back (at least that was the case with SBI and Canara banks). Pledged shares were revoked many months after paying the loans. Maybe same will happen with Axis.

    – Talking about MySMS all the time. BCG didn’t buy MySMS, there were plans to buy it but that didn’t go through. It was never a subsidiary of BCG. Desparate guy just to seek attention talks nonsense stuff all the time.

    – Blockchain, AI&ML etc. Company just wanted to start blockchain but decided not to and instead focussed on AI&ML. Many companies try to get into these fields but you can’t expect to get great revenues from that. If you ask any company, they’ll say they’re working on AI, ML, blockchain etc.

    – Regarding PO, that money was blocked by NCLT and the company can’t use that until Axis case was closed. How can you use that money disobeying courts orders?

    – Writing fake things just to spread negativity and to seek attention. Saying stupid things like Brightcom filed some case. This guy is making up things in his mind and he’s believing those things are true. What kind of nonsense is this? Seriously, no one should be this desparate.

    – Some people did some scam but genius desparately tried to link it to BCG.

    – Hyping other stocks giving higher targets without proper research. Trapping people just because this guy has invested in those stocks.

    Just having common sense is enough to see this person’s agenda. That dude is delusional and he’s making up things just to seek attention. I’ve never seen someone so delusional that they don’t mind looking this stupid. I knew some people would be stupid but never imagined they would be this stupid.

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    When results for Q4 are likely to come out? Any idea friends?


    30Th June 2021.

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    Kris Ji I think that is last date allowed

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    Will dividend be distributed before the announcement of results date?

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    SKR declared dividend along with annual results in 2020. He said ‘it is a token dividend and better can be expected in future’. What about this year? Is it that a better dividend is on the way considering the fact that most of the problems are already solved?

    Even though LOC is not materialized till now, that is not required for solving earlier enlisted problems. PW amount is sufficient for DAUM settlement. Rs. 95 crores is with him already (65+30) from PW and PO together. Total settlement amount with DAUM is Rs 110 crore. So can we propose and expect a better dividend?

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    Mr.Script knows very well how to change words of other people just to look like some kind of genius. Everyone can see my posts where I have written about operators manipulating prices but Mr.Script is so desparete to write something about me that he’s using only one of posts to make his nonsense point. Let him see all my posts and then talk nonsense. I have never denied operators’ manipulation of prices and in fact I have talked about it several times. How can you expect rationality from a person who doesn’t even know the difference between a script and a scrip and who doesn’t know how auditing works and who doesn’t understand taxes. But be assured that he knows how to comment about other people. Man pretends to know those topics just to seek attention. Now who is trying to be a Mr know it all here?

    Now on the topic of trapping innocents, Mr.Attention Seeker wanted to start a petition asking SEBI to look into BCG’s account. He was writing about all investors getting together and asking SEBI to conduct a forensic audit. Remember all that talk was when the price was in single digits. What happened to all that activist talk? Who tried to misguide investors? Who actually trapped innocent investors saying he’ll take some legal action and did nothing?

    What stopped Mr.Pretend to know it all give complaints to SEBI about the company? Did I stop him or did any investor from this forum stop him? Before taking about other people, the least someone can do is try to do what they themselves say.

    Writing in his own language, he tried to trap innocents by talking about manipulation, legal actions, SEBI, auditing, petition, taxes etc etc to bring negativity and to snatch away shares from them at very low prices.

    Thank God I’m not like Mr.Pretend to know it all. If I don’t know anything about some topic, I’ll frankly tell everyone I don’t know about that topic but what about Mr.Pretend to know it all? He just talks about others that’s all.

    My question is – what’s stopping Mr.Attention Seeker to give complaints against the promoters or company or management? He’s damn sure that they are manipulating prices but why isn’t he taking any action? What’s stopping him from doing that?

    In the last 2 quarters, there were more than 30 complaints against the company. These people didn’t wait for others to give complaints against the company. Why doesn’t Mr.Pretends to know it all do the same?

    He’s always interested, actually obsessed about what others write.

    Talking about market factors, I don’t complain like Mr.Script when a stock doesn’t move. Talking bad about Rallis India when the price didn’t move. I respect the market and I’m aware of the risks and rewards that come with investing in stocks.

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    Expertbeggar is reposting other people’s messages and recently once or twice he posted his own. He was the one who was spreading so much fake news about the company that gullible investors believed whatever shit he said. He was saying it’ll delist, shell company etc.

    If everyone remembers well he was telling Tanla was overvalued at 100 but it went above 1000.

    Be careful about these good for nothing empty vessels. They make more noise but you can’t expect any good from these idiots. He doesn’t even know the difference between cash flows and profits and always mocks every company that is not a large cap. I’m surprised these idiots are still around with their bullshit and even more surprised that people take them seriously. Challenge him for a debate on any topic and you’ll see his empty brains within seconds. These idiots won’t understand the importance of investing in technology. They think each and every company have the same business models.

    If he starts his fakery again then we have the best option which is to get together and give an official legal complaint to concerned authorities. First it should be MMB and if MMB doesn’t take seriously then there are other authorities.

    We should not let these cockroaches get away. Now the total shareholders are over 1lakh and even just 1% of us get serious then 1000 official complaints should make moneycontrol to think about letting it’s platform be used by fake news peddlers. Inaction by investors should not be taken as weakness. More people will be more than willing to join us if we get serious.

    I respect everyone but not the ones who wish misery to others and who enjoy looking at other people’s pain. We should show these sadists their place. It’s not about positives or negatives, I don’t give a rat’s ass about negative things, every company will have positives and negatives but these cockroaches always peddle fake information.

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    It is important that the new investors know about BCG the same way all of us get it from this forum. This has helped most of us to stay invested even when the prices went below 10 and 5 and stayed there for long.

    I feel most of these new investors are relying on MC forum or YouTube channel and some whatsapp, telegram tips groups.

    Though most of the YT and I guess WhatsApp, telegram groups might be talking positive about BCG I feel they all lack depth in terms of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and also they don’t have idea of BCG’s business model and history of BCG.

    The only reliable sources are this forum and the Conservative_Indian’s telegram group

    Couple of options in front of us

    1/. Bring in the new investors to this forum…but the challenge I feel is that most of these people are small investors with preferred language in Hindi

    2/. The other option is to start a YT channel by the members of this forum…preferrably both in Hindi and English and share accurate information

    Requesting @admin, @Logan and all forum members to suggest if there are any better options compared to option 2

    Anyone who has experience and interest in YT content creation can take this forward

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    @hw_tw, sorry for the late reply.

    The way I see it, MMB and other platforms are like those daily soap operas that are broadcast every day (365-24/7). People there act like those characters in daily soaps who always think that everyone is targeting them and everyone has some hidden agenda and they treat everything as a conspiracy. They just want drama and they’ll never understand that people can have independent thinking. For every price movements they think promoters are plotting against them. The sad part is they don’t even understand the market risks and think everything is controlled. When someone talks about market factors they make fun of that person. Many don’t have the emotional maturity to be investors.

    Coming to BCG, the problem is not just people not understanding the business properly but it’s also about people not understanding the basic stuff. Many don’t even know the difference between profits and cash flows and they think all assets are cash or they don’t understand what makes those assets. People have been commenting about BCG that the management has all the cash but they are not using that cash to pay dividend or to buy back shares. They think the management is not using that “cash” for good purpose because they want to snatch away shares. They base all these on book value or assets minus liabilities. They think all assets minus liabilities means reserves which is nothing but cash. These type of people are the most vocal and gullible investors get attracted to these people. When people comment nonsense stuff about the management/CEO without understanding things properly, I defend the management/CEO so they call me the CEO or some paid agent. It’s so funny and so childish.

    So, if we have to start doing something about this then we have to start writing about the basic stuff first. It’s very time consuming and takes a lot of efforts. Also it’s little challenging because you have to explain everything in layman terms. You may understand a topic very well but you can’t express that in a way where everyone can understand that.

    And the most important thing is, many people won’t read or watch things that are educational and they just want drama and are attracted to prices and targets. You get more views and likes if you start giving higher target prices. You can see everyone talking about “multi-baggers” all the time. They do it to attract more people. I have seen those type of videos lacking any substance. They say Affle or TTD are trading above 100PE so BCG should trade at those valuations. They won’t talk about the business too, they’ll just say ad-tech evergreen, future is digital or those kinds of stuff. On a high level, everyone can understand what BCG does but many won’t go deeper and that is the problem. They’ll never bother to understand the receivable issues or the high working capital needs or the necessity to invest heavily in technology etc etc. Some people are so funny that they think investing in intangibles mean fraud. This mentality will change if more pure/high tech companies list in our markets.

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    Completely agree with you @Logan, it is difficult and time consuming to make content which is understandable to each and everyone.

    On one side, there are these smart investors / operators who show everything in a magnifying glass and try to make the share move according to their tunes

    On the other hand, we have these short term investors who doesn’t understand stock markets and BCG’s business and want to make quick money and start getting carried away with these YT, Telegram channels run by people who again lack knowledge. Their only motive is to somehow increase their subscribers count and become an influencer. They are like the cat on the wall type and just keep talking on daily basis stock movement, … they keep giving both higher and lower targets but can’t justify that with any type of analysis.

    For example, just because there is the word “Digital” in BCG’s business and all IT companies also talk about “Digital business”, they think both these companies are in same business and start comparing BCG with companies like Happiest Minds and other IT companies.

    One more thing, these days people are so much worried about the Bonus shares…any delay on this matter people seems to be getting impatient …some smart operator gang start taking opportunities of these events and start spreading negativity such that these short term investors start getting panicky and in some time even the YT channels unknowingly join them

    The only way is to keep increasing the registered members / visitors of this forum so that all these short term investors take informed decisions

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    The most plausible reason for the delay in conducting the AGM may be that since the company has announced an acquisition based out of India & a possible acquisition of US based digital audio ads company (as claimed by the company about ongoing talks for the same) & also not to forget the getting back of Lycos from Daum shortly as claimed by SKR in the recent investors concall, all these needs some kind of approvals from the shareholders of the company which involves lots of paper works & other time consuming procedures & formalities.

    The management would have calculated the possible timelines for completion of these deals & decided to postpone to a date & time within the next 3 months when it can be actually presented to the shareholders for their final voting & approvals this kind of pragmatic planning will actually save lot of time & money for the company but people with vested interests are deliberately trying to tarnish the image of the company for the delay in holding the AGM by their irresponsible remarks which exposes their real intent & lack of knowledge.

    So the investors should use their own discretion with regards to their investments & not get mislead by wrong info & propoganda being spread through various social media outlets either by ill informed individuals or by people with vested interests.

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    “The future is all digital”- Peshwa Acharya.

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    This could be an interesting one for some of the members.

    Mapping The Biggest Companies By Market Cap in 60 Countries

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