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    The promoter is a clever chap.He presents himselves once in three months. Shows lollypop to all.Gives fake promises. Fake words and disappears for 3 months.During this 3 months, he does all in his favour, not fulfilling any promise.Then 3 months down the line, he comes back and throws, few more lies and comforts the retailers… Seen this year after year after year for five years….


    This year its different. Past history need not repeat. First of all Dividend policy declared, Second Pref. shares allot @ Rs 10. It means promoter is adhering to what he spoke during the last con call, Which was earlier not the case. Keep patience. Our patience will fructify for certain in the next 6 months. So stay put.


    Good morning friends.

    During his concalls he is choosing questions as per the liking and the once convenient to answer.

    He speaks and speaks with vast variation in the degrees of accomplishment of any task and also with wide variation in terms of time frame in which a particular task is achieved.

    For instance the pref issue was talked about some one year back and has materialized recently.

    He lied about loan closures as well. He said that all loans have been settled but we all found out in the balance sheet that there still some loans outstanding.

    He said that he was looking for a good big investor and knowing his name we all will be happy. But he has brought his friend acting as a proxy for himself to gobble all the new stock .

    He has time till the audit results are published . Time of 4 months to fall in line. If he tries to further weave new story or prolong the old false story then this time at the AGM a team of disgruntled people will be present which will be equipped with enough fire power to put his soul straight and make him fall in line.

    Realization of faults and self consciousness before this happens is the key for him . His actions decide his fate at the AGM whether he wants to walk out of the AGM as a hero or turned into a big zero , in front of a huge investor and home crowd. Either way will catch the headlines.



    So far he is just a frog in the pond of Hyderabad speaking to his sold out clowns who clap for him.
    If he will ever become a national or international hero only time can tell that.
    He lies repeatedly through his teeth.I think many companies all over the world have their plants on message boards as well as in meetings.
    So U got to take with a pinch of salt what and who asks the questions … what to talk of what comes out as an answer.


    Very well said. Here would like to add that we will along with him walk out tall for the world to see. Our company will outsmart & outshine the markets for a long time to come. If I have to ascertain time frame, Then our time starts from the very day the scruitinizer report is out till 2 yrs down the line. Have patience till then. Cheers!!!


    I for one cannot recollect as to when Promoter has lied with regards to closure of loan accounts. In fact Promoter fist paid off loans of State ank of India, Followed y Canara ank which has een disclosed to the respective exchanges wherein it is clearly stated thatt 11 crs Axis ank is pending & During the con call promoter stated that that will also e duly closed. Shortly disclosure will follow aout the same. Correct me if i am wrong.


    Guruji 108. Our company is not even a micro cap, Its a mini micro cap. Fundamental rule says, Invest only 5-10% Whereas you have gone overoard y uying 2 Million shares. What was it that made you uy this huge quantity that too at a high price. Would really like to know from you.


    I started buiying at 37 . so all is not at 37.
    U dont know my net worth.
    Let me put it this way.
    I will be OK if it goes to zero financially and survive.
    I will be very very happy if it multiplies and hits its fair market price which will be minimum 250 even if we apply IT industry PE ratios


    Guruji 108, Just ecause net worth is high, No one will, If that is the case then all having net worth parallel or aove your net worth would have invested y now. Well everyone has a choice. I rest my case. Thank you. Second whats stopping Mr Headstead from coming on this forum, Why only after mid Fe 2020.


    Second whats stopping Mr Headstead from coming on this forum, Why only after mid Fe 2020.
    Well dear only headstead can answer that question.
    He thinks that stock will rise after the PO is out of the way as no promoter will want stock price shooting above the issue PO price before the PO is over.
    We will probably have better things to talk about BCG and stock price after the numbers and confefrence call, hopefully due to good numbers and some positive actions on fulfilling their word by the nmanagement.

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    Dear Bro. Bullguru, Life starts after bold and contrarian steps – that is my own belief. I am admirer of your steps towards averaging systematically and so do I. I got a dose of positive and strong colleague on same lines and acting as well. These are my personal views. My comments are not addressed to disrespect, at all. My apologies if these words hurts any of our colleagues. Regds


    Friends i hold nearly two million shares as well. This show the immense confidence we have in BCG , that it will perform really really well . I am enjoying my holding very much and happy to have built up the quantity which i have over the years.

    If they bring it down some more would love to corner some more.

    Today it is at a US DOLLAR for few rupees . Tomorrow it would be a EURO , POUND AND DIRHAM.

    At USD MY BOOK VALUE HOLDING ARE NEARLY 14 CRORES RUPEES ie out of the book value of 3100 crores we both Bullguru and me put together are owners of 28 crores. Isn’t the amount appealling enough.

    It certainly is appealing and what if i further say that the real value of this gem is atleast 10 times more and is 100 percent going to achieve that price target. This makes the case for BCG even stronger and hence so much story telling going on by our old old dadi anna SKR .

    See we indians are a emotional lot and believe in all sorts of dumb mythological story telling which are so ill logical.

    Smart are the ones who go behind the screen and if they find out the story on the screen is fake and the real story superhit , they don’t hesitate to buy such asset in tons rather than kilogram.

    The price is dead cheap to buy this one in tons rather than kilos.

    Welcome to the millionaire club.



    Certainly it will, As i have mentioned, As of now Rs 38-40 is in the offing, That mostly will happen after the PO is out of the way.Mr Headstead is right on this count.


    Guruji 108, You and Mr Shoumik are the stalwarts on this forum. Good to know that Mr Headstead will join soon. It is said that two heads are etter then one head ut here we will have 3 heads, That means under expert guidance for novices like me. CHEERS !!!

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    There is every possibility that SKR might have bought few shares on 28th January.
    AKG sold 60 lakh shares but the bse dint have information on the buyers.

    If SKR is really into turning sentiments positive. I would not be surprised to see another disclosures for token buying.

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    Dears please find below few of my observations related to SHP
    1. Promotes 39.14 %
    2. OAK – 7.01 %
    3. PRAVEEN KHURANA – 1.18 % (you may refer to the latest conference call for
    his stand on BCG). His name was not in Q1 2019 SHP and he increased his
    holding from 1.07 ( Q2) to 1.18 ( Q3)
    4. Non-Resident Indian (NRI) – 10.06 (from 6.91 in Q1 2018 to 10.06 Q3 2019)
    5. PRABHAKAR REDDY NARAPAREDDY – 1.15 % (Maybe from promotor’s team) his name
    was also not there in the old SHP
    6. PRIYA PRAKASH – 3.99 % (every quarter holding is increasing. )
    7. Bodies Corporate – 12.39 % (264 investors)
    10. UNO METALS LTD – 4.33 % (RAJESH GOENKA director)
    11. EDELWEISS CUSTODIAL – 1.05 % (could not find more info)
    12. Foreign Portfolio Investors – 0.24 % (a new one, was not there in Q2 SHP)
    13. Financial Institutions/ Banks – 0.14 % (new one, was not there in Q2 SHP
    14. From S/N 3 to 13 together hold 41.15 % of the shares.
    15. Promotors + OAK + other top 11 = 87.3 %
    16. Surely there will be some top/long team investors holding another 5 to 8 %.
    17. Now you may guess how many shares will be there with small investors.
    18. Many are waiting to buy once price crosses 7 plus but surely sellers will
    be very less at that time.
    19. I am fully confident that all the outstanding issues will be closed on or
    before by 2020 Q4 results and share price will move to very fast.
    20. Full-year EPS will be Rs 13 plus by May 2021
    21. I expect 6 to 8 times of book value or pe 30 plus by May 2021
    22. All the above is only my view and Buy or sell is up to individuals choice.

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    @jmathew, very good info thanks

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    As per Q3 SHP Total number shareholders are (including promotors) 29207 and individuals with share capital up to Rs. 2 Lacs is 28007 and their holding is 11.64%. That means 88.36 percentage of the shares are with Top 1200 investors.

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    Can someone share insights on the current shp?

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    My observations on March 31, 2020 SHP:

    1. Promoter and FII/FPI holding remains the same.

    2. Banks and FIs have sold their 6.55 lakh shares

    3. Individual shareholding has increased from 14.48 crs (30.4%) to 15.44 crs (32.4%). It includes another large investor Geeta Patheja along with Praveen Khurana. Total individual investors reduced from 28337 to 28147.

    4. NRI stake increased from 4.79 crs (10.06%) to 4.93 crs (10.37%). It includes Priya Prakash and Prabhakar Reddy. Total NRI investors reduced from 485 to 477

    5. AKG stake has reduced from 1.87 crs (3.93%) to 1.23 crs (2.58%)

    6. UNO stake has reduced from 2.06 crs to 1.94 crs

    7. Goenka securities stake remains the same at 1.28 crs

    8. Edelweiss securities stake is zero from around 50 lakhs

    9. Overall Bodies corporates including AKG, UNO, Goenka Sec., Edelweiss etc. stands reduced from 5.9 crs (12.39%) to 4.9 crs (10.3%). Total entities reduced from 264 to 256

    10. Others like trusts and clearing members are more or less the same.

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