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    Dears please find few details related to latest SHP (June 2020)

    1. Promotes 36.72 %
    2. OAK – 6.57 %
    3. PRAVEEN KHURANA – 1.08 % (you may refer to the latest conference call for
    his stand on BCG). His name was not there in Q1 2019 SHP.
    4. Non-Resident Indian (NRI) – 11.20 (increased from 6.91 in Q1 2018)
    5. PRABHAKAR REDDY NARAPAREDDY – 1.09 % (Maybe from promotor’s team) his name
    was also not there in the old shp
    6. PRIYA PRAKASH – 3.74 % (every quarter holding is increasing. )
    7. Bodies Corporate – 12.69 % (256 investors, holding increased from the last shp)
    10. UNO METALS LTD – 3.82 % (RAJESH GOENKA director)
    11. EDELWEISS CUSTODIAL – Last shp they were holding 1.05 %. Not showing now, maybe due to the new PO shares and their holding is less than 1 % now.
    12. Foreign Portfolio Investors – 0.23% (a new one, was not there in Q2 SHP)
    13. Clearing Members–0.45%
    14. Trusts 0.29 %
    15. individual share capital up to Rs. 2 Lacs (30505 investors) – 9.27 %


    NSE Notification: SHP until June 30 is released.

    Pledged shares has further reduced from 50% to 33.41%

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    Can someone do an analysis of the latest shareholding pattern published today i.e. 02/07/2020 ?
    I see somebody named Anil Kumar now listed as holding more than 1% of shares and along with Praveen Khurana and Geeta Patheja holds more than 5 million shares.
    Also, Oak shares stand at 1.85 cr.
    What about the Goenka group? Increase or decrease? What about NRI shareholding?

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    Pls share the link to new shp. I cannot see it on website.

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    In bse they updated

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    Oak reduced holding from 6.58 to 3.64
    Anil Kumar newly added investor holding 1.07
    Goenka raised from 2.52 to 4.92
    Akg raised from 3.75 to 4.92
    Uno metals raised from 3.82 to 4.92
    Invidual investor below 2 lakhs holding reduced from 9.27 to 8.44%
    Individual investor above 2 lakh invested raised from 17.8 to 21.03% incredible more than 3%
    Individual investors increased from 348 to 355 ..only 7 persons increased 3%

    Pledge reduced from 50 to 33%

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    I think the oak stake is purchased by the Goenka group. If you calculate the increase in Goenka group shareholding it approximately tallies with the reduction in oak stake .

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    Is the decrease in pledge due to increase in share price? Or really released, we don’t know.

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    Hi T9C, I think Canara Bank has released the pledge on those shares. Even though SBI debt was paid last year, we saw the reduction in pledge percentage only last quarter (60% to 50%). Like SBI, I think Canara also took time to release the pledge.

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    The balance pledged shares are likely to be related to Axis Bank. This can also be expected to be closed in the 2nd quarter. SO BCG could effectively pledge fee company by 30.09.2020, which is a real positive and shows the pro activeness of the management to settle legacy issues.

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    I don’t think any shares are pledged with these 3 banks. If pledged, why they will agree for OTS. They could have sold it in market right.
    This is my opinion, what do you say?

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    And these loans are from LGS, and they mortgaged LGS properties. This is why I think shares might not be pledged with these banks.

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    Hi T9C, I think you are overthinking on this, actually it’s very simple.

    Most of the pledge is because of bank loans and remaining will be for promoters’ personal loans.

    Yes, the loans were taken by LGS, but it was not taken by the promoters of LGS but by the company and promoters will be held responsible for that because someone has to give surety.

    When Ybrant merged with LGS, all the responsibilities were transferred to Ybrant promoters, so Mr Reddy and other promoters’ shares are pledged with banks.

    The banks won’t just take properties as collateral, they will also take shares, it’s not just with BCG, you can check other companies also.

    Regarding ots, these loans are not normal loans, these have turned into NPAs, so it’s obvious the company and the banks have this agreement.

    The banks didn’t sell those pledged shares because BCG was paying them interest and also because of ots. You have to understand that these banks are very greedy, they will never miss the opportunity of getting extra money, they want both settlement and the interest.

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    Thanks Saul Goodman for explaining.

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    Surprisingly SHP is out..pretty early as per BCG standards.

    Total shareholders crossed 50000!!!

    Expert comments please

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    Retailers increased two crores shares.rajesh Goenka and existing some biggies increased their holding.these are oak shares.major acquired is Goenka family.they purchased 11/2 cr shares.


    Thanks @Srd.rdx for posting in the right thread.

    Awaiting @jmathew to give the detailed break up 🙂

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    Promoters pledge reduced by 1.5%

    SKR pledge reduced from 20.94% to 17.24% i.e 3.6%

    Approx 26 lakhs shares released

    In addition he bought 2lakhs shares from open market.

    This shows decent promoter confidence.

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    Individual share holding raised from 29.47% to 33.45%

    This shows out of 63.24% G team holds 29.8%

    promoters are holding 36.72%

    Though entire oak shares are bought by G team, they failed to increase their share holding.

    I believe this is the reason they are deliberately trying to bring the share price down to create panic among retail share holder and forcing retail share holders to shed their holdings.However SHP shows they have failed in their approach.

    If retail shareholders try to buy at every dip, without any panic then G team will not dare to release their shares at lower price, but if they see the reverse happening then they may hammer the price below and increase their share holding.

    The above discussed analysis is subjective and doesn’t carry any credibility, so I request investors should make their own observation and analysis.

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    I hope SKR gets stable investors to the company. He said it was his top priority, I hope we see less(actually hoping none) of the G gang in the next shareholding report.
    Fingers crossed, praying with my legs over my head for that to happen.

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