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    Dear @Logan & @buffet
    In continuation with the discussion of share holding pattern,
    UNO and AKG Finvest – Both are still holding BCG (less than 1% as buffet mentioned)
    Priya Prakash is still holding less than 1%. Surprisingly, Priya Prakash (The name is derived from MR. PRAKASH B RANE & SUPRIYA RANE) is the promoter of 2 companies in different names as mentioned below. Supriya Prakash Rane – ABM Knowledgeware Ltd (12.27%) & Supriya Prakash Mody – Unichem Laboratories Ltd (1.41%).
    This seems, either Priya Prakash, UNO & AKG have frustrated with BCG & booked profit and reduced their holdings or as per the agreement from BCG management.
    I believe, this time BCG’s price will not go below 7.7 levels (Pref Warrant price) and the price may be volatile until we get “Pref Warrant approval announcement” and “Axis closure” in the 1st phase and Daum Closure & LOC in 2nd Phase.
    Better, let’s be patience for some more time until we get concrete good news from the promoter & personally, till now I am not reducing my holdings and planning to accumulate more if the price will drop in the coming days. Thank you

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    SHP Declared for the period ending March 2021. Experts to comment on the same. Thank you in advance.

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    The number of individual shareholders (up to Rs 2 lacs capital) have risen by 5196 to 63308 & their shareholding has gone up by 78,25,679

    The number of individual shareholders (above Rs 2 lacs capital) have risen by 10 but their shareholding has reduced by

    Big shareholders like Mr Praveen Khurana, Mr Anil Kumar have increased their stakes.

    NRI shareholders count has increased by 32 but their holdings have reduced by 23,22,401

    Number of bodies corporate has increased by 17 & their shareholding has also increased by 96,87,295

    Total shareholders in the company are 65046 & it has increased by 5178 members but in feb investors concall Mr SKR told that total shareholders were about 67000 if we take that into account then it has fallen by about 2000 (between Feb & March).


Viewing 3 posts - 141 through 143 (of 143 total)
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