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    With every message there is a provision made by the Admn to like or dislike in the shape of heart ❤️ I want to request the Admn to replace the heart ❤️ sign with like 👍 and dislike 👎
    Submitted for consideration please 🙏

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    01-04-2021, what a good day !! We got the good news on the approval of PW on the first day of fy 2021-22. Congratulations to the CEO. It’s time to celebrate as I personally feel being shareholders of company, we are with the company for any good work, accomplished targets , positive news, positive outcome. Also, on the contrary it’s our duty to criticise the company if they lag in the performance. Now with this approval of PW, hopefully new beginning is on the way and as CEO rightly said he has learned from the past mistakes. We all shareholders will definitely standby with him for the good work and improvement in good governance when ever such happens, the beginning of the same happened today.
    Hopefully, now onwards things will improve day by day and automatically all naysayers will become yes-sayers.
    The long term investors are sentimental with this share n waiting for years to get its fair valuation.
    This year is going to be the booming year for Advt companies, its my prediction. Watch it….
    After hard work of many years now the company have reached the stage from here onwards, the sky is the limit, hopefully 🙏

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    I am a long term investor since 2013 and having good amount of shares in this company.

    @ Diana Horton ; Time has come to take action. The patience of LTI is in unbearable state. Many of LTI with sleepless nights have either suffered serious medical problems or compelled to exit in big losses due to huge frustration, apathy and mental angst. OMEA has not only deceit investors for all these years but also played dubious games with VC investor firms too.
    The Axis bank loan was deliberately delayed to avoid exposing of hidden agenda of raising PW and dilution of the equity. Given the chance most of us would have taken the share by paying @ 25% of Rs 7.70 The price was rigged between 5-7 for many months. Bringing 59 stakeholders from back door in PW seems unethical instead a single or few renowned groups would have served the purpose very well but here intentions of OMEA were different and I am sure he will play his naughty game in future over this issue. He will open his card at right time which will again be against the interest of investors. Watch it!!
    Why suddenly the investors like me who never write anything have woken up to strength the fellow investors who have shown courage to take action against OMEA.
    As CEO he might have done many improvement but at a very slow speed and at the cost of investors. How much earning he is getting from all foreign subsidiaries is known to him only. All CEO declares their remuneration in all big companies but here he has declared only in standalone company and not all the subsidiaries. CEO’s main duty is to increase turnover of the company, increase wealth of the company as well as investors and not create wealth for himself alone. Investors have right to know, we need transparency in this.
    If you want to unearth the unethical practices then start with Israel. What is the connection between On Line Media, subsidiary of Brightcom Group at Israel and of Israel which is independent company and not its subsidiary. Why both have same logo? What connections these two companies have which have never been brought to the notice of investors? No different companies have same logo that too both are located in Israel.

    @ Diana; thanks a lot dear for enlightening the investors with your vast inside knowledge of the company and their business. Now time has come to show your solidarity with the helpless investors and participate in taking action against OMEA.

    I assure that investors will find the governance at its best if we take action against only one person.
    We are the stakeholders in the company and it is our right to highlight the wrong doings of company, if any, so that things are improved in future in today’s world of transparency.
    If required we can file a case to get the forensic audit of the company done to safeguard the interest of the investors before it is too late.
    Together we will win 💐

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    The management have informed that they have put LOC at hold, it means it is not rejected. I personally feel PW or no PW its win win for LT investors. Investors will be happy if PW is not approved. BCG will be happy if PW is approved.
    The rally is going to happen with or without PW. This being the highest time for BCG to rise otherwise they will miss the bus and someone else will drive the bus.
    Stay invested, wait n watch peacefully.

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    From the first meeting and second meeting of investors with SKR, the following emerges;
    1) I don’t find any achievement made by the company during this period.
    2) The pending issues of Axis , Daum and LOC remain as it is.
    3) The share price has nosedived during this period.
    4) No new Investor House has been roped in.
    5) EY audit report of Israel has not been made public as yet.
    6) Other discouraging news is merging of US entities, which was very loudly highlighted has been put to hold.
    7) How a CEO doesn’t know the number of employee under his company, if not, it takes a second on intercom to ask his HR dept.
    The team can highlight if their is any achievement?
    I am a long term investor and don’t criticise the company but actions speak itself which I don’t find at present, maybe in future it may happen but the question remains how long the investors have to wait.
    Eroding of your hard earned money year after year is very discouraging for the investors. No dividend, no bonus no capital gain has prompted many investors to leave the company and spread venom in public forums of market.
    I wish some big company take it over and solve the pending issues within few weeks only.

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    Please do let me know if there is any BGL whattsapp/telegram group.
    Whattsapp groups of Alok Ind are doing very well.If there is please add me n if not lets make one.
    Its time to unite and over-through the Brokers group who are creating negative publicity of BGL, if they are not happy with BGL they should sell n leave and don’t create panic to LTI(long term investors) n new investors.Believe me or not now is the only time to enter and be there for long term as the real turn around has happened. I have blocked my money for last many years but I want small investors to gain and use this life time opportunity to buy or remain in BGL to cover up your losses of share market.
    I have seen even in this week many LTI have sold in panic and they will repent. Time has come to be united and time to grow with BGL. Don’t sell in panic. Iam a LTI in BGL n want BGL to rise to its actual value. This upmove is very different than all the previous upmoves because its based on actual fundamentals.

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    Dear Admn,
    Why all of a sudden there are no activities here on this forum?
    We must interact.
    At least we can discuss the impact of COVID-19 on BGL

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