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    LOC Purpose:

    To maintain in time payment to Publishers(Inventory), which demands Working Capital to maintain the Cash flow cycle. More and More Publishers require more and more Cash.

    Funds through Bonds/Equity Instruments Purpose:

    Acquisition for inorganic growth, because Organic growth takes too much time and the enterprise may miss the opportunity of taking advantage of growing Industrial cycle of this domain(Adtech), there is no use of growing slowly and investing at the time when industry reaches Saturation level on the Bell curve.

    According to my observation through SKR interview, he started looking east(India, China and South East Asian countries) where the Internet pipeline has increased along with huge internet user base, this gives better opportunity to reap the benefits of Digital marketing.

    According to me SKR is using multi pronged approach than going in Series, which according to me is a smart approach, Though as a Investor I don’t feel good when I see the EPS reducing due to dilution.

    We should wait and see how SKR allocates the capital and how he adds value to Shareholder, for me I am betting on his bad experience with earlier acquisitions and with belief that he will not take any hasty steps in future as he did before, if he does the same old thing, then it becomes clear that it is not a mistake, but a cheap fraud strategy.

    I have kept this stock in Orange zone(continuous monitoring of developments), due to recent positive developments. once it receive LOC it moves to green zone , then sky is a limit for this stock,

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    Last time you hinted something regarding the back door entry SKR is planning, if you are comfortable could you share it.

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    I find investors who met SKR at Hyderabad office have gone silent now a days, especially after meeting SKR.

    Curious to know whether they have some confidential input from SKR or if they have lost hopes on this stock.

    I see strong possibility of Information regarding LOC have been shared to them and asked not to disclose. Good if it is so, but concerned that SKR shouldn’t dodge them with fake documents.

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    The advantage for the people who have invested their money if they don’t get the shares after 18 months is that they show it loss in their books and save taxes against that, which is around 25% for corporate tax(in India) and which is 30% for individual tax.

    But I am not sure whether a person can take tax benefit for loss of Capital as it is not revenue in nature.

    Kindly guide me if I am wrong.

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    PW is allotted as published in BSE.

    The game starts now, I feel the black money is converted to white now, after 18 months Allotees will not execute the warrant and this 25% remains with the company, this is back door entry or inflow of funds.

    Also the share price will not be allowed to rise too much and will be kept in control, after 18 months if BCG makes good profit and gets cash flow it may buy back shares from open market and lead to raise in stock price,else the same old story will continue.

    The real picture will be projected in next 18 months.

    The above view point is my personal view point and may or may not be true.

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    Stock price may be controlled till 18 months from the date of issue of PW…..

    SKR need cash urgently to take some strategic business decision. As LOC is getting delayed he switched to PW as financing instrument I believe. As as business man I feel it is a good decision. Because when opportunity is their it won’t make sense to delay the strategic decisions.

    I feel SKR is not fool to let go the price of stock high, he will try to keep the stock in control, till the LOC is approved, once the LOC gets approved he may use the funds to buy back the shares from the open market.( I am saying MAY buy not WILL buy)

    Leave about ethics from some time and let us think other way, if we pledge our gold for some emergency, and borrow money from the market, will we prefer to buy back the gold pledged at lower price or at the market price. Even SKR May/will be thinking on this line.

    No doubt the 50+ so called investors will get benefit, but definitely not a multibagger benefit, in 18 months it may hardly go up by 40 to 50%.

    So no point in criticising anybody here. It all depends on why you need money, if you need money for your immediate problems, this is not the stock to be, but if you can withstand the risk, yes you can go ahead.

    It is like starting a new business, which invites risk with it, but you have to take a call to start a business by having correct measure of resource in your hand and your commitments in life. If resource in hand is limited and commitment in life is very high, better to choose a safe job make things settled and then enter the business. Else a small jolt in the business will look like a catastrophe.

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    In MMB it is discussed that if we keep buying the share price will go up, if that should happen we should keep buying daily which is not possible by all retail investors expect few. Also it helps the operators to sell their shares very easily when the price is going up.

    Instead I feel retail investors should hold their stock tightly even if the operators short, this makes it difficult for them to square off their trade and lead to a huge loss and may not dare to short it further.

    Capacity to buy is not infinite but capacity to hold is infinite, when we buy stock within our affordability then it becomes our strength as we can hold the stock without fear for infinite period and can defeat the operators who are shorting.

    This is what I feel and believe.

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    Shorting at good news will be done because shorters know they will have buyers.

    But we see the volume is low, which indicates retailers are not in a mood to sell despite shorting, however the Jockeys are keeping the stock price controlled through circular trading.

    Why they are controlling the stock price and who is the man behind this, Till the Goenkas were in picture it was believed they are controlling the stock because they wanted to accumulate the stock at low price, but now who wants the stock to trade low?????, God knows.

    Who ever it is, it is the duty of CEO to see that wealth of Shareholder is not eroded, if he himself is engaged in this cheap business, then no excuse, even if he is dedicated entrepreneur or hard working CEO.

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    Is it possible to go for PIL ( Public Interest Litigation) for operating the stock and playing with public money and handling carelessly. Also for not giving enough opportunity to ask questions relating manipulation of share price, because when ever it is asked management will say that is not in their control, then What about proposed PW investor trading. We could sense active involvement of management in manipulation of share price.

    So let us ask judiciary to order for transparent enquiry into the matter.

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    I feel Axis is just a gimmick.

    I feel SKR has good nexus with the authorities of Axis bank, and they are dragging the issue with their consent.

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    No body can ask any questions. They will ask if they get opportunity, but willhave no option to ask any question.

    The only option is Hyderabad team, or else we all should visit Hyderabad once which should become a national wide news covered in media and social network.

    We should set an example what a retail investors as a group can do.

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    Why SKR is not letting share price to grow?

    Most of them are thinking SKR is fool he is not taking advantage of Bull rally.

    However he is not fool he is very clever or cunning( depends on how individual perceive him)

    What you would do with a Hen that gives golden egg, would you sell it or share it with others or keep it for your self?

    Till now he wanted this hen to grow, so he wanted support from the public money, he used it.

    Now the scenario is different,he knows his hen is ready to give golden eggs from now, and he want a lion share from it.So what he can do to make public sell the shares is by showing the hen will not survive for long as it has some disease, and he spreading this news with the help of grapevine( informal channels).

    One who is capable of understanding real health of hen will retain the share one who can’t will be willing to take what ever he can get and exit.

    One point agenda of SKR is to obtain Lion share, he is least bothered of what value that hen has now, for him what matters is golden egg and he want greater share of those golden eggs as he knows HEN is safe for at least next Ten years and more.Also he is confident of making this HEN healthier in future using his long experience and exposure.

    But What matters for retail investor is THE HEN, whenever they get some bad news they start rattling.

    So it is not the Bull run he is seeing he is just seeing how to grab golden eggs.

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    I believe no body is insulting you, but they are speaking against your perception on BCG.

    Let me explain:
    Recently a year or 2 year back there was a Gang rape in Andhra and the culprits were encountered at the same place where they raped a woman.

    This incident was seen with two different perception.

    1) Human rights activist and Judiciary:
    who opposed this encounter. it doesn’t mean they supported the culprits. They thought this instrument of encounter can be used sometimes to save the real culprits and some other innocent could be killed and case would be closed without proper investigation.

    2) women and other association:
    who applauded this encounter.It doesn’t mean they see encounter as heroic activity and believed in this,but they had lost confidence and patience on the existing system.

    Who is right between them. The right or wrong depends on situation.I mean if the incident has occurred rarely people would have believed in proper trial and legal procedure, but since it was happening many times and legal procedure was taking so long people started loosing hope on the legal system and they thought encounter is the solution.

    In this group also the criticism is happening on the perception but nobody is insulting anybody.Investors are loosing hope on SKR frustration is building.

    If SKR repeats his style of delaying tactics time and again people will loose there trust on fundamentals and materialistic growth and they will start looking for the other reasons for price rigging, if they get evidence or have the evidence they will definitely strip him.

    If SKR has done nothing wrong and the price really depends on Market sentiments then nobody can question his integrity.

    my friend don’t take these arguments personally, these arguments is only on perception not on your character.

    if anybody talks on your character it is insulting and if they talk on your perception it is just a Conflict. And believe me conflicts are good,if it is constructive conflict,as it brings more and more truth. But if it is a destructive conflict then it breaks the relation.

    Let us have constructive conflicts on Perception and try to bring more truth into light.

    Knowingly or unknowingly we have established a relation for common good, that is for growth of the retail investor, Thanks to Admin for his purpose, let us not break this relation established for good purpose by misunderstanding each other when conflict occurs.


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    PW is issued at 7.7₹.

    whether the Proxi will give the shares to Promoter if the price goes double or triple.He would prefer to sell it high.

    Whether the Promoter buys those shares at double or triple price after 18 months.I think so no.

    I don’t know whether Promoters have planned a middle way, like proxy will not buy the shares after 6 months and lose their initial amount which Promoter may have arranged them for time being.if I look at these proxi it looks SKR have selected them who meets his middle way plan.

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    Stock price will not go up even after warrant is issued.

    In my belief Promoter has issued warrant to avoid take over. In mean while he will try to keep the price around 7.7₹ for next 18 months after warrant is issued, so that it will not be released in open market.

    So according to my understanding the stock price will be controlled for next 18 months around 7.7₹ after PW is issued.

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    Will you feel safe boarding a Volvo bus (BCG with strong fundamentals)which is fully loaded and in very good condition, where in you are blind folded(no transparency)and the captain(SKR) is driving you at 1st gear(no much movement in stock price) to unknown place(without sharing vision of company and giving proper answer) and allowing some strangers (so called stable investors) without any authentication (manipulators or not) to board the vehicle (by issuing warrant).

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    Watch @ 48:30 on YouTube link shared above

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    I am doubtful whether he is trying to pump black money into the system through warrants(by the way he is bringing so many investors).

    Usually this is the way how black money gets operated in societies.

    I still have a doubt on the write off, where he would have collected and made outside settlement with the parties from whom BCG/Lycos was receivable and received it in black. And now he is trying to reinvest through these investors in the form of warrants.

    Also I fear he may repeat this write off to the huge surplus accumulated in balance sheet,in the form of receivable, and convert them into his black money.

    Hope I am wrong in my assumption and things are all good.

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    Do you still believe SKR is trustable personality. I am asking this because you met him in person, and you were very much confident on his plans.

    If you feel like not replying to this question, you can avoid.just asked with curiosity.

    I am personally loosing faith on SKR. It is not because his plans are good or bad, but he talks something and does something. He is not man of words or integrity, I am feeling.

    Even in his YouTube videos he speaks big things, but he is engaging with so many investors who act like operators. This is why I was sceptical about warrants.

    Really confused whether to trust him or not.

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