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    It is deep pain to see BCG is 2022 worst performers,

    As a long term investor frustrated as like many investors with same repeated mistakes from BCG management,

    , Sorry to bother you again and again, your messages years back given confidence,

    Can you please tell me, Did SKR responses shown his intensions to resolve issues and bring transparency, and stock growth ? or met for sympathy of retail investors.

    Franky bro I’m in blank, whole crowd is against, your input will bring some confidence, Thank you

    Hope 2023 will be good for BCG

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    My personal take away from last CC

    1. I sense SKR avoided questions this time,
    evey question was pointing towards delayed actions by Mgmt on ongoing progress of updates

    2. I personally feel, SKR is going to take his own time, be it share pledge release / DII analyst meet / Org restructuring / legal issues

    We have seen this in axis loan closure also.

    3. My personal view to resolve all existing items it may take 1.5-2 years ( as per history of his timelines) Do not know what new issues come by that time. Better not to follow daily price. Leave for long term, as did in 2015-2018, (rewards are 10X from that point)

    4. My personal view – better he should hire few reputed experts and follow their advice.
    We know they are hard working and have put heart and souls for BCG growth.

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    @Admin few more

    1. What actions / steps BCG is taking to get fair market valuation , We do not see any reputed DII invested . and BCG is not even  conducting analyst calls. 

    2. Mr. Suresh Sir informed BCG organizational restructuring is going  on and will bring global auditors – How much time will this take ? 

    3. There is confusion in the Share holding pattern . Morning context has published news on same.
     Can you please give clarifications 

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    In board meeting they should also discuss on dividend crediting ASAP.
    else they will delay and create unnecessary CG issue.

    Most of Companies credit with in 15 days of AGM. (ex: Vedanta, TataSteel)
    SKR should be proactive, should have dedicated team for CG.
    Don’t know why so slow in implementing the process in place. been telling from last 2-3 years.

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    I think this conference call investors should ask tough questions to mgmt. about issues and transparency, even small unresolved issues turning it into big. (example bonus credit)

    I’m confident on growth of BCG business .

    > Market values higher PE not only to business, values more to transparent, reliable easy to access mgmt. BCG should realize this and change.
    Onboard few trusted market veterans to board / mgmt. (like Mr.Peshwa Acharya)
    > Higher priority should be given to BCG reputation by resolving pending issues, and transparency
    > dedicated team for investors relations, they keep on promising same from many calls, Even now emails, calls unanswered.

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    BCG, should act faster on few pending issues / in progress

    1 Update on media mint acquisition and number adding to standalone.
    2. Daum, Forensic audit updates
    3. Audio company acquisition
    4. Pledge shares release.
    5. Early release of quarterly results, Investor meet updates, and annual report, AGM.
    6. Company website updates. and look n feel, ( i personally feel it is old design for M.cap of 10k )
    7. Investor response team as promised by SKR.

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    what ever recognition BCG gained in investors circle, they are loosing day by day,

    1. Few updates they give to exchange are not up to standards, they even make spelling mistakes, year date etc.
    2. The website of BCG is not even updated, still has old data of CS and CFO, Home page is not informative. Look at other company sites for reference. how good they are. BCG home web site clearly it does not fit 5000cr Sales company.

    3. Management is clearly lacking investor communication and presentation skills. This has been issue from investors from last 5 years every CC . but SKR is not prioritized.

    4. Big investors always prefer management guys who are reachable. I did not received any email response from last 5 years. (written more than 30+ emails)
    these are reasons community is stayed away from BCG for many years

    5. My personal opinion. by seeing from last 7-8 years. I don’t think he will change overnight. (last year was best opportunity for him, he lost)

    They should realize this as early as possible, Best option is SRK should onboard some reputed guys from reputed companies or should offer them his post to bring credibility and respect in investors community.

    Investor community should initiate this change. we should have some voting or petition to understand their mistakes.

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    @Rathi_b , Thanks a lot, you are savior again.
    @Logan has posted most of queries,

    Few points to stress,
    1) Now BCG is not small cap like earlier, it is mid cap, (for some time this FY even large cap).
    2) It is high time to change the past behavior and shift towards transparent CG.

    3) Once Investor trust is lost, Very tough to regain. We experienced from last 8+ years. Why to spoil again.

    4) Sentiment is fully negative. I personally feel can be changed by reputed management hiring from BIG companies and with transparent communication time to time.

    5) They cannot run like earlier, if they do so, market will punish them hardly

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    Perticularly in twitter, so called analysts, every tom n dick comments on company based on price,
    They purely play for 20% returns.
    Im sure they will never be part of multibagger stocks not only BCG, any other companies..

    Personal opinion, BCG Q4 results are fentastic,very good dividend .30 Paisa, I understand CG they should improve, this is there from very long time,
    hope they will work n resolve this year n move on 😀

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    @conservative_indian, your technical analysis in Oct 2020 on monthly chart you said

    “So, this pattern has to complete once the correction is over.. I expect 100% Fibonacci level for coming leg of rally at 22.5!!”, now monthly closing on BSE is at your TA chart levels.

    Request you to please share new technical analysis and pattern BCG is developing, that will be helpful

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    My personal opinion

    1) I don’t think DAUM,LOC acquisition will be done before ESOP, I think they have and know timeline and came with ESOP
    2) I see Q4 results as normal as SKR told required LOC for growth in numbers, and expect do not expect big dividend bz funds will be allocated for ESOP also,
    3) I think from Aug,Sep onwards 3-5% liquidity also reduces and we can see long waiting items will be resolved one by one.
    4) Definitely LOC will be turnaround story for BCG brand and growth. hope it will be done ASAP.

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    1) It had been more than month BCG got access bro PW amount, no visible action seen
    2) It has been more than 6 months LOC timeline crossed – no updates
    3) DAUM – no updates
    4) Investors Relationship – no reply
    5) SKR is too slow in execution, high time to change his behaviour towards market update
    6) if SKR don’t want to share any updates/false updates to investors, why to be listed public company

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    Initially Mr. SKR promised LOC will be done in 4 months, this is 8th month no update,
    To boost credibility of BCG and big investors to pick

    1) Life line is LOC by U.S big bank or Lender
    2) Showing growth for 2 or more Quarters ,
    3) Settling the legal issues with DAUM
    4) Making use of PW, PO funds for new initiatives
    5) Improve Corporate governance,
    6) Mr. SKR should avoid giving false timelines
    7) Mr. SKR Should should implement things little faster, things are moving very slow.
    for example : 2-3 yrs back had updated retail investors queries will be addressed faster , still no one gets even acklowdeged email.

    Hope by end of this Quarter 1 at least we will get some good news,

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    Feels frustrated, every issues are Mgmt is dragging to extent, and creating new issues like dividends not crediting on time,
    Corporate governance lows evry time

    1) SKR never stands by his words, it is difficult to believe him, i.e reason big investors are stayed
    2) not once or twice, every time broke timeline,seems like he is well aware of PW,n deliberately given miss info.
    3) To bring trust in bigger investors community, he should think of appointing new CEO and resolving issues ASAP.
    4) If he stys as CEO, my personal opinion is continue to fool retail investors and no big investors will enter easily seeing his past promises

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    thank you,
    Please consider questions
    1)Why PW @7.7, (as per sebi guideline) it not even @EPS,
    2)LOC status ?
    3)How long BCG required to close pending issues (DAUM,Axis,Consolidations,Pledge release)
    4)why did not bring reputed investors to P.W
    5)Wt SKR should tell about retail investors invested for 7-8 years are patiently waiting for his promises to complete (on every con call he told issues will be resolved in 1 to 2 quarters from last 7 Con calls)

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    As told earlier it is difficult to understand

    Very huge dilution, atleast 17-20Rs would have done justice
    1) may be loc is delayed or on hold ?

    2)To get rid of g and operators this kind dilution ?

    3) Many questions why to dilute bso much ?

    4) don’t wt is his intention towards 50k retail investors. To whom SKR is doing favor ? wt is the emergency of funds ?

    5) to whom PW allotment is done, lot of things are un clear? lot of things SKR should answer.

    6) if possible Hyderabad guys, please try to meet him in AGM and please get more clarity, thanks

    Last point, whoever is advisor/ giving idea to him retail investors hate them a lot

    thanks guys wil take some break till AGM

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    It is difficut to understand SKR, have few queries, don’t kw valid or not

    1)If LOC is done by Jan2020 end, what is purpose for warrent issues at lower price ? why con’t they buy in open market ? for same money

    2)Last PO allotment process it self took more than 6 months, how many months this will take ?

    3) last PO fund is still blocked by bank, wt is garentee this will proceed on time and bank will not block this ?

    4) Why to issues at lower price even @10-13rs is less ?

    5) more dilution is more liquid ( may be ops tomorrow)

    6) What about retail investors weath, they brought all at high level and waiting for more than 5-10 years

    7) this will have impact on price, will this supress price between allotment price ?

    8) Wt SKR thinking about retail investors, who are patiently waiting for years

    9) As in concall he told had taken few mistakes in past , hope this should not be future wrong decision by SKR

    10) How this is going to increase trust n credibility n impact BCG ?


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    BCG up move is definitely not on results published.
    @Logan clearly mentioned in treads #9188 #9194 #9196 ( in random discussion )

    What ever results BCG posted in recent times market reacted negatively

    last point SKR should start resolving investors concerns, hope he will not drag issues for one more Quarter and repeat the same things in this conference call also.

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    You are comparing BCG to TTD, but investors are not even comparing it to Affle or OnMobile, to start comparing SRK should bring back investors confidence,

    None of big investors are holding even @1PE, below are few things I observed SRK is least bothered or not even taken single action other than conducting investors conference calls

    1) Big private equities offloaded their holding Everest sold 8 Cr no of shares Oaks sold 5 Cr shares –

    2) I remember during 2014-15 retail share holding was around 10-12 % now it is whopping 29% and some guys holding 10-12 %
    In next 6 to 8 months preferential allotment shares also can be sold in market
    i.e another 5%

    5) SRK is well known about 40 % of shareholding is not stable

    6) None of institutions investors asked questions in last 4 year conference call.
    don’t even know who is attending

    8)SRK thinks not to spend money on BCG to improve market cap
    (this would have done by appointing big 4 for standalone or giving 0.2 paisa dividend or buyback of 2% (4-5cr Rupees) shares from open market )

    9) Seems like Investors think it is very hard to change SRK behaviors towards investors,

    10) Even SRK knows Axis is in NCLT i.e negative sentiment in market, don’t think he will be priority to settle the issue.

    11) DAUM is one more legal settlement, SRK is not able to resolve on time, Status updates are not trusted because of past experience

    12) LOC is also in same line, No big investors are confident because of SRK past promises

    One thing for sure SRK should work towards to build confidence of investors and improve on credibility/ corporate governance of BCG because reputation of company is is very bad state in market

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    If BCG was smart enough, would avoided some delays and few are circumstances cannot be avoided

    1) preferential allotment, would be smart enough to identify allotment requires PAN, this would have saved 3-4 months

    2) now use of preferential allotment funds not utilised, don’t kw when they will make use of this

    3) SRK is dependent on LOC now till that Daum, consolidation, restructuring are on HOLD, seems like kind of deadlock created.

    4)SRK requires some smart guys/ management to identify potential risks ahead

    5)SRK cannot miss deadline and always drag key issues.

    Hope by 6-12 months SRK meets his promises, LOC Daum,Debt free
    Improved topline (future),and some key announcements for BCG
    (May be acquisition / aboard listing / big investors / buy back ), but for this SRK should keep timelines in mind

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