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    The beauty of BCG now is we have to just wait n watch as every investor is now insignificant

    Shareholding has increased manifold n price have depreciated due to reason of CG Complete opaqueness in communication to shareholders on issues at hand like SHP ACQUISITIONS PAST ISSUES it’s all playing on the price

    What as small investors we look forward is just quarterly nos and as it appreciates we see it’s full benefits accruing but till then it’s just going thru the pain of holding like every other LONG TERM INVESTOR

    The worst part is the free float on the market is so humongous that it will be truly out of the box financials to really see the prices soaring ….. It’s actually impossible ….

    It will be a quarter to quarter affair

    Prices will be really stable n within control of privileges few

    SHP does give clear picture of what is the total promoter holding how much is under locked n how much is with FII n what..

    Clear cut presentation huge float will make it extremely difficult to cross it’s previous resistance

    AFFLE has a very low float n majority of stock is with promoters which shows the confidence

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    Quarterly result also come in a single line with no further detailing which group company has clocked what revenues which continent n which group is best

    It’s like we are invested on mere #SARCASM no no truth as we see none nor on paper nor in reality…


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    It’s not about shareholders anymore….

    Many of the shareholders are now LTI but when you draw big plans of acquisitions n Mergers or New division we need new resources we need good people… We need knowledge n Hands on Experience to prove the mettle in the markets …. These all are also equal stakeholders who stake their reputation when they do a tie up with BCG on every deal which is of utmost important for both to grow….

    This makes sense only when you can execute smaller n than bigger n than make tall claims….But seldom do we see something of repute getting over satisfactorily other than the last quarter results which were definitely excellent…

    But than now with this hard breakup management needs to be really cautious n bring value to stocks so new people are less sceptical n bring more long term value on table

    All these points n that management perception n vision needs to be discussed in concall


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    A deal is worthy n value comes over a period of time… Acquisitions are always very difficult n with the stock prices crashing it was never a deal … Which I had clearly stated much earlier in my writings….

    Yes when any acquisition is announced market always is too much enthused n happy without knowing it’s long term effects on balance sheet n cash flow

    1500 employees n just 67cr of profits is just too low margin sector … All said n done it would have given a big booster in back office but a better alternative is always possible …. Time will tell…

    The main concern now is hope they haven’t let out much internal process to Media Mint mgmt as they are now more of a competition rather than complimentary business partner….

    Worst part of Mgmt is they are taking too much of valuable time behind every decision n are not able to close issues ASAP… Their planning is lacking or their conviction is failing them at important junctures which they are not able to mend correctly….

    Every failure is a very bad sign of mismanagement…. Or Corporate Governance or visionary aspect of the management…..This flaw cannot be continued and needs specific intervention or understanding the problem area n why this things happen at such important levels why does these failures continue how can this be stopped ….

    Management needs sincere analysis n need to overcome this habit….

    Everything said n done management is sincerely not up to the mark in corporate governance n needs to really work on it….

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    What’s coming on BCG FORUM


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    Q1 : CONS. NET PROFIT UP 52 % AT 54.5 CR (YOY), DOWN 20 % (QOQ)

    REVENUE UP 128 % AT 347 CR (YOY), UP 10 % (QOQ)

    EBITDA UP 99 % AT 68.8 CR (YOY), UP 18 % (QOQ)

    MARGINS AT 19.7 % V 22.6 % (YOY), 18.5 %


    REVENUE UP 126 % AT 1480 CR (YOY) ,UP 19 % (QOQ)

    EBITDA UP 113 % AT 65.8 CR (YOY),UP 19 %(QOQ)

    MARGINS AT 30.75 % V 32.5 % (YOY), 30.9 % (QOQ)

    Hands down beaten ….

    Truly an AD TECH company

    Don’t miss the opportunity …. Hold on possibilities are just opening up Endless

    All Naysayers n Shorters will want their share back….


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    Result is STUNNING N Truly Management has a vision n understanding n is in line to what they say…. CONGRATULATIONS to the Team n Management for putting up a spectacular show n raising levels in terms of performance making it difficult for all Naysayers from here on…

    Second n Third qrtr should really give that confidence to put the entire group on another level from hereon

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    Every quantity offered is getting absorbed

    What looks good and even more challenging is management perspective n comments n results from hereon….

    Every quarter from here on will be the Stepping Stone in the making which the management needs to visualise n act accordingly….

    Now as we see the stock inching higher on higher after making lower to lower only thing that will hold on to this momentum is investors n traders confidence in short n long term

    To build up this confidence n a much needed higher up RESULTS will play a pivotal role….

    Let us assume it would be more exciting n great as we move ahead in crucial quarters of business cycle


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    Yes true FA issue is in the price done n dusted …. Only Naysayers will catch every opportunity n pull it up to throw out weaker hands n play the stock..

    These days jobbers n punters are playing too much on social media than on market …. Playing to the pain point n dumping shorting n buying the stock to their needs.

    It is prudent to ignore them n look forward to more important issues.

    Main issues in the past was debt that is clean clear n transparent.

    Company is earning FCF

    Company is paying dividends

    Company is paying bonus

    Business is increasing by all means n is good…

    Nothing else matters in the long term for price to move up steadily n strongly ….

    Just hold on…. N ignore all the Noise

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    It’s not the results it’s the jugglery happening around BCG.

    What all it has gone thru requires deep analytics n dissection of data.

    Why it’s happening will be revealed only at the end phase when everyone realises n are out of that spherical world.

    Things matter most when it’s undercarpet when it’s above the legitimacy n it’s value gets eroded sooner than expected

    How is this stock suddenly out of the blue is A group

    How many other stocks are actually on this roadmap

    Why so sudden

    Nothing actually has changed over last 6 months except the negativity in social media for all the wrong reasons

    What is happening n who is gaming it n why….

    Any answers or am I playing just a mind game on my own….

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    Indeed ADTECH ind is turning out to be the spine of many ONLINE firms in which their business revenues depend n their survival depends or cream of business is Advertising for many online n Social Portals an applications….

    How future will be developing n how this industry will be the growth engine n how it caters to the requirement or how it evolves from here for its consumers customers n Principals will be very interesting….

    Today on the horizon we do not feel the impact as medium is divided very very aggressively from TV to Mobile app to Social websites to Payment Gateways to Gaming n Entertainment industry ….

    Future scope is endless n multi throng opportunities are swelling n incumbents have to actually guage the situation to perfection precision n take correct decisions to manoeuvre them for larger n long term benefits reaping for its investors….

    Where are we standing in this regard what is our position what is our skill set what can be the future scope how can things be truly beneficial n reaping benefits steadily to its investors ….

    BCG is definitely in the most envious situation for many n if it can only hold on to this situation n take or carry itself it can open a world of opportunities n simply it can make world of AdTech more challenging for many…

    Just what I see …

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    With every passing day as we see prices rise higher….. One thing after all the controversy in the last 3 – 6 months maybe for SHP Appointment of senior positions Bonus allotment Issue of Bonus n many other things is now becoming very clear n crisp that this prices will never be seen again what come may on the market horizon…. Volumes n Price indication clearly says all of the selling spree has been absorbed including that of Bonus shares by the FII n Retail combined

    Now going forward what we can expect is price consolidation somewhere between 70 – 100 n than a huge spurt if everything goes n Management doesn’t take any out of the way decisions like issuance of Bonus last time which was unnecessary n without any value…..

    Let us be hopeful n looking forward for a Consistent N Transparent Management Vision from here on… Though this price is not at all satisfying buy by bringing a halt to downside it has actually brought a lot of relief to the pain of small investors in the short term not happy but relieved very much can be the final conclusion for now……


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    Thankyou @Valyuebuyer001 for updating the info

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    Hi Everyone

    Pls clarify if dividends is rec’d by all or not and if not by when is it expected if anyone has any idea

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    @rathi_b it seems this draft is finalised n written by Suresh Team for you … Just one simple n hard question why is Media Mint not closed even after payments done n Shares issued what is the legal hurdle. This deal was announced 6+ months n results were supposed to be incorporated this or last qtr

    Why is there so much of undue delay in everything that is announced

    Complete details should be given out….

    Apart from that everything is in the word of Mr Suresh which is acceptable n fine but this needs detailed explanation reasoning n if it is being completed or not n if not why the monetary compensation done n equity dilute which ultimately hurts existing investors….

    Another point of concern is the management ardent trader n ding inside trading or menipu laging stock proces or any group of investeren who are regular lu updated of info n is niyong at low n selling at high giving tremendous stress to long term investeren for no good reason if yes this distribution of information schools be stopped immediately to such group if any….

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    Rathi_b it is great of you to meet the management personally … Truly give them our pain n ask them to clearly understand the hardship that it’s investors are going thru for certain non compliance issues or certain mandatory or wrong info like SHP info not correctly declared or FA issue everything is booking down on stock prices heavily n many investors have now entered stock as high as 200 which needs to be understood as management… This dragging attitude on issues which are not related to business needs to be complied immediately n results shown to public for better transparency.

    All issues are vital n important when downfall is continuous

    What is the status of Mediamint Acquisition

    What is happening on Dividened

    Pls report ASAP

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