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    BCG is now take over candidate. I discuss few big investor to corner free float up to 60%. Let us see what happen in future..

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    concall summary : source from a group : i am just sharing it here… 1- Gratitude for staying with company and wishing a prosperous new year.
    Raju CFO speaks- FA- replied to regulatory authorities. 6 yrs and all subsidiaries. Unique business model. Annulment process in way. No cash paid to MM. All are consolidated companies are AUDITED. Each subsidiary is audited. Israel subsidiary by E & Y. Company not involved with 5th & 6th trades.
    Satish Speaks- Audio acquisition. All due process adhered to. Update in February.
    Peshwa speaks- Discussion going on weekly basis. SBLC from bank. Paperwork is being done. Will be finished soon. Quantum Computing in process. for all queries. Trying to establish more robust mechanism.
    Shareprice- company has performed very well. More than 40% growth. Results sooner this time. Outstanding issues are taking long time. We take responsibility for informing early some things which are jow taking time. It will shine brightly in 2023. Market will recognize us soon.
    Vaibhav- Suggestion to hire independent auditor to audit and give report. Answer- will evaluate. Daum once done we will upload audited results. Pledging of shares to appear back in promoter holding. We are fighting back to get back shares. The people who have sold it will have to buy it from the open market and give. Q4 DII meeting..
    Raju and Peshwa- concentrated strategy to get them on board. Each of FII & DII have their own strategy. ESOP trust may buy. Funds are raised to grow the company.
    Intent IQ patnership – no answer. Its mainly in Israel. The collaboration will help us monetize a lot of traffic. Why Equity dilution was done at so low rates. We wanted to be a debt free company. Positive free cash flow company. Strategic decision to stay out of debt. Will play out well longterm. Better that debt companies are debt free.
    Promoter shareholding- before Match was 24% portion was pledged which was transferred off market. So it was reported as not being Promoter. Pledged shares- trying to get back. Same old answers being given… We are aware that shareholders are suffering in spite if company doing well. Few reasons that are there will be resolved. Long term vision- We are in an excellent field of business. Evolving business and we have to be nimble enough.
    Abroad listing- will look at it when the markets are conducive. We will make a few deals with the 5G players.
    Closing comments- Grateful for opportunity. Our dream is to revolutionize digital marketing. In 25 countries. Future- will bank on your support. Prirotized building sustainable business model. Not worried by short term.

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    Anybody received bonus shares ? i didnot reeive yet.

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    Added 10k shares today in porfolio.

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    courtesy to sudarshan ravi.

    Here is a small list of some BIG LARGE CAP companies which have taken a Haircut with the same ASSET IMPAIRMENT case similar to BCG and they did not get audited for the same reason because of their popularity and stature. By BS Research Bureau… 1. Vedanta FY 15-20 Rs.49,392 Crores
    2. RIL – FY 17 RS.39,570 Crores
    3. Tata Steel FY 13-16 Rs.33.146 Crores
    4. Tata Motors FY 19 Rs.27,838 Crores
    5. ONGC FY13-15 Rs.6493 Crores
    6. Hindalco FY09 Rs.3872 Crores
    7. Grasim Industries FY 20 Rs.3245 Crores
    8. M&M FY 20 Rs.1783 Crores
    9. Indian Hotels FY 13-14 Rs.1178 Crores
    10. Wochardt FY16 Rs.1049 Crores. —
    – BCG has an ASSET IMPAIRMENT of Rs.868 Crores and the breakdown of this is posted on July 1st, 2020. As the CEO mentioned to the exchanges on Feb 28th 2022, the audit will happen and the company will submit all the trial balances, ledgers, proofs, accounts etc related to this ASSET IMPAIRMENT and come clean in few days, as SEBI needs the process to be completed with reports being filed when they open any case and they cant just hear from the companies that Audits are not required. View less

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    Dear friend odysee,
    I show this notice on as BCG is always under my watch. I got news and inform to all our friends. It is old one but notice given today which is very suprising to me also.
    Have a faith in bcg MANAGMENT…
    This is all about impairment done of almost 800cr in 2019-20 year following 5TH Auditor of USA as you remembered. They suggest for impairment of Asset. Following which BCG did 800crs impariment in ASSET.
    such type of impariment is done routely in all IT COMPANIES. Even Goggle do the same thing every year. I did check therir balacesheet 2 years back… i hope this will calm you and other friends..

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    SEBI has ordered forensic audit for BRIGHTCOM GROUP from 2014-2015 to 2019-20. I am surprised by this action of SEBI. but it will prove that all Figure of sales and profit are true. DELOITEE IS AUDITOR for same.

    what to do now?
    This will definately create negative entiment in retail investors.
    Advice to hold and wait for news.
    SKR has to appoint E&Y for whole company to audit as suggested last time–15 days back.

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    ONE person has raisedquestation of AUDTOR IN MONEYCONTROL.COM
    I have digged AFFLE’S AUDITORS REOR OF MAY 20 and given answer to him.
    Go to affle india site. download AUDITOR REPORTS OF MAY 30,2020. AUDITOR . GO TO PAGE NO 15 AND 2ND NOTES OF AUDITOR S.R. BATIBO. He mentioned that for consolidate result , we have not audited figure but accepted the figures given by managemnt and audited by other indendent auditorfor foriegn subsidies.

    SO, PRACTICE of AUDIT is same as AFFLE INDIA LTD. Now will you call AFFLE INDIA to show auditor certificate ? SEBI has given permission to small cap for this matter. ONCE BCG declared herself large cap it will change its prectice.

    Answer of dear friend is
    Dear bagyodaya ji, For quarterly audit ( Statuary or Local auditor ) is not expected , just a limited review by statuary auditor and local auditor ( other auditor ) is enough . Now the topic in discussion is annual results or annual report. As you posted this message to me, I thought I can share with you . Ar 21 , page 117. Other Matter We did not audit the financial statements and other financial information, in respect of 6 subsidiaries, whose Ind AS financial statements include total assets of INR 5,338.46 Mn as at March 31, 2021, and total revenues of INR 2,701.79 Mn and net cash inflows of INR Mn for the year ended on that date. These Ind AS financial statement and other financial information have been audited by other auditors, which financial statements, other financial information and auditor s reports have been furnished to us by the management. g standards applicable in their respective countries. The Company s manThese subsidiaries are located outside India whose financial statements and other financial information have been prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in their respective countries and which have been audited by other auditors under generally accepted auditinagement has converted the financial statements of such subsidiaries located outside India from accounting principles generally accepted in their respective countries to accounting principles generally accepted in India. We have audited these conversion adjustments made by the Company s management. Our opinion in so far as it relates to the balances and affairs of such subsidiaries located outside India is based on the report of other auditors and the conversion adjustments prepared by the management of the Company and audited by us.

    Coming to brightcom other matter, statuary auditor is not able to form a opinion of audit as he did not receive the auditor reports from other auditors .This is the point . Hope this clarifies . Coming to if you ask audit reports of affle, yes if consolidated auditor make any such comments . We are putting money , deserves to know , since it is a listed company .

    Answer is this —
    I agree of some part that we should have some information about consolidated audit figure. But this is not Practice by IAS as shown in AFFLE INDIA. ONly figure are given by managmnt to stationary auditors and he trusted it and built opinion on it.
    In case OF BCG, Managemnt has given figure to Indain audItor for preparing reports. He ued differant langauage for it. But i want to say indain auditor cannot do foriegn subsided’s audit. He has to relie on foriengn auditor of repective country. I think this will calrify this matter.
    As such you put message of accptance that is great.

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    Dear Logan,
    we agree that BCG has doubled its business from last 2 quarters. Now company needs money for payment. Earlier SKR said that we dont take Business due to liqudity crunch. Due to preferential allotment of shares, company got money and BCG took extra business and quarter result are showing great result. so lot money used to bring new business. Your calcualtion is right for incoming money but it is used for expanding business.
    New allotmetn of FPI more than 10crs shares brings around 330cr which is used for mediamint acquastion.
    Now Audio company acqusion BCG needs money. She willl have 500crs by 1st quarter of 23 and i agree it but what about additional payment? I think there will be short of 300crs. This is my thought procees.Coreect me if you find any mistake of my calculation.

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    Email sent to BCG Management for action.

    Dear sir/madam,
    Please send my message to Management. I am an investor who invested IN BCG for the last 7 yrs.
    1) To give Bonus to attract new realtor investors is not successful 2nd time within 1 yr. Please cancel this strategy to recover the price of the company.
    2) E&Y is auditing 40-50% of income till today and other by local auditors. Now BCG is large cap company. To increase trustability of the Audited figure of BCG, Please appoint E&Y for the whole company which is the demand of time and also by retail investors. Few people increase doubt due to this point and create negativity and create havoc as you have seen this time in price.
    3) For acquisition you need money. Either you take a LOC of 150$ million -loan or consolidate subsidies at USA level and sell some stake. You require an authentic audited figure to work it out.
    Please consider these points sincerely for BCG’s progress.

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    1) Are you hiring E&Y for BCG with all subsidies as per norms of large cap?
    2) when are are you planning for 150 million loan?

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    Shankar Sharma have interview on CNBC today and have logic for investment in
    BCG at 37Rs.. Here it..

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    CEO Address to shareholders – Main Points – 1. Historic AGM 2. Internet embedded in our life, existence. 3. Digital Media bought/sold online algorithmically (Programmatic solution Brightcom) 4. Need very few employees to scale … leading to efficiency … 5. Preparations on for META-VERSE … Long term 6. Linked In is growing very fast … looking for reasons… 7. Search … Search Intent taking centerstage … 8. Debt Free status achieved in Mar 2021 9. Fortune 400 Company. 10. Trust setup for ESOP 11. Bonus issued 1:4 12. Pref issue for aquisitions done. 13. Brightcom Audio division launched – rapid growth in audio segment 14. Identified couple of companies for signining LoI for aquisition – To reveal January – Board meeting to allow CEO and Brad Cohen to authorise for the same 15. Execution of existing plans. 16. Free Cash Flow (FCF) and RoE – To be areas of Focus 17. RoE Target – 25 – 30% increase 18. Truly grateful for long term shareholders 19. To adapt global best practices for accounting – To reveal in January 20. Focus on developing next generation platforms 21. Consider “Effective Capital Allocation/deployment” very important. Q/A Session Main Points 1. Google Partnership has put Company in different orbit. 2. FCF will be utilised for further growth – organic inorganic, % of this FCF will be paid as dividends. 3. Partnership with Facebook and Amazon to be solidified. 4. Mediamint strengthens Backend and allows company to offer related Services – All global teams will have the tools of Mediamint to use for overall benefit of the Group. Mediamint has many clients and the relationships will be maintained. ( 4 hrs ago ) |

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    i could join late and skr said about utilisation of new acqusition. All team has new tool to get new business.

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    anybody rceives link for tomorow’s AGM?

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    I started investmentin kellton afer studing fundaments. It is future stock and under-value at present. I am accumalting at every level. Recommand to buy and hold..

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    NSEI:BCG Brightcom Group (NSE:BCG) Could Be Struggling To Allocate Capital BySimply Wall StPublishedDecember 16, 2021 If youre looking for a multi-bagger, theres a few things to keep an eye out for. One common approach is to try and find a company with returns on capital employed (ROCE) that are increasing, in conjunction with a growing amount of capital employed. Ultimately, this demonstrates that its a business that is reinvesting profits at increasing rates of return. So when we looked at Brightcom Group (NSE:BCG), they do have a high ROCE, but we werent exactly elated from how returns are trending. Return On Capital Employed (ROCE): What is it? For those that arent sure what ROCE is, it measures the amount of pre-tax profits a company can generate from the capital employed in its business. To calculate this metric for Brightcom Group, this is the formula: Return on Capital Employed = Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) ÷ (Total Assets – Current Liabilities) 0.20 = ₹7.9b ÷ (₹42b – ₹3.7b) (Based on the trailing twelve months to September 2021). Thus, Brightcom Group has an ROCE of 20%. Thats a fantastic return and not only that, it outpaces the average of 12% earned by companies in a similar industry. See our latest analysis for Brightcom Group NSEI:BCG Return on Capital Employed December 16th 2021 While the past is not representative of the future, it can be helpful to know how a company has performed historically, which is why we have this chart above. If youre interested in investigating Brightcom Groups past further, check out this free graph of past earnings, revenue and cash flow. So How Is Brightcom Groups ROCE Trending? We werent thrilled with the trend because Brightcom Groups ROCE has reduced by 27% over the last five years, while the business employed 73% more capital. That being said, Brightcom Group raised some capital prior to their latest results being released, so that could partly explain the increase in capital employed. The funds raised likely havent been put to work yet so its worth watching what happens in the future with Brightcom Groups earnings and if they change as a result from the capital raise. The Bottom Line In summary, despite lower returns in the short term, were encouraged to see that Brightcom Group is reinvesting for growth and has higher sales as a result. And long term investors must be optimistic going forward because the stock has returned a huge 2,712% to shareholders in the last five years. So while investors seem to be recognizing these promising trends, we would look further into this stock to make sure the other metrics justify the positive view. If you want to know some of the risks facing Brightcom Group weve found 3 warning signs (2 are potentially serious!) that you should be aware of before investing here. Brightcom Group is not the only stock earning high returns. If youd like to see more, check out our free list of companies earning high returns on equity with solid fundamentals. Have feedback on this article? Concerned about the content? Get in touch with us directly. Alternatively, email editorial-team (at) article by Simply Wall Street Pty Ltd 17-21 Bellevue Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

    They have describe two
    1)High level of non-cash earnings

    2)Shareholders have been substantially diluted in the past year

    Answer is—- Company has long cycle of receivable which almost all companies of digitla advertising. avarage 90-120 days . they are par with industry.
    Equity dilution for getting money for working capital and growth .
    BCG has demostrated growth and gave guidance to double the sale and profit which she is following it.

    so Every points are positve an risk has ben taekn care of.
    Happy investing….

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    Good moring to Admin and Logan and other long term investor.
    I am the person woh started thread on Value for Lycos internet- way of digitalizaion.-Now Brightcom.
    Congratulation to all my longterm investor friends who kept patience for almost 7-8 yrs- I am investor in BCG-Lycos since 2014.
    I got very much negative critisicim in value picker and left that board. But my convicion never got down. I increased my holding from 30k to 100k+ during 7 yrs.
    I think admin was also following value picker of my thread.But their management had closed the topic whcih was again restarted recetly by somebody.I stated and gave address of this website but didnot listion and accusing same way as on I deleted my posts their and decided not to educate them.
    For these many years I was serching details about Business of BCG but not sucessful.
    I follwoed this website and thank you admin for your efford.
    our group becomes very much strong as we have common goal.Logan and other fellow gave very good explinaton for each and every detail- I admire them.
    I kept my head cool and strong and remain invested in BCG for all this years. Now we are getting fruits for it.
    I also invested 6lkhs for my daughter in Bcg at diffferant level whcih got doubled.
    About recent video on youtube I found he is very much ignorant and biased as mention by Logan. We ahve to ignore him.
    Again Thank you to all my friends..
    I am doctor by profession.
    I request Admin to delete this post if he finds that i might broke rule of this website by giving my identification

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    Skr in conference of BCG:
    • Growth 12% seen after so many quarters. Profit rise of 22%.
    • VOLUME GROWTH from 30-40billion impression to 80billion impression. Almost 2 to 2.5 times.
    • BCG in top 10 in goggle alternative ADS Companies.
    • AXIS BANK DEBT—Bcg sent proposal and axis bank committee had met and decided this matter. They have sent latter which will not reach us due to logistic problem.
    • Daum and consolidation of subsidiary’s’ are on hold. Loc will be on parent or subsidiary companies –not cleared.
    • AUDITOR has cleared audit. No new or old issue found out. This is good news. Issue of Impairment taken well and declared by skr.
    • AXIS debt will be settled in few weeks once proposal latter received.
    • Loc procedure is almost complete and will get in near future – timeline few weeks to maximum 4 months.
    • Now we are very closed to LOC AND AXIS DEBT SETTLEMENT. BCG has started showing growth- that is also good news.
    • Skr told that BCG will be higher in term of business once LOC received…

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    board approval has done today . voting period one months till february 7. we have wait for one month more…..

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